The Road Goes Ever On


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       Lawrence Meyers

      “The world is changed.
      I feel it in the water.
      I feel it in the Earth.
      I smell it in the air.
      Much that once was is lost.”

      I stumbled into this strange world and from it earned innumerable riches. Yet somewhere, somehow, something happened to it. And to me. I echo much of what @bcbishop has said. Evidence was lacking for quite some time, or so it seemed, yet now it is laid bare in front of us.

      I have also had many disagreements with @111error, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are all deserving of compassion. He’s clearly been through too much and is not out of danger yet.

      There is only one way to kill a virus. It’s more than just stopping it from spreading. It has to be killed from within. I’m a carrier. All of us are. I can’t risk infecting anyone else. The person I care about the most is safe. She assures me she is safe. I believe she is safe. Even were she in danger subsequently, I cannot save her repeatedly. I’ve done my part. Now the dice must roll.

      As for the rest of you, beware. You don’t want to become the embodiment of Galadriel’s last line:

      “For none now live who remember it.”

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