Meetup in North Hollywood-3/12

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       Mustafa Said

      Just now, @111error popped up in the Slack chat after a rather interesting conversation with this message:

      Here’s an idea.
      All of you; I invite you to come and have drinks with me.

      No agenda.
      No sides.
      Just libations.

      One hour and eleven minutes from now.

      8:05pm. Idle Hour in NoHo.

      BOS will cover the first hour and eleven minutes of drinks.

      So..if you like drinks, or hanging out, better head to NoHo.

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      After I got the the bar, Morgan asked me if he and I could step outside to talk.

      The conversation started with small talk. We commiserated over our cracked phone screens and talked about cat food. You know, normal small talk.

      Morgan switched the conversation. “First, you can go ahead and talk about all of this. Share it.”

      He continued.

      Morgan: “Darren and Clint can go fuck themselves.”
      Chelsea: “I’m sorry what?”
      Morgan: “Darren and Clint can go fuck themselves. I’ve had enough. Darren and Clint can take a long, relaxing stroll off of a bridge. Have you ever seen Darren’s phone? That man goes to sleep at 10pm and wakes up at 4am. Everyday. And his phone is just blowing up. So when he’s awake, he starts blowing my phone up. I’ve had enough. I’m feeling… done. I don’t feel respected. I don’t feel like my time is respected. I don’t feel like my effort is respected. Jesus Christ. I’m just feeling kind of like, why am I doing this?”
      Chelsea: “Why are you doing this?”
      Morgan: “Sunk cost fallacy.”
      Chelsea: “Are you going to keep doing it?”
      Morgan: “Truthfully, I haven’t even thought about… Who was that?”

      At this point, a very familiar face walked down the sidewalk, looked at us and kept walking. Either Mason was scoping out the bar, or Mason has the most convincing doppelganger that I have ever, EVER seen. Morgan was sure it was him. I wasn’t so sure. I’m still not. But Morgan was convinced. Morgan swears it was him.

      My only argument for it not being Mason was, “Why would he be here?”

      Morgan: “Why not? To see who shows up to a thing with no notice. He doesn’t even live in this area. This is the shit that I’m talking about. I’m in this state of wondering what the fuck is going on.”
      Chelsea: “You should text Mason and ask him if he’s here.”
      M: “Ok. But he hasn’t answered my texts in 100 years.”

      Mason never responded. Morgan says that he hasn’t spoken to Mason since the MSE.

      Morgan believes he’s in danger, and he’s sure he’s being followed.

      Edit: At some point in this, I believe shortly after Mason or Mason’s twin walked by, Morgan mentioned that “something” is happening. But it was said like “something weird is going on and I don’t know what. But it’s weird.” I asked if he knew what, and he said no, but that he just knows. If I remember anything else, I’ll throw up another edit!

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       Kyle Bown

      So did Morgan just admit to you that BOS is under DLB’s control? If not being written then at least being monitored by DLB? If he’s “blowing up” Morgan’s phone… is all of BOS bs?

      And why tell you, @chelsea? Is it because you’ll ask questions? When you ask why he’s doing it… no BOS member is going to ask that. They already know. “To save us.” But you ask the question and get the truth. “Sunk cost fallacy.” He’s done too much. Put too much in to stop now.


      And us hearing from the Russian, Noah and Mason in the same day? Something is definitely happening.

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      I got the impression that it wasn’t about BOS. BOS wasn’t even mentioned. It was about Morgan. I think Morgan was being honest when he said he didn’t know what the fuck was going on. I’m going to agree with him on that one. What the fuck is going on?

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       Kyle Bown

      Also. I’m guessing the System Five are done…

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       Unseen Presence

      …. I literally have nothing to say here.

      I really wish I had been able to be there tonight. I’d like to have a drink with Morgan sometime and actually chat directly with him. And now I’m not even certain that he’ll still BE here when I can finally get a chance to do so.

      Why is the only question that matters. It is becoming my mantra.

      And I don’t see the why here yet.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      IMHO, the activity over the past few days are signals. The WHY is because groundwork is being laid.

      I’ve been sooooo stupid and missing clues relevant to (all of my) profession(s). People say things for a REASON. We have to ask WHY.

      We’ve been given tons of clues — mostly from the normally silent, apparently off-script, DLB.

      And he called some of us out by name — highly unusual. Me, specifically, which is unprecedented. That means PAY ATTENTION.

      “Half-right, dumbest smart person” — I think tonight offers strong evidence that the former (IG) animosity towards @111error was perhaps deserved, as DLB referred to his (IG) “delusions of grandeur”.

      That speaks to DLB calling me the Dumbest Smart Person around — because my referenced back-channel communication wasn’t necessary, because whatever is going to unspool is in its earliest stages. “Stop looking at trees” he said to me. To me, that means “Forget all that has come before, and all the petty nonsense. BIG stuff is happening and you’ve been TOLD that.”

      DLB said we were eating ourselves. That was a message that we had to stop. And then Morgan called me out by name. Again, highly unusual. WHY? Because I’ve been the most overtly critical.

      I took that as a message DLB needs us to strike a conciliatory tone because, if something BIG is happening, I strongly suspect it WILL require us to work together as we did in the Ascension days. And I simply refuse to accept that we are no longer capable of this. I’ve SEEN what this community can be.

      Further to that point, Morgan’s chat with @Chelsea signals to me that factions and BoS this and Order that and “burn it down” no longer amount to a hill of beans.

      WHY Chelsea? Why tell this to specifically her? I don’t know. You’d have to ask her. But that was a specific choice. He chose someone who is not BoS — that sends a clear signal.

      If something BIG is going to happen, and I do buy into this, then all that has come before will be rendered inert. And as I said earlier, I don’t believe OSDM can be burnt down. I believe OSDM is not physical, but a state of being.

      Now @kyle is getting calls from…Remy? TMWTS? Where have they been? Gone for almost a year. WHY?

      Because maybe they financed the MSE and we know that didn’t make any money. Are they financing this to keep the larger plan brewing? We’ll know more later this week. But Kyle, I would ask why you were chosen by him.

      WHY would Noah reach out to @nothenrygale? Of all people, why was Brad specifically chosen? Brad, you should ask that directly.

      If the OSDM intercepts were real, then there are big changes up top. All the more reason to expect something BIG is real, and that whatever came before is to be left behind like a snake shedding its skin. How BIG? I have no idea, but experience dictates that we will never see it coming.

      Finally, remember that we are assets to Whomever is behind this. We are winding the clock. Are CS and DLB raising “tulpas”? Are we helping them to manifest entities from our and their thoughts and imaginations? Is it possible that this is a process that must occur anyway? No Hero’s Journey is complete without facing the monsters within and without.

      Like I say, I’m a fatalist. This was always going to happen. The Hero is called to the journey and the journey must be taken. Frodo HAD to take the One Ring.

      But I’m also an optimist. If all this had to happen, I believe something good will come from it.

      I just don’t know what.

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         Kyle Bown

        I think we know “Why me” @larry. I demanded the meeting. I pushed Molly to send me up the food chain. The question is. Why did the Russian move the meeting? Who is accepting my request for a meeting? Why?

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      Oh, another thing. He also said something like “Do you know how much work I put into Phase 3?” when he mentioned his efforts being disrespected.

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      Amid discussion of DLB and Morgan, C showed up, then A, then Morgan:

      c [9:55 AM]
      This is all a distraction.

      c [9:56 AM]
      Instead of a straight line, you now bounce right and left.

      c [9:56 AM]
      Never truly reaching anywhere.

      a [10:02 AM]
      Dealing with out of game, and personal relationships should be kept to private conversations.

      a [10:02 AM]
      watch it all burn

      a [10:03 AM]
      I AM BACK

      c [10:03 AM]
      this is all nonsense

      111error [10:06 AM]
      Guys I appreciate the concern, but I was not helmeted.

      111error [10:07 AM]
      Just tired and let my filter drop

      111error [10:07 AM]
      C is right; Let’s not get distracted

      kevin [10:13 AM]
      A said, “Dealing with out of game, and personal relationships should be kept to private conversations.” What were they talking about?

      c [10:13 AM]
      A is dead account. Another attempt at someone trying to steer the conversation.

      c [10:14 AM]
      We can not delete it. We have tried.

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      Shortly after this, Morgan popped into my inbox:

      111error [10:24 AM]
      I was a little tipsy and shouldn’t have said that. DLB is fuming for real. Ease off this please.

      chelsea [10:25 AM]
      … You were not
      You were sober.
      Why are you pulling back?

      111error [10:25 AM]
      They are pissed. I overstepped.

      chelsea [10:26 AM]
      It sounds like they have been disrespecting you for months. <– Your words.
      This is important. I’m not easing off.

      111error [10:27 AM]
      I put my foot in my mouth

      chelsea [10:28 AM]
      No more feet in mouth, Morgan. It’s time for the feet to come out of the mouth.

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      Annnddd I just got a call from Darren via a No Caller ID. After making sure I wasn’t recording:

      “This is Darren Bousman. Look, this whole thing with Morgan. He and I got in a fight two days ago and he’s mad. The more this whole thing becomes vocalized, the harder it’s going to be for me to use him. First and last warning.”

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      I don’t respond well to warnings and my place in this whole thing is really non-existent, so what does it matter if I keep pressing. I’m going to keep pressing. Keep vocalizing. If anything happens, we’ll light shit on fire. Rinse. Repeat.

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       Julie R Goldstein

      I just got a call from Morgan.

      He wanted me to know that even though we haven’t always agreed, he’s always admired my strength and he appreciated me using it on the Slack to stand up for him (I believed many were trying to throw him to the wolves for the sake of the game).

      I told him that just because I have my beliefs, I still have a heart and I’ll always do what I can to protect my friends and this community.

      He said he felt the same.

      We finally agree on something.

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      Morgan popped in a few times:

      111error [11:09 AM]
      Now maybe you will begin to understand

      creepsociety [11:13 AM]

      this is fucked.

      111error [11:14 AM]

      This is the tip of the iceberg.

      111error [11:54 AM]
      There is no narrative, everything I am doing I BELIEVE in, and that’s the fucking problem. I need to step away for the afternoon.

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       Robert Fuller

      Morgan takes Chelsea, one of his biggest critics, into his confidence. Noah arranges a meeting with Brad, his biggest critic. Lines between factions are deliberately being blurred. Do they want us to come together to create a strong, unified whole, or are they trying to break us apart with confusion and chaos? I think the only unifying theme behind all of Morgan and Noah’s actions of late (and perhaps DLB’s, as well) is that we’re being pushed. Pushed out of our lethargy, our apathy; pushed out of our safe, complacent comfort zones. We’re being prepped again, for whatever is coming.

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