2.24.18 Lia recounts her experiences in the MSE Red Room

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      As @kevin pointed out, @a ended his Q&A session today suggestion there may be more to what Lia experienced at the MSE than we — or she — have uncovered yet. She went on to retell her story with some additional detail, which I thought was worth breaking out here for further discussion. (Some replies to Lia cut for length)

      Lia [2:02PM]:
      I had switched my ticket that day. I should have gone at 10 something, but there was an open slot at 8pm, so i took it because i was sick.

      i was the only second-timer in my group. Sabrina was our deacon. as soon as we were all sitting in the lounge she singled me out. She sniffed my face when i was on one of the couches and then had me come up by the stage with her to take off a piece of clothing.

      after we were released into the bar area, she pulled me away, back to the left of the stage. She asked me why I came back, what I was looking for. I think I said something like “i wanted to see if and how I fit into all of this.” I couldn’t really get a read on what she thought of my answer

      when we went into the dining room i think we only got through the first exercise when i heard someone call my name. I was staring directly into Larry’s eyes when it happened, so I’m not sure who said it.

      i was led upstairs

      there was a small landing and a single door up there. to some sort of closet. Cecelia and Darren motioned for me to open the door and go in.

      fuck. it’s so hard to tyep. i’m shaking so hard

      inside it was dark, red. hazy

      They were sitting facing me. a man and a woman holding a pair of headphones.

      they were so still and said nothing to me. the door closed behind me and it got even darker in there

      even though it was dark , i could see how frail and old theywere. like way older than any of the actors from Ascension. I was almost worried for htem. they just didn’t make sense to be in this building. they were hard to look at almost.

      the woman handed me the headphones. i pput them on.

      they closed their eyes so i did the same

      jesus. i hate this.

      ok. so i listened to my breath. maybe 4 or 5 long inhales.

      and then something HURT. i’ve never felt anything like it. I wasn’t touched but my whole body felt this surge and i tried to rip my headphones off and opened my eyes. and for an instant i saw something right in front of ime.

      i dont know what it was. idont knwo how it got there. it was just there and seemed as tall as i was

      i lunged for the door and saw darren and cecelia looking at me, trying to get a read.

      i ran past them and downstairs. darren followed me

      i tried to get my mask back on and sit down, but he grabbed my arm and led me back up there

      the door was closed again and they obviously wanted me to go back in
      but i didn’t want to. i dont’ care if it was a puppet or a prop or someone with makeup on

      i wouldn’t do it

      i dont relaly reemmber getting out of that building

      i felt like i feel now. shaky, dizzy and nauseous

      I just remember you storming down the stairs and you were so upset and you said you were fucking done and that this was too far.
      Then you looked at Sabrina and said FUCK YOU like a total bad bitch Love you @lilmsfancpants

      I love you forever babe.
      And since? Have you felt alright since?

      thank you for listening guys
      i dont now @wanda102. not at all
      im sorry

      Thank you. First, I wanted to be clear: was Darren wearing the skull mask, or no?

      he had the mask on yes. i didn’t know it was him until days later

      I’m wondering what “IT” looked like, can you elaborate on that very quickly @lilmsfancpants ?

      Mike it was so dark. i diden’t stay long enough to even look up

      You said you don’t remember getting out of the building. Is it possible they coerced you into the room a second time, or do you remember breaking away from upstairs at least?

      bryan i remember going down the stairs and i remember sitting in a bathroom for a little bit. i think i walked past another group’s ceremony on the way out

      The HURT you mentioned, can you elaborate? You said it was through your whole body.. a surge. Like an electrical shock or different? If different can you describe?


      it felt like a shock, like touching a door handle in a room with carpet. but nothing touched me

      Thanks, Lia. And last one from me: I know you’ve described the thing you saw before, and I imagine it’s something you really want to forget. But could you try to picture it and describe it one more time in case it brings any new memories to life?

      OK i’ll try. give me a sec
      all i saw was part of a body so this is hard. it was big, and in that tiny room, it felt bigger
      this is going to sound lame… but has anyone ever seen Dreamscape?
      it was kiind of like that thing
      its the closest comparison i can think of

      ohhh interesting

      Lia Wollman [2:31 PM]
      im sorry. i can’t.
      my head is throbbing so bad
      im sorrny

      If you still feel ill to this day about this experience, why are you still continuing on?

      Because it had to be fake mike. It haaad to.
      And you guys are what this is about.

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