Moderators – What do they do? Do they do things? Let's find out!

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      Hey kids,

      A lot of people were around for when the moderator staff got raised up but there have been some new kids so I wanted to give everyone a refresher. @thebuz and I are moderators. We are here to help facilitate the growth of the Lust community and to deal with any problems that arise from it. But we also have specific duties and functions. Some overlap, some don’t.

      Both of us will deal with forum matters. We’ll often be found merging duplicate topics, splitting them, doing that sort of janitorial work. We’re also both here if you have any problem at all with any person, piece of tech, or anything else.

      Buz’s focus is on the in-person. He will be attending far more in-person events and meetups than I will be and will be organizing a fair number of them, as well. If something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable at an in-person event (excluding things the OSDM do, or any of the Sinclairs, iConfidant staff, etc etc) including a participant or random person threatening you, someone hitting on you way too much, or anything along these lines, he will often physically be there to be able to help you out and he is the one to go to. Even if you aren’t sure if you should report it or anything like that, if you feel uncomfortable at an event and he’s there, go to him.

      My focus is on the story and the online. I live in San Diego, so will only be attending a few in-person events. However, I can provide tech support and remote support. In addition, my biggest function is that I have a line of communication with The Powers That Be (a title you may see me use which refers to Lust’s creators, whoever they may be). If you are ever concerned about your safety, worrying about if something is in game or not, speak with me. With that said, I will not verify everything for you. I’m a safety net, not a hand to hold. See below for a list of things I will confirm vs a list of things I will not.

      Will confirm:
      1. “This puzzle/hint/interaction makes me think that I should get into this car with a person who kind of creeps me out. Should I?”
      2. “I received a piece of information like a phone number, address, or contact info that I think may have been a mistake. Should I release it?”
      3. “A bunch of users recently joined up referencing painting. Should I go contact my local paint store asking for Noah?”

      Will NOT confirm:
      1. “I just missed a phone call from a blocked caller ID. Was it Lust related?”
      2. “I just received a Facebook invite from someone I don’t recognize. Are they Lust related?”
      3. “Will Noah/Sarah/Stacey respond if I send them a love letter/song/effigy?”

      Above all else, we’re here to help you. If you aren’t comfortable talking to Buz, please come talk to me. If you aren’t comfortable talking to me, please go talk to him. We’re available in person, over private message here or over Facebook messenger. But if there’s a problem, even if it’s a minor one, please talk to us. We can’t help with what we don’t know about.

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      Thank you guys for all your hard work!!! @thebuz @thegilded it is greatly appreciated ???

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      Thanks dudes!!! So far my experience here is been good and challenging ?

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       Brad Ruwe

      We appreciate all the work you guys do. Thanks for everything!

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      Thanks for the grunt work. I’m only uncomfortable when not sharing a fine scotch with you boys.

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      @thebuz and @thegilded You’re doing a fine job, gentlemen. It’s not a job I’d want but you fellas make it look good.

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      Two very helpful people!! Thanks for keeping it real!

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      Thanks for all you do, @thebuz and @thegilded!

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       Lauren Bello

      After that subject line, I read this entire post in Paul F. Tompkins’ voice.

      Thank you mods!

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      Great dudes doing and providing great service!

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      Always great shit from you @thegilded, but can I ask you this? How is someone supposed to know that at a happenstance random meetup with a character, i.e. Noah, that we are supposed to follow them or not. Seems like most of the community today on that persiscope advised against following Noah, but with no time to clarify if this is IG, how can we honestly decipher what’s IG or OOG with the new happenings? Seems like either you’re in on it, or either you gotta take some risks here. And if you happen to be taking risks, what’s to stop people from invading private space if they do happen to run into someone involved that’s OOG? Seems to me that the safety net that was provided to you and us as a community today was broken, unless someone was in on the whole thing to begin with. Giving you shit, but at the same time, these are questions worth asking.

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      And may I just add this, it all comes down to safety. Safety for the characters and as well for the participants. What is being shown to us in merit, is that everything is open to IG, but if it’s not, and we have plants that are being directed, then it also sets a bad example that everything still is IG. I hope I’m not the only one that sees the possibility of danger here. And if I’m wrong, I’ll be the first one to apologize for being a Debbie Downer. ?

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      I just find it curious (suspicious) that after following Noah into the warehouse he went a different direction and started testing doors and just “happened” to find one where the ritual was (and not actually followed Noah into the room, which would make more sense).

      So feeling like @kingkill33 how would you know safety wise that that is what you are supposed to do, or is he some sort of plant, or it is a similar situation like with @thebuz and gatekeeper 3?

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      So an awfully stupid new boy question…but what is the focus/point of each of the different forums? (Friends, conjecture, relationships etc)?

      Thanks in advance for tolerating my naivety!

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      @iambalrog – Honestly….I’m not sure that *we’ve* figured out the answer to that question. 😉
      Also just to let you know, there’s an activity feed, in case you haven’t discovered it yet, at, and if you edit a post you can delete previous versions of your post from the activity feed so that it doesn’t clog up the feed (which isn’t a criticism, it’s something we all do and could be reminded of from time to time).

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      @coryphella does deleting the previous versions in the activity feed remove it for everyone or just yourself?

      EDIT: testing it..
      EDIT 2: it *looks* like it just deleted it for me!
      EDIT 3: nevermind looks to be a delayed delete for all..

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      Also wanted to say thank you to our online Moderator Sean @thegilded for all your help and guidance as I learn and maneuver my way through this new world. Looking forward to the next round of live events for a chance to get a ticket and attend. It’s great that there is also a physical presence in this world to serve as our possible protector and safe space keeper (well amongst the players at least.)


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