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      Coming from Slack #theories and I still don’t really have this in a cohesive write up so I apologize, this will be disjointed and is pretty much based off my experience. On my way home today I was thinking about Anointment and a question that Morgan posed to me right before I was leaving: what was the point in Anointment?

      That lead me to thinking about @bcbishop’s theory that Anointment was just a show. To expand here….

      What if Anointment was a dramatic re-inactment of something that already occurred*?

      Think about this: when we all went into the lounge area I think nearly all of us thought the singer in the red dress was Sabrina. Great voice, red dress with similar cuts, petite blonde woman–totally looked like Sabrina but whoever was singing up there was NOT Sabrina Kern. Still, her presence made me immediately think of Sabrina.

      Take a step back and recall the folks who met us as soon as we went up the stairs: the horny couple. Their personalities actually made me reflect back from the days of The Tension Experience “Donut Mixer”. At the Donut Mixer we were greeted by several people who wanted nothing more than getting in our business. Hell, I had an old man practically humping my leg and telling me really dirty jokes. Mary wouldn’t stop hovering around people whenever they talked to…..Addison. While horny couple and Mary/Old Leg Humper are day and night by virtue of being different people in different circumstances, their personalities have parallels. And this got me thinking about other connections:

      Red Hood Day/Facing Yourself in the Mirror–really can be parallel to the System. In both cases we had to really examine ourselves–one by using a mirror and the other by reflecting on our own deficits/fears and facing them head on with challenges.

      Jenna at the very start of TTE/Tatiana “We’re in grave danger”

      Benny (Addison’s ex BF) & Felix (?) The Plague Doctor Guy — both obsessed with getting the girl. For Benny’s case, he wanted Addison back in his life. For Felix he really wanted the dancer.

      The parallels can potentially get exhaustive here but all of these made me think about the Ouroboros. The endless cycle. Yes I can probably create parallels if I try hard enough but….have you ever felt that with the Lust Experience things were kinda on repeat but just looked differently? For example, the Anointment “handlers” that had very similar white garments in direct contrast to the Ascension handlers? The rituals at the end of Ascension and Anointment?

      So what does this all mean? Now that we know that Sabrina is pregnant (or, we assume she is) how does this tie into Anointment being a show? I want to venture out in this theory that what we witnessed, Anointment, was a re-inactment of something Sabrina actually went through. Someone mentioned that she had morning sickness a few weeks ago? Morning sickness doesn’t pop up until at minimum several weeks into pregnancy, not within four days. I think the honoring ritual is something that happened weeks ago–perhaps in November when Anointment was originally supposed to happen. I think Sabrina was part of that honoring ritual, we were merely just seeing how it all went down. Now, how does Steph fit here? By the end of Round 1 in the Ritual Room Steph was putting her hand up to her head like she was experiencing a headache. Some people even reported that Steph was “glitching” by introducing herself to people repeatedly. This is all stuff that happened with Addison/Sabrina. I don’t want to brute force things there but…is it possible that Sabrina was raped and that’s how the conception occurred? Dark, I know. I’m sorry.

      How does DLB and CS fit here? We know they were there. Hell, Bryan even saw scripts and Darren directing. But why would Darren be upset at Bryan for going to a ticketed event? In fact why would DLB and CS repeatedly try to warn us during Lust Experience to stop what we are doing and just “turn back”. Why did they keep saying sorry to us? Because I think they’re being held against their will making this damn thing and they were really just telling us to stop winding the damn clock. Their masks were used to hide shame as we’re essentially lured into “entertainment” when in reality this is nothing more than OSDM data farming/winding the clock in the name of Anoch. And who gets to pay the price? Sabrina. Sure, her baby may have been just a regular ol’ baby but with us around and in the OSDM’s eyes–it’s Anoch. So why would Morgan of all people put us through a show like this? Either he is forced to do this or…Morgan is a monster. I don’t want to believe the latter but….did you notice he wasn’t wearing a mask? This could be symbolism for showing one’s true colors. Now I feel ill.

      To close–we’ve been told we’ll be devastated. Wouldn’t you be devastated knowing that you basically were the cause (I mean, we were the cause for the Handler being held months in the OOA Compound) for whatever to come for Sabrina and this pregnancy?

      *This theory obviously has some holes and I’ll fully admit I’m not the best at writing all my thoughts out on “paper” but….just tossing this out there.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I think you’re onto something @mkarrett.

      At the very least, the callbacks you mention are like the Doubles/Shadows we’ve been seeing all along.
      Things are different, yet they are the same. I believe this was the hastily put-together “second show” made necessary when word leaked about TMC’s plan. No time to construct a new narrative, so let’s just repurpose what has already been done. The Anointing was just a racier version of how people were prepared to Ascend. With shitty razors. The ritual was just like Ascending, with participants unwilling to perform, being shouted at to make it happen, and failing.

      As for DLB and CS, I go back to the nested dolls analogy. Everything we’ve experienced from the start are dolls that fit inside the OSDM doll. That fits inside a DLB/CS doll. And that fits inside one party conspicuously absent from the weekend: the investors. And they may or may not fit inside one final doll: The Big Boss.

      Everyone else — us and the actors are all pawns, stuffed inside the OSDM doll. Whether or not they are being forced into this because they are controlled by one of the bigger dolls remains to be seen.

      Yet despite this all being a fiction, including the MSE, that does not mean truths cannot be found within.

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       Robert Fuller

      I like this theory. It explains why Noah kept making the same speech ten times a night. It explains why nobody there questioned why busloads of people kept arriving. It doesn’t explain the glitches that some people encountered, however. I don’t know what Morgan’s role in this was, but his story doesn’t add up. There’s definitely a lot to think about concerning why we were there and what happened as a result of us being there.

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      I think this also ties into a lot of what @coryphella said in her post.

      Between the two of you, I think we might be onto something. Things are definitely not what they seem, and I think what we saw was exactly what they wanted us to see.

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       Unseen Presence

      Duplication. Repetition.

      The entire evening was being replicated over and over, group after group, night after night.

      And yet, each group had subtle variations. Who led the group. What people were told. Which Deacon was around.

      Looking at it that way, I see some potential for this theory. It makes a couple of things stand out in a different light and explains them to me:

      * Mason drags some people through the event (like my roommate), showing them that group after group is going through the same scenario. Why? Because he’s making sure that we NOTICED the repetition, the duplication with alteration.
      * Noah’s comments about not caring any more and his fatalism make a lot of sense in the context of knowing that he’s repeating not only the same interruption–but that the entire thing is nothing but a repetition of the past. That would be mind-numbing for someone like him.

      There’s definitely potential here.

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      Yes, when all the servant girls and boy (Zane) and even Andy looked at me with scared eyes and begged me to watch closely and help them get out it immediately made me think of Ericka and Sam, my handlers in Ascension. They also were trapped.

      Sabrina definitely wouldn’t know she was pregnant already unless it had happened a month ago or at the very least a couple weeks before. The darkest part is how willing she seems to be going along with everything when on the inside she must be screaming..somewhere deep underneath the brainwashing..

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      I haven’t had time to read every post since the MSE ended, so apologies if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes. There are things that are stick out from an outsider’s perspective (I didn’t attend MSE), so I’d like to take a stab and guessing what may be going on.

      First, if Morgan’s intro that the attendees were infiltrating the “real OSDM” were true, there’s no way the OSDM would be unaware of the outsiders after the first “show,” given that they also intercepted Morgan’s emails. Then, there’s Noah giving the same spiel at the bed every time. And if Stephanie’s prior info can be trusted, it seems this -was- the offsite event, since she was present.

      Here’s my wild speculation:
      Maybe the participants did infiltrate the real OSDM the first night, and maybe the original “theater show” was empty. I think the OSDM wised up and turned what was to be their real party into the fake show once they got wind of what Morgan and the BOS were up to, which is why DLB and CS weren’t spotted directing until later on in the weekend. (Can anyone confirm if they were ones in their respective masks on the first night?)

      The only thing that remains a complete mystery about the event is what happened upstairs…

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