I was banned….

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      Who else was banned from Slack?

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       Drew Huntley

      I got the boot for calling out A for just having a loud bark.

      So far it’s been:
      Morgan(deactivated by himself)
      And a couple others that I missed I think.

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      Morgan killed A. Hard. In a way that I don’t fully understand.

      Either way, accounts should be back

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        Morgan killed A. Hard. In a way that I don’t fully understand.

        There may have been pixie dust involved 😜

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        Thanks, @thegilded (Sean). I was trying to think of reasons that these specific people were banned, but short of things that other people have done and/or said, I can’t really think of anything that fits all of us. I expect this was not about US, but rather about eliciting action from Morgan.

        I’d say this was more distraction–smoke and mirrors, but perhaps it was more about the response.

        If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear them, but for now, …I am grateful that this matter has been handled in such a way as to ensure that those who were banned have been returned to Slack. If you haven’t or are still having problems, please let us know.

        Strangely, I keep thinking back to the old @a’s statement about there needing to be a culling…. But I’d really hate to be one of the people that was removed from everything–as I’m sure many of you would be. Laughably, I suppose many of us have invested something into all of this.

        ~~ AR

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      It’s very hard for me to follow Slack shenanigans due to my work situation.
      I was a bit aware of people being banned, questions thrown toward @a, etc. because I checked Slack between a couple of meetings. More informed people than I cannot seem to find a pattern and that is what I found most interesting during the time I was able to “tune in” to the conversation.

      If there is no discernible pattern, then I think @argentrose raises points that also struck me at the time.

      I expect this was not about US, but rather about eliciting action from Morgan.

      Well… perhaps it was about both. Morgan chose to take an action in alignment with what he was discussing with @chelsea earlier in the week.
      In response, numerous people chose to voice their support for good ol’ @111error. It was actually kind of heartwarming. Also… it was clearly an opportunity for “Powers” that are observing to take the temperature of the room, so to speak.

      Who stands, who fights, who resists… all useful information, I guess, if you are into info gathering.
      To me, this whole banning/reinstating thing feels very much like a deliberate step toward… who the hell knows?

      As far as Morgan goes, I do not see the man an impulsive.
      Passionate? Yes. Impulsive? No.
      Calculating? Absolutely. That’s one of the reasons I respect him.

      My guess is that there is a purpose to his choice. I cannot speak for the man, of course, but I believe there will be an “outcome” to his leaving at this particular moment.

      Sometimes, deeds done in silence make the loudest noise.

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