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      Hey guys,

      Real quick and I gtg:

      -Macy called, she’s doing okay. She’s hanging in there.
      -She suspects re-branding is occurring
      -She suspects Sarah is in danger
      -She wants me to reach out to folks that know Noah a little more personally and see if Noah has said anything at all to people.

      If you heard from Noah (or Sarah), let the forum know?

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      Good to hear! I was worried about her.

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       Kimberly Stewart

      @mkarrett wait does this mean Macy is once again supporting Sarah? No more: “To S – the last one was a mistake, the next one is a fuck you” kind of talk?

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       Haley Wilde

      yeah, seems kinda weird that Macy is suddenly worried about Sarah’s well-being. Must mean that shit’s gotten really bad. Well, I’m glad she’s (maybe) okay, looking forward to hearing more from her. Hopefully we’ll get some good tweets from her soon.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      I obviously don’t know how it was worded exactly or how believable she sounded, but I would be surprised if she’s asking if anyone has heard from Noah or Sarah out of her own sheer curiosity. Maybe she’s plotting. Maybe she’s being coerced by someone. “Soooo…heard from them recently? They say anything of interest? JUST WONDERING.”

      Last I spoke to Noah he seemed invigorated by his candid freedom. Wild eyed and drunk on his rebellion.
      When I spoke with Daddy Sinclair last night, he implied that Noah needed to be controlled and put back in his place. That they needed to get him “back in line” and running the System again. Basically they were working to get him and The System back to what it was when this all started. It’s hard to sell the idea of perfection if people see the seams unraveling.

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      This phone call makes absolutely no sense to me.. SUS… But maybe it’s just cause @mkarrett didn’t have time to give details. Maybe when she’s back she can explain better…maybe…

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       Hannah Schenck

      I definitely agree with @meghanmayhem on this…. my initial thought is that She’s not looking out for Anyone’s well being, but is being told to find out info on them so someone else can get a tighter grasp. I guess we will have to wait and see what Melissa says with more details of the conversation

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      Not currently inclined to give up any info on Noah OR Sarah without Macy doing some serious explaining. Trust is a delicate thing to throw away.

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       Michael Rizzo

      Maybe macy’s in the same boat and me as well as a few others? Personally I was very much against Sarah (I can only guess others opinions), but after everything that happened as well as my meeting with her, I have to admit that I do feel for her.

      I’m still not the biggest fan of the system but Sarah is much more “human” to me now and if I had the opportunity I would help her out. End of the day she’s still a human being whose in a potentially life threatening situation.

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       Taylor Winters

      I’ve emailed Sarah in the past opening up to her and trying to show her she has people that understand her. I’ll let you know if she responds or reaches out to me.

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       Max Z

      And here I thought Macy was an abandoned plot thread of the ARG the investors were writing for us (or making Darren and Clint write for us at least), something like a “well they liked when there was an organization against the OOA, maybe they’ll like when there’s an antagonist to the System”. Either I’m wrong and Macy is real and has just been lying low, or The Investors/hostage writers have decided to revive that plot thread with a new twist.

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      Hey guys,

      Macy sound worried for Sarah’s safety. Interesting change of attitude but with all the time Macy had to think about revenge she had a change of heart somehow. Why? I didn’t ask. OOG–Macy hit me up at a time where I couldn’t talk long so this was a sit down, listen and take notes.

      When she used to work for Sinclair, Inc. she used her personal e-mail address for work purposes before she was given a Sinclair e-mail addy. Despite that she’s no longer with Sinclair, Inc. two days ago she got a flood of accidental e-mails from vendors for ad buys for SINCLAIR, INC. (she specifically said FB, twitter, television, radio). This mirrors the last time Sinclair, Inc was re-branding their Brand. Hence why Macy strongly suspects that re-brand is occurring. She has the receipts but she is trying to piece things together hence is asking me if I personally heard anything from Noah and/or Sarah. Since I personally haven’t I think you all would be the best avenue.

      Personally, I suspect she’s worried about the bigger picture and the higher powers that really run the show.

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      Thanks for the write-up, @mkarrett! I too think her 180 (360?) back to Sinclair Inc is sus, but I guess if you worked with someone for so long before being betrayed due to reasons beyond their control I suppose it’s possible to rethink that initial animosity.

      On the flip side, though, why does she still care about Sinclair Inc so much, unless she knows that all this is bigger than just one company? Melissa, maybe now that Macy’s no longer working for them, you might be able to wheedle some more info about what Sinclair Inc was up to before she left.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Interesting. Sounds like something is coming, and we’re about to see a big push from a new and improved Sinclair across all media. Keep yer eyes on your social feeds, folks.

      Thank you for sharing @mkarrett!

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      @meghanmayhem if re-branding is happening then honestly I’m a little worried for Noah. What is going to happen to him during the re-brand? Brain washing? Coercion to be part of the new Brand? He does seem to be happy with his freedom but how long is that going to last? More so is Sarah going to be part of this re-branding? Or is Sarah going to be pushed out of it entirely? I think we’re going to find out rather sooner than later. Also, I do recall asking Macy if she had any information on Dad Sinclair and she didn’t.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Being part of a company going through rebranding is rough. Especially if you aren’t cool with the direction the new work is heading. If that’s what is going on, we may actually have more leaks if those from the inside of The System are against the “new branding”.

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      I seriously wonder what the re-branding will look like, I’m guessing they’re doing it because of the mess Noah’s made and they need to start from the ground up to try to get some people to trust them again. Will they go the complete opposite direction and make Noah out to be a complete sweetheart who just wants to help you fix your life? Will they go even harder on what they originally were doing and sortof force you to change more because Papa Sinclair is getting impatient?

      So many questions, excited for the answers.

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      The Lust Experience 2.0? I wonder if one of Sam Bickerson’s relatives will be involved 😀

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      You know guys, something occurred to me. I feel like maybe I’m misinterpreting something Macy said.

      Macy said “I’m not worried about Noah, he is a loose canon. I’m worried about Sarah”. See I thought of that as a worry for Sarah’s safety. Maybe it’s more like “I’m worried what Sarah will do next”?

      Also, later I believe she say “they’re making moves”.

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      @mkarrett This fits. Macy still sees Sarah as a threat and wants to track her movements for her own safety. Noah’s the unpredictable one but she’s more scared of Sarah, that makes sense. It was Macy’s leaked email and follow up performance that got Sarah in the doghouse with her superiors; Macy’s just trying to keep one step ahead of someone who would be right to seek vengeance and is calculating and calm enough to wait for it.

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       Bryan Bishop

      @mkarrett What was the overall tenor of the phone call? We’ve obviously been looking towards Papa Sinclair as the subject, which made the Macy call sound out of character (why would she suddenly care about Sarah?). Is it possible that Macy was

      1. Calling you because she found out that the Sinclairs (Noah and Sarah) are initiating a rebranding.

      2. That has her worried – not for them, but because she sees them as evil and doesn’t know what they’re up to?

      3. (That would explain the reachout to you in the first place.)

      4. That would also make her request to reach out to people close to Noah and Sarah a bit of spywork, because she wants to know what they are up to now that she has an early heads up due to the email snafu.

      5. If that tracks for you, that makes the quote you just posted have an entirely different ring. It means she’s not worried about Noah even though he’s a loose cannon. She’s worried about Sarah – not what could happen to her, but what Sarah’s about to do.

      That would also be totally in character with the Macy that we’ve seen before. She hates hates HATES Sarah.

      It also totally changes everything we know about who is in charge right now. Is Sarah working with Noah’s dad? Or are we bumping up against the 4th wall yet again?

      Does any of that track for you based upon the call you had?

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      Oh snap, @mkarrett. That DOES potentially change things. And it makes more sense with Macy’s history. It’s very unsettling that, with the exception of ruining @bcbishop’s night and maybe threatening Macy’s family, we’ve never really seen Sarah or Noah do anything … bad, for lack of a better word. At least not yet.

      There’s so many threats flying around. It’s a lot of talking, but not a lot of doing. What are they really capable of, and is it better or worse than whatever Papa Sinclair has in store for us?

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      @bcbishop the overall tone from Macy’s call is worry and maybe a bit of flustered. I don’t like brute forcing locks just because the combination or key makes sense but ya I think you and @wanda102 have hit the nail on the head. The 4th wall part idk about…

      Aw god I remember she said to me “I don’t want to put you in danger or put you in an uncomfortable position but do you know anything Noah has said..” or something very similar to that. Welp, now that the cat’s out of the bag I’m going into hiding. 😡

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      @lilmsfancpants you’re making me paranoid!! >.<

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       Bryan Bishop

      @mkarrett Ooooh, thank you for the added detail! That additional quote seems to be support the updated interpretation. She would only be putting you in danger if she was asking you to suss out info on things the bad guys are doing. Otherwise, you’d be forming alliances.

      So I guess this begs the question: what’s really going on with Sarah, and is Noah in the dark, or is he part of it?

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