BOS and the Final Anointment

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      We haven’t had much documentation of this from the perspective of those who came in or from the BOS members already inside, so thought I’d get something started.

      I got to the parking lot meeting later than most as I had attended the 10:00pm show, if others want to fill in the details of what was discussed. Morgan had offered to explain anything he could and answer any questions about discrepancies.

      When we finally got the signal, we headed over. Once we got to the door, the man in the skull mask blocked our way. I’m not sure if he said anything to Morgan, if he did it was muffled by the mask. Morgan responded to him by saying, “You know who I am. You know who I am.” After staring each other down for a few seconds, the man stepped to the side and radioed something in.

      At the time, I didn’t think much of this interaction, it was just an enforcer trying to keep us out. With @bcbishop’s revelation, this takes on some new layers, but I’m not necessarily sure what they mean. Did Morgan know who was under the mask? Maybe. DLB/The Master would have obviously known who Morgan was in the context of BOS, but there very well could have been something else there. Morgan’s tone was certainly aggressive and he had a large group with him, but did he move for that reason or because we needed to be in there?

      We entered and crossed through the empty lounge area into the dining room where we stood watching The Honoring through the door. Well, listening. The large crowd blocked us from seeing what was happening, but we could hear the talking and the chanting. Eventually the man in the skull mask appeared again, same confrontation. “You know who I am. You know who I am.” This time he responded with something like, “You can’t be here,” and began to shut the door before Morgan stopped him, he moved out of the way, and then we all entered the main room.

      Noah sat in one of the chairs near the back of the room, looking totally out of it, while Sarah was trying to talk to him. It looked like they started having a conversation at some point, but it was impossible to hear. At some point, Mason slid over and stood with everyone who had come in. Cecilia and Noah had their confrontation, and at one point she said that she wanted just five minutes alone with Mason. Who knows what that conversation would have been about, but there’s clearly some history there.

      Sabrina came forward, said she was pregnant, someone brought up the New Dusk, and then we all just…left. I’ve never been much for the burn it all down ethos of BOS, but it felt like something could have been done. And a small victory (getting Steph out) is still some kind of victory, but I felt totally defeated walking out of there. Morgan was stunned and we all trudged back to the parking lot.

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       Kevin Hsu

      The BOS were told to meet at midnight. Morgan gathered us and we chatted while waiting for the appropriate time. We talked about the disreputable things that we had witnessed, we talked about our concerns for those victimized inside. We drank whiskey. We talked about there being a snitch who forwarded the BOS email to Bryan Bishop who forwarded it to Timothy Granik who now knows that we’re coming.

      When Morgan got a signal from his man inside we stormed over and went right through the main door. Morgan had some threatening words with the guards and they stepped aside to hurriedly speak into their radios. At the door to the ritual room we are stopped by the man in the horned mask, after continued insistence from Morgan saying, “you know who I am” he eventually moved aside and we filed in behind the crowd that was assembled in front of the bed. Morgan announced our presence, putting a stop to the ritual at hand. The BOS was going to expose The OSDM, Noah has been helping Morgan to gain information, access, and control, Mason moved across the room to join the ranks of the BOS, there was vengeance to be had!

      And then Sabrina announced her pregnancy, “one took.” Stunned by the news, Morgan quickly calls for Larry to take Stephanie, and Cecelia stares down Mason to answer for his deceit.

      Without a plan for this scenario, Morgan leads the BOS back out, waits a moment to ensure that Larry has Stephanie, and we reconvene at the parking lot still in shock, trying to understand what this news means. It’s then that we see Mason walk into the parking lot and Morgan rushes over to embrace him.

      The BOS failed, but “this is not the end, it is not the beginning. It’s not even the beginning of the end, yet it is the end of the beginning.” – Morgan Rooms

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       Drew Huntley

      This is all very accurate for what went down on our side of events. The other interesting tidbits that I think stand out that BOS witnessed:

      – While killing time in the parking lot, Addison’s taco stash was raided and someone brought up getting food poisoning multiple times from Panda Express. That’s not important, but it prompted Morgan to tell us that Sabrina was sick all through the other nights performance. In between scenes she was puking, and he even alluded to her puking on a participant. At the time of course we all assumed food poisoning, but after the storming the castle the reasoning became abundantly clear. Morgan is the only source of her morning sickness occurring, did anyone have a walkthrough where Sabrina was seemingly sick?

      -Kevin had mentioned it in the above post, but after we left the sound stage Mason joined us in the parking lot. Morgan saw him and ran forward like he was seeing a long lost friend. Morgan lamented having to pretend over the past months that he didn’t like Mason’s arms. He also went out of his way to show us that mason was actually a “genius” and it wasn’t an act. He asked him to recite his credit card number/ccv/exp from memory. He did this and Morgan pulled the card out to show us. This stuck out to me for a couple of reasons. Why would he need his card number? Earlier before we stormed in Morgan had mentioned that a lot if not all of Midnight Commission was self funded. I am going to assume that Mason/Jack was essentially trusted with the “company card” for the supplies he needed.

      -The one thing that has stayed with me since the other night. Why was only Steph led to safety? Why wasn’t a hand extended to Skye, Jennifer, or other enslaved handmaidens. I don’t have an answer and I’ve been beating myself up over that fact.

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        Slight correction – @rizzzoooooo was the source of tacos but didn’t have service to post on slack. Credit where credit is due 🙂

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       Michael Rizzo

      Now knowing that The skull was for sure Bouseman, as @bcbishop has proven. Is it possible that the “You know me” was Morgan trying to through to dlb? If it was all just a show, dlb should’ve just let Morgan and BOS move through. Unless DLB isn’t fully there, and needed Morgan to try to remind him of who he was to get him through.

      Saying “You know me” over and over sounds a lot like trying to break someone out from a cloud in there memory/head/whatever the fuck.

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         Bryan Bishop

        @rizzzoooooo Saying “You know me” over and over sounds a lot like trying to break someone out from a cloud in there memory/head/whatever the fuck.

        Certainly a possibility, but seems a stretch given both of my interactions. I imagine the much more likely explanation is that it was a staged moment of “conflict” for BOS’ scripted entrance. It would have seemed fishy for y’all in the moment if there wasn’t some pushback.

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         Drew Huntley

        I took it at the time as an aggressive “You know me!” As in, You know what I’ll do if you don’t step aside.
        Although I like the idea of a glitched DLB, I feel like it would have been more of a plead if he was trying to remind him of himself.

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        I took it at the time as an aggressive “You know me!” As in, You know what I’ll do if you don’t step aside.

        I took it that way at the time too, but kind of weird in retrospect. And odd that DLB would be acting as a bouncer in any capacity. It sounds like Deacon was inside, but there must have been someone else, or even a group that could have given some more pushback.

        He could have also just been out front to radio in that BOS had arrived, I guess? They did know we were going to show up at some point. But still, why him?

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       Michael Rizzo

      Agreed @bcbishop, unfortunately I wasn’t there for the “You know me bit” as I was already in the compound with all you guys. If this was staged, I’d actually imagine there to be more force used, I mean why you that when you can give a good show of some kind of physical struggle?

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       Lauren Bello

      Some details that haven’t been mentioned yet:

      – Morgan introduced us to the shaven-headed plant, whose real name was Carrie. She told some anecdotes from inside. She’s part of the Resistance.
      – Kevin Hsu asked Morgan if Stephanie was a mole. Morgan said she wasn’t – she was genuinely in bad shape, and certainly in no condition to be asked to keep secrets or report things accurately.
      – Has anyone on forums mentioned the box that Stephanie was cradling in her arms as she left?
      – When Morgan confronted DLB, DLB walked away shaking his head in what appeared to be disgust. Though I could be misreading…mask, after all.
      – I believe it was Clint who tried to stop us from entering the ritual room. (But admittedly I was so distracted by trying to make out the chanting sounds that I wasn’t paying much attention to which mask was in front of us.) (Edit: Has been confirmed on Slack by others present that this was Darren, a second time, which seems odd? That he would be seen walking away from the venue and then would reappear inside it, in front of us? But maybe I’m overthinking it, which is nothing new.)
      – In the back of the ritual room, Noah was drunkenly crying in Sarah’s arms; she was cradling his head in her lap and arms, and comforting him.
      – In the parking lot after the interrupted ritual, Mason joined us. In addition to the credit card demonstration, at one point he told Morgan that he believed the experiences might have been staged. They did, after all, intercept Morgan’s hand signal email. That could be how they knew we were coming.
      – Mason seemed to be chatting with a few others, I’m curious to hear if he had any other insights.
      – I told Morgan that I didn’t trust Noah. He suggested that I ask Mason if he trusted Noah, but I didn’t bother…they’re old friends so of course they’ll trust one another. I just find the extent of Noah’s cooperation to be suspicious.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @daela The box — I only just recently posted my story and mentioned it on Slack. She wasn’t cradling it. She was clutching it. I tried to carry it for her as we walked to my car but she wouldn’t let me. She held it tight in her lap the entire drive home.

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       Lauren Bello

      Immersive Junkie’s review of the finale may shed some light on why Noah was weeping while Sarah comforted him, among other questions:

      Apparently he and Sarah were arguing about her cheating on him, among other issues.

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