Sabrina's Pregnancy

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      I figure we’re gonna need to talk about it at some point, so I’ll start.

      As I stated on Slack, I’m not convinced she’s actually pregnant. Her announcement seemed quite spontaneous and conveniently timed. It may be just another attempt to claim the spotlight.

      However, if she’s actually pregnant (and, assuming Anoch actually exists), it brings up a few questions…

      1) Who’s the baby daddy?
      2) When did this all go down?
      3) If the baby was conceived outside of the ritual, can it still be the reincarnation of Anoch?
      4) What if it’s a girl?
      6) And,… what if Sabrina has been playing the OSDM this whole time, to get revenge for the horrible things they’ve done? What if she’s allowed herself to become pregnant, so that she may give birth to their “savior”… and then kill the child-god? It would certainly be a devastating blow to the OSDM, and a tremendous sacrifice for others’ freedom.

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       Drew Huntley

      Also worth noting, if the morning sickness story is true then conception happened at least 4 weeks ago.

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      While TMC walked back to the lot after crashing the final Honoring, Morgan was understandably in shock. Whether it’s true or not, his understanding is that Tom Barrow is the alleged father, with Morgan specifically calling him by that name and saying “Daddy’s going to be the daddy.” When we got back to the lot, he and Mason were whispering about the timeline, remarking that if Sabrina’s observed nausea that day was actually morning sickness, then they estimated she would have had to be pregnant for at least “five days,” which would suggest it happened before Anointment began its official run. That may not be true medically, but that was what the two men were saying. Whether it’s five days or much longer, this brings to mind the earlier mention that the Anointment location was observed to be at inferior “levels” compared to other places they scouted in terms of whatever readings were being done during the “floaty fields” days. Could Sabrina have gone to one of the other locations in secret, one of the places that yielded a higher reading but were rejected for their lack of convenience by the Clockmakers?

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        Being a woman who’s had three kids and experienced morning sickness with all three, unless they’re going to complete total fiction, morning sickness usually does not occur until around 4-6 weeks. Maybe you heard incorrectly and they said 5 weeks, @macbethinabathtub? Most women usually find out they are pregnant after the first day they have missed their cycle. I knew as early as 3 weeks with one of my kids. I mean, we are in a fictional world but to know Sabrina conceived within days is highly unlikely.

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      Is this why the original event was cancelled? Because uh… Perhaps a few people were busy makin’ baby during crucial time?

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       Drew Huntley

      Oh this does have interesting implications… The OSDM obviously have been trying this ritual already. You only have a bunch of strangers bump the uglies when you are at your wits end and are just trying new variables.
      What if they had always planned to hold the event at the original date, but decided to try one last time with Sabrina and Granick. Then the stick turned positive so last minute they put off ticket sales. Then either A) something happened and they thought they lost the baby and decided to throw the shindig as a new try, or B) they’ve known this whole time Sabrina was pregnant and used the event to gather more data by granting us our desires.

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       Hannah Schenck

      I would like to note @bcbishop’s comment in slack about the picture posted of Sabrina in the bed with Noah. He suggested that we be looking to that picture as an indication of the father. I think he’s onto something. We have been presented things before and looked past them, either distracted or thinking it’s too easy an answer. But we miss a lot of things and maybe this is one to consider. It would make sense of a lot of what Noah told people, as well as what was said from Sarah. It could also explain why Noah was crying at the end while holding Sarah’s hands. To me, it looked as though he was either asking for forgiveness, or expressing his love. We have to consider this question: is Noah the father?

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       Anthony Dux

      I completely agree. The first thing I thought after I saw that was that Noah could be the father. “Daddy’s going to be a daddy” that Morgan shouted when he stormed the event could have been referring to him? I think its interesting that the photo was previously used but with Noah cropped out. It looked to me like they might be holding hands but the picture quality wasn’t great on the version I saw.

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        I don’t remember Morgan saying anything about this until the walk back. He was very specifically referencing Tom Barrow, who was Addison’s father in the fiction of Ascension.

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