2.1.18 Leaked letter from DLB

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       Bryan Bishop

      Earlier today I posted a strange email I got with a picture of an OOA seal from persons unknown. When I received the picture, I emailed the person back and asked who they were.

      While I was at dinner tonight they emailed back: “someone who enjoys finding letters with seals.” Attached was a photo of a piece of paper torn to pieces, with a “dlb” seal right in the middle.

      I wasn’t able to look at it right at that moment, so I forwarded the picture over to @wanda102 and @kevin, as we’d been working together earlier on the skull and crossbones business. The first image was named “1/2.png”, so I quickly emailed the mystery sender, asking if they had more to share. They did.

      Same pattern as before: pages torn apart, with what appeared to be Darren Bousman’s signature at the bottom.

      Cristen and Kevin got to sleuthing, and when I finally got back home we were able to reassemble the pictures in order. It’s a letter from Darren to someone named “C” (my money’s on Clint Sears). It appears to have been written before the skid row System event, but… well you guys should just read for yourselves:


      Stop using email or text for this… Back to the Pony Express. At this point everything is monitored. These assholes are even on the fucking burners. Moving forward written letters. Give them a few more months. Don’t walk away yet. We both want the same thing but you act irrationally and they will enact their fucking addendum. I agree with everything you are suggesting, but stop putting it in texts and start [unclear, potentially “shredding”] this shit too. I [missing piece] half ta people you work for and god knows I trust no one I work with, so from this point forward we nod in public and we tear it down in private.

      They are doing the the skid row pop up this weekend handing out sack lunches and what not. They are making me go and oversee. Let’s start it there… It’s the perfect place. I guarantee it will piss some people off, let’s just help push the narrative and add some fuel.

      Lastly, and I feel so fucking stupid saying this, but how is any of this possible? I’ve stopped being able to explain half the shit I am seeing… I make fucking horror movies. I get practical effects. I get tricking the eye. But some of this shit isn’t optical illusions.

      When it started I always looked away closed my eyes or convinced myself it was an elaborate magic trick. I don’t know what scares me more? That I now keep my eyes open, or I’m actually believing what I am seeing?

      You know what to do,


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      Huh…well, how about that? I’m taken back to the apt description of bread crumbs.

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      My first thoughts now that I’ve read this:

      1) We now have a better understanding as to why Cecilia has decided to preemptively (?) check up on what exactly D & C are conveying in interviews. There is an underlying resistance that they can’t seem to snuff out.

      2) Who the fuck are we supposed to believe right now? Which perception is real? False? It’s all…confusing.

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      Okay, immediate thoughts:
      1. what is “their fucking addendum” and what does enacting that mean??
      2. what did they do at the system event?
      3. who got this and how?
      4. is this more trickery or is this legit?
      5. so spooky shit is really happening & it’s freaking Darren out?

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      Okay. Current thoughts:

      1.) if DLB is suspicious of being monitored, he may have made Clint tear up the letter after reading (“you know what to do”).

      2.) “enact their addendum” definitely makes me think that this connects to a contract, I.e. the investors or actors or whomever put an addendum into their contract with DLB and CS that if things got out of control they’d seize control of the whole operation. Or something. But enacting an addendum would imply that if a clause of the contract is broken, they would get something from it.

      3.) does “help push the narrative” mean they were going along with what TPTB wanted until they could destroy it, or does it mean push their own narrative?

      4.) snake demon baby.
      Okay no but in seriousness, this could reference any number of weird ritual stuff that’s been going down throughout all this, an earlier occurance of snake demon visions, abilities to read/hack/monitor people, the System 5 shenanigans/resistance efforts, or how compliant we have been. Idk. I wanna say ritual magic, always, but I dunno.

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      I was talking about this a touch in Slack and wanted to repost here. I’m about as confused as everyone so here’s a ramble.

      This is strange. Yes, part of me wants to be concerned that the Creators appear to be under duress, but part of this also reads, if Darren did write it, as a confirmation that the things they say in public are a playact to seem like they’re in control. Which would mean that Cecilia is right, that interview was a crock of shit. We’ve repeatedly heard that our fearless leaders are in trouble: leaked emails and audio and Bryan running into the guy outside a motel on day one, but every time there’s a public platform? Everything’s fine. We’re in charge.

      I hate to say it. I really do. And my brain hurts at the consideration. But maybe it’s time to stop believing them.

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      I’m mostly concerned about our mysterious email sender. If it was DLB or CS, why would the letter be torn up if they wanted us to see it? If it was on the osdm side, what do they gain by passing along DLB’s correspondence?

      Is it’s not one of them, are we dealing with a third party here?

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       Lauren Bello

      “These assholes are even on the fucking burners.”

      Back before the MSE, Noah was using a burner phone to communicate with Mason, but Sabrina was able to see everything they texted. That was in December. If DLB was saying he was abandoning burner phones in July, does this point to his “resistance” being totally separate from the System Five’s?

      “Let’s start it there… It’s the perfect place. I guarantee it will piss some people off, let’s just help push the narrative and add some fuel.”

      My interpretation of this, which may be wrong, is that DLB is saying that the Skid Row antics will cause tensions to run high, and that this is good for what he wants. Which is some form of resistance or rebellion.

      You know what to do

      No, what?

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      I am also real curious about our sender. Considering the initial email was a picture of the OOA sigil, could our “fake cult” be not so fake after all?

      The contents of the letter certainly point to DLB/CS NOT being in control as they continually claim in public. So who gains from discrediting that?

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      Re: mysterious sender, y’all got me thinking. All we know is that they’re “someone who collects letters with seals”. Collects seals. Who was looking for seals at the MSE? Who could benefit from the potential reveal of lies about DLB and CS being in control?

      The seal that stops this all. This stops something — it potentially shows the Master isn’t the Master after all.

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      “someone who enjoys finding letters with seals.”

      At first, seeing this made me think of A. I can’t really say why, maybe just the lack of caps. Could fit in with the A who was supposedly fired.

      Second thought was that it could be Joyce. She was the last one to deliver letters with seals. A total reach, but I couldn’t help myself.

      Third thought was Mason. That phrasing fits in with Mason’s other esoteric hobbies.

      They are doing the the skid row pop up this weekend handing out sack lunches and what not.

      This is a bit of an oddity. Morgan handing out the lunches and kind of working with Noah was a surprise to everyone at the event. DLB and CS were aware of it in some capacity which points to it maybe being scripted . Which points towards some potential BOS weirdness.

      If there are more seals and letters out there, I’m very curious what they look like and what they say.

      On that note, we’ve been shown a DLB seal and then a seal that matches his letterhead. I wonder if that’s indicative of him operating under two personas. The Master and DLB. Which one would be the true face though?

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       Lauren Bello

      They are making [illegible] and oversee.

      How was the message pieced together – were any images puzzle-pieced together? Is there a way we could all see it and try to make out or guess the illegible bit?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Speaking of snail mail letters…

      What about the envelope sent to Stephanie by Clint which was retuned unopened?

      Does this suggest she was also in the Pony Express but at some point wanted out?

      We need a timeline of when this letter may have been written, The System pop up, the Seminar, when we saw the letter in Clint’s photo, when Steph was being stalked, when Mason contacted her, Briarberg meeting, and when she started acting weird. Anybody know any of these? I have some.

      I wonder if Steph is in on this with DLB and CS, whatever “this” is. Might explain why she called for him at the MSE finale.

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      This seal isn’t red or black, but a mixture of both…

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      Did someone say timeline?

      If the skid row event was happening “this weekend,” then this letter was written the week of July 23 (sometime between 7/23-7/29). Things that happened that week:

      7/24 – @bcbishop got a call from Noah; Tanya Thompson contacted @shankfx22; @kortneydarling got a call from Horace asking if she knew who had been on contact with the creators, Noah, or Morgan; Noah called @goldtongue; Bryan turned down a promo code from Noah; @coryphella got the whip or no whip call from Noah; @bruinbown got a call from Noah; Bryan & @mkarrett had their meeting with Noah (the “good guy” flyers); Buz was out with the losers and got a call from Noah, put it on speakerphone and Noah reminded someone about their task, saying to not blush and give away who it was; @chelsea had to periscope about cheese from the grocery store; @nothenrygale didn’t periscope with the porn but Buz did in his place.

      7/29 – The System/skid row pop up event with the lunches

      8/21 – Mason arrived on the scene – sending out his first emails

      8/24 – @larry is out with Stephanie when she is contacted by Mason

      8/25 – @kasch hears from Stephanie

      8/29 – @meghanmayhem and @larry both hear from Stephanie; @wanda102 gets a call that is a recording of Stephanie

      8/30 – Clint posts the photo of his dog on Instagram with the letter from Stephanie

      9/2 – Larry gets a call from Stephanie, later she texts and has no memory of it

      9/5 – This was the night that Mason said he was in Saint Paul, followed by Darren calling and acting as if it was completely off script…later followed by Gordon emailing to reassure me that everything was fine…later followed by Darren texting to tell me he couldn’t talk to me anymore. SOMEWHERE BEFORE THIS, two people got calls that were two sides of a conversation (one was Darren talking to Clint, the other was Clint talking to Darren?) that indicated that Mason was “real.” I’m adding this in here because as I’m typing this, it is starting to feel like maybe this is related to last night’s letter – another unscripted thing that Darren and Clint weren’t prepared for.

      9/7 – Briarberg meeting takes place

      Anything else? I’ve pretty much got it all, except for anything unreported of course.

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        @coryphella I think the calls you’re thinking of were one to @addisonborn here and maybe one to Buz here. I remembered one being the second side of Addison’s call as well and it doesn’t look like Buz’s is it, but it kind of fits timeline wise. There’s also a text conversation that was leaked to @bcbishop here that fits in with this.

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      I am not sure if this is relevant, but Hostess in Black shenanigans took place between DTLA system stuff and Mason’s first initial emails I think. I’ll check my email to verify exact dates when I am at office.

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      HiB showed up on Twitter on 8/7

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @coryphella Nice job on the Timeline. August 28 I had that terrible dream about trying to find Stephanie in a big house and later meeting someone who said, “There is no Stephanie”.

      I have texts with Stephanie of 9/2 below. Take particular note of where she accidentally texts me instead of some unknown third party. Who might this be? Mason? CLINT? Mason had contacted her by then. She also vanished for 3 or 4 days at that time. When she reappeared, we went to see (D)istllery and that’s when Mason called her, I believe, when we were in Pasadena. And she asked, “What is this is real?”

      Also — we need the date that “astranger” was trolling me about not being able to save them all, and I had trouble reaching her. She was at a screening and after-party with Darren. @kasch may have that date lying around.

      But it seems like it’s when Mr. Silver showed up that things went bad for her.

      View post on imgur.com

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      During the whole Hostess in Black/mysterious stranger showing up at my doorstep shenanigans on 8.7.17, I was sent an audio file of what appeared to be a ritual that took place on 7.24.17. It was a very busy day on 7/24 apparently.

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       Andrew Kasch

      “When it started I always looked away closed my eyes or convinced myself it was an elaborate magic trick. I don’t know what scares me more? That I now keep my eyes open, or I’m actually believing what I am seeing?”

      I’m getting major vibes that Darren and Clint made some sort of “deal with the Devil” when they first started Tension. We’ve already seen that there are no lengths they won’t go to push the envelope.

      Now Darren is starting to believe that this is all real? Seems like The Creators are fighting for their sanity to keep from being brainwashed like the cast.

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       Unseen Presence

      At this point, it’s probably fair to assume WHY is always going to be my go-to question.

      WHY did these get sent? That’s the biggest question, I think, of all. If we can understand the motivation, we can maybe get a better sense of what to do with them.

      Option 1: Sent by DLB/CS themselves. If that’s the case, then they’re either trying to leak the info OR they’re lying and it’s all a ‘sham’. This is a hard thought either way–because if that letter is true IN ANY FASHION–then we really do appear to have supernatural things happening and the snake creature from the MSE becomes more possible. Or at least things that aren’t “optical illusions”. Could still be some form of mind control, I suppose. If it’s NOT true, then it’s just more of the scary supernatural ‘narrative’–and this ought to be the last moment we believe anything they say about being ‘not’ in control/in collusion with whatever is happening.

      Option 2: Sent by someone in the TMC–in which case, why not just flat out send it? Why the secrecy behind the sender?

      Option 3: Sent by someone from the OOA or the BOS or some other organization that we THOUGHT was fictional and now turns out not to be. In which case, we’re going to yet again realize that much of the narrative/story we thought we understood will turn out to be a cover for a deeper scenario, right? Does that lead us right back to Boys and Wolves? If this turns out to be the case, how many more times can we be told that what we thought we knew was a lie? IS there a truth? Or is there only lie after lie after lie?

      Option 4: Sent by an unknown someone. Given that Part 2 or the new part or whatever seems to be gearing up to start, a brand new source might turn out to be the most likely answer. In which case, expect that we’re going to see a new vantage point on what we already know that might alter things–but not necessarily in the same upheaval way as a complete revision.

      Option 5: Sent by Cecilia herself. In which case, it’s designed to do exactly what it’s done–make us doubt them. Or, more chillingly, perhaps it’s sent as a WARNING to DLB and CS. Imagine they tore up the papers and THOUGHT they were destroyed. Now an email gets sent to one of us, guaranteeing that we post it (at least, most likely doing so) and suddenly DLB/CS realize their secrets weren’t secret at all. If this is a warning BACK to them, expect to see them drop either completely into line or into absolute silence.

      Then again, even having this note OUT there at all is likely to do that, if it’s real.

      And seriously–if DLB is seeing shit, too–if that’s REAL….then I can’t wait to see it myself. If only because THAT would be something unique and surprising. And mind-blowing.

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       Bryan Bishop

      So that we all could go through the letters, I spent some time cleaning up what @kevin and @wanda102 and I came up with last night. And I found something we couldn’t figure out last night.

      The two letters are in their entirety below, but what stood out this time was the section about The System sack lunches event.

      Originally, the best we could make out was “They are doing the skid row pop up this weekend handing out sack lunches and what not. They are making [illegible] and oversee.”

      After futzing with perspective warp and matching those edges better, there seems to be an M, E, and “go” in that tear. “They are making me go and oversee.”

      So according to this letter, DLB didn’t create that skid row System event. But he was forced to be on-site to oversee things — much like he and Clint ran things on-site at the Mid-Season Event (and how DLB was spotted at the Registration Event).

      So here’s the big question: what started during the System Sack Lunch event that really pissed people off? It wasn’t Morgan’s appearance, as the Midnight Commission reveal had already come and gone at that point, so I feel like that’s off the table. And while their are timeline match-ups with Briarberg and Mason, neither of those seem like they were launched at that event, per se. Maybe it’s something we’re not privy to?

      And here’s another thing that’s sticking in my craw. We have multiple instances of Darren truly freaking out. One instance where Clint muses to Darren that “he” (we assume mason) is real, which would upset a stressed DLB even further (and this letter suggests Clint’s erratic actions have been stressing DLB out on an ongoing basis). And we have Stephanie potentially cutting off contact with Clint.

      What we don’t have is a lot of direct contact or leaks from Clint Sears, aside from early warnings to stay the fuck away.

      What if Clint Sears has sold out his partner? What if he is puppet mastering this from Kansas City, gaslighting DLB and winding him up, while posting delightful pictures of small dogs and yummy food on social media 24/7.

      I don’t want to believe this is true, but Darren himself says he doesn’t trust anybody he works with. What if Clint Sears is the true villain here?

      Letter One:

      Letter Two:

    • #28436

      @bcbishop Honestly, that thought has occurred to me more than once throughout this…especially lately. And we’ve seen what appears to be some strife/struggle between D & C previously.

      It’s a scary thought, but potentially maybe more legit than we realize.

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       Brad Ruwe

      If Small Dog Lover turns out to be a big bad I don’t know how I’d handle that. Using doggos and delicious food to cover up sinister acts? That’s heartless.

      Def something to ponder though. I still feel like we need more info to help sort all of this out. As @unseenpresence noted, we don’t know who sent this letter and why.

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       Kyle Bown

      A few thoughts on @unseenpresence’s WHY question.

      Option 1: If it’s CS, why tear it up THEN photograph it? If it’s DLB, how did he get it from CS?

      Option 2: You answered this yourself: Why the secrecy behind the sender?

      Option 3: I think this is kind of a subset of 4, which is where I’d fall. I’m not sure having another organization be real, then fake, then real again is effective. If you’re creating a fake organization to hide your real one, you don’t use your real one as the fake.

      Option 4: This is my bet. Or 5, or something else…

      Option 5: This seems possible. My biggest question with this one is why tell US they’re on to them?

      I wonder if a certain amount of this being sent isn’t to raise doubt in CS and DLB. To get us to ignore what they’re saying publicly. To get us to look the other way. Someone very much doesn’t want us to trust the public version of DLB/CS, and is willing to expose them (and ok with DLB and CS knowing they know) to keep us questioning them.

    • #28439

      Two things we need to learn:

      1. Who sent the leaked letters?


      2. What is this addendum?

      DLB is clearly stressed. Could you imagine if he feels he can no longer trust even CS? I don’t know that CS is the villain though. Please don’t make me think he’s sitting at his desk in the mid-west with this maniacal laugh while he’s watching everything self-destruct here. I take the irrational behavior as CS also freaking out. Like his back is against a wall and he’s no longer thinking about the consequences.

      But dammit, @bcbishop, you bring up some valid points as to why maybe CS could have villainy running through his veins.

      Do we think that CS falls under the umbrella of suspicion with DLB now?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @bcbishop Good work. I recall some thread at some point, “What if it’s Clint?”
      But let us also remember one other thing about the System Pop Up Event —

      Somebody photographed us from behind the black screen.



      [Sadly, he captured my bad side. I look like a caveman]

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       Robert Fuller

      So here’s the big question: what started during the System Sack Lunch event that really pissed people off? It wasn’t Morgan’s appearance, as the Midnight Commission reveal had already come and gone at that point, so I feel like that’s off the table.

      I took it to mean that it would piss Them off, not us. So if Darren and Clint arranged for Morgan to hand out the lunches, I can see why that might qualify, in the sense that it strayed from the established narrative and laid the groundwork for the eventual reveal of the System Five.

      Other than that, I can’t imagine what it could be, since that whole event was pretty just the money task and the sack lunches, with nothing else in the way of progressing any narrative, really.

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         Unseen Presence

        Having not been there, I can only speculate on what might have pissed anyone off.

        Obviously, something might have been done that was for the benefit of upsetting the OSDM–but those participants who were there couldn’t or didn’t see it. If that’s the case, I suspect we’ll eventually get more info leaked that will fill in that hole.

        So let’s instead look at what was actually done AT the System Sack Lunch event. Could there be ANY way that the money task would upset them? Simply wasting the money? Using Investors’ money for something that didn’t increase their required narrative? Or perhaps even pulled participants AWAY from the direction “They” wanted by making the people more altruistic? Could they have been that petty?

        Or could the actions people took that day be counter to whatever preparations were being made to try and bring back Anoch? Ritual magic often requires participants to be ‘prepared’ in specific fashions. Could that event have had ANY moment that might have disrupted preparations?

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       Lauren Bello

      There were three things that people got pissed off about that weekend, to varying degrees.

      1) People argued about the ethics of entering Skid Row and involving people there in our activities.
      2) People were angry at BOS because they bought a round of drinks for strangers, and not all of them spent money on the homeless.
      3) People were critical of poor @remrelganaps because he destroyed the cash he was given.

      To my knowledge, nobody was angry at Morgan and Noah for being in talks.

      I highly doubt the destroyed cash has anything to do with it (I want to make a joke about Robert being a plant but let’s not even go there). But I think it’s safe to guess that Darren and Clint could foresee that sending people out to make an impact and having them report back would lead to comparisons and judgment and some general squabbles, because we’re horrible people at the time tensions between factions were high and moral judgments were being thrown around quite a lot.

      The phrase “add some fuel” is interesting. The tensions among participants…they wanted them to flare up. Why?

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         Robert Fuller

        If we’re going down that road, @kingkill33 throwing the sack lunch in the street would be #4.

        “I guarantee it will piss some people off” could be taken two ways. I originally interpreted the “it” as being a reference to whatever it was that Darren and Clint were planning, but now I can see that it could also be taken to mean the event itself. In fact, the more I read it, the more I think you’re right. They knew the event was going to piss some people off, so they did something (or were planning something … we don’t actually know if they pulled it off) that would make it even more inflammatory? What could that have been?

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