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    I’m definitely on the same page as you. I think these things need to be explored when they were glossed over, ignored. I understand the want for unity. I’m not against those who want it. But, we, the community, tends to get so tunnel visioned that we overlook what needs to looked at or questioned. I think there is more to what happened…[Read more]

  • M. replied to the topic The Gathering For Agency in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years, 2 months ago

    @lauren Seeing that you’re posting in the forum and it’s back up, will we be seeing a screenshot of those text messages? I’m still curious about them 🙂

  • Throughout my experience, I’ve not chosen a side. Next month will mark 2 years that I first fell into this rabbit hole. Two years with no side chosen. I’ve leaned more OSDM than anything else. But, I’ve also pretty much remained in Switzerland where it’s safe.

    After this past week’s events, I agree with those who felt as though there was a nar…[Read more]

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    Yesterday I received two phone calls.

    The first call came at 5:25. It was a automated female’s voice.

    Voice: The Halfblood Princess. How are you?
    Me: Good
    Voice: Do you trust Cristen?
    Me: I do
    Voice: Why?
    Me: Because she’s always had my confidence. I hope she does. She hasn’t given me a reason to not trust her.
    Voice: It is always darkest…[Read more]

  • The mole thing, at least right now, doesn’t make a lick of difference to me. If she felt forced into it, I’d rather her relay information on us to them so she could stay safe than have something happen.

    Totally agree. I said in Slack that if someone threatened my kids, I would do anything to protect them. If it meant becoming sinister af, I wou…[Read more]

  • I’m stuck on a part of the email that’s been mentioned but not really grabbed onto.

    The last thing we need is a fucking witch hunt from others whom have signed.

    Who are the others that have signed? I think this is important to know. We have no idea who this correspondence is between. We honestly do not know if it’s ODSM correspondence or…[Read more]

  • I got a call during @lilmsfancpants‘ story. My call came through at 2:23pm. After saying “hello” there was nothing. Silence then almost like a series of taps one of those toy xylophones. I may be wrong but that’s what it sounded like. No one ever spoke. At the end of the call there was heavy breathing and then they hung up.

  • @shinobi

    Were we given just a distraction? Something shinier and new to play with? Something to consider.

  • I personally like the part where @chelsea says:

    Given the opportunity, I will actively work with your enemies.

    Her choosing a side isn’t a crazy burn, @nothenrygale, I agree. Her stating she will work with the enemies of the BOS if given the opportunity, IMO, is bringing some heat. Because, as I read it, she believes that under any…[Read more]

  • @blondie. No apology necessary. ❤️

  • We’ve been in this place before (going toe to toe within one another because we’re on opposite sides of an issue). I don’t want us in that toxic place again. I’m not going to address anything except for I interpreted it that you personally felt you were attacked for 18 months.

  • 18 months of pretty constant attack… and now the tide is turning.

    Sucks to be on the receiving end, huh?

    Sucks to be expected to explain and defend your position, right?

    WOW just wow! 18 months of being attacked? I can think of people who have been more attacked throughout this. @coryphella @bcbishop to give an example. Many of us have had m…[Read more]

  • Posting mine. Thank you to @bcbishop for all his help.

    I’d have to agree with Bryan. Holy Shit. There are only two people we address with initials. 😲

    (Praying this works. I don’t believe I have ever posted a photo before).

  • Two things we need to learn:

    1. Who sent the leaked letters?


    2. What is this addendum?

    DLB is clearly stressed. Could you imagine if he feels he can no longer trust even CS? I don’t know that CS is the villain though. Please don’t make me think he’s sitting at his desk in the mid-west with this maniacal laugh while he’s watching…[Read more]

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    ^^ Always 🖤

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    Being a woman who’s had three kids and experienced morning sickness with all three, unless they’re going to complete total fiction, morning sickness usually does not occur until around 4-6 weeks. Maybe you heard incorrectly and they said 5 weeks, @macbethinabathtub? Most women usually find out they are pregnant after the first day they have missed…[Read more]

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    I’m a bit confused by the attack on @bcbishop. And, yes, Addison, especially the stuff on Slack. It was surprising to me. I don’t think Bryan deserved that.

    What I am confused by is the whole “You got played.” How do we even know if there is anyone who isn’t being played? I think all of us are to some extent even BOS. We have no idea what the…[Read more]

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    I’m going to add something about “The Master” (DLB).

    Last night I was roaming down the hallway looking in all the rooms. I saw Zane in the bathroom cleaning and looking distraught. This is the bathroom where the male is anointed for the offering.

    My time in the bathroom with Zane was interesting and maybe if anyone spent time with him in there…[Read more]

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    I’m going to go with I can’t agree more with you on this one Bryan. There was some major manipulation on that. I don’t trust that was 100% real with Erika. She’s a good actress. Was she part of the manipulation or was she being authentic? Was filmed without her knowledge? Or was everyone aware of the filming. I don’t know. I could keep asking…[Read more]

  • This is all just too much.

    There are three people I trust explicitly and @bcbishop is one of them. He’s never given me reason to distrust him so if says Joyce is alive, she’s alive.

    So now what Bryan? Where does your path lead you now because I’m not sure I’d trust Joyce at all. She manipulated you in to thinking she was dead just to get a…[Read more]

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