2/23 – A answers some questions

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      A offered us answers to a few questions this afternoon, here’s what they had to say:

      a [4:18 PM]
      I will answer two questions actually
      the first
      WHO AM I?
      The second
      The relationship with The Creators.
      please, give me a moment to type this out
      please hold just for a moment
      on your comments so it can be presented as one thought.
      maybe this should be for @channel. Let’s give them a moment to enter, and I will answer
      it is fine.
      I believe we are ready.
      so. WHO AM I?
      To give some insight. The previous @a never met those he / she answered to. This was done to protect the organization. When they are in separate environments, information can not as easily become corrupted.
      Their @a’s (which were many, numerous people have access to the account depending on what is transpiring) never had any direct contact with those within the OSDM, OOA, or any other abbreviation. The job originally was to watch, and report. @a’s had VERY limited (if any at all) information.

      The communication structure within the numerous organizations worked very much on a no one person has too much information. When control was taken of their slack, and other channels, it was agreed upon that this type of communication and channeling was smart and would be enacted with BOS. Consider someone working at Area 51 (if you believe in that sort of thing) you might spend your entire life making a nut or bolt, but have no idea where and how that nut or bolt is used.

      You have a team of people making widgets, having no clue in turn they are building some reversed engineered space craft. No one person could bring it down. It was only a VERY VERY select group of people very hight up who had any real overview of the entire thing. Information would pass through various channels, and intermediaries. @a, @b, @c, etc No one person would, or could understand or grasp what was happening or being said. The reality is, @a knows little. A piece of something much bigger. My name isn’t important. My relationship with BOS however is. I am a passthrough. I deliver information. I connect YOU to THEM. Who is them? Them changes. But I stand with BOS.

      I have never met @111error, nor he me. That is the way this relationship works.

      we will never be together in the same room

      there is always distance, to aid corruption.

      does that help answer who I am?

      [GoldTongue asks if they’re Morgan]

      No. I am not.

      Regarding # 2. The relationship with The Creators.

      I will not spin out snappy phrases like your last @a’s or try to answer in some non answers to send you on a wild goose chase of theorizing.

      Honestly, I do not know.

      I will tell you what I know to be fact

      This existed long before them. It went by different names. And hid under different sigils. It has been around for a very long time.

      I do know that They Who Control needed to expand their reach. If those who believe in the Occult know, thought brings power

      Companies use logo’s
      These Logo’s become seared in our brain
      and our thinking brings their logos (sigils) power
      This thing was in danger of being forgotten

      it existed in shadows

      it needed power
      and two desperate filmmakers pitched an idea for a movie, then a video game, then an immersive theater
      this became a way in
      bring power to their current sigil
      bring power to their new Dawn
      and so they were funded

      and like all creatives, notes were given to them
      Their ideas shifted
      .5% here
      .5% there
      until one morning their immersive theater became a mouth piece for old gods, and beasts of magick
      they however were not stupid
      they saw what was happening

      but l at their press. LA TIMES, VERGE, GQ, WALL STREET, etc. their name in the press is it’s own kind of Magick
      that in and of itself pushed them to march forward and turn blind eyes
      But to quote one of the creators, Now the juice is not worth the squeeze.
      they have both tried to walk away numerous times.
      those who are truly in charge, (and not the fictitious Bad’s they try to sell you) threaten, blackmail, or bribe
      the behind the curtain is much more nefarious then what they project for all to see
      Are the Creators with us, or against.
      I can not answer that
      I do not have the answer. Again, I’m only an @a and only have a fraction of the truth

      that is all I can give you
      thank you for the questions, and allowing me to answer

      [In response to Addison’s question about sigils]

      a [4:46 PM]
      please understand, this is not FACT

      This is my interoperation given the insight I know.
      Sigil Magick is as old as time. At the core, sigil magick refer’s to occult signs representing spirits a magician may summon. It has changed over time. I am sure many here know and understand that sigils now are used as a method of making affirmations come true.. Most sigils are charged with the will of its creator.
      think back of the societies biggest beliefs.

      are they not easily identified by a single image.
      Yes @StealsMoose
      A cross
      A star
      A pentagram
      how many wars

      that was me

      I deleted that
      yes, because of a belief
      there are those out there, who believe in the power we give our sigils
      ONE of the creators branded his body with one
      I know some of you have as well
      a line drawing
      a nonsense picture
      an hourglass?
      because of what that image means to you
      how it makes you feel
      YOU are bringing power to the image
      again, I know less than a little, but I do know this whole experience, this “game”, this “arg”, hides in plain sight. Even this conversation will be written off as Morgan writing it, or Clint.
      it’s all just fiction
      I side with the BOS because I sick of being lied to

      I am sick of companies, and organizations, and politicians, and religions, lying

      turn on the news


      lies, and logos
      We give the things we love, or hate our energy. Everything feeds off energy. So I will use my energy
      and put it towards something I believe in.
      and I will give it power.
      Just like HE did

      [A posts a picture of Morgan’s BOS tattoo]

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       Kyle Bown

      I find this extremely interesting. In a lot of ways it seems to fit in with what we think we know about the Creators. Also, a clever strategy for TPTB.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Fascinating answers, and good questions from those who asked them!

      The whole sigil magic thing totally flies with me. I mean my job basically consists of putting that same imagery out there over and over and over until people go “Hey, maybe we should go watch that movie I’ve been seeing all over!”

      Repeated imagery ABSOLUTELY holds power.

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      Been trying to parse through the belief in the symbols thing, which has been a head trip.

      A seemed to imply that the individual belief was most important, but how does that relate back to their “current sigil” or “the new Dawn”? I’m thinking it might be something like this. If I have my own belief in the OOA symbol, just that belief contributes so much (metaphysical/actual/who knows) energy to the cause. You have a different belief in the OOA symbol, so that contributes a different amount of energy to the cause.

      I don’t know how that all quite fits together though. If there’s something specific they’d like to power, it feels like there would be some collective belief in the symbol, religion, savior, or whatever. Does their belief matter more than others or do they know it’s true, and other people’s beliefs, no matter what they are provides energy to the true thing? In the words of A, that may be “the creator” (broadly) because they charge the sigils with their will.

      The logo discussion may be the key here, but in a different direction. Companies don’t care what you believe their symbol means as long as it means something to you. If it means something to you, you’re buying their product, giving them power. In terms of separate symbols, it could be something like, I really like Diet Dr Pepper and you really like Snapple Raspberry Tea. They both amount to the same thing, no matter why you believe in it, that belief powers the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

      I think that all makes some sort of sense. I hope it all makes some sort of sense.

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       Max Z

      I’m having trouble parsing out what I (maybe erroneously) am seeing as something of a self-contradiction on A’s part here. Namely, the sigil thing. I’m no semiotician but it seems like there are two ideas at play simultaneously here:

      1. The idea that the sigils do have an objective meaning to them, and an objective connection with something conspiratorial or preternatural or whatever. (“bring power to their current sigil…At the core, sigil magick refer’s [sic] to occult signs representing spirits a magician may summon. It has changed over time. I am sure many here know and understand that sigils now are used as a method of making affirmations come true.. Most sigils are charged with the will of its creator.”)

      and 2. The idea that the sigils are only empowered by the personalized, subjective meaning that you give them. (“a line drawing/a nonsense picture/an hourglass?/because of what that image means to you/how it makes you feel/YOU are bringing power to the image”)

      My issue is how to reconcile these two ideas. On the one hand, A seems to be telling us that “The Experiences” were more or less co-opted by a larger force, and presumably their pre-existing sigil of summoning was pitched as one of the aforementioned .5% shifts (the equivalent of network executive note-giving in @bruinbown’s awesome metaphor he mentioned in Slack) in order to sneakily get the sigil back into the public consciousness.

      That all seems to track for me, but then A takes this turn for the sentimental with talk of how the symbols are inherently meaningless except for the power imbued in them by the participants. As @coryphella began to touch on in the Slack, if this is a sigil of summoning that has some sort of pre-existing meaning, and it can affect something in physical reality that is not necessarily directly connected to the intentions of the people “empowering” it by thinking about it, then the symbol does, in fact, have an objective meaning, doesn’t it?

      Certainly there’s a semiotic school of thought that says symbols do not have any inherent meaning, but are only given meaning by human observation and assignment of belief. Personally speaking, I think that’s probably true. In general with linguistics, might makes right. If enough people decide “text” is a verb meaning “to send a text message”, it becomes legitimized over time. My problem is, that’s not what A is really describing. If one of the participants got a sigil tattoo because to them it meant “family” and another got it because to them it meant “awesome theater experience” and then a third got it because they have a hobby of getting a yearly tattoo dedicated to the thing they spent the most time doing that year, and then ALL of those tattoos work together with the collective energy to affect a totally unrelated purpose of summoning an Old God, then…in effect, the subjective meaning we imbue in the symbols really has no significance whatsoever, does it?

      I do think it was a nice sentiment on A’s part. I’m just having trouble reconciling the contradiction.

      EDIT: @kevin you beat me to it you son of a bitch

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       Andrew Kasch

      The new “A” is pretty incredible. He/she is forthcoming, observant, and really eager to help us…

      And that’s what worries me.

      An anonymous “Deep Throat” mystery person – who Morgan has NEVER met – comes out of the woodwork, proclaims allegiance to BOS and is all too eager to feed us information. This just seems too good to be true.

      “I will not spin out snappy phrases or try to answer in some non answers to send you on a wild goose chase or theorizing…”

      But that’s exactly what “A” did. If you notice, they didn’t answer any specific questions and instead, dropped a whole lot of other info on us. Super descriptive but also mysterious enough to have us all theorizing once they left.

      That info is very much appreciated, but something feels off about all this. It was the same modus operandi, only dressed up. Like when the NRA spokesperson told the Florida town hall “I hear you and I want what you want” and then threw out a lot of slightly related discussion points to appease the masses (which didn’t really work). It’s the same dance you see a politician do when asked simple but challenging questions.

      We know the OSDM is biding its time and will most likely regroup and strike back from the shadows. They’re gonna strike at Morgan and the BOS hard and war is going to erupt. It seems to me like the best way to get back would be to send a wolf in sheep’s clothing… Someone who will tell us what we want to hear… Gain Morgan’s trust… and as soon as our guards are down…. WHAM!

      Of course, this could all just be paranoia. But the spidey senses are tingling.

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       Unseen Presence

      I have too many thoughts to effectively describe them at this moment. Other than to say it is astonishing how little I believe in coincidences today.

      I’ll add more when I can qualitatively speak.

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      The thing I took most from this is the idea, of fact I suppose, that there is a power that Controls even the Creators, and that for all intents and purposes, they’re still in charge. As if they’ve left the office with the lights still on, but vacation will be over eventually. I find myself oddly thrilled.

      Morgan always says “stay frosty.” It’s a better time then ever to heed that advice.

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       Brad Ruwe

      So if sigils and symbols and logos have a power, is there a power from tarnishing said symbol? Say, by turning it into an ejaculating penis?

      Asking for a friend.

      But yes, I think those with “Experiences Ink” may be in for a surprise down the road if this imagery does indeed hold a sort of power more than just sentimental reasons.

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      All of this after the mysterious Julie showed up and abruptly disappeared. Then Morgan tells us to please drop it, it’s unrelated, without uttering those three magical letters that would actually get us to drop it… O… O… G.

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        Were we given just a distraction? Something shinier and new to play with? Something to consider.

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        @shinobi @michelle and after we may have been warned about that just this morning? Interesting idea…

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         Lauren Bello

        @shinobi @wanda102 @michelle Think maybe that’s what A was referring to when s/he said “They don’t know” and then deleted it?

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       Kyle Bown

      I think we may be getting a bit in the weeds worrying about a specific symbol. “A” stated that there have been many so good it has used in the past. The specific sigil or logo means less than what it represents. (Think a product being rebranded)

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      @bruinbown – I’m not sure. I feel like we’ve heard this before. That’s the thing about this experience being a year old now. Things that happened months ago get kind of lost.

      Talking to @maxzumstein and @erisbonn I gave what I’m sure is a terrible, garbled summary of Snow Crash which does a great job, I think, of explaining this. It’s been 12 years since I read it though. But, regardless of what evolution the Tower of Babel caused to language over time, how it changed meanings of symbols, it didn’t remove the core power of the ancient Sumerian that was able to infect people when exposed in the right circumstances (please forgive me for fucking this up).

      The Tower of Babel is us ascribing whatever meaning we want to these things. But whoever is in charge here – you can tell this from those notes – they are relying on us being too stupid and naive to really understand what’s going on and how powerful this magic is. We flat out don’t understand what we are playing with. You can tattoo your butt off with the symbol and say that it means awesome theatre experience, but you still stamped your ass with Cthulu’s phone number.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      So essentially, Howard Schultz has retired from Starbucks and left a barista in charge of the company — one who doesn’t know the difference between espresso and a bacon/chedder/gouda breakfast sandwich.


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      A answered more questions on Slack today:

      **Edited and condensed down to the main stuff**

      a [12:58 PM]
      I am here, and as I assured you, if you have a question, I will do my best to answer it. If I can answer it.

      kingkill33 [1:01 PM]
      A, how did you first hear of the BOS and what made you join?

      a [1:03 PM]

      , BOS is a new name. It too has gone by various words, and symbols. The idea however, stays consistent. I have been attached to the message long before they launched “Tension”

      chriswollman [1:01 PM]
      How are you holding up after last night’s… irregularities? Do you have a clearer idea about what happened? Did @SammySam answer your DMs?

      a [1:05 PM]
      @chriswollman, I have not heard from @SammySam – however I do not think they are a plant. OSDM used plants in the past to gain insight and information. We have not done this, and are not doing this. Not within Slack, or the forums that you are using.

      rpearl [1:05 PM]
      why couldn’t sammysam be a plant from the OSDM?

      kingkill33 [1:06 PM]
      There’s not a reason they couldn’t.

      a [1:06 PM]
      Slack is public, anyone can sign up. They can watch without interacting.

      a [1:07 PM]


      let me take a better approach to your question then

      a [1:09 PM]
      there was a time that I bought into Order. The mystery of it all. It was truly like learning another language. It made me feel special. I would see things that others would dismiss and have a deeper and greater understanding. Do you know what magick truly is?

      a [1:09 PM]
      to a caveman FIRE is magick

      but in reality, with knowledge of how a flame works, it’s explainable

      a [1:10 PM]
      We learn about fire, and it stops being magic, because there is an explanation
      The Order showed us magick, and then pulled back the curtain and gave us the knowledge to how and why it works

      a [1:12 PM]
      but the more they would teach, the more we realized was still being hidden from us.
      we were getting crumbs

      a [1:13 PM]
      they used it against us, and others

      a [1:13 PM]
      people talk about the Illuminati
      it literally is “the illuminated ones”
      those with knowledge
      go back through history
      over centuries books have been banned from the public, only allowed to be kept by pharaohs, and kings.
      these possess knowledge that kept some on top

      a [1:15 PM]
      I was wrong
      I had spent years of my life being wrong

      a [1:15 PM]
      NO ONE PERSON or group of person(s) should possess this
      use this
      hold this over those under them

      a [1:16 PM]
      Why did I join?

      a [1:16 PM]
      to expose EVERYTHING they have been hiding and continue to hide

      a [1:16 PM]
      I dont’ want to know it all. I want everyone to know it all

      daela [1:17 PM]
      @a so were you Sentinel Being at any point?
      If you were attached before Tension?

      a [1:17 PM]
      I am a cog, truly someone of little importance.

      a [1:20 PM]

      , may I continue with these questions?

      111error [1:21 PM]
      @a Yes, but proceed with caution, we’re obviously trying to figure out a lot of yesterday’s “fun”

      wanda102 [1:19 PM]
      Someone called and said “we’re taking it back.” Several people called and made unnerving contact. Was that your former Order? What happens to you when they return?

      a [1:27 PM]
      The information I possess is extremely limited. All I can answer is what I am involved with, and have knowledge of. I do not know who made those calls. I can tell you that there are protocols in place when called a vessel or “Participant”. That is why you will see patterns. “No Caller ID”, etc. Yesterday and last eve, a lot of what transpired did not fit any of what I or WE have seen before.. Those within Chapters are all given various Directives they must follow, such as The Alpha Directives. What happened last night seemed sloppy, even for them, so it’s hard for me to believe all of it was “sanctioned”.
      the danger with something like this, is it can easily be spoofed. I can be spoofed. YOU can be spoofed. We all have been working on programs that can and do mimic. Outsiders who take this all as a game come into the sandbox and want to play, not realizing the stakes.

      a [1:30 PM]
      It’s probably not the answer you wanted @wanda102 but it’s the best I can personally give.

      andrewkasch [1:31 PM]
      I really want to believe you, @a. But we’ve been burnt before. How do we know we can trust you?

      a [1:31 PM]
      @andrewkasch you dont.
      @andrewkasch, I honestly would not trust me.
      Trust is what gets people killed.

      bcbishop [1:32 PM]
      @a, yesterday you referred to an “it” that had existed long before Tension. Something that Tension/Lust had helped jumpstart to life again. Is there a name to this “it”?

      111error [1:32 PM]
      Don’t answer that.

      a [1:33 PM]
      Please give me a moment.

      a [1:34 PM]

      , I will answer the best I can, given @111error concern

      a [1:35 PM]

      please see your directs.

      111error [1:36 PM]
      @a That’s fine

      a [1:37 PM]
      IT has gone by different names.
      I can not mention the names, But IT meaning all of this. ARG is new. Immersive Theater is new.
      In five years IT will be something else.
      They use the medium that is disposable to them.

      a [1:39 PM]
      For now, we will call IT The Order.

      111error [1:39 PM]
      Be very careful.

      a [1:40 PM]
      That is all I can say at this point, right now.
      on that @bcbishop.

      a [1:40 PM]
      I’m sorry

      111error [1:42 PM]
      Not all the information we have is yet vetted and deemed to be accurate. We don’t want to provide fuel to something that is fiction. Words have power, names have power, to cast a spell is simply ‘to spell’, and so we must be very careful when tiptoeing around the edge of the volcano.

      daela [1:43 PM]
      Morgan believes in names having inherent power? I do buy this.

      111error [1:44 PM]

      and numbers. Anything we make real.

      a [1:46 PM]
      a read someones account on your forums.
      A story about Apples and Pears.
      A lie to 9. A truth to 1. 9 will always outweigh the 1.
      They have sent you on numerous dead ends.

      a [1:47 PM]
      Polluted fact, by adding fiction.
      You are asking the wrong questions.

      a [1:48 PM]

      is correct. Stop chasing things that are not proven to be fact.
      Rumors, and falsehoods are easy to start.

      a [1:50 PM]
      Morgan, may I touch on the room?

      111error [1:50 PM]

      lilmsfancpants [1:51 PM]
      Oh shit. Really?

      a [1:51 PM]
      The Red Room, their red room, is real. How they are constructed. What they sit upon. What can transpire inside of it.
      Directions they must face.
      Degree’s of incline.
      I promise you, if @111error agree’s, and you would be a willing audience, I will share everything I know with you, in time.

      a [1:54 PM]
      Lastly, I feel there is more to the @lilmsfancpants story, that has been fully uncovered. Even by her.

      lilmsfancpants [1:54 PM]
      Fuck. Please stop.

      a [1:54 PM]
      Good Day Everyone.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Jesus, this is all crazy today. Couple things stand out to me, is the usage of IT. Capitalized both letters. Didn’t we see this last year regarding Noah’s messages? Him responding “You think IT can replace me?” or something. At the time we thought maybe it was like a robot or AI or whatever actually replacing him. That IT was the thing that actually fills in for him. What if IT is the same IT referenced here. It’s not the thing that replaces him, but the organization that replaces him?

      Also regarding @lilmsfancpants’s story. I find the wording very interesting. “…that has been fully uncovered. Even by her.” Meaning there’s parts of her story she hasn’t uncovered herself. Potential memory issues preventing her from remembering key points? Like when she tells us what happened that’s literally all she can tell us.

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       Robert Fuller

      I appreciated A’s responses but, as is always the case, every answer brings up five more questions. Why aren’t we hearing this from Morgan, instead of some anonymous acolyte (A-nonymous A-colyte)? Why all the secrecy about what he’s really fighting? Why does he now seem to be playing into the Order’s agenda with his videos and his propaganda and his advertising? And why is he now mimicking the OSDM’s organizational structure? It’s starting to look a little Animal Farm-y to me, to be honest.

      It also puts us in a rather awkward position, if this is all true. Because it seems to me that the best way to combat the Order is simply to walk away, to not play into their games. Everything we do, including the BOS, is just feeding them. We are what give them power. Of course, if everyone quit and Lust ceased to exist, they would just move on to something else. And this is assuming that we even want to combat it. I believe A is telling the truth as far as they know or perceive it, but even A admits that they know very little, so I’m not sure how much I trust their judgment or viewpoint.

      I’m prepared to believe that almost everything from the past two years has been fiction, with just little nuggets of truth here and there. I’m now more committed than ever to truth. To illumination. I don’t believe the BOS can or will provide this, given the fact that even the BOS members that Morgan trusts most are kept in the dark. Whether it’s because of distrust or because he’s trying to protect them, it doesn’t matter, he’s useless to me either way. I need to find my own path to illumination, for now.

    • #29035
       Unseen Presence

      I agree that truth, that illumination, is the vital path, at least for me. I also agree that Morgan’s motives may be entirely what he claims them to be–but the outcome remains one where he’s still hiding things, even from allies. Even if that’s NECESSARY from his point of view (and it may well be), that’s not sufficient for me.

      I have written previously on my lack of experience with anything ‘beyond’ natural. The story given to us by @a practically screams, (for me), the idea of old gods and magics and seeing something beyond the tangible. Indeed, even the fact that @a pointed us once again to the Lia’s experience at the MSE is practically a demand to pay attention to THAT part of what has happened as being the only part that’s ‘real’–and yet it’s the most unbelievable part of the entire narrative for me.

      I have made my choice for now. I will be walking (carefully, with my eyes as open as I can make them) whatever path takes me as close to understanding what the hell is happening as possible. If that means siding with the OSDM, so be it. If it means joining whomever is really behind the scenarios we’re seeing, so be it. I recognize the ideal goal of the BOS, but I simply cannot at this time share it. The real illumination, the true gnosis that I seek, requires me to be willing to enter the shrine of the OSDM/Whomever willingly.

      It may turn out to be nothing more than another con. I reiterate that people always forget that pulling back the curtain only shows you a foolish, somewhat sad snake oil salesman trying to impress you with theatrics. That potential is here.

      The potential that this is nothing more than technical wizardry is also there–@a made a comment today that seems aimed in THAT possibility, too. I understand that I may simply find myself seeing an illusion and failing to spot the sleight of hand.

      But that journey, no matter how far I succeed or fail, is one that reaches out to me. Resisting it feels, simply, wrong.

      I applaud those who feel strongly they must resist. I hope that Morgan and the BOS do turn out to be working in your best interests when all is said and done–truly, I do not wish you to be caught by another trap.

      But I cannot be one of you. I seek the answers. I -want- to see what is beyond the temple doors. Maybe it’s golden tablets. Maybe there’s nothing. But I need to take that step.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Rumors, and falsehoods are easy to start.

      This quote, considering who has been handed the reins, does not merely drip with irony.

      It’s a goddamned shitstorm.

    • #29038

      a read someones account on your forums.
      A story about Apples and Pears.
      A lie to 9. A truth to 1. 9 will always outweigh the 1.
      They have sent you on numerous dead ends.

      I found this to be the most interesting part of yesterday’s session with A.

      We’ve been doing this for a year now. We have forgotten so many things that happened in that time and when you read the chapter summaries and timelines that we’ve created in the new users sections here it’s obvious.

      My read on this was that for every nine lies we’ve been given, every nine dead ends we’ve followed (or are still following), there has been one truth, one path that actually points to what’s going on. My guess is that the broad strokes, the things that have pulled so many of us in – BOS, OSDM, the puzzles, maybe even the demon snake baby – those are the lies, the distractions. The truths might be the things we’re not talking about, or the things that we are dissuaded from talking about.

      has been set up in a couple of different ways to be discredited, the big one being the incident at the MSE, which obviously holds more importance than we know. The other event of hers that we’ve discussed and some don’t fully believe is the park incident with Noah. I’ve heard people argue that it would be too difficult to pull off (it wouldn’t be, though I wouldn’t be likely to do it with all the insurance and legal crap in place) or that if they were to pull it off they would want to ensure there would be an audience (they’ve engaged an audience for far less). But what if the point was to NOT have an audience so that we would doubt her? So that we would look at the events with the bigger audience and say, obviously THOSE were the truths?

      Some have suggested that the occult research was busy work or a distraction, but what if MOST of everything has been a distraction, including the BOS, System 5, etc.? When this all began we were flooded with a bunch of random, bizarre images, facebook profiles, Clint and Darren doubles, Darren randomly in Mississippi, scientific papers showing up, warnings in photo metadata, anonymous random phone calls. Then, suddenly, the System became organized and we forgot all of that and a coherent story emerged. Something darker is going on here and we’re being distracted by the shiny things. If we stop looking where they tell us to look we might find the truth, but as long as they’re directing our attention at the obvious things (war! OSDM! BOS!) we won’t see what’s going on right in front of us.

      • #29041
         Robert Fuller

        We have forgotten so many things that happened in that time and when you read the chapter summaries and timelines that we’ve created in the new users sections here it’s obvious.

        Yes, which is why I’ve been in the process of reviewing everything from the beginning. It’s been slow going because I’m being meticulous about it and it’s more time-consuming than I had anticipated and my free time is limited, so I’m still only in the middle of April. The park meeting with Noah is one incident I paid particular attention to. Listening to Lia’s account again, it sounded perfectly plausible. “Two guys playing frisbee and a man pushing a stroller” somehow grew in people’s minds to “a large group of people” or “everyone in the park” (it’s also possible I’m misinterpreting her statement, so someone correct me if I’m wrong). It sounds like an expensive piece of theater for an audience of one, but not an unmanageable one.

      • #29042

        Yes. Exactly. That’s exactly how I interpreted it (the 3 people).

        I just have this feeling that our attention is being directed elsewhere…away from where the real stuff is happening.

    • #29043

      YES @coryphella. What was the note included in the BOS video the other day? “let them believe in the fiction. As long as they are distracted, they won’t see what is transpiring right front of them.”

      Maybe we take everything with a grain of salt. What’s beneath it all?

    • #29044
       Unseen Presence

      Maybe we take everything with a grain of salt. What’s beneath it all?

      I have kept that particular note in my head since we saw it. I am maintaining as open a mind as I can about everything. It is my expectation that ‘illumination’ in whatever form it takes will give me more to consider–but not to consider blindly.

      So I agree wholeheartedly, @wanda102

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