• “The world is changed.
    I feel it in the water.
    I feel it in the Earth.
    I smell it in the air.
    Much that once was is lost.”

    I stumbled into this strange world and from it earned innumerable riches. Yet somewhere, somehow, something happened to it. And to me. I echo much of what @bcbishop has said. Evidence was lacking for quite some time, or so…[Read more]

  • Suffice to say that I’ve found today’s news about Darren helmetting Morgan disturbing. And it’s time to do what little I can to hopefully fix some of the damage I’ve done.

    I mentioned some of this in Slack already, but for posterity:

    From pretty early on in this thing, I’ve been all-in on The Experience. I was there for the self-realization, for…[Read more]

  • Russell replied to the topic I was banned…. in the forum RELATIONSHIPS 6 years, 4 months ago

    It’s very hard for me to follow Slack shenanigans due to my work situation.
    I was a bit aware of people being banned, questions thrown toward @a, etc. because I checked Slack between a couple of meetings. More informed people than I cannot seem to find a pattern and that is what I found most interesting during the time I was able to “tune in”…[Read more]

  • Okay, I’m going to try and Pull threads together: If anybody saw my Periscope from 2/2, I theorized that TPTB lost/never had control of The Experiences and realized they facilitated the rise of the Order, and got scared for good reason. They brought BoS to life via TMC to fight back — not just because they were scared but because they LUST after…[Read more]

  • Morgan popped in a few times:

    Now maybe you will begin to understand

    @111error this is fucked.

    @creepsociety This is the tip of the iceberg.

    There is no narrative, everything I am doing I BELIEVE in, and that’s the fucking problem. I need to step away for the afternoon.

  • IMHO, the activity over the past few days are signals. The WHY is because groundwork is being laid.

    I’ve been sooooo stupid and missing clues relevant to (all of my) profession(s). People say things for a REASON. We have to ask WHY.

    We’ve been given tons of clues — mostly from the normally silent, apparently off-script, DLB.

    And he called…[Read more]

  • Just now, @111error popped up in the Slack chat after a rather interesting conversation with this message:

    Here’s an idea.
    All of you; I invite you to come and have drinks with me.

    No agenda.
    No sides.
    Just libations.

    One hour and eleven minutes from now.

    8:05pm. Idle Hour in NoHo.

    BOS will cover the first hour and eleven minutes of d…[Read more]

  • Lia showed up on Slack to respond to Darren, Morgan showed up to explain some things, and then shit went down:

    @Creators FUCK. YOU.


    I was so stupid to believe you or your stupid fucking “game”

    Produce Horace. The actor, the man, whatever the fuck.

    9je’08we4f.e5…[Read more]

  • That fits with that message from L. “@111error,friendly piece of advice. There is a difference between commandeering accounts, vs logging into them… That would be like me saying I broke into your house, when in reality, you left your door open. A turn of phrase, but an important one. Careful sticking out your chest.”

    I think this means that he *b…[Read more]

  • So you have to consider what that agenda is, and whether Morgan is aware that he’s furthering it. I don’t think he is; he’s got bite but his intentions appear noble, if unclear sometimes.

    My personal theory (and I could definitely be wrong) is that their agenda is the strengthening of the brand by whatever means necessary. Morgan is being…[Read more]

  • So what I’m seeing, the general purpose of this meeting is effectively finding something to do, proactively, other than pontificate or sit and wait for instructions? And the BOS narrative, per Morgan, is effectively ‘sit and wait for instructions.’ Therefore the hardcore BOS member is not going to find this meeting fruitful? That a reasonable…[Read more]

  • What fascinates me most about these posts is how the actions on the part of @a and @111error have generated (or at least had infuence) on these changes in stance/position–in the specific absence of anything that can clearly be called OSDM/Order influence.

    Is THIS why they’ve disappeared for all intents and purposes? Did they know that by pulling…[Read more]

  • Just wanted to fill in the gaps here and there of A appearances in Slack.


    Some participants were talking about willingness to form a “let’s do occult shit” faction. A chimed in.

    Be careful. I urge you to understand what you jest about.

    @a you’re right. It excites me because it terrifies me.

    You should be scared of i…[Read more]

  • @remrelganaps It was your voice I heard as I grappled with The Balrog. A voice calling to tell me my task was not yet complete. ‘Nuff said.

    To which I add that your take is cogent and reasoned. One Noah would be proud of. And @addisonborn, how delightful would it be if the murder of a Gatekeeper was replayed in brutal fashion on @111error, in…[Read more]

  • I want to quote so much of your post, Robert, and just say “YES!” to everything I quoted.

    But there are some specific things I wanted to touch on and expand with my own commentary. SUCH a great post.

    If this means that I’m doing Lust wrong, because I’m rejecting this narrative that I’m being handed, well, then, fuck it.

    But I don’t think I…

    [Read more]

  • M. started the topic Two Calls on 03/01 in the forum SIGHTINGS 6 years, 4 months ago

    Yesterday I received two phone calls.

    The first call came at 5:25. It was a automated female’s voice.

    Voice: The Halfblood Princess. How are you?
    Me: Good
    Voice: Do you trust Cristen?
    Me: I do
    Voice: Why?
    Me: Because she’s always had my confidence. I hope she does. She hasn’t given me a reason to not trust her.
    Voice: It is always darkest…[Read more]

  • a
    I think you are focusing on the edge of a tapestry and are too focused on pulling one tiny thread than seeing the bigger picture.

    big picture for me is why… why put on a show? for emotional data? to bring power to an ancient order? then this line of thinking makes me start wondering about how… how does emotional data…[Read more]

  • Morgan joined us on Slack after a discussion about DLB, and then things got weird.

    I have a story that I am sure some of you will believe to be false, but in the interest of being more forthcoming, I have had many interactions with Darren.

    Literally couldn’t care less if my life depended on it, Megan. Go and boil your h…[Read more]

  • Finally catching up and good Lord, I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but I guess I should have known. They did warn us that they were basically going to tear out our hearts, and basically that there would be betrayal and distrust.

    I didn’t know Lia personally, I’ve never met any of you in person. But I feel like I’m part of a family or a…[Read more]

  • I’m stuck on a part of the email that’s been mentioned but not really grabbed onto.

    The last thing we need is a fucking witch hunt from others whom have signed.

    Who are the others that have signed? I think this is important to know. We have no idea who this correspondence is between. We honestly do not know if it’s ODSM correspondence or…[Read more]

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