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       The Creators

      Needless to say last night has caused a ripple effect into what this is, and will become.

      We have planned something so large, so complicated, so hard to articulate that the thought that it could be derailed is seriously upsetting, and demoralizing.

      However, we are not stopping, or throwing our hands in the air. This thing means more to us than any words we write on the forum or can articulate in a single post.

      Your safety is paramount to us, and will continue to be. It is critical to note, that if you are not here, on this forum, and voicing praise, interest, criticism, etc… you do not exist to us. THIS FORUM IS THE GAME BOARD and how the entire world is monitored. Either you are playing on it, or you do not exist to the game, the characters, and the universe.

      Mods have now been created, and will make themselves known momentarily.

      Do not lose faith in what this is, and will become.

      The Creators


      You are here, this is the first step into truly immersing yourself into The Experience.

      What is The Experience?  That is for you to discover.  

      So, how do you begin?  You already have.  Now, dive in, make your presence known.  There are those who watch and take note. 


      This means exactly what you think it does… Only those who make an effort will truly “move forward”.

      Before you begin it’s important you acknowledge what this is. 

      The Tension Experience presents LUST.

      This means exactly what you think it does and for each person that may be different.  

      This will not be easy. At times it will not be fun.  

      There will be moments that enrage you and others where you most defiantly cause you pain.    

      One piece of advice as you move forward down this very deep, very dense rabbit hole.  Take everything you read here with a grain of salt.  These forums are a place for you dissect, and hypothesis on what is transpiring.  But remember, just because someone thinks they know what is happening does not mean they do. It is up to you as a Participant to choose which path you believe and follow it.

      We are not hear to hold your hands, your reality is what you make of it. 

      Go forward and be never silent.  

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      Mods!! Thank you @thecontroller

      THIS is what we have needed. So glad something good can come out of this.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love seeing what you all have done with this. We will not let that schmuck from last night ruin this.

      “The one thing that can’t be programmed out is faith”

      I have faith in @the-creators.

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      Thank you, @the-creators. Faith in you always and Never Silent.

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      Good thing I “refreshed” one last time before I went out to enjoy the day! I feel so much better now. This is really fun and I’m really happy I found this experience. I’ve been telling lot’s of people about it and everyone thinks it’s SO cool.

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      Thank you for keeping us informed of everything.

      Being a very inexperienced person when it comes to immersive, these incidents concerning safety are very much eye opening and also serve as a lesson. The issue of trust being violated is a concern, but we can see that you are all making decisions to rectify that (that may not be the best term, but I’m running off the bare remnants of souls from coffee beans right now).

      Again, thank you.

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      I cannot stress enough how happy I am to hear that there will be mods again. The boards are a mess.

      On that note, thank you for taking the time out to address the issue of trust. My trust in @the-creators was never put into jeopardy but more so people within this community. I think @addisonborn said it best in regards to forming new relationships in the future. I’m disgusted that someone here would do this and I am sorry they have messed with something you have poured your soul into.

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       Mustafa Said

      Thanks for the elaboration, @the-creators.

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       Andrew Kasch

      Thank you for this.

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      Thanks guys. This makes me feel better that the concerns are being heard.

      I love this shit. I would hate for it to be screwed up by some selfish fucking ass clown.

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      Thank you…we’re all in this together and feel just as passionately about this as you do!

      Lesson to the class- support that which you built. Always defend that which is yours

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       Bryan Bishop

      So happy to see this post this morning. I don’t think it can be overestimated how much immersive shows like this can affect participants emotionally, which makes that bond of trust absolutely sacred. Thank you, @the-creators.

      Also very happy to see this emphasized:

      THIS FORUM IS THE GAME BOARD and how the entire world is monitored. Either you are playing on it, or you do not exist to the game, the characters, and the universe.

      This is the community, right here. This is how we shape the world and change our path. Not by jacking it, but by being active on these forums.

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      Super rad!

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      Although I’m not so very active for lust (especially at the moment) I’m hoping to be next year and maybe even later this year when work settles down, but this gives me trust as well that if/when I am able to participate (I’m planning a US Halloween trip next year) I would be in good hands!

      In some ways, this gives me more trust in the @the-creators to see that they handled it well when a situation like this did happen.

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       Alejandra Acosta

      Thank you so much for not giving up on us, trust goes both ways and I hope we can move forward.

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      Totally! I am going forward and put my trust and faith on you and the creators doing and looking forward to play this game because it’s my first time doing this as a deaf person so you got my trust! Thank you

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       Tom Hite

      Point of uncertainty and resultant question: if the forum is the game board, then what specifically in the Red Door thread was deemed sufficiently threatening to require its removal? Is it possible to say? Will that information be remediated by moderators and reinstated in its proper context? Are we to utterly disregard all phenomena that occurred, and carry on under the pretense that all that happened was a simple evening of idle discussion? Will references to any information contained in those artifacts be seen as inherently irrelevant? This is a unique and destabilizing moment for us as participants, so any explication would be appreciated.

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      Thank you @the-creators this is a much-needed step forward and a welcome one. Trust is a necessary notion when dealing with such things as the ideas and situations we find ourselves in here.

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      Thank you. <3

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      @the-creators Thank you for posting your thoughts and encouragement to not lose faith. I take it to heart.

      I believe part of the inspiration last night may have been the phrase “only the active move forward” and a leftover concept from last year that “nothing is out of bounds.” The reason I bring this up now is simply that I feel you may need to steer the community on some boundaries here and there moving forward. I don’t believe in sledgehammers when a gentle touch will do… but some people around here do not seem to respond to a gentle touch.

      If you indeed know so much about each of us… well, you know I am the “safety guy” and you have already joked with me about what you see as “trust issues.” Those issues are in place and born from very real experiences…

      I do hope to see this move forward and develop into something weird and wonderful and impactful… I wish you and the entire community the absolute best,
      may the adventure continue…

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Thank you so much for taking control. We appreciate you for all that you do for us and I personally continue to trust you.

      And whoever did this last night, I hope you understand what you put in jeopardy and you back the fuck off.


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      @the-creators thank you for this clarification!! Mods are exactly what we need here. I’m still SO EXCITED about LUST. No prankster can steal that away from me and make me leave haha never! ???

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      Thank you @the-creators for this clarification and message. I still can’t believe that last night was in no way a part of The Lust Experience. Thank you for stepping in and making sure that people don’t go down the wrong path. I’m sad that someone has done this but am excited to keep going. ❤

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      @prufrock5150 I suspect that since all the information gained that evening and discussed in the thread was shown to be game-jacked and don’t have any relation to the story that the creators are telling they would want the thread and items removed to not confuse anyone who is reading the thread after the fact.

      If they kept it up you might have a new person coming in every now and again and start theorizing based on the false information?

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      THANK YOU @the-creators for this!!! I have so much confidence that you will put together an amazing and memorable experience. I can’t wait for it all to unfold.

      While I haven’t been posting much or going to meetups, I hope to change that.

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      Thank you so much for this!

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      Thank you for giving us this world.

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      Thanks so much @the-creators and @thegilded. I think thing’s will clear up and get better from here on. I’m most likely not going to be participating in much physically with where I am, but I do feel better knowing there’s someone I and others can come to if we feel the need for safety reasons or questions.

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      I have faith in @the-creators and am not going to be dissuaded from experiencing this story to the best of my ability. So far it’s been worth it 🙂

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       Andrew K

      Thank you very much for this post @the-creators

      This is my fist foray into an ARG and I am trying to post and be active as much as possible and I highly look forward to what is to come!

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       Taylor Winters

      Thank you for this post, @the-creators I appreciate it, the information you’ve conveyed, and your involvement in the creation of something so special.

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