A Current Meta-Theory — Tension 2: INTO DARKNESS

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       Lawrence Meyers

      This compiles some of the intelligence gathered by The One, through the remarkable ability of the collective to observe and report individual experiences, however seemingly insignificant. It’s fucking amazing how you each plucked moments from the party and a narrative emerged.

      Caution: Everything is interpreted through my prism, and as we try to find patterns and structure in chaos, it should be regarded with skepticism.

      I’m pulling from Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Scripture, Google, symbology interpretation from my friend John, years of analysis, all of you, and gut instinct.


      “The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it.” – LOTR


      We have entered a Shadow World.

      We’ve had multiple references of mirrors; inverse images; reflections; Sabrina, lovable Miles, Clint Sears vs Clint-Sears, The Theory of Spectacular Surface Geometry, Egyptian iconography of the “KA”, website imagery that is the reverse of certain real world images (the keys). To this I add Jung’s theory of the Shadow.

      The Shadow is that part of ourselves that we don’t like that we have repressed, and is not permitted to find its voice. Thus, it will intrude in our lives in unexpected and inappropriate ways. The Shadow needs a voice. It must be acknowledged and incorporated for us to become fully realized (errr…ascend), or it will wreak havoc on our life. [See “The Babadook” for an awesome movie that illustrates this].

      Suggested reading: http://www.angelsghosts.com/carl-jung-on-demons

      Thus, all the good things we projected onto everyone in TENSION? Our pals? Those poor innocent handlers? Sweet Miles? Mary-Lynn? Be prepared to see another side. We already are.

      This will be a painful journey, I’m afraid, and we were warned that LUST would emotionally crush us.

      For what could be worse than our OOA friends becoming their Shadow selves? Rebuking us? Mocking us? Rejecting us. Messing with our heads and emotions? Or in the case of some who were too fucking stupid and blabbed really personal shit to certain creators, become the subject of a fucking living autopsy in which our innards are removed and displayed to us as we slowly expire in writhing agony.

      But I digress.

      So here comes Noah Sinclair, not the “id” as Freud says, but the personification of The Shadow. Satan might be regarded as culture’s Collective Shadow. And he is speaking to each of ours. “Take what you want. Get yours before they get theirs.”


      Now, to Lia’s conversation with Mystery Man, who referenced a Confucius quote that is directly relevant, but he may have fucked with the actual quote, assuming Lia has reported accurately:

      The first step is REFLECTION, which is the most pure.
      The Second step is IMITATION, which is _______ (“most painless”?)
      The Final step is EXPERIENCE, which is the most painful.

      The actual quote:

      By three methods we may learn wisdom:
      First, by reflection, which is noblest
      Second, by imitation, which is easiest
      Third by experience, which is the bitterest.

      Confucius suggests three individual paths to wisdom. Reflection (!) is the noblest path to wisdom because it requires us to face ourselves, truly reflect and grapple with our decisions, deal with the Shadow, and emerge wiser. It is pure. Plato: “an unexamined life is not worth living”.

      Imitating other wise people may allow us to garner some actual wisdom, but only as a commodity, so it’s painless and easy. Like spouting quotes culled from movies and Plato that make one seem wise, when in fact he may be a fucking moron for (see above: re: living autopsy).

      But the most painful is experience. We’ve all learned about life the hard way by doing the inadvisable. (see above re: living autopsy; buying a $125 ticket for this circus in the first place while sitting in the Florence airport instead of just getting another gelato. Fuck fuck fuck fuck).

      Mystery Man suggests the path to alleged wisdom will be a linear set of steps. Or maybe Mystery Man recited from a corrupted translation. Or maybe Lia remembered wrong.

      So who is Mystery Man, if he is not Noah? I vote DLB or Clint.

      Assuming he has accidentally misquoted, or Lia was too hungover to recall properly, he is a good guy, perhaps a prophet, offering the TRUE path to wisdom. i.e. Do NOT follow Noah.

      To which we must ask Lia: were you chosen, a loser, a maybe, or no reply? See below for why this is important.

      “Never Silent”

      Mystery Man’s last line in the call. This may refer to Psalm 50:3: “Our God comes openly and will not be silent”. Is God Jesus or Satan? Depends on who Mystery Man is. If he’s (Mind you, neither would be correct since this is Old Testament, but let’s assume Catholic Boy Clint Sears knows this)

      We return to “Noah Sinclair” – The Sinclair family is alleged to descend from Jesus, but given his behavior and that I think he’s Satan, I prefer the reading of his name as “Knows his Sin is Clear” – that is, he is a descendant of Jesus but chose the path of Darkness, which is his clear sin, especially when combined with the previous mentioned play on words “Sin with Perfection” and the mirror/reverse/Shadow imagery.

      Mind you, one must avoid taking Scripture out of context, so read it all:


      God tells the Israelites that they are A-OK, but “to the wicked person, God says…” and He rebukes the wicked and says “I will tear you to pieces with no one to rescue you”.

      Thus, back to who was chosen. Those marked as “chosen” may have been selected to be amongst the wicked, “losers” may in fact be in the company of the Lord, and for the “maybe’s” and “no response’s”, you may have some decisions to make.

      Thus, Lia’s answer is important. If she was a “loser”, then that might confirm Mystery Man as being a prophet of good.


      Which brings us to Sabrina (the character). What state might she be in? Initial evidence suggests she has taken the path to wisdom, first via experience (alas), but now continues via reflection. To wit: there is hopeful news in the “reflective” moment witnessed on stage, and that she told Buz that this was “all a sham”. If she has achieved some form of wisdom, then see: Jung, Anima.

      To which I now offer two pieces of synchronicity i.e. meaningful coincidences per Jung; in which there is no casual relationship but are meaningfully related.

      First, Jung was Swiss. Do with that what you will. It just tells me my Jungian analysis of this is the right one, for me.

      Second, some of you recall my goofy Tension “Lost Trailer”. This past week I watched it, and on the two shots of Sabrina (around 00:13), and ONLY on those two shots, the image suddenly turned an ugly green, distorting the images of her, and her alone. It did not happen the entire rest of the video. Now it is fine.

      Of course, this is merely a technical glitch:


      However, I never let a moment of synchronicity pass without overanalyzing it. It could simply mean that Sabrina’s character remains an integral part of this narrative for me. Of course it would. Our Red Room moment was transformative for me.

      Or, less encouragingly, since she wears a red dress in the video, and green is the exact opposite of red, that she is a Shadow version of herself. Bummer.

      Final Notes

      The Theory of Spectacular Surface Geometry is directly and thematically relevant to my (sigh) still unrecognized theory that OOA stands for “Object Oriented Analysis”. We are but objects to which stimuli is being applied, to see how it affects us individually and the system as a whole. That is the grand narrative still playing out.

      I told my kids about the freak-out and possible “Evil Twin” theory and their reaction was “HAHAHAHAHA. This is great. Nothing could be better! That sounds cool! I love shit like this”.

      I apparently do not need to re-examine my parenting skills, and am grateful I blabbed all about TENSION to them.


      An ill wind is blowing, my friends.

      “The enemy is preparing for war. They have already drawn up sides, with us as their servants…We come to it at last… The great battle of our time. The board is set. The pieces are moving.”

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      That wasn’t the most concise interpretation of what’s been going on that I could hope for AND you bookended it with Lord of the Rings. Bless you.

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       Brian E

      That was an epic read, and I feel you are on to something here, your writing skills are impressive thanks for breaking everything down and explaining you theory, it’s been helpful to give a more outside the box thinking.

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      epic indeed!! I fucking love you @larry ? u make me laugh and you’re brilliant!

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       Lawrence Meyers

      You are too kind. Should you suddenly not hear from me, and hear about a “mistaken” drone strike in Woodland Hills, then you’ll know I got too close to the fire and got burned. To ashes.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Bravo, @larry. Genius as always.

      In another thread during yesterday’s chaos, we compared notes about which Noah responses the first contact recipients had received.

      was a Yes.
      I was a Yes.

      was a No.

      “See my shadow changing
      Stretching up and over me
      Soften this old armor
      Hoping I can clear the way
      By stepping through my shadow
      Coming out the other side
      Step into the shadow
      Forty six and two are just ahead of me”

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      @larry that was an amazing read.

      I wonder though, if what you say is true and Noah is representative of the devil or “The Shadow”, who is the Lord?

      If the Lord (The Light? Light would be the opposite of shadow, and John 8:12 does say “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of (everlasting) life.”) is who the losers (like me) are with, exactly who the Lord may/will be in this whole universe.

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      I love this theory @larry ! This would put the “Alternate Reality” into this in a literal sense. I can’t wait to meet Shadow Larry!

      Maybe Noah is here to try and transform us to our own “Shadow versions” of ourselves. He shows us what we desire and in order to get those things, he’ll “teach” us how to become more like him. If he is Satan, then that means most people will turn into their shadow selves/evil to get them?

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      Btw I meant to say that WAS the most concise interpretation. ? Keep being a legend @larry, and I’ll learn how to type.

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      @larry Just to clarify, I’m almost positive that I (unintentionally) misquoted Mystery Man initially. I was frantically trying to remember both the tone AND content of that call. All I had a chance to scrawl down on a piece of paper were the three words; REFLECTION, IMITATION, EXPERIENCE. As soon as @michelle posted the actual Confucius quote, it immediately registered for me.

      That being said. What does it mean that a member of Noah’s cantidates received a message about the path to wisdom? I’ve been pretty duplicitous in terms of how I’ve spoken to Noah versus how I’ve talked about Noah. Maybe that’s been noticed? That I’m faking it to get closer to him, while still dubious about his System.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @bcbishop It would be interesting to see who ended up in each category based on what they already knew about some of us, and if there are opposing aspects of individuals in the yes and no category who — WAIT A SECOND. Didn’t a bunch of us post their Meyers-Briggs status’ on Facebook? AH HA! I BET that we’ve been separated by typology — Meyers-Briggs is derived from Jungian typology.

      — Shadow Larry? He’s right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIPxLzfw6wU

      — who indeed? The obvious choice right now? Sabrina.

      @Cristen — ha ha! Yes, I did figure that out, thanks.

      @ Lia — Were you a “chosen”?

      @all — remember, this isn’t…uh…Gospel. It’s just a theory. Unless I disappear. Then it’s Gospel.

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      Yes, I was.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      So who has two thumbs and really should be getting back to polishing their latest and greatest creative endeavor (but the synchronicity won’t let him go)? THIS GUY!

      I’m sitting here thinking about Lust, how I could use a sandwich and basically anything other than what I am supposed to be doing when… I go back to, “the hungry snake chose to eat itself”.

      Our old pal, OUROBOROS.

      Now anyone who knows me knows that everything and anything always goes back to, JUNG. What did our (2nd favorite) Swiss have to say about the snake who always had dinner with himself?

      “The Ouroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, i.e. of the shadow. This ‘feed-back’ process is at the same time a symbol of immortality, since it is said of the Ouroboros that he slays himself and brings himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself. He symbolizes THE ONE, who proceeds from the clash of opposites, and he therefore constitutes the secret of the prima materia which […] unquestionably stems from man’s unconscious.”

      Now call me crazy and I’ll say:

      “Call your doctor – call your shrink
      Western science she strictly rinkydink“

      Das kommt mir seltsam vor.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      And so…it appears Shadow Larry has emerged in the form of a DOPPELGANGER using MY NAME and MY AVATAR.

      I’ve obviously touched a nerve with Sauron and his minions….

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       Bryan Bishop

      Oh hi, @larry-meyers. You get credit for adopting writing styles, I’ll give you that.

      “Call your doctor – call your shrink
      Western science she strictly rinkydink“

      Lyrics from… Steely Dan. “Two Against Nature”?

      Das kommt mir seltsam vor.

      translates to: “That strikes me as odd.”

      I’m sure we don’t know what you’re talking about. Everything is fine.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Wie schmeckt es? Ist es bitter?

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       Bryan Bishop

      So, uh Real @larry – it looks like your Shadow @larry-meyers pulled his description of Ouroborus from a book analyzing… the work of Dan Brown.

      I don’t know what that means, but I’m pretty sure it’s an insult.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      THAT IS A FUCKING DISGRACE, and in doing so, has obviously exposed himself as the FRAUD HE IS.

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       Tom Hite
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       Lawrence Meyers

      @prufrock5150 and @shinobi I love you.

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      @larry Love you back. The Shadow knows.

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      What if Shadow Buz is all there is?

      I have become one with the darkness.

      Also Larry this is an incredible read. I’m pouring over it and there’s lots of very interesting tid bits going on here, but reflections are key.

      We keep going back to this idea. Like you and I spoke about, we really need a college professor of symbolism/Egyptian history to look at some of this stuff.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @thebuz Somebody did call me. A Professor Tnilc Sraes. Didn’t sound on the level, though.

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      Something just hit me that goes with this theory.

      In Tension, we had someone named “Light2Dark” that would give us clues. On top of that, he would say “Noted in scope and mirror”.

      So going off @larry s theory about going from the light into the dark, this makes me wonder if L2D was a prophet giving us literal warnings. Between his name and “scope and mirror” it’s kind of crazy to think about with all that’s happened this week.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @mike Did you ever meet this individual?

    • #2345

      I don’t believe anyone did. He was an online only person…somewhat of a mod for the old forums…but then disappeared. Maybe III got him

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      So many lost to the reign of impotent rage of GKIII.

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        @thebuz including your own soul?

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      Wow, @larry, thanks for all of this! Great food for thought.

      Something that jumped into my mind as I was reading it ties directly into the “reflection” aspect of the philosophical connections. Everyone who attended the “Hood” event in Tension last spring spent most of that sequence staring into a mirror. We were told to absolutely NOT look at anything else in the room except our own reflection as we were asked a series of questions and were lectured on the possible foolishness of decisions we have made in our lives.

      Th question, “Do you like what you see?” was asked repeatedly of us.
      Is this the foreshadowing of everything LUST? It certainly ties into the concept of becoming a Shadow self… that was possibly being reflected in that mirror?

      That sequence was one of the first things about Tension that truly rattled me. The reason? They asked us for an act of trust and we complied. (Turning over our phones… was that actually OSDM taking all of our personal information that day? >shudder<)
      After we performed that act of trust… or at least in my scene, they then began to ridicule and insult me for making such a bad decision. (They also stressed it may have compromised my friends by letting such information to be gathered.) I found that an insulting betrayal on THEIR part. There were a few personal emails that followed to keep me intrigued enough to continue, and I am glad I did, in the long run.

      My point is that we were forced to stare at our own reflection during that entire conversation… about satisfaction with the person WE CURRENTLY ARE and our interactions with others. That may have been the beginning of this conversation concerning Shadow. Also, it may have been a hint that we may be expected (or forced?) to transform our “self.”

      Now… if you look at the website of Noah Sinclair with this in mind… all of this forceful agenda pushing and promising he can teach us how to change from what we are now into something more aggressive and result-producing seems like a possible direct link to that hood event from last year… at least it does to me.

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      @russell I’m certain that was OSDM taking a look at our surrendered phones. Michelle even said that 30+ people willingly gave over their phones (totally a reference to the hood event) during The End. While I have nothing to hide I still have that uneasy feel in the pit of my stomach knowing OSDM had their hands on my phone with my permission.

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      Thank you for that reminder of the direct reference from Michelle, @mkarrett. I do wonder, though, if OSDM was always meddling or if they took over all of the information later in the game when they became more visible to us in general. At the end, it seems to me that OSDM had given the slower process of putting Addison in place a chance to be effective… for whatever plans they have. Then, they became greedy and inpatient.

      Maybe I’m just being naïve about those early days.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @russell: Ah ha! This is very interesting. I wasn’t around then. This tells me that the whole story is asking us to ask the big questions: Who are you? What do you see? What don’t you see? What do you want? What is standing in the way of getting what you want? What is your purpose? What matters to you and why? Do you like what you see (and unsaid: if you don’t, why not, what do you want to change, and how will do it?)

      Now I recall several actors posted on their IG or FB, after Tension was done, “It’s over. What mattered?” I assumed this is just a saying in the zeitgeist, or a question actors are taught to ask after each show, but since nothing is random, now I’m not so sure.

      The importance of the Shadow, according to the “J” person I will not name lest my Shadow Avatar appears to mock me for it, is this quote: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

      I’ve always thought of the unconscious as this vast ocean. Beneath the waves are untold treasures, shipwrecks, and all thing light and dark. Life is about diving in and pulling things out to the surface to explore what they are, and give us insight into our lives (see “Solaris” for a sci-fi version). That is often a scary and difficult process.

      This is what real artistic endeavor accomplishes for its audience: it brings things out of the unconscious and gives us awareness. I asked my analyst why TENSION was so powerful for so many of us. He suggested that they created a space where we could all dive into the unconscious for an extended period. We each found amazing things, mostly bridges to feeling and emotion that some of us may be afraid to touch in real life.

      On a side note: While is an unnamed foreign country in 2015, I had a similar mirror experience. It was equally challenging but in a different way. In retrospect, I now wonder how far OSDM’s reach extends…more on this in the days to come…

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      Just something I happen to notice… The key in the eye and fire image has what looks like a number “3” in the handle and is entering fire. Could the 3 symbolize the month and the fire symbolize something to do with the compound being burned down?

      Also, does anyone else get the opinion Darren has been subjected to hypnosis or seems “disassociated” with what was happening at the book release? (based on the video or in person re-accounts of what happened at the book release)

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      @larry The thing that stuck out to me most about your theory is Noah as the devil/”collective shadow.” Events from the past few days have led to me think that Noah is operating or at least starting to step outside the influence of those in charge, be it Darren and Clint or the OSDM. It would be fitting for him to be a shadow of sorts, then, who is attempting to nudge some of us off the path The Creators intended.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      A bit more of interest.

      The name “Sabrina” is the Latinized form of the word “Habren”, which is apparently a river in Wales named the “Severn”. Legend has it that Sabrina was the illegitimate child of the first king of the Briton, Locrinus, by his mistress Estrildis, of German origin. Locrinus loved her, but had to Gwendolyn, marry the daughter of the King of Cornwall. So he kept Estrildis hidden away in a cave beneath London.

      Gwendolyn found out about Estrildis and Sabrina, raised an army, killed her husband and drowned his mistress and poor Sabrina in the river which now bears her name — deliberately named that way as a reminder of the King’s betrayal.


      Symbolically, a river is a symbol of the flow of life, as well as the unconscious. One might say that Sabrina drowned in the unconscious when she was forced into the OOA, for which she has struggled to free herself from, and now finds herself moving downriver…the flow of life…towards the next step of her Destiny.

      (cue music)…

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      The Shadow is that part of ourselves that we don’t like that we have repressed, and is not permitted to find its voice.

      So then would our shadow or doppelganger be the real us? If the shadow is our repressed feelings and desires are our shadows who we really are at the core without societal limitations??

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         Lawrence Meyers

        The Shadow is a part of the psychological whole. We must acknowledge it and incorporate it, even speak to it, to “vent” its energy, so that it doesn’t show up in ways that undermine us. One interesting thing to note is that, as Billy Joel says, “He is not always evil, and he is not always wrong”. It may contain “good” qualities, such as kindness, yet our experience may have taught us that we get screwed when we show kindness, so that gets repressed.

        Arguably, Simon’s shadow was “good” — having spent years in the Royal Marines and losing his best mate in an IED blast. He joined to help civilians in Afghanistan and paid for it.

        One can be possessed by the Shadow, though. See Darth Vader. Also see Evil Bert.

        The Shadow is different from a doppelgänger, a German word that translates as “double”. In most literature and film, the doppelgänger is a physical manifestation and is usually evil. Poe’s “William Wilson” illustrates how the doppelgänger wreaks havoc.

    • #2423

      To me it still kind of sounds like the shadow is what we’d want to be like if there were no consequences; if there was no concern about being “evil.” Darth Vader didn’t care that he was considered evil he just did what he wanted to do. He embraced his dark side. It still tells me that at people’s core we are all pretty “evil”. Some people just choose to embrace it more than others. Is it so wrong to embrace our shadow sides? Is it so wrong to be a Noah Sinclair and just do what we want in this short life? Idk..but there sure are consequences. *rambling thoughts*

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       Lawrence Meyers
    • #2426

      Thanks for that article, it’s a good read! (Haven’t read the whole thing yet). I totally get what your saying about shadows, I guess I’m just contemplating the ideas of right/wrong good/evil..

    • #2427

      I’ve always been more attracted to villains than heroes…so shadows sound much more intriguing to me than our regular censored selves I guess

    • #2438
       Andrew Kasch

      Wow. This is all kinds of fascinating.

      The duality aspect of LUST makes total sense, especially considering so many of us have lived dual lives over the past year. Just like the OOA and Tension forced us to confront things about ourself, I’m beginning to wonder if the OSDM and Lust are going to confront us about our actions that took us on our “_paths.” Sort of a thematic extension of the speech we were given on the final night of Ascension.

    • #2444

      This was an excellent read and a big help with jumping in. I did not do tension so still a little lost on where this is going to end up.

    • #2459
       Lukas L

      Just a thought but Tension was all about “Living in the moment.” Lust has taken on the idea of looking into yourself, seeing your reflection, seeing yourself, as you are perceived by yourself, perceived by others, and how you want to be perceived.

      For most of us, they have the questioners we filled out at the beginning of Tension. They may even still have the answers we gave in the white room.

      I know that my personality in person, isn’t like the one I portray online, on these forums, or even in my outbound emails. (Although the older I get the more I become like my online self HA)

      With the recent “Shadow” profiles being created they could be trying to use the tactic of exposing us. It doesn’t matter if we were truthful or not on those things. The “Shadow” profile could act out the desire data we have submitted and all our real self/profile can say is #FakeNews.

      The choice of sides is no longer in our hands. I believe it has/will be determined for us. Divide and let them duke it out. Then make ones allies their enemies by exposing corruption. By exposing who you are to those who have opposing viewpoints, thus making all remaining sides implode from within.

      All while they watch. Watch for the right moment that we are all tired and weak. Swoop in as if they are hero’s to rescue us all from the turmoil. To bring us together, and with that have our loyalty and devotion. To pledge ourselves fully to their agenda. To align with the true aggressor. Willingly.

      All and all, im not sure how they would go about doing all this, It just sounds pretty damn cool in my head and maybe it does in yours as well.

    • #2480
       Lawrence Meyers

      Everyone must read Poe’s WILLIAM WILSON.

      Of course, this assumes I am anywhere close to being right.

      Which, because they know that I am, had to scramble and change the entire narrative so that I am not.

      Until the switch BACK, in which case, all bets are on. Off. Both. Neither.

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