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      Hello there and welcome to The Lust Experience!

      This thread is here to help you understand where to start, catch you up, and answer any questions you may have about The Lust Experience.

      First off, my name is Buz (@thebuz) and I am a forum moderator with Sean (@thegilded) and Lauren (@daela). While we both have powers to modify comments and threads, we are still just participants like you and will contribute to theories, interactions, etc.. For more info on our duties as mods click HERE.

      This is a continuation of THE TENSION EXPERIENCE that took us down the rabbit hole last year of the occult and self awareness. The Lust Experience continues us down that rabbit hole.

      We all lust for something. Some for power, some for sin, some for salvation.

      The Lust Experience ensnares casual viewers with emotionally gut wrenching stand-alone narratives while also rewarding long-term fans with months long emotional pay offs.

      Enter a cutthroat world of sabotage, betrayal, and sacrifice.

      There is no wrong time to join…

      The forums are your game board. Best way to stay on top of them is by using the activity feed as it will show you all new posts in every section of the forum.

      In order to be active you must contribute to topics. Being passive and just watching the story unfold is fine but don’t be surprised if you never get an interaction. A big point to all of this is the idea of “winding the clock.” You must wind the clock for the clock to work. This whole thing is based on how we interact with it. So be active and stay active. Things may not happen right away, there will be slow periods… but in the end patience will pay off. Only the active move forward.

      Another very important phrase to remember is “NEVER SILENT” . If something happens (unless specifically told not to) share it on the forums immediately. Anything and everything. If you’re not sure if something is apart of the experience or not you can always ask the mods to help get clarification.

      And please be sure to check out the Official LUST EXPERIENCE SLACK. Join in the conversation for immediate up to date theories, off topic chat, meet ups, etc… The forums remain the main game board but the chat is also a useful tool to stay active as well as immediately get in touch with a moderator.

      Now that introductions are out of the way, below you will find a ton of information that will help you get caught up on what has happened thus far. It may seem daunting but myself and many other users are here to help. If you find yourself confused by something try doing a word search in the “IMPORTANT THREADS OF NOTE” section that should have a thread on the topic you need more information on.




      iConfidant Website

      The System Website (or Noah



      The Midnight Commission (The Resistance) Instagram:

      Related Lust Periscope handles: @sinclair_ind, @listenersnine, @1houruntilzero, @SinclairPayback, @SinclairInc, @the_tension_exp, @theoverseer6.


      Below is a summary of the goings on of lust by User @bcbishop followed by a summary of events on the specific factions we are currently dealing with.

      Last year a nefarious Illuminati-esque organization called The OSDM began running a data collection experiment in Southern California under the name “The Tension Experience.” The idea was to use online and real-world interactions to provoke intense emotional responses in people. OSDM collects that data, which they catalog, process, and then deploy in various way to influence the population. (They claim responsibility for the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election.)

      An effective way for OSDM to generate those emotional responses was to rely on narrative and character investment – just like you’d get worked up about a character or plot twists in a movie. To make this work, they hired an actor named Sabrina Kern, and brainwashed her into thinking she was a character named Addison Barrow. Over the 11 months this experiment went on, people participating in Tension wanted to save Addison, were sympathetic towards her, or otherwise emotionally engaged with The Experience with Addison as a focal point. At the time, participants didn’t realize she was a character, and thought the entire thing was real.

      It wasn’t. It was all just a fiction created by the OSDM to ensnare people and get that sweet, sweet emotional data.

      Cut to: 2017. OSDM launches a “sequel”, that it’s calling The Lust Experience.

      Right off the back, things get rocky. Filmmakers Darren Lynn Bousman and Clint Sears, who had been hired by The OSDM to serve as the fronts for Tension, get fired. (Bousman and Sears spent all of 2016 and some of 2017 pretending that Tension had just been an immersive theater production. That was all lies designed to keep OSDM and its goals out of the papers.) A group called The Investors swooped in, unhappy with the financial performance of Tension. (Even data collection experiments need to make $$, apparently.)

      Meanwhile, a self-styled guru named Noah Sinclair — think Tom Cruise’s character in Magnolia, only without the awesome hair — has been pushing something called The System. This also appears to be a scheme to ensare people, though to what ends is not clear.

      Unfortunately, Noah Sinclair starts going cuckoo. He has discovered that certain people are actually trying to replace him in The System using artificial intelligence. Noah rebels, threatening to bring down the entire operation – including his father, Horace Sinclair, who is linked to both Tension and The System.

      Another operation Horace is tied to? iConfidant, a start-up focused on creating incredibly realistic artificial intelligence. Horace is an investor in iConfidant, and it’s that AI that was being used to replace Noah. iConfidant appeared to be collecting emotional data from people too, opening a massive beta program where over a hundred people were interacting with what they thought was an actual pen pal. (Some suspected these “pen pals” were AI all along.)

      There was just one problem: those hundred people had actually been corresponding with Sabrina Kern, the actor that played Addison in Tension. After escaping from her captors last year, she had decided to return to them willingly, because she missed the adulation and adoration that being an “Overseer” in Tension afforded her. There’s some sinister implications here with her involvement, that may include trying to raise an ancient god named Anoch — but it’s still fuzzy whether Anoch is real, or part of another fictional narrative designed to dupe everyone.

      Tired of all the back and forth, a participant here named Morgan decided to form a resistance movement called BOS. He created a fake alternate reality game on Instagram to lure in people obsessed with puzzle solving. Their stated mission? To bring down OSDM, and presumably The Investors and anybody else that does things they think are bad. (Depending on who you talk to, the BOS mission is a little vague, but their hearts are definitely in the right place.)

      Which brings us to TODAY. Noah Sinclair, after losing his marbles before, is now back in action, hyping The System as this radical way to self-improvement. His videos are linked here on the forums, and on the Lust Experience Facebook page.

      Is this real? Am I crazy? Are you crazy? Is this even Tuesday? You can never know for sure… all you can know is that there are some cool people hanging out on this forum, and there are some sketchy people out there in the shadows that aren’t who they say they are, and they’ve promised to emotionally destroy each and every one of us… if we dare to take them up on the offer. And that’s what makes this The Lust Experience.

      And the Lust Experience’s own summary of the various factions.

      I. THE SYSTEM: (www.Noah

      NOAH SINCLAIR, a self-help guru is seemingly controlled by his tough as nails, unfaithful wife SARAH SINCLAIR. Together they are partners at SINCLAIR INDUSTRIES, promises to make you a better you, if you follow “THE SYSTEM”. The Sinclair’s have a dramatic and heated relationship, which may be puppeteered by HORACE SINCLAIR, Noah’s illusive father.

      While confidence seems to be what the Sinclair’s peddle, their behind the scene turmoil has left their clients and investors unamused. After a series of email leaks from the desk of Sarah Sinclair, MACY JONES, her long time assistant was unceremonious fired, and then fled the state fearing violent repercussions from the Sinclair’s.

      While very little is known about Sinclair Industries, or The System, it can be inferred a power struggle between Sarah, Noah, and Horace grows by the day.

      Otis Fletcher, a seemingly mannered handy man first appeared on site at an early Sinclair event. He has made friends with several Lust participants who are now very concerned about the strange activities Noah Sinclair has repeatedly pulled him into. Otis a man of simple means, was last seen giving an out of character and concerning warning to his friends about the true nature of power.


      “Tomorrow’s relationships begin with today’s research, technology and trust.”

      iConfidant launches a program which promises to pair you with your perfect confidant. STACEY ERIKSON, the CEO accepts over a hundred applicants to participate in the next level of partnership matching. The company guarantees emotional connections that have been thus far unmatched in the digital space. Rumors begin to circulate that the iConfidant program is in fact a beta test for a much more sinister, A.I.

      Upon acceptance,107 participants are paired with their confidants and begin a two month long journey of discovery and friendship. However, one of Stacey’s oldest friends and now assistant KRISTEN begins to realize an anomaly in the program and reaches out to Participants to warn them.

      As the relationships grow between Participant and Confidant, suspicions form around Stacey and her connection to her mysterious investors.

      After thousands of emails, and months of discussion, The Participants learn that they were not communicating with confidants, but rather, SABRINA KERN. Gatekeeper 2… The Overseer.

      This reveal comes with another betrayal, iConfidant was infected by The OSDM through Stacey’s closest friend, Kristen.


      After losing their entire investment on The Tension Experience, a collective of investors, led by a foreigner named REMY, fly to Los Angeles and fire the original creators, Darren Bousman, and Clint Sears and take over the entire operation. With little insight known regarding the reasons for their involvement, all roads seem to lead back to their manipulation.

      Sinclair Industries, Iconfidant and The Tension Experience appear to have all been funded by the same aggregate, which in turn all seem to answer to Horace, Noah Sinclair’s father.

      While recouping their financial loss seems to drive them, they are equally concerned with procuring a piece of real estate for an upcoming event.

      The Investors have hired commercial real estate broker TINA GORMAN.

      Correspondence has revealed Tina has lost sleep due to their constant and feverish demands, frequently in the middle of the night, regarding finding land with unusual energy fields and allusions to supernatural phenomena.


      After the nefarious acts perpetrated by Sinclair Industries, Iconfidant and the OSDM, an assemblage of scorned employees and victims organized and schemed a rebellion. Stacey Erikson, (formerly of iConfidant) hacked the Investors website of LUST and with the help from Macy (Sinclair Industries), and JENNA, a hired actor from last years Tension Experience, publicly declare a war with those pulling the strings.

      However, the true leader of the Resistance would be revealed to be a Participant MORGAN R. who had grown tired of being lied to and manipulated. He worked in shadows to recruit an Army by staging his own ARG entitled THE MIDNIGHT COMMISSION.

      V. THE OSDM:

      The OSDM is the mysterious force that controls all from behind sinister shadows. While most are never actually seen, their presence is felt in the clockwork and pulse of every emotional twist of our universe.

      As a public face to this hidden organization, community liaison, JOYCE CARLBERG is a rare exception to their standard operating procedure. While clearly magnetic and interesting her true motivations are still unclear.

      For additional reading and detailed accounts check out the following RECAPS:
      3/13-3/20,3/20-3/27,3/27-4/3,4/3-4/10,4/10-4/17,4/17-4/24,4/24-5/1,5/1-5/8,5/8-5/15,5/15-5/22,5/22-6/5,6/5-6/16,6/16-7/1, 7/1-7/20, 7/20-7/28

      User @kevin’s up to date Twitter Feed on all things Lust:

      Also please check out @Blondie and @kevin’s Recaps here and here.

      As well as My Haunt Life episodes dedicated to the LUST EXPERIENCE

      Episode 46
      Episode 48
      Episode 51

      And if you need a refresher of last years THE TENSION EXPERIENCE check out this
      Huge thanks to @Kasch for this great review of the goings on of Tension. Use this if you need a refresher.

      Also check out the TENSION LORE thread. Specifically this piece from user @daela who put together the different levels of THE LUST EXPERIENCE in regards to What it means to In Game or Out of Game.

      A lovely infograph summarizing what she is talking about.

      For a detailed timeline of the entirety of the Lust Experience, see THIS THREAD.


      As of 7.19.17


      The Creators


      Darren Lynn Bousman

      • Purported creator of The Tension Experience / The Lust Experience.
      • Got an OOA logo tattoo.
      • Was kicked off Lust by “The Investors” (per convo with @JulieRei).
      • Currently being blackmailed by The Man With The Stick to assist The Investors, though in what capacity is unknown.


      Clint Sears

      • Purported writer of The Tension Experience/The Lust Experience.
      • Darren has wondered repeatedly if Clint is “fucking with” him.
      • Sent an email to the community that he and DLB had stepped down. Smuggled in that message was a warning: “Walk the fuck away.”
      • The Man With The Stick wants the community to think Clint, “Small Dog Lover,” is currently writing Lust.


      Gordon Bijelonic

      • Producer of The Tension Experience / The Lust Experience.
      • Is looked upon unfavorably by The Investors, who have stepped in to intervene.


      Sinclair Industries


      Noah Sinclair

      • Self-help guru of
      • Appeared in Tension as “The Suit.”
      • Has a son, is married to Sarah Sinclair. Has a drinking problem.
      • After discovering that the iConfidant AI was being used to replace him, began causing chaos with his father’s plans; stole files from 5.1 event with the help of @meghanmayhem.
      • Lead community member Andy Jenkins to a ritualistic ceremony led by Horace Sinclair.
      • Resurfaced on 7.17 to promote The System once more.


      Sarah Sinclair

      • COO of Noah Sinclair, Inc.
      • Married to Noah Sinclair; very unsatisfied with him as a partner.
      • Warner the community to avoid iConfidant through @mistere.
      • Told him Horace Sinclair is in charge of everything, and that Darren Bousman and Clint Sears got “greedy.”
      • Current status unknown.


      Horace Sinclair

      • Father of Noah Sinclair
      • Likely an investor in Tension / Lust – according to Sarah Sinclair, he is in charge of everything.
      • Troubled relationship with his son, though not booted out of his own company as Noah once bragged.
      • Appeared at Tension Book Party and told crowd to “wait for the phoenix to rise for those among you who are wealthy, worthy.”
      • Played The Interrogator in Tension at the first in-person event.




      Timothy Sinclair


      Timothy Granik, Jr.


      Douglas Marrow


      Brian Blattman


      Melanie Aberdeen




      Morgan Rooms



      • An actress that originally appeared as part of The Tension Experience, during which she bonded with @kasch.
      • Resurfaced during the 6.30 Dead Drop hunt in the LA Public Library.
      • According to a dead drop note, has been in hiding since Tension but resurfaced to spread the message of something called either “The Triumph Civilization” or “The Triumph of Civilization.”
      • Still not clear if this is an alternate name for The Resistance or something different.
      • Apparently killed or captured at Joyce’s direction, as revealed in leaked phone audio to Andrew Kasch


      Stacey Erikson


      Macy Jones

      • Former Executive Assistant to Sarah Sinclair.
      • Thinks Noah is better (and “safer”) without Sarah.
      • Stood by Sarah’s side for “three years, two weeks, four days.” (March 26, 2014?)
      • Recently broke up with her girlfriend, Amber.
      • Reappeared during the 6.30 Dead Drop which led to the reveal of The Resistance.



      • Helped run the 7.9 Midnight Commission reveal event.
      • Has deadlocks; wore a plaid suit.



      • Appeared on The Lust Forums after Stacey Erikson reworked her algorithm and uploaded it to the site.
      • Gave perfect impressions of Gatekeepers 5, 4, 3, and 2 from Tension.
      • Has now “burrowed” into the system, and likely has the ability to mimic anyone.
      • When told OSDM’s greatest vulnerability (their dependence on user data), allegedly corrupted or destroyed all of OSDM’s data


      The Investors


      Abe (or “A”)

      • The actual money person (or one of them). Invested $1 million in Tension.
      • Her husband is dead.



      • Seems focused on PR and market research.
      • Originally appeared when he called @theladyj out of the blue on 4.24.
      • Questioned people at the Registration Event about merchandise, promotional opportunities, weaknesses in The Tension Experience, and potential liability issues.
      • Mentioned to @theladyj that Noah doesn’t have a lot of consequences, and that his role was very different than what it had been in Tension.





      • Red-haired woman in black dress at Registration Event.
      • Flirted with several participants.
      • Father is an investor.


      The Man With The Stick

      • Tall man in dark suit at Registration Event.
      • Told participants what elements of the personality needed to be dealt with or worked through.
      • Said “Do you think I like being here? I’m supposed to be somewhere else.”
      • Contacted @mike and warned him to stop all contact with Otis, who is under his employ… or else.
      • Has since called several participants for various reasons, though there may be another character with an even thicker Russian accent also in play.


      Tina Gorman

      • Realtor employed by The Investors to find locations for immersive theater shows.
      • Didn’t understand why they were so unhappy with the Registration Event location.
      • Has recently reached out to participants from an unblocked number.


      The Church of Anoch


      Sabrina Kern

      • Played Addison Barrow in The Tension Experience, which ended with her escaping the OSDM.
      • Exhibited odd, in-character behavior towards several participants at book party.
      • Secretly served as the iConfidant for every single beta program member.
      • Revealed at the 6.11 iConfidant event that she had voluntarily rejoined the Church Of Anoch for “validation” and power.



      • Bearded man with thinning hair.
      • First appeared as moderator at the 2016 Scare LA panel for The Tension Experience.
      • Said he was “Born into this” at the 6.11 iConfidant event, and that the feelings — confusion, deja vu — participants felt in the room were “what my family needs.”
      • Held hands with Kristen — potential romantic involvement, or something else?



      • Former associate / best friend of Stacey Erikson.
      • Made the 4.13 phone calls phishing for security information from participants.
      • Met with @111error multiple times to warn him about Stacey.
      • Was secretly working with The Church of Anoch, and had connected Stacey with The Investors.
      • Used Stacey’s crying Facebook Live video as a stunt to drive people to the iConfidant meet-and-greet.


      Tom Barrow

      • Originally appeared in The Tension Experience as Addison Barrow’s father. Later revealed to be a member of The OSDM.
      • A scientist that created the helmet that scrambled Sabrina Kern’s mind.
      • Appeared at the 6.11 iConfidant event to explain why Sabrina had come back.



      • Woman that helped run the 6.11 iConfidant event.


      Encroaching Dusk

      • Email account that sent a letter to the community on 6.1.
      • Letter stressed that “Power is the only law” and that we should “wait for dusk” for him, because “His darkness, will unshackle us from man’s misguided morality.”
      • Could this be the same individual as the Book of Anoch caller (see below)?


      Book of Anoch Caller

      • Contacted @coryphella on 5.28 to tell her there were two Books of Anoch.
      • One book (what we learned about in Tension?) was a bastardized, modern-day version for the masses.
      • The older book was the true, presumably more savage, word.
      • Caller said Anoch was his ancestor, and that the info came from “the source.”
      • Closed with “At dusk they will choke on the blood of their loved ones… all will know of his return by the dark desire that beats in their hearts.”


      The OSDM


      Joyce Carlberg


      The Woman That Played The Prostitute


      Email Bro #1

      • Part of the 6.20 Sushi leaked email chain.
      • Briefly took over the Lust Instagram account, revealing the location of the drop.
      • According to the emails, works as some sort of engineer or analyst on Tension / Lust.
      • Emails revealed that they were trying to bring “core” players from Tension: Indoctrination back into the fold.


      Email Bro #2

      • Part of the 6.20 leaked email chain.
      • Recently got back together with his girlfriend Debra after they had some troubles.
      • Started behaving erratically; said Debra died.
      • May have been taken over by IT or was helmeted.



      • Girlfriend of Email Bro #2.
      • Appears to have gone missing.



      • Potential colleague of Joyce Carlberg’s.
      • Mentioned on 6.27 in a satirical post by Joyce in the forums describing how she had shared nuggets of information in order to question community members about their knowledge of Noah Sinclair and Stacey Erikson.


      The HCDI Caller

      • Called @coryphella on 6.23.
      • Said “Megan, I’m investing in you. When I go to the bank, I want to see you in it.”
      • Due to similar language and message as Joyce, appears to be a member of HCDI.
      • May have also made a call to @kortneydarling that same night.


      The Briarberg Foundation



      • Formerly worked with the OSDM.
      • Assaulted DLB at Tension book party. Ordered warehouse burned to the ground.
      • Visited @thebuz at his home and warned him that “they” are always watching.
      • Along with Mason, assaulted Joyce with a baseball bat.


      Mason Silver/Jack

      • Contacted numerous participants via email and Slack, claiming to be investigating ethical breaches and data mining in Tension, and asking for the contact information of actors and creatives.
      • Called participants to ask strange questions, sometimes sexual. Claimed to have access to many of their files. In particular, became fixated on @coryphella and called her multiple times.
      • On Slack, was told by @a to open a box that had been sent to him.
      • On 9.1, broke into Joyce Carlberg’s home, along with Michelle, and forced her to share OSDM secrets. Was recognized to be “Jack,” who had previously worked at two BOS events.
      • On 9.11, showed @chelsea Joyce’s body in the trunk of his car. Revealed he had a young daughter. Joyce was later revealed to be the mother.
      • On 9.12, visited @coryphella at her home in Minnesota.


      Jaime Botkin


      Otis & Friends


      Otis Fletcher

      • Appeared to be a janitor working at the Focus Group venue. Told @mike that a movie director had rented the space for what ended up being a theater event.
      • Has 4 pets: a hamster (Mr. Hams), a cat (Utah), a dog (Mr. Hamlet), and a fish (Charley Pride).
      • Took a job as Noah Sinclair’s driver for Registration Event warehouse break-in.
      • Has since complained about losing track of time, strange dreams, and has used different languages on Facebook. (Possible signs of helmet usage?)
      • Was seen at the Andy Jenkins ritual. Afterwards posted that he had taken “John’s” phone. Facebook page has since been deleted.
      • After the Shadow Otis broadcast, called @mike to tell him he was lost in the Hollywood Hills and didn’t know how he got there.
      • Visited Russell with Joyce Carlberg, identifying himself as “John, the actor who plays Otis”. Described what will happen when “the darkness comes.”


      Shadow Otis

      • A darker, more sinister version of the cuddly Otis, possibly created with the help of The Helmet.
      • Recorded the 6.3 Facebook Live video.
      • Potentially named “John”, though this is far from confirmed. John could also be the name of a person helmeted into thinking they were Otis, etc.


      Janice P. Roberts

      • The object of Otis Fletcher’s affections. Recently went on a date with him.
      • Met him through physical therapy.
      • Has a son and a daughter.
      • Friends with him on Facebook.
      • Live in Ojai, California. Is from Albert Lea, Minnesota.


      Dorthy Edna Jordan


      From The Tension Experience


      Sentinel Being

      • The original leader of the Brotherhood of Seraph, a fictional resistance group the OSDM created in The Tension Experience. (Before The End, those that joined this group were told by Michelle that they had made the group “real”.)
      • Sentinel Being’s Facebook account reached out to members of BOS around the same time that The Resistance was unveiled, calling members back to the fold. (This was likely Morgan Rooms using the account to build his ranks.)


      Stephanie Hyden

      • Played a handler in Tension.
      • Was asked by Gordon Bijelonic to help with the Registration Event (as herself, not as a handler).


      The Jenkins Family


      Andy Jenkins

      • Was (is?) @confuseddude on the forums.
      • Punked by friends with a fake No Caller ID call. Later contact by Noah Sinclair directly.
      • Followed Noah after he appeared at a local lunch spot. Was led to a warehouse where he witnessed a ritual that seemed to involve Horace Sinclair and Otis Fletcher.
      • Missing ever since.


      Nancy Jenkins


      Mysterious Names and Faces


      Mr. Fluffernutter


      @herderlogtimor (aka The Red Room Girl)

      • Joined on 6.21 and made a post that was quickly deleted.
      • Exact affiliation unknown.
      • In the post, stated that “You’re losing them faster than you can create hooks to lure them in.”
      • Said “Let him know I need an audience.”
      • @TheCreators did not delete this post, per @thebuz. (Was the deletion the first time HCDI intervened directly?)


      The Stranger In A Suit


      Female Mystery Caller #1

      • Phone and email contact with @moustachemax on 3.16.
      • Delivered first inverted image, led to Theory of Specular Surface Geometry paper, and phrases “The Hungry Snake Has Chosen to Eat Itself,” and “Libidinal”.
      • Ended call with ”Never silent”.


      Female Mystery Caller #2


      Male Mystery Caller #1

      • Contacted @lilmsfancpants via phone on 3.16.
      • Sounded like DLB; said he was not Noah.
      • Delivered “three steps” mantra: Reflection / Imitation / Experience.
      • Ended call with “never silent.”


      Shadow Accounts


      (These were early tests of the iConfidant AI’s ability to mimic community members.)



      • Doppelganger of Clint Sears.
      • Appeared on the forums and Facebook two days after Tension book release party.
      • Told everyone that DLB was fine and posted inverted images.
      • FB profile was previously used for Mr. Ohio in Tension.
      • Claimed on 3.27 that Clint and Darren had stepped down from LUST






      Mike Eaton / @russell-eaton






      Participant @lexthewolf created a google doc with all the quotes from The Lust Experience facebook page. Eventually we will add the photos here as well.

      Lust Quoted Google Doc.


      These songs have been posted on the Lust Experience Facebook page.

      Here is a super helpful google doc that categorizes all the events that led to each song being posted.

      Click Here.


      Please note none of these are technically confirmed.

      ’s Shadow Theory

      ’s Additional Shadow Theorizing

      ’s Artificial Intelligence Theory

      ’sInfrasound and Its Effects

      @thebuz’s Allegory of the Cave

      ’s Theory on how Lust is going to play us against each other.

      ’s Data Collections TheoryThe Potential OSDM Connection.

      ’s theory of What We Don’t See in regards to the Lust FB Photos.

      ’s theory of Horus Egyptian roots

      User @shankfx22 theory of 7 chapters.

      Duality of Beings and why we are here theory.

      @larry’s Parables of the workers in the vineyard.

      *I will add and update these theories as time goes on*

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    • #10065

      Hey guys, I also updated the character list from @thegilded and @mike’s subreddit listing. I merely copied and pasted so all credit goes to them!

      EDIT: Just realized it’s @bcbishop who does the character list! So thank you Bryan!

    • #10241
       Bryan Bishop

      @thebuz Updated subreddit Character List with the one and only Timothy Sinclair.

    • #10453
    • #10613

      Definitely a big help thanks for this!

    • #10614
       stephanie vargas

      This is a lot to take in. Definitely going to have to re read all this another time.

    • #10709

      Updated Lust related website links.


      iConfidant Website

      The System Website (or Noah

    • #10816
       stephanie vargas

      Thank you.

      • #10820

        @kaspersreel You’re welcome. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have!

    • #11065
    • #11072

      @thebuz, or whomever is doing these recaps – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • #11073

      @confuseddude That’s all @thegilded I believe. Him, @mike and @bcbishop deserve all the credit for this. I just copy and paste their work like a savage.

    • #11081

      Since the OSDM seem to be rearing their head… is there a good summary of them somewhere?

      I’d like to add them to original post.

    • #11084
       Andrew Kasch

      Since the OSDM seem to be rearing their head… is there a good summary of them somewhere?



      You’re welcome.

    • #11129

      This is a page that I’m going to keep bookmarked.

    • #11272

      Similar to what @thebuz is doing in this thread, but I started a Twitter account that just keeps tracks of major things happening in Lust.

      The handle for it is @LExpUpdates

    • #11276

      @kevin Added it at the bottom of the Lust Recaps!

      Also updated important threads from today.

    • #11365
       Shannon McGrew

      Hi Everyone,

      My name is Shannon and I’m new to this whole forum thing. I’ve had a “difficult” relationship with Tension and I”m just learning about The Lust Experience, having signed up for iConfidant. Speaking of which I literally have no idea what iConfidant truly is but I’m excited to learn more. I see that there is a lot I will be needing to catch up on…

    • #11367
       Twan Intarathuch

      Hey Shannon. You joined at a really exciting time! Don’t forget to check out this out:

      Welcome and good luck!

      • #11368
         Shannon McGrew

        Thank you! I seem to have a lot to catch up on haha.

    • #12068
       Bryan Bishop

      @thebuz: I just updated the Character List with information from today. Will be adding to it as stories are shared, so feel free to update forum thread whenever seems appropriate.

    • #12366

      I’m new here, so I just wanted to say thank you for all of this information, it already has and will continue to help me understand more of what’s going on; seeing as I already completed the in person registration yesterday with my girlfriend. I’m looking forward to really investing myself into this. It’s also going to be great getting to know everyone!

    • #12421

      Updated Character list, Lust Recap, and a couple of important threads of note.

      Thanks to users @bcbishop and @thegilded!

      If there’s any threads I missed over the weekend and Monday let me know.

    • #12608

      Organized thread for a little easier less daunting way of going through it.

      It’s becoming it’s own wiki!

    • #12776

      Hello everyone, I first heard of Tension Experience when it opened in LA and only recently heard about the ARG behind it. I’m really looking forward to following this with all of you.

    • #12777
       Lawrence Meyers

      Welcome aboard @loveandhappiness93

    • #12835

      Just signed up. I can see I have much to catch up on. Hello, all!

    • #12838
       Bryan Bishop

      Welcome, @chrysalis359!!

    • #12869

      Thanks, @bcbishop! Nice to see a friendly face here!

      • This reply was modified 7 years, 2 months ago by Cara.
    • #12875
       Taylor Winters

      Welcome @chrysalis359; maybe I can condemn you here too 🙂 Glad you joined though!

    • #12876

      @taysavestheday Haha! How’s about we wipe the slate clean? ? Happy to see another friendly face here!

    • #12877
       Taylor Winters

      @chrysalis359, consider it clean. If you need any help catching up, let me know!

    • #12878

      @taysavestheday I could DEF use some catch-up. This is dense. ??

    • #12879

      @chrysalis359 Many of us are here to help! Let me know if you need help navigating any of this thread!

    • #12881

      Hey @thebuz Thank you! I’m trying to dig in but it seems like I’m pretty late to the party. Excited to be here though!

    • #13166

      Wow, looks like I have missed a lot! To all from the tension experience, it is me, DimStyle. Looks like I have a lot to catch up on in this one.

    • #13281

      Well, I’ve followed up with iConfidant a total of three times to no avail. I’ve also just replied to my initial email to Noah with “I WILL NOT BE IGNORED” ’cause that seemed like a healthy choice.? Guess I’ll just be over here having serious Lust FOMO…

    • #14012

      Updated recaps as well as updated the threads of note. See below.

      5/17 Updates

      User @mkarrett gets another call from Macy.

      User @111error has a date with Kristen from iConfidant.

      A flurry of activity begins on 5/15 which starts with @julierei getting a phone call, followed by @lilmsfancpants receiving a suited visitor at work. Shortly afterwards, @bcbishop received a call from The Bulgarian Stick Man.. Then users @111error and @thebuz had very intense visits to their homes. Read the threads here and here.

      During this user @jared noticed a weird deleted post from Otis.

      As the night began to wind down, one final phone call was made to user @shankfx22.

      The general theme of all of these events was that someone “Is Always Watching.”

    • #14020
       David Shields

      Hey there, brand new here. Where should I start. I am just starting to work on making accounts in all the relevant sights, but other than that I am lost. Thanks for any help you can give me would be much appreciated. 🙂

    • #14022

      @parzival Hi, welcome to this crazy ride! You’ve already taken the important first step of signing up on the forums. This is where the main action happens and gets reported, and the creators have also called it the “game board” so be sure to check here often, voice your thoughts, and be active in general.

      If you read through the links compiled in the first post of this thread, you’ll be all caught up, and the lust subreddit is a good place to go for quick recaps.

    • #14025

      @parzival Start at the recaps and use references to things in the character listing section or Important Threads of note.

      There’s also some recap blogs/podcasts listed to help you injest everything.

      Also… is your name a Ready Player One reference?

      • #14034
         David Shields

        Thanks, I am currently lessening to my haunt life’s lust recaps. and I will look at the recaps later.

        And as to your other question, yes and no. I have used Parzival for ages, but I did like the fact that it is in Ready Player One.

        Thanks for all your help. I will try to catch up soon, and I have email both iconfidant and is there anything else I should do?

    • #14037
       Lukas L

      Welcome @parzival if you havent already, add the lust experience on facebook as well as IConfidant and Otis Fletcher

    • #14038

      @parzival – Sounds like you got the first steps down. It’s important to know that emailing the Sinclairs and iConfidant are only the first step. The Powers That Be don’t just pull from those lists and reward and interact just because you’ve reached out, they pull from the active community here on the forums.

      So hang out, talk about theories, ask questions, even make jokes. Make yourself a recognizable figure around here and you might find that someone will… take notice.

      • #14039
         David Shields

        Thanks @thegilded. I would love to figure out what is going on and what I can do to help. Just asking if anyone has downloaded a call recorder for when people call you, or a voice recorder?

    • #14040

      @parzival – Actually yes! Weird timing, we just started talking about it in the topic found here.

      Check out the legal and in-game warnings there first, but if you have any recommendations for good apps to use I’m certain that everyone would be real thankful to hear them over there.

    • #14041
       David Shields

      @thegilded thanks for the help. Can you drop some links my way?

    • #14042

      Sorry, links for what now?

    • #14043
       David Shields

      I am new to being in a forum. Where is the safety stuff and where should I post if I have a good app?

    • #14044

      Oh! Yeah, hyperlinks are actually a little hard to see on the forums. Click this sentence to go to the topic

      It’s just barely tinted gold, but that last sentence is definitely a link

    • #14045
       David Shields

      Ok. Got it. Testing out some decoders later today. If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to here them. Just catching up on what has happened through my haunt life.

    • #14048

      Updated Lust Playlist section with @electrichippo’s helpful google doc to each song.

      Here is a super helpful google doc that categorizes all the events that led to each song being posted.

      Click Here.

    • #14323

      I have a google doc for the quotes. If anyone wants to see it, click here

    • #14332

      Thanks @lexthewolf! I added a new section. Eventually would love to have the photos for each quote added to the doc. And perhaps the context in which they were posted.

    • #14405

      Alright. I’ll add the photos now, and maybe context.

    • #15155
       Bryan Bishop

      Hey @thebuz – heads up that I just did a new write-through on the Character List. Ready for forum-izing.

    • #15214

      Thanks @bcbishop. I updated characters list as well as important threads.

    • #15239
       Bryan Bishop
    • #15371
       David Shields

      So I have emailed iConfidant and am still waiting to get a response, is there a timeline for when stuff is happening. I have heard good things about what happens with iConfidant and I want to get started with that. Can anyone help me?

    • #15374

      @parzival – I’m afraid there isn’t really a “timeline” per se. Those that have been speaking with iConfidants generally hear a response of about once per week but that number varies wildly per person.

      Further, with some sort of event happening on this Saturday we normally see a dip in activity until after the event.

      I’m afraid all that I can advocate is patience, because none of us know how it works behind the curtains for them

    • #15375
       David Shields

      What event @thegilded, I was gone for a few days and have been here for about 1.5 weeks and still have not heard something. but like you said I will continue to be patent.

    • #15376

      A few days ago the Lust Facebook page posted this Saturday’s date. Traditionally that means that something is going to happen on that date. Last time this pattern showed up it was a lead up to the registration event. We don’t know what this one is but the pattern suggests it will be something not insignificant

    • #15379
       David Shields

      Could it be phone registration? @thegilded

    • #15383

      Absolutely possible, but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything. Literally the only thing that we know at this moment is the date. It could be a phone thing, could be an in person thing, could be a Periscope broadcast, could even just be nothing but a red herring.

    • #15976

      Updated Recaps, and added to theories thread section.

    • #16776
       David Shields

      hey @thebuz just got back from a few days hiatus so I was coming back here to see what the new recaps are, and there does not seam to be anything new. Have I missed much?

    • #16777

      Hey David,

      Yes you missed the big iConfidant event that happened yesterday.

      Thread on it here!

      Lust FB: End of Chapter One

    • #16781
       David Shields

      @thebuz is there any other threads that I should be looking at after this week end? I am doing some snooping but still getting used to the interface.

    • #16828
       Bryan Bishop
    • #16867

      I confess I’m less sure than ever how to get really involved as a newbie?
      Loved the end of chapter one, so I guess something new will emerge to get stuck in to soon and it’s about waiting and reading?

    • #16868
       Brad Ruwe

      @iambalrog Yep, we’re kinda in a holding pattern right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next chapter starts in the next few days though. We get some breathing time in this, but they don’t seem to last very long.

      Just stay tuned and keep an eye out for new shininigans to pop up.

    • #16916

      Updated Character List as well as made new Recap 6/5-6/16.

    • #16917

      Buz’s recap available here.

      Also I’m exceptionally happy to pass the recap thread torch

    • #17498

      Added Tension Lore Thread (Under Recaps section) as well as updated Important threads of note.

    • #17610
       Bryan Bishop

      @thebuz Added a big update to our friendly neighborhood Character List.

    • #17635

      Updated thread with Slack Link and brand spanking new character list NOW WITH SOURCED INFO. God Bless @bcbishop as he just crushed this day

    • #18140
       Bryan Bishop

      @thebuz Character List updated with info from last night; should be in yer inbox.

    • #18619

      Updated Recap, Character List, and Important Threads of Note.

      If there’s anything I’m missing let me know!

      Also be sure to join us on Slack to stay up to date on all things LUST (this is an official Slack mind you).

    • #18868
       Bryan Bishop

      Subreddit Character List updated with Jenna, Sentinel Being, and a new section for The Resistance.

      @thebuz, version for the thread coming your way.

    • #18870
       David Shields

      What is the resistance. I just got back from Canada Day and am lost. Someone have a thread for me to read?

    • #19692
       David Shields

      ok, so i am trying to keep up but can’t seam to so I am just going to drop out for a bit. may come back some time but for now i am going to focus on a different ARG. i am very sad to go but i am not doing this arg justice. Thanks for having me and hope to see you some time in the future.

      Good luck and stay safe!

    • #19826
       Bryan Bishop

      @thebuz The Subreddit character list has been updated. Forum version en route.

    • #19868

      New here, this is a lot of information to process but I appreciate the updates. Now you have me wondering if that mystery caller I got today while I was busy was related to anything here. Heh, I look forward to immersing myself here.

    • #19872

      Howdy, Julie. Same here. Well, with one exception: I didn’t get a mystery caller. Should I consider myself lucky?

    • #19913

      This is a lifesaver for a newbie. Thank you.

    • #19945

      Alright guys. I did a huge overhaul of the this thread so there’s a whole new intro, recap section, character section, threads of note, and popular theories.

      If you have any questions, comments, alterations or deletions please let me know!

      And for you new users if you want to ask a question generally about anything you are welcome to post it here or in the Slack.

    • #19952

      Thank you for all of this! It’s going to take some time to get through and process, so I’m glad it’s here in one place!

    • #19969
       Nicole Mie Iizuka

      Hey guys – just trying to play catch up with what’s going on… I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get a companion that isn’t a cat. Or more specifically any tips for what to email iConfidant?

    • #19975

      @nicolemiizuka – No advice really, just express interest. iConfidant has, however, been a little silent since it was revealed that Sabrina was stealing data. Be warned that it may be a little bit before you receive a response.

      Right now it’s mostly The System and The Resistance that are active with the other entities watching from the shadows

    • #19991

      iConfidant looks great. A pity to hear about their data issues. I just sent an expression of interest & hope that they can revive someday. See, I’m allergic to cats.

    • #19994

      The creator and failed CEO of iConfidant is now a part of the resistance.

    • #20603
       Keith Hendriksen

      This is so weird. I have no idea how I got here. But I am glad I did.

    • #20604

      That is a pretty normal feeling! Come join the Slack and say Hi!

    • #20822

      Okay guys, added new Recap, @daela’s awesome info graph about the IG/OOG levels, added important threads of note, and popular user theories.

      Let me know if there is anything I missed!

    • #21260

      OK. After a hellos work week I would like to say I am here. And ready to participate. Thank you for having me.

    • #21262

      Hey @bruce! We’ve set up the new members thread to give you a crash course on what this all is if you’re confused at all. You can find it pinned to the top of each forum.

      Also, we’ve set up Slack for us to all chat and help each other catch up. The link is on the front page

      Feel free to use both, either or neither. Welcome again!

    • #21494

      Thanks for helping me catch up!

    • #22279

      Wow this is a lot… I’m going to have to dedicate some serious mental power to keep up with what’s happened here! Any suggestions on where to start participating in discussion?

    • #22280

      Hey @ciararose! You’re already in the right place if you’d like to get your information from a central location like this.

      If you’d prefer to chat in real time, join us on Slack. The invite is on the main page. We can help you over there through chat.

      Or if it’s easier, read as much as you can to get partially caught up and simply start talking with us on the forums whenever or wherever you see a topic that interests you

    • #22572

      I feel like that guy that just got to the party and is super pumped, but doesn’t realize that he might just be a little too late and things are actually winding down. Any merit to this? Soooo much stuff has happened? Is there still plenty of time to enjoy myself?

    • #22573

      @jefe – we are currently on a chapter break – chapter 3 ended last weekend and we’re in a lull until chapter 4 begins, so there isn’t much going on right now. There is still plenty of time, don’t worry.

    • #22574

      @jefe we didn’t hit the mid season event yet. You’re not late!

    • #22626
       Bryan Bishop

      Character List updated on the subReddit.

      @thebuz, formatted version in your inbox for the forums.

    • #24488
       Christine Barger

      Very helpful to catch me up. One thing I’m still really confused…the doppelgängers? Were those just fake accounts to quickly serve a purpose or actual characters?

    • #24492

      @christineb I believe those doppelganger accounts were the result of the osdm taking Stacey’s iconfidant/mychild code and testing it on the forums to see if they could use it to replace Darren and Clint. Noah caught on, sent us some articles about the dangers of AI, and gave his rant about not being able to beat the original.

    • #24621
       Christine Barger

      Thank you @izryn

    • #25292

      Well I’m not new but I fell off really early and I can’t believe how much has happened. Thank you for posting this! It’s made catching up so much easier.

    • #25459
       Lauren Bello

      Update 9/30/17 – Important Threads of Note is updated for August and September, and is now divided by chapter and includes dates

    • #25544
       Candace Van Hulle

      This is wonderful thing to come back to. I found out about Tension too late to participate and stumbled on Lust a few months ago. I’ve been following the forum since and this is a great reference to keep coming back to. Thank you for all the work that goes into keeping it up to date.

    • #25877
       Travis Ross

      Really helpful to catch up on the goings on. Thank you

    • #26613
       Evan N.

      Hey all! New here. Thank you so much for the welcome tome – it really did help me catch up. I’m looking forward to figuring all of this out…

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