Is "Morgan" really Morgan?

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      I touched on this in Slack, but wanted to flesh it out here. I feel it is naive to take the recent developments at face value.

      Think about it. Suddenly, after a brief silence and some apparent action behind the scenes, BOS has come out victorious, and OSDM has disappeared. Which is something we’ve learned from social media posts and a handful of phone calls with Morgan.

      So convenient!!

      However.. if we take everything we’ve learned from Morgan as truth, we’re completely ignoring the fact that we learned the OSDM was looking into face-replacing tech, which has actually recently surfaced this year as the machine-learning powered FakeApp/“Deepfake” stuff.

      This kills the idea that anything we see over video can be taken as real.

      An accent, especially over the phone, isn’t hard to fake. And with face-replacing tech so advanced that it’s tough to tell when it’s actually fake (especially in stylized videos such as Morgan’s), we can’t exactly trust that either – get a body double, slap Morgan’s face on him, you’ve got your very own pet @111error.

      I don’t have a grand theory for this. I just think we should take ANYTHING we hear from previously OSDM-run channels, and really, anything that isn’t handled in real life interactions face-to-face, with a grain of salt.

      Granted, it will take longer to initially verify identities and it’ll be much more effort to keep them secure. Maybe we need to start using end to end encrypted messages to discuss any official business. @a changing their display picture and saying “fucking hell” doesn’t quite cut it for me.

      Anyway. Just throwing this out there.. I’m sure it relates to the Boy Who Cried Wolf in some way that someone much more focused than I will hone in on.

      But please, verification is important. Don’t do anything drastic without understanding that this might be getting played.

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       Unseen Presence

      I wholeheartedly agree. If I were suddenly given the option to have coffee with Morgan at one end of a table and Noah at the other, then I could be certain that I was at least seeing those people.

      Over a phone…not so much. As someone who edits and shoots video myself, I am very up on the face-replacing stuff and it’s more than a little frightening. And at least post MSE, it doesn’t even require anything close to that, IMO.

      I still think Morgan being Morgan is the MOST likely answer. But there are some holes–or at least moments of confusion–for me, both in the story he’s giving us AND (as mentioned before) in my own conversation with him.

      If he wasn’t actually Morgan, for instance, that over-friendly, as though we knew each other tone would be much more likely–because the individual “playing” Morgan wouldn’t necessarily have the same info.

      More likely, if anything, is that Morgan’s agenda isn’t what it appears to be. But either way, verification seems like a great thing to strive for.

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