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      Love that a year for these dates is going to be a requirement now..

      Yesterday, per @a, we were getting really close, and spiraling around the truth.

      Here’s an editable google doc so we can work through this together – please try to keep things organized! notes are cool too.

      And here’s the original text just in case some smartass wants to vandalize that doc….

      # Lust Topics 2/28

      Emails about Lia’s history with this
      – Lia capital W “Witnessed” something upstairs
      – not a snake thing, not Anoch,
      – signed a contract at some point in 2016, and an NDA late Dec 2017
      – instructed to continue the illusion of theatrics
      – they have a plan to stage her suicide based on existing narrative.

      Could this be a play to embed Lia in BOS? Or could the emails be a play by Morgan to get Lia over to BOS?

      What does it mean to Witness and to be a Witness?

      @a – regarding how truthful Morgan is being with this: “You are closely hitting an impasse. No matter what is done, or provided, you soldiers argue and fight instead of looking at what is in front of you. Maybe truth does not matter any longer when regardless of evidence, you each only will accept what you want it to be. But again, that is your free will.”

      There are other moles – “The others who have signed”
      – signed what?
      – Pledges at registration related to this?
      – “I promise to fully submit myself to The Lust Experience.”

      Warnings about “The Master”
      – DLB?
      – Looped Lia in originally
      – He’s taking orders, and starting to go off script
      – Is he the mastermind and playing dumb? Or he the scapegoat?
      – Zane was maybe tasked to pin things on DLB? (theory)
      – The quickest way to stop a foe = make them a friend/pretend to be a friend
      – Is DLB pretending to work with them to take them down?
      – He told Megan “[he’d] make a mean Judas” (referencing Jesus Christ Superstar)
      – is he hiding behind the “pulled back in” thing because it’s actually all him?
      – per Bryan: “Well this whole thing began because of what Darren lusted after as well. From what we know, he was desperate to get an immersive show going. Compromising because the investors asked… that was a price he was apparently willing to pay. And then when he and Clint saw things gojng well, they let that ego boost help them overlook what was really happening… we’ve always talked about the tenants of this (what do you want / what are you willing to do / who will you become) in reference to ourselves. It may have been about Darren all along.”
      – He chased Lia to go back upstairs

      We’re on different sides, but once someone “Turns” – they’re no longer on a side.
      – @a said “What side is @lilmsfancpants on? or shall I say, WAS?” implying she’s no longer on any side.
      – The difference is, she was working for DLB

      Lia’s discussions with Noah –
      – Actual Robots
      – Boy Who Cried Wolf
      – A bunch of ants can do anything
      – retelling by Kevin: “If bugs wanted to, they could take over the world, but they’ve just like never mobilized and don’t really care. They go about their little ant life and do their ant things.” “Those people watching us, we’re ants to them. He said the day that he realized that he was an ant in their eyes, and specifically in Sarah’s eyes, that made him very sad.” Noah then covered the ant hole with a soda can, and the thing that makes him different is that “I’m me.” The can was empty and he didn’t kill any of the ants.

      @a “ closer we get the more they’ll try to divide us. “ and also telling us people have been turned, leading to finger pointing and divisions.

      If given the chance, would you willingly “turn” to go behind the curtain?

      Morgan does not trust DLB, he saw scripted answers to interviews happening in the future. “He seems scared. The amount of effort … He tries *hard* to sell these lies.”
      – @a freaked out immediately after and spammed chat – called it an accident
      – A new account with mod powers was then created on Slack
      – @a mentioned The Order could take back everything, but haven’t.
      – Morgan set up 5 people to meet on 3/1

      Was Lia ever real? Are friendships with Lia real? Constructed/coached by them? How does this make a difference?

      @a confirmed that there are others whose “realness” we should be concerned with.
      – “in my opinion. History repeats itself and they have shown you already they have put people inside and burrowed them down so deep their friendships seem real.”

      @a described the conditions under which they left The Order
      – @a’s marriage was a lie in order to keep tabs on her.
      – They already know who she is.

      Chris gave a very detailed breakdown of his side of the last few months.

      We’re feeding something.

      Why the difference in Lia and Noah Nelson’s reactions and stories? Why not give NN the same treatment?

      No Plants (outside of KenT) – just “turned” players after someone gets to them.

      Hiding nefarious intentions behind a game/shock theater.

      Burning the NDA wasn’t about literally burning an NDA – it was a signal that we know what they’re doing.

      They’ve shown that they can take control whenever they want, but they’re letting us do this – how does any of this further “their” agenda?
      – Discrediting Darren
      – Letting us call him the Big Bad in order to distract from reality?
      – Or if we think he’s bad, will that mean we continue to ignore his warnings?
      – Spreading seeds that Lia’s a liar

      Working as a team and not sides is what gets us closer to the truth.

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      So this is something. Someone’s been editing this document. Some have been Us, but a good bit has been from Them.

      Here’s the changelog –

      – 1:18pm How truthful is Morgan? “If there is any doubt, there is no doubt”.
      – 1:19pm ACTUAL ROBOTS.
      – 1:20pm (See above re: when there is any doubt, there is no doubt. This whole story is a lie)
      – 1:23pm BE VERY CAREFUL. You are beginning to attract attention of people you do not want to attract.
      – 2:56pm He walked through the night, amongst the trees and stars. Each step closer to an awakening. The truth under the cover of dark. / Tonight was a baptism, a birth in the dying light of another / He entered a neophyte, and left a scholar.
      – 2:57pm “Ask your question: I am waiting
      – 2:58pm “who is in on it?” / My name will bring you no clarity
      – 3:30pm “Clint” was replaced with “Klint
      – 3:31pm “Going” was changed to “Gokng
      – 3:32pm “Kill” changed to “cill
      – 3:37pm “Gokng” changed back to “Going
      – 3:38pm “She” changed to “shke

      the 3:30 ones are the most concerning
      Clint Going Kill She are the words that have been changed.

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      – 4:10ish – photo of me posted, then Kristin, then Bryan Bishop, then a flash of an image Sean. Megan with a smile photoshopped (4:45). 4:52 – Drew with a fake smile. Have all these had fake smiles on them? Don’t really know.

      – 5:08 – “Good. You can judge a man’s success by the number of scorpions he attracts.” (in response to beginning to attract attention of people you do not want to attract)

      – 5:11 He is ~waiting~ watching for the Levites
      – 5:13 – And his name is “Yuri”.
      – 5:13 – He is ~watching for the Levites~ waiting. He is watching.
      – 5:37 – “help” changed to “HELP”

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