Another Call from the robot lady 2/24/18

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      Just got another call from a private number. Same robot lady voice. No beep at the end to leave a message. Chance for me to speak at all. Just a message. I tried to write as fast as I could, here is what I got (definitely missed a bit but this was the gist): They talk and they talk and they talk but should you be listening? They lie, they distort the path. I hope your desire to be illuminated remains strong. Goodbye.

      And of course my answer to that is yes my desire remains the same. I’m listening.

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      The call I received was quite different. It was a male whispering in a sinister tone, “Stop… Now.” Click.

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        Whoever this is is definitely trying to stop us from getting on the right track, and they’re getting nervous about it. We need to give Lia time because this is a lot for her to process, but don’t let them throw us off.

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       Unseen Presence

      I’ve got a little more of it.

      Same woman. Same ‘recorded message’ feel.

      “They talk and they talk and they talk. But should you be listening? It’s a con. They lie, they distort the path. I hope your desire to be illuminated remains strong. Goodbye.”

      The timing was most definitely aimed at disrupting the discussion by @lilmsfancpants and the Red Room. I would argue, however, that doesn’t make @a’s story (or the BOS) inherently ‘correct’. If the BOS is equally shady at its upper levels, this message is legitimately trying to find those who are not being blinded by it.

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       Andrew Kasch

      We’ve been warned about distractions. They want us to shift the conversation. Don’t let em.

      Lia’s story and the Red Room is obviously important…

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      I got a call during @lilmsfancpants’ story. My call came through at 2:23pm. After saying “hello” there was nothing. Silence then almost like a series of taps one of those toy xylophones. I may be wrong but that’s what it sounded like. No one ever spoke. At the end of the call there was heavy breathing and then they hung up.

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       Kyle Bown

      I’m intrigued by this illumination.

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       Bryan Bishop

      We should connect the dots here fully, as well. @a prompted us to ask Lia about her story. One can look at today’s talks with Morgan/A/Lia as a singular whole.

      The mystery caller could be suggesting that all three are distorting the path. (I believe Lia, personally, but that’s a different matter.)

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         Unseen Presence

        I think that is a possible interpretation. But I can say that as I got the call, I thought the reference was specifically the BOS that was being called a con.

        It is certainly possible that my belief at that time was erroneous.

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      After getting the call I went to slack to catch up and these comments from “a” stood out to me. Call offering illumination…”a” talking about the illuminated ones.. Makes me think of the free masons, Scientology, and other secret societies. Is that what we’re being offered access to with these calls? Because I’m not opposed to that at all. I want to know. Feels like I’m walking a dangerous line here though..

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       Unseen Presence

      I wholeheartedly believe that IF @a is telling the truth, or the truth as @a knows it anyway, AND that the calls offering illumination are from the “Illuminated Ones” (and given the word, that continues to be the most likely scenario, IMO)…then yes, that is my belief. We are being given a chance to see the other side (perhaps, even from the inside).

      The questions, of course, are many. Are they the other side? Is @a telling the truth about them, partially the truth or the truth as @a sees it (that could still be wrong)? Moreover, if we do walk that path (and I continue to stand firm on doing so, at least for now)–how will we view what is happening here afterwards?

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      @unseenpresence well, looks like if we go, we go together new friend!

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