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    I think the Russian disinformation campaign has started playing the ARG. Or was the ARG part of the disinfo campaign all along?

  • Awful quiet round here, idn’t it?

  • Suffice to say that I’ve found today’s news about Darren helmetting Morgan disturbing. And it’s time to do what little I can to hopefully fix some of the damage I’ve done.

    I mentioned some of this in Slack already, but for posterity:

    From pretty early on in this thing, I’ve been all-in on The Experience. I was there for the self-realization, for…[Read more]

  • I applaud you explaining yourself here, @nothenrygale.

    I don’t know that I believe — at least, not yet — but time will tell. <3 <3 <3

  • I thought it was kinda peaceful myself, HGL, but welcome back and stuff I guess.

  • I am Larry Who Fucks.

    Is it cool if I just call you “Happy Go Larry” instead? Because I am.

  • Thanks for posting this, @coryphella. It’s a really important distinction to make, and one that is so fucking liberating once we accept it.

    So many of my most intense, mind-warping emotional moments over the past year were a direct result of embracing that distinction. Going after Noah; threatening to kill Mason; emotionally investing in Joyce…[Read more]

  • Anyone is welcome, but be advised that if you believe the present state of affairs does permit agency, there may not be much conversation directed your way.

    I’m going to be in Austin so won’t be able to attend anyway, but I’ll be honest: I don’t love the tenor of this comment. Any legit discussion about agency would by definition include, and be…[Read more]

  • I woke up yesterday morning with a real sadness in my heart. What we learned Thursday night had taken its toll overnight while I (kinda/sorta) slept, and the thing that I couldn’t shake was the guilt.

    I had done this. You had done this. We had all done this together.

    There was this show called Tension, and we went and we went and we went a…[Read more]

  • This unfortunately comes down to a matter of trust. Do we trust Morgan — and by extension, do we trust that his emails are valid?

    Some do trust him, obviously, while others don’t. Here’s some concerning things that I see:

    1. An email chain with no backing evidence, utilizing the format we’ve seen in other leaks. Something that we’ve already b…[Read more]

  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic Lia's NDA in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years ago

    There’s a big distinction here that I think we may all be missing in the hubbub. Look closely at the paper Morgan burned last night.

    Lia’s NDA wasn’t with OSDM, the OOA, or even TENSION, LLC. It was with Blah Shank Productions. (Run a quick google search if you’re curious about that company.)

    It wasn’t signed by Tim Granik, Addison Barrow, or…[Read more]

  • The beautiful thing about people thinking for themselves, as the mystery caller suggests we all do, is that the very act itself clarifies all of these questions.

    Honorable truths become self-evident when examined outside the distorting lens of groupthink or propaganda. Dots fail to connect in falsehoods when they are starved of the protection of…[Read more]

  • From the beginning Noah asked you to think for yourself and not follow anyone. Maybe it’s time to start doing that again.

    Translation in my mind: Fuck @A. Fuck BOS. Fuck OSDM. Fuck OOA. Fuck The Order. Fuck the mystery of Lia’s story, which A and BOS are pushing. Fuck everything but yourself.

    Also: What does Lia actually know? Sound a lot like s…[Read more]

  • As @kevin pointed out, @a ended his Q&A session today suggestion there may be more to what Lia experienced at the MSE than we — or she — have uncovered yet. She went on to retell her story with some additional detail, which I thought was worth breaking out here for further discussion. (Some replies to Lia cut for length)

    Lia :
    I had switc…[Read more]

  • We should connect the dots here fully, as well. @a prompted us to ask Lia about her story. One can look at today’s talks with Morgan/A/Lia as a singular whole.

    The mystery caller could be suggesting that all three are distorting the path. (I believe Lia, personally, but that’s a different matter.)

  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic Just got a call 2/23/18 in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years ago

    I’m still in the midst of catching up on all this mindfuck madness, and while it seems pretty clear that these calls weren’t BOS, they don’t sound like OSDM to me, either.

    OSDM was methodical. Businesslike. They had structure and rules; business practices and protocols.

    This seems like… something else.

  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic The Call 2/16/18 in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years ago

    But let’s not speak vaguely or carelessly about participants taking matters into their own hands.

    With all due respect, I didn’t.

    I talked about demonstrating agency. Outside of Morgan, the BOS action consisted of standing quietly and staring really hard. Nobody asked how any of the people in the room were doing. Nobody approached another and…[Read more]

  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic The Call 2/16/18 in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years ago

    Apologies for the late addition. I’m going to frame this up as a companion piece to @larry’s post, given that we had some similarities in our calls.

    Most of what Morgan and I chatted about has been discussed here already. (And I’ll say it — the man gives good phone.) Taking credit for OSDMoutreach; taking over social media accounts; the fact th…[Read more]

  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic 2.16.18 BOS in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years ago

    Well, in the interest of transparency, perhaps you’d like to name your contact with us?


  • Bryan Bishop replied to the topic 2.16.18 BOS in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years ago

    I think @macbethinabathtub just did.

    BOS: always happy to be transparent (after they’ve been given no other choice).

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