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      Oh my, sorry, I was taking a bit of a nap. Did something happen besides a few jealous lookie-loos mussing up the furniture a bit?

      The resistance? The resistance to what? Having a good time? To fun?

      Are you not all entertained?

      What will this resistance have to offer you?

      I will admit I dropped in while we were cleaning up their mess and noticed that everyone met near a several piles of trash.

      That seems, appropriate.

      Let’s check off some quick facts shall we?

      * One ran her company into the ground within a month even with the help of some very generous Investors.

      * The other is a hermit type person who I think may be possibly homeless. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it is just that I usually try to help those people, not follow them blindly into their psychotic and paranoid machinations.

      * And finally we have a jealous, fired employee of one of our associates who could not handle that she was as useful as dead driftwood. If you do not like your job, one should you quit. One should not leak lies and misinformation.

      So, all in all, we have a couple of extremly excitable, conspiracy-minded people whose collective Linked-In score could barely get them a job at the local fast food chain. Quite the resistance everyone!

      Now, that said, you all seemed to have a good time with their antics today so I will leave it. Leave it all. We are simply above it.

      As a matter of fact, talk all you want but everyone please make note of this.

      Listen well.

      The very second that I see any childish behavior, bullying, lying, withholding, besmirching, in-fighting or other such impetulance within my house because of their little monkey business today? I will curb stomp you all in your perfect American teeth so fast that you won’t even feel my heal on your skull. (I lied earlier, being an Edward Norton fanatic is one of my other vices.)

      So have fun, react, feel. Try to play your little, new “BOS” games. Your reactions are all part of the things that we love. However, again, remember to not let your own egos get in the way of all of the hard work that we have put into this or we will simply stop doing it. That said, I believe there was some talk of you being charged? Obviously with security in the state that it is, that is something we can no longer ask for the foreseeable future. So, enjoy your very free entertainment and repay us with activity, it is the only way to truly keep our investors happy.

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       Julie R Goldstein

      For once, I find myself agreeing with @joycecarlberg… But don’t misunderstand. I still don’t like her though…

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      Hmph. I saw a bunch of ooohs and ahhhhas over a wild goose chase that culminated in an awkward conversation by a dodgy warehouse. I think @meghanmayhem should be careful what she wishes for.

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       Brian E

      That’s so Joyce!

      Regardless of where the events lead today was exciting for everyone. Big thanks to the entire community. That’s how I see it.

      We are the spokes of the cog, and are actions wind the clock moving ever forward.

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       Lukas L

      @joycecarlberg I told you right before this was all going on that I was going to put my faith into you. Today’s events haven’t swayed me. I will still follow you. I do have to be honest, sometimes the things you say sound like nails on a chalkboard. But I don’t trust this new BOS and I don’t have perfect teeth, so we got those things in common.

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      Careful, @joycecarlberg, we wouldn’t want you breaking every one of your commandments in a single post. Being so high above everyone, it’s bound to be quite the fall.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Alright, fine @joycecarlberg. I’ll play by your rules. I won’t like doing so, but I’ll do it.

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      Happiness is key, @joycecarlberg

      But what makes us happy, is very, very different.

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       Hannah Schenck

      Oh @joycecarlberg, can’t we all just enjoy a day together full of anxiety, grid-lock traffic, parking fees and bar tabs!? You again, slay me. I hope your nap was glorious, you deserve it. You’ve been such a busy lady. Today was quite the day and I really wish you could have been along for the ride. I will make one promise to you for now: I have never and will never condone bullying or anything of the sort, so I would love to see you reign down hard on those that feel differently and act like children ?? I would also call that “pullin a Joyce”. Now let’s get back to our mutual understanding of one another

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       Andrew K

      @joycecarlberg – your threat of physical violence is rather amusing.

      I haven’t interacted with you yet. But, I do not like your general demeanor or how you seem to be treating others on the forums.

      That being said, I agree with this particular post.

      “Your reactions are all part of the things that we love. However, again, remember to not let your own egos get in the way of all of the hard work that we have put into this or we will simply stop doing it. So, enjoy your very free entertainment and repay us with activity, it is the only way to truly keep our investors happy.”

      I generally agree with all of that. But overall you’re still trying to please your bosses and investors.

      Remy’s gloriously idiotic “$10,000/biannual” plan has utterly failed, which you mentioned. So, the only way you stay afloat is with our participation.

      You need us as much as we need “you” (ie, your bosses, not you particularly.) So for now, I have a mutual respect and understanding of/with you in a professional sense. But let’s see how long that keeps up.

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      Chilling “American History X” reference @joycecarlberg.

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      @joycecarlberg You really are quite a card! I do enjoy your candor and I’m a fan of your sense of humor. You make a lot of points I agree with. Bullying and exclusionary behavior is never cool. Free entertainment is! That being said, if you threaten us with violence again, I can’t guarantee we’ll be so inclined to give you this free engagement. Let’s all try to move forward and have a little fun, shall we? (But yeah, Edward Norton is a badass)

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      Thanks for the post @joycecarlberg. You knew something like this was coming… that’s why you are trying to get me on board with you. Makes sense.

      Since you seem to know my history… you know I’m not a huge fan of this whole resistance business.

      But I’m still trying to figure you out, and we’re just about there. So I’ll say this: I’m yours to lose.

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