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    same tbh

  • @larry thank you for this update… Not sure I completely believe it tho.

    But it was a very nice box and worth saving regardless.

  • @nothenrygale thank you for opening up to us about this decision. While I personally disagree and for some reason cannot put myself in your shoes in this situation, you’v obviously made up your mind.

    I cannot support your new alliance as you were an outspoken member of the resistance and we’ll miss your voice, perspective, and fire, and it hurts…[Read more]

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  • Also very recommended reading on thematic repetition within Anointment vs Tension from @mkarrett is here!!

    Anointment Theory

    It’s really interesting to look back at this with the things we (think we) know in mind.

  • A recurring theme this week has been history repeating itself. Things that have happened in the past are surfacing again, and things that are new may be only be new to us, not them. It seems The Order is playing the long game and their actions are becoming more clear over time.


    For those of us around during the Tension era, you’ll no doubt…[Read more]

  • – 4:10ish – photo of me posted, then Kristin, then Bryan Bishop, then a flash of an image Sean. Megan with a smile photoshopped (4:45). 4:52 – Drew with a fake smile. Have all these had fake smiles on them? Don’t really know.

    – 5:08 – “Good. You can judge a man’s success by the number of scorpions he attracts.” (in response to beginning to attr…[Read more]

  • So this is something. Someone’s been editing this document. Some have been Us, but a good bit has been from Them.

    Here’s the changelog –

    – 1:18pm How truthful is Morgan? “If there is any doubt, there is no doubt”.
    – 1:19pm ACTUAL ROBOTS.
    – 1:20pm (See above re: when there is any doubt, there is no doubt. This whole story is a lie)
    – 1:2…[Read more]

  • Love that a year for these dates is going to be a requirement now..

    Yesterday, per @a, we were getting really close, and spiraling around the truth.

    Here’s an editable google doc so we can work through this together – please try to keep things organized! notes are cool…[Read more]

  • Morgan called me.

    I had shot him a text with a screen shot of Slack, when the seemingly newest member of our community @2eds44ws-1 said he was going to see @111error “REAL soon.” After Morgan’s appearance on Slack, when he was stepping out to get cigarettes, he gave me a call.

    Morgan: “Hey bud, how you doin?”

    Me: “Alright, how bout you?”

    “Dea…[Read more]

  • I touched on this in Slack, but wanted to flesh it out here. I feel it is naive to take the recent developments at face value.

    Think about it. Suddenly, after a brief silence and some apparent action behind the scenes, BOS has come out victorious, and OSDM has disappeared. Which is something we’ve learned from social media posts and a handful o…[Read more]

  • My initial visit on Friday was a mixture of what @rizzzoooooo and @kasch have described. But one thing that I’m not sure had been mentioned: Sabrina was our guide, but when she was giving the initial briefing, she said “My name is.. well, not important.” or something to that effect. She never identified herself as Sabrina Kern.

    I was chosen to pa…[Read more]

  • Slight correction – @rizzzoooooo was the source of tacos but didn’t have service to post on slack. Credit where credit is due 🙂

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    @bcbishop totally agree – now that everything is beginning to settle down, we’ll have much more time to dissect and cross-examine interactions with much more context – and discuss if this context is helpful or misleading as well.

    And @coryphella – after reading through your questions a few more times, it really feels like most of the answers we…[Read more]

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    These are all really great questions to keep in mind, because so much of this was sus..

    #8- Candace was talking to Andy about The System, and he was talking about Horace’s System. He apparently mentioned Noah, but also didn’t seem to understand that there was a difference. I can confirm as I also talked to Andy briefly about Noah – Andy hadn’t…[Read more]

  • I think there’s still somehow a complete misunderstanding of what BOS is. I know this is super confusing because it’s not like the mirror image of the OSDM, and when things aren’t black and white it’s difficult for people to understand.

    But the BOS is not now and has never been a singular party. BOS is not the black to OSDM’s white. BOS is a f…[Read more]

  • @bcbishop First off, sorry for being a dick on slack. You have some VERY good points here. You know I’m not your biggest fan, but this is really important info that would’ve helped tremendously last night. You did say some really inspiring things last night, but I rue that fact that you didn’t use the platform given to you in the parking lot to…[Read more]

  • Y’all, I’ve developed this great new technology. I call it “Copy and Paste”

    Here’s the original post from @timsmyname that has been since edited:

    I received an email this morning which was meant for Timothy Granik. Here is the link to the jpg. https://image.ibb.co/gorEjb/lust.jpg

    Below is the transcription.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-…[Read more]

  • Sooooo if we’re assuming that M is Mason, due to Noah’s slack post saying “Just a friendly little chat between me and an old friend and the blonde tattles.”

    Everything we know about that dude says he’s not about to put himself in a position where any entity including the OSDM would be in the position to own him. So I think it’s not that far of a…[Read more]


    So… if we believe that this email is legitimate and @timismyname received in error –

    Noah and Sabrina are working together, seemingly Sabrina working under the direction of Noah, and setting up “the Honoring” for Horace. Meaning Noah is…[Read more]

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