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      My personal recap of Saturday and Sunday:

      Both nights
      -as a nervous person I was comforted to see my friend Morgan was the one preparing us for entry into this party
      -I noticed the driver (Pat) was the same from Ascension and when we arrived the man in the beanie (Fernando) waiting with us to go in was also one of the drivers from Ascension. Both men are remarkably kind and this made me feel safe. You can find both of them in the Tension book on page 86 and 87

      -I was lead in by Mason and that was the last I saw him that night.
      -I was offered a pill without water which I let dissolve in my mouth and awkwardly spit out while I was talking to Christopher, who may have been the oldest man there. He was sadistic in the stories he told. His father bringing him there when he was 14 and how someone buggered (sodomized) a girl to death; blood pouring out of her orafices. He asked if that’s something I’d want to see or how I’d feel if it happened to me. He introduced me to his daughter, beautiful naked woman in a mask who looked completely unamused to be there. She told me she was paid to be there and whispered to be careful because they are watching.
      -an older woman in large black glasses (Rosemary “The Voice” in the tension book on page 123) then asked me how I thought that girl liked to fuck. Feeling uncomfortable for the girl being talked about like she wasn’t there I said I don’t know and Rosemary walked away “you bore me!” She said.
      -the host of our night, a beautiful Latina woman, rang a bell and we were ushered into the dining room where we were paired up with another participant and made to tell them a secret and remove an article of clothing
      -we then were lined up and asked personal questions like have you ever cheated, if so step foreward. Sabrina walked by hastily with some man and that was the last I saw of her that evening.
      The counselor, barged in harrassing one of the sex slave girls, Jennifer (She is the dark haired girl in the LUST IG photo with Mama Sinclair; The blonde girl in that photo is Skye). The counselor called me and another participant into the bathroom to watch him humiliate her while she cried. She was forced to sing and tell us a joke while he laughed at her. Then a gorgeous tall bald woman and Skye entered and turned the tables on the counselor. She put him in his place telling him that he doesn’t own anyone here and forced him to sing and unbuttoned his pants exposing his penis. She took him out of the bathroom to be punished. Skye comforted Jennifer and asked if that was all he did to her and Jennifer crying basically implied he had raped her. Skye told her to go shower so she left. Skye then started venting about how Jennifer is new so she still thinks she has a choice but when you’re there long enough you learn that you don’t and you have to just be strong and suffer through it.
      -I was then lead into another bathroom to anoint the girl in our group who was chosen for the Anoch conception ritual. Then to yet another bathroom to anoint the male chosen. Before leaving that bathroom Zane told me to be careful and pay attention. He had such pain and fear in his eyes.
      -in the room with the TV we watched porn until it was switched to security camera footage and the hostess was upset that the ritual room wasn’t ready or we were supposed to be in there already. Idk..Something wasn’t right. She took us in there and we were told to mingle until it was time to begin
      -I spoke with a BEAUTIFUL (literally everyone in there was and woman) girl named Jenna who had me put on a clown nose and act like a clown lol. Steph came over and wished me Happy Birthday ? and then so did Jenna. She then whispered that she has to be careful because they’re always watching but she asked if I could help her escape. She said she was down and out and looking for help so she went to a system event and eventually she ended up trapped there and now she just wants to leave. Which everything made sense to me at that moment. The system is a way for these Anoch fanatics to prime vessels male and female for their ritual to bring forth the savior!
      -one of the servant girls mouthed “HELP ME” i think it was Anna? long blond wavy hair and I think she had a nose ring.
      -before the anointed ones could start the ritual, Noah stopped it and gave a speech about all of this being bullshit and this isn’t the way it should be. He advocated for love and told everyone to leave.
      -before I left the man in the buffalo mask told me happy birthday ? (thank you Clint for remembering??? that made me feel good)

      -Since Bryan sabotaged the mission Morgan didn’t know what we’d be walking into. A group of BOS people were gathered at the other side of the parking lot and I was extremely confused as to why all these people were there. This whole change of events made me wildly nervous.
      -upon entering the party we were told that it was a free for all and we could talk to whoever we wanted as long as we didn’t enter a room with a closed door. I looked through the lounge for a familiar face and found Andy. He knew exactly who I was despite my mask and proceeded to tell me how the system had changed his life but now he was noticing that something wasn’t right. He told me to be careful and pay attention but he had to maintain appearances and pretend he was having a good time.
      -I then talked to a man who was completely naked beneath his robe with long hair and an accent. He was flirty but not overtly. He told me he had cheated on his gf that night with the angry girl also naked under a robe. I never found out why she was so angry but I can only assume it is because of the way women were being treated there. There all seemed to be there against there will and used as sex objects.
      -in the dining room there was a game of truth or dare happening at the table which I walked passed to sit with the counselor who remembered me from the night before. He was very charasmatic and entertaining to talk to. He is an intense party “frat boy” type of guy that likes whiskey and cocaine. He told me about his acid trips when he was younger and how he hasn’t slowed down even at his age now. He mentioned Cecilia (Mama Sinclair) being like the “mom” of the whole place. And said that if the skull and buffalo head guys (DLB & CS) go anywhere together that means something serious is going down. He was referring to them leading Noah Nelson (No Proscenium) upstairs. A second later Noah Nelson ran downstairs saying “what the fuck was that..fuck this. .” And stormed out horrified, disgusted and upset (just like Lia the night before when I saw her storm into the parking lot and speed off beyond pissed!)…what was in that upstairs room….???
      -then I spoke with another man who I didn’t get his name but he was young, had a security earpiece in and was very kind. He said he remembered me from the night before but I didn’t see him before. Maybe he was lurking in the shadows or maybe he was lying. Who knows. We talked about love. Love came up ALOT in all my conversations throughout the night. I felt he was trying to be nice and say things to encourage me.
      Larry came and became my nude escort into the ritual room lol where we tried to find Stephanie. I instead saw Jenna who I was about to talk to until I noticed the bondage room which I hadn’t seen the night before so instead went in there and was briefly flogged by who I believe was, correct me if I’m wrong, Georgina Leahy the red woman from the red room in Ascension (pg. 106-107 in the book).
      -I walked back into the ritual room and the man from the beginning who naked and hairy was now clothed and got extremely close to me literally face on my face body against my body. He asked if I was his wife (can’t remember her name..started with a C). He said he thought I was her and he had killed her. She was pregnant and he stabbed her in the stomach killing her and the baby inside her. He fell to his knees and I comforted him as he cried and begged me to forgive him. “I forgive you I said” gazing into his eyes and he thanked me. It was very sad and I think there must be more to the story as to why he did it! Maybe it was an anoch conception and he tried to save her and the baby by killing them instead? Would death be better than whatever was to come (? I wish I had asked him why he did it…
      -Cecilia deemed none of us worthy for the ritual so she chose Stephanie and the bald bald, handsome, buff security gaurd. Steph cried and pleaded no as she reluctantly peeled off her clothes. She called for Darren but no help came until Morgan burst through the back door with the BOS gang to stop the whole thing. He told Larry to get Stephanie out of there. Stephanie called for Larry, grabbed fher clothes and left with him scared. it was painful to watch..
      -Morgan confronted Harry a good looking British long haired man and told him specifically that @thegilded was going to kill him (he didn’t mention Shaun by name but we all knew who he was talking about). Morgan said “It’s over!” & Sabrina Shocked EVERYONE with a no it’s not I’m pregnant reveal. Some congratulated her..the rest of us left awkwardly..
      -outside Mason joined Morgan with the rest of us as we talked about what had just gone down.
      -emotions were everywhere..
      The end.

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      I’m pleased to see that Morgan was quick about making moves on his promise. Among the first things that happened was this FUCK Harry made a move on Tiffany. To my great shame, I didn’t see it when it happened. I was distracted by other OSDM attendees who were pulling me from bar to table to dance floor. I didn’t protect her as I should have. That was my failure.

      He wasn’t with her for long. But he tried to exert his power over her, even for a moment. For that transgression, he’s going to disappear. Not at first, he’s going to meet a PAINFUL end. He’s going to BEG me to end him and I’m going to deny him until I’ve grown weary of the sound of breaking bone and tearing flesh.

      BoS will give this to me. OSDM will not. OSDM takes what they want as though people were just other stops on their buffet. For this I will join the Brothers and Sisters of Seraph. I know that the BoS aren’t perfect, they aren’t saints. But the things I have planned for this FILTH are the furthest thing from saintly.

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        Welcome back bro ? as always, anything I can do to help just holler

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       Tim Redman

      Here’s a play by play of my one and only visit this weekend. I have tried to keep it as brief as possible. Apologies for mixed tenses.
      Our 9:30 Sunday group had 11 people. Four women and 7 men. I only recognized one other person.
      As we arrived, Noah skirted past us and into the building.
      We were frisked and tested with hand gestures and shakes, then lined up against the wall. I was the second to last to enter with the women front-loaded. As we were waiting, a skull masked guy came out and looked us over. It did seem to be DLB’s body type and that has now been confirmed by Bryan Bishop.
      When I entered then building, I was confronted by a married couple who stuffed a pill in my mouth and sent me on my way. I joined the rest of group at the stage and listened to Alexis sing. Mason arrived and checked everybody out, gave instructions for the night, then pulled one of the girls up front and had her remove her top and bra. Then we all then chose an item of clothing to remove.
      As we moved to the bar, I spoke to Alexis in the corner and learned a little about Oklahoma, how they had send a video of her to her father who then killed himself and how the rock start guy put her down.
      I then turned and had a brief interaction with Carrie. She pushed me to share what I wanted that night and I did my best to articulate something that involved extreme wetness.
      As we were ushered into the dining room, I received a brief shoulder rub from Tatiana.
      At the dinner table, Mason adjusted our seating and we went into the pairing off/secrets stuff.
      The girl I was paired with had to stand and share her secret. None of the guys wanted to volunteer and join her. Mason singled me out and I was like nope. Her friend ended up standing and sharing.
      We then swapped partners and whoever was standing was directed to either remove a piece of clothing or defer the choice to their new partner. Mason also made clear that the choice needed to be interesting. Not a sock or a shoe. The girl standing before me deferred to me and I chose her top.
      I was then picked to stand up front with Skye who dropped her dress to the floor. Mason noted me glancing toward her chest and explained some mating mechanics. I was fed a strawberry by my second partner, then pulled into a side dressing room with Skye and our concierge.
      They both started to yell at me for staring at Skye’s breasts. It didn’t really go down that way, so I held my ground and told them they were full of crap. Skye threatened to get me ejected and I was like fine, do what you want. There’s no reason for this. She storms out and the concierge calms down and tells me she’s just on edge. Her brother was the van driver and he’s gone missing. Knowing the he was dead in Morgan’s trunk, I tried to comfort her and tell her that I’m pretty sure I saw him. We made up and I was returned to the dining room where I was suddenly selected to be the chosen along with my original table partner.
      I was taken to a bathroom by a nervous male attendant named Zane and told to shower and shave by pubes. I tried to suggest in several different ways that they chose poorly. Weak heart, zero stamina, small penis. I figured I was being prepped for some “event” and past Tension experience told me that it would not go well. Also, I was there to gather info, not to get caught up in some sort of ritual.
      As Zane grew more frantic, we negotiated to where I would get partially wet and then put on a towel. Once he left I stepped into the towel but was interrupted by Cecilia Sinclair who did not take kindly to my lack of obedience. Eventually, our standoff ended and she left. I had just enough time to get my clothes on when she returned with another guy from our group who would eventually take my place.
      I was then parked in the hallway without my mask. Through a crack in a doorway, I could see Rico holding court over a room filled with shirtless guys. I was then put into that room where I joined a drinking game in progress. He told me to remove my shirt and I refused. He told me to drink and I refused. Cecilia entered and observed for a while. A plate of baby elephant penis was delivered and Rico came straight to me with it. I ate it without missing a beat and gained a little respect. Rico then had the server take drink orders. But not just any drink, something amazing that you could only find here. I chose a glass of piss from Carrie. He like that answer very much and our time together ended with him stripping naked and trying to get us into a circle jerk.
      We then spent time in the same room with the concierge and another girl who asked us what we were hoping to gain that evening. My answer was a night to remember, but so far this was a night to forget.
      Mason arrives and pulls us out of the room and into the ritual room. That’s when I see Stephanie, but before I can talk to her, Mason whisks me away and asks me what happened to my mask. I tell him I lost it in the bathroom. He tells me to keep my head down and we make our way in a loop through the whole space. Past the stage, through the club, through the dining room, into the hallway and into what looked like the bondage room. He asks if anybody recognized me and I said I don’t think so.
      He then takes me to another room where I meet Noah. Noah gives me a new mask and tells me about his family’s alcoholism and how he didn’t want to be here but he kind of did.
      I was sent out of the room and back into the ritual room. Everybody was paired off except for Stephanie who looked so sad. I sat before her in a chair and she came up to me on her knees and asked me what I wanted. I said, “hug me like you mean it. Like you’ll never see me again. Like that you know that when I walk out that door, I will die.” What followed was what felt like a five-minute embrace where I knew that she needed it far more than I did.
      We then gathered for the ritual where Cecilia instructed me to rub her feet. The ritual went poorly. My replacement was faulted, when it was of course no fault of his own. Noah stops things and pulls off somewhat of a storybook ending with Sarah by his side.

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       Robert Fuller

      So here’s my story. I’ll try to keep it short and limit it to information not already addressed above.

      So, swinging married couple (Woman: “Do you want to fuck me?” Me: “No.” Woman: “Do you want to suck my husband’s dick?” Me: “Okay.” So, outing myself right off the bat). They give me a pill. I swallow it without water, which is difficult.

      Sat on the couch, was caressed and cuddled with by two different women, one of whom put her legs on me. Hey, didn’t I make myself clear? Where are the dudes?

      Alexis sings. We clap. We mingle. I head straight for the bar and get a champagne. Someone asks me why I’m there. “To experience something I’ve never experienced before,” is my response (be careful what you wish for). Two women invite me to their table, Jenna and another one whose name escapes me (which is funny, because I asked her to repeat her name, and I still forgot it). They ask me to get them some champagne. I go to the bar, where The Voice tells me I’m the same as her. I ask her to elaborate, but she basically just repeats herself. I want to stay and chat but Jenna and friend are calling my name, and I’m torn. The Voice says I bore her, so I say, “Okay,” and bring Jenna and friend their champagne. Then a woman (the one I met when I first entered, maybe? I’m not sure) tells me to make out with another participant, a female (I think she was @chrysalis359’s friend?). Okay, first time for everything. I start kissing her over her mask, but the woman tells her to remove it. So we’re making out for real, and I feel terrible and rapey because she’s clearly not into it, and I’m definitely not into it, but anything for an Experience is my motto, so whatever.

      Then I get away as fast as possible and make my way to Mason, whom I see sitting in a corner by himself, watching me. But I’m waylaid by Harry, who’s talking to @chrysalis359. The three of us talk about writing and music, and Harry composes a (pretty terrible) extemporaneous song while I provide the beat by snapping my fingers. We make plans for our future songwriting career together, and then Cara and I head over to Mason and greet him. He’s acting really odd, speaking barely above a whisper so we have to strain to hear him. He asks me why I’m there. I give him the “experience” answer. I ask him what he’s doing in the corner. “Observing. I observe everyone.” The conversation doesn’t really go anywhere, and gets interrupted by our guide (the Spanish woman) leading us into the dining room.

      Dining room scene, @pandace88 already summarized. After everyone left following the line-up, I was left in the room with @winstonsmith and the bald woman, who told us to kneel in front of her. She noticed he was shirtless but I still had my shirt on, so she made me take off my shirt, too. She gave a little speech about … something (maybe @winstonsmith can remember what she said, but I’m blanking) … and then led us into the hall and had us stand facing the wall. She asked both of us in turn if we’d ever stood outdoors and felt the energy of the earth in our feet. She didn’t like my noncommittal answer and told me I need to get out more, which is probably true. She then led us into Rico’s room where two other guys from our group were already seated, and oh, Jesus fucking Christ, Rico. What a scumbag. I hated every second I was in that room. I almost forgot to bend my pinky when he shook my hand and he looked at me funny. He made us play a drinking game that was not fun at all and everybody but me screwed up anyway. He was also being pretty abusive to Zane, the servant boy, and my heart went out to the poor guy. He asked us if we wanted a jerk-off session but no one took him up on his offer. He started getting pissed off and he said something bad about us that I couldn’t hear, and then said, “Especially you!” while pointing at me (what did he say, @winstonsmith?!). Cecilia came in and he got naked (or he got naked and Cecilia came in, I’m not sure). He ran out and Winston called him Yakov Smirnoff, which Cecilia took offense to, because he’s a friend of hers.

      Ritual room. I and another guy (Micah, who identified himself as a friend of the Creators while we were in the parking lot waiting for Morgan) were led into the so-called bondage room (which is really a sacrifice room) by a woman with an accent. We asked her name, and she said it was Seven. She asked us if we wanted her to demonstrate what the room was used for, and we said yes. Micah was chained to the wall, while I sat in the chaise longue with a blindfold on. I heard her taking Micah’s pants off, and then my shoes were taken off for some reason (my pants stayed on, unfortunately). Her accent made it difficult to understand her, but there was something about a drug used in the sacrifice. She removed my blindfold and said I needed to go because the ritual was starting. Noah came in at this point. I said hello but he ignored me (I’ve never not been ignored by Noah, so I’m used to it). Seven rushed me out of the room to join the ritual, already in progress.

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      Before I start this please understand that it has been incredibly difficult for me to share ANY of this since about 9/8 or so (no significance to that date just guessing). A lot of these conversations get intimate and I’m not sure what is or is not plot related. I am constantly trying to figure out if I’m talking to the “real” him or not, who IS the real him, what the fuck is even going on, etc. Unlike my close friends here, I am not being shown script pages and backstage scenes and artifice. This seems to be intended to feel like reality to me. And I have kept stuff to myself, some of that is by choice because I don’t think it’s for public consumption, but a great deal of it is because people have been straight up assholes and I do not owe assholes stories that involve my emotional vulnerability.

      Friday Night.

      I was the last one in our group in the building, very pointedly so. I was met by (I think her name was) Joanne and her husband, Jacques. They were fighting about anal sex, she was on something, really fucked up, and yelled at me to get away from her husband, pushing me towards the lounge area. I would have sat next to @michelle but there was another actor very conveniently sitting next to her, chatting with her, I think, so I had to go to the empty couch. Mason came and sat there a few minutes later. Sabrina gave her speech about the evening and had everyone take off one article of clothing. Everyone took off their jackets, but…I was already holding mine in my lap. Sabrina looked at me hard and said “THAT is already off.” So. I reached under my skirt and took my panties off. Which then Mason took, and I never saw them again.

      I pretty much just spent the evening with him, until, I think, the part where the anointed were chosen and I had to go help prepare @erisbonn. He was Rubik’s Cube Mason, nerd Mason, without the serial killer. It honestly was exceedingly awkward. At one point someone told me that the corset needed to come off, and he told me to take it off. I was like, really? I JUST got here. He started to help me take it off when Cecilia walked by. She took my hands, and held them in front and told me to close my eyes. “Let him figure it out,” she said and made me basically not help him. He didn’t sound like he was having a ton of fun loosening the back. “Are you keeping your eyes closed?” Cecilia would ask me. Sometimes I would try to say something to help and she’d stop me. When he moved around to the front, she moved behind me and took my arms and pinned them behind my back firmly. She leaned forward over my shoulder and said “I can tell there’s something special about you.” Another woman came by and started stroking my neck. Corset off, he handed it off to her, and I was now just in a white skirt and white cami.

      Eventually we ended up in the strawberry room. Mason integrated himself into our group and sat next to me at the table. I hated playing those games. I’m really bad at thinking up answers on the spot, because I don’t have a ton of secrets that are the kind a room wants to hear. I have to think for a few minutes, and I was being pressured. That doesn’t make what I said untrue, but it was definitely a first-thing-I-thought-of-that-I-could-say-in-that-room thing. I know people want secrets that are romantic or sexual in nature and I don’t really have those, so you would have ended up with something like “one time I almost accidentally joined a terrorist organization but don’t worry I didn’t.” I am learning in very real ways right now that my brain works differently than most, for real.

      When I was standing behind his chair and had to move to the next chair, he grabbed my wrist and told the Madame (which I believe was how she introduced herself) that he wasn’t ready to let me go yet. She said “what will you give for her?” He took his shirt off. Then when given the chance to tell me to take something off he looked at me and said “I’ve already bought you, take it all off.” Which is how I came to be naked.

      After that…more questions and answers that I couldn’t do very well in the line. And then Violet was selected for the Anointment. I was taken to the bathroom to help get her ready, and that was pretty much that. Oh, and I had a brief trip to the bondage room, where Noah Sinclair got me wine, and helped me to drink it because I was blindfolded. When we were getting dressed after both my cami and my panties were missing from the bin. Bryan said I was likely not getting the panties back. I started to put the corset back on but Impatient Blond Guy wanted us to move faster and that meant no corset, so I went to Dennys with just a skirt and my leather jacket.

      Sunday night.

      The Madame pretty much zeroed in on me right away, took my hand and walked around with me. She asked questions about my love life, my marriage, my husband, have I ever had my heart broken. She asked why I was so nervous and I explained that I had anxiety around groups of people if I didn’t have anyone to talk to so I was glad she was talking to me. She asked if I wanted a drink and brought me over to the bar, where I talked with Joanne again, the same woman I saw upon entering Friday night. She seemed sober-ish this time and we had a great conversation. Also the pages to the Book of Abraham Eleazar Alchemy thingy were on the counter – @blondie and I had been having an in depth discussion about those on Slack earlier. @michelle came over and joined us and the three of us talked for awhile. Joanne was really nice, she and her husband are new members, and that was their fourth visit (I think). She gave Michelle lots of really good relationship advice, hint hint.

      I think I started to follow Michelle into the next room because the door was open at that point. I talked to Jennifer for awhile in there, and got bits of her story about her father who was missing, possibly taken by the OSDM, she was looking for him. She was very distraught. I briefly talked to Sabrina as well who seemed….off.

      Back out in the bar I ran into Mason, and we talked for awhile. Much less awkward. And close. He told me to follow him, we went into the next room where they were playing truth or dare and asked him if we wanted to play, and he said yes and smiled at me like it was the freaking best idea in the entire fucking world. And, of course, I think it was Skye that picked me and said “truth or dare?” and I said truth and can someone please come up with a different question? Because she asked “what do you most desire?” or whatever it was and I was like JESUS FUCKING CHRIST and said “a different question!” Because I’d had to answer this at the same damn table Friday night and Morgan had been a dick and made me tell everyone in the parking lot what my answer to it was, and then basically said I wasn’t telling the whole truth and told everyone I said something else, which I did not say, because fuck my life. Anyway, they asked me a different question and it was “who do you want to fuck most here at the table?” and I answered Mason but didn’t answer it loud enough, and so had to repeat it until I don’t know who was satisfied at the volume. My turn, I picked Mason, and ended up daring him to kiss me, and he did. A lot.

      A lot of the conversation after that is really getting under my skin now. I admitted that my greatest fear (? I’m honestly not sure it’s my “greatest” fear but sure, let’s go with it) is being vulnerable. He said a lot of things that basically led me to the conclusion that I can’t hide, or that trying to will be pointless, because he’ll just find another way to get to me. Some of you might know that he had been on Slack as a newbie player, and started talking to me. I didn’t know that I was talking to Mason. And I was really suspicious at first but he knows how to manipulate me and it’s been a stressful semester and I ended up telling him everything. By the time I figured out what was going on, the begging for attention phone call had passed and both Mason and the newbie were gone. I am really pissed at myself. And I told him last night that he tricked me. He said that for once he got the truth out of me, which is unfair because I have a really hard time lying at all. He said “no, you just shut down.” He also asked me, “did he buy you the teal boots?” which, yes, he did. The “he” here is my husband, the teal boots were my birthday present from him and – wait, when did I tell Mason that? I didn’t. And when I asked how he knew, he just said “Megan, I read everything.” Which means, I think, that he’s reading my filtered Facebook posts. He said “you’re more of an open book than you think.”

      So, I give up, I think. I have never in my life felt so watched. I realize that’s an exaggeration of what’s going on but I’m not used to feeling this way and I’m not a big fan. I share a lot online (various social media profiles, checkins, books I’m reading, movies I’ve seen, livestreams of my cats, periscopes of me drunk in Scotland, etc) because I make the assumption that no one gives a shit. I remember how it felt when I realized he’d read so much of my blog back at the beginning of September, and this feels like that all over again.

      At some point here, Michelle came over to me and said “I have to talk to you,” and whispered to me a brief summary of what happened in the bathroom with Zane. When she walked away Mason said “tell me what she told you,” and I said that she told me to stay away from him. Which obviously I wasn’t doing.

      I did ask him what he wanted from me and his answer was “everything.” I keep asking this because I have a hard time believing there isn’t some nefarious purpose to all of this, he can’t possibly actually be after *me*. And I’ve said that. I fucking said that to the newbie that was Mason. I know that this is going nowhere good, I know it’s going to destroy me, and honestly I’m not sure that I care. He told me that it didn’t have to end that night, that he would continue to be around, and I would know when he was there, which sounds like maybe more pretending to be other players? He wants me to follow him. And he said he’d see me soon.

      I hate sharing this shit.

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      Wow, these experiences are incredible. I’ll try to focus, as Larry suggested, on how this made me feel and only talk about stuff I haven’t heard mentioned. I had a really eclectic group of mostly non ARG people in my group and as we lined up outside the venue, a skinny unmasked man in a black suit wandered outside stumbling drunk. The security guys rolled their eyes, like “oh ignore him…” We entered and I took the drugs, then the leather clad Voice gave an odd speech, I wish I remembered more but it was kind of ancient and poetic and foreboding. I tried to get a good look at the Anoch pages, but didn’t think of picking them up or trying to arrange them. The Voice started demanding that we take off our clothes, which made me a little uncomfortable at first, especially since my husband was next to me. I warned him about what might transpire, but I didn’t think things would happen so quickly. Whenever someone discarded just a jacket, the Voice would say, “that doesn’t interest me..” wanting more. She made one poor woman flash us her tits and the woman really didn’t want to and was shaken after. When we moved to the bar, I went over to the woman who had flashed and asked if she was ok? She said it was a little much for her, then the horny lady with the drugs insisted that we make out, which I did, but the other poor woman was reluctant and saying this was hard for her. Another innocent looking girl with long hair called me over and asked what I wanted out of this, then asked if I had ever had hot wax poured on me, I told her I had..she seemed a little surprised. I spoke briefly with Alexis at the bar who was disgusted with the whole thing and then mentioned that sometimes they “fuck people to death” here. I thought she might have glanced upstairs, but that might have been my imagination. By now my husband had been taken away by a woman into the closet and I was actually getting comfortable with everything and feeling pretty relaxed.

      Anna took us to the dining room and I was seated again next to the poor flashing woman and told to hold hands and stare. The woman and I started laughing that we where “soul mates”. Then the regular stuff happened on the “prepping the anointed” track. I was feeling good about helping them and feeling the female energy and Anna was totally engaging. At one point I asked Zane if he needed help and he nodded yes, then he whispered, “we never talked.” I really loved seeing my husband in his underwear even with other women..this is something I’ve never experienced before. We would just glance at each other when we saw each other, then leave again…like a cool unspoken understanding. When we were almost ready for the honoring, Anna started getting upset that we were running behind and said she needed to give Noah a piece of her mind and she needed a witness. I raised my hand to be the witness immediately, just trying to go for it. Anna shot me down and said, “I said a witness not a volunteer” and gave me a dirty look, then she changed her mind and said I could do it. So she lead me all around the building again looking for Noah and the Counselor started heckling her and she gave him a piece of her mind. She took me to Noah in the freeway room and she started chewing him out with a grin on her face and he was pretty flirty with her and asked why she was always on his case and something about her accent, all in a very flirtatious joking way. She left me alone and Noah got really close to my face, which of course I liked. He asked about my family and if I felt like I needed to free myself of something and if I had any alcoholism in my family? I answered him and he said we had a lot in common, especially family stuff and responsibility. At this point I had no idea where my husband was and didn’t care. He told me later he was put at eye level (with another female participant) in front of a man with a very large uncircumcised penis and asked how his compared. After Noah, I was lead back to the honoring room and laid down with Stephanie who gave me the choice to stay or go, I stayed and got a long arm massage. I wish I had asked her if she needed help, but I didn’t. I did see the skinny suit guy from the parking lot again, peeking from behind the pillars with the creepy old man during the ceremony. Then the regular ending.

      My main takeaways about myself was that I was so happy I did this with my husband. He is not following the ARG and he had a blast. I honestly think it brought us together by having this shared experience, the same way that it’s brought some of you together.

      I think I might have been too focused on the other participants in my group and not as much on the characters. I was intrigued by some of the people in our group which ranged from theater producer, to random guy who got a ticket at 7 pm that night, to Andrew Perez, to a very fascinating woman in a full ornate burlesque gown and long black gloves, to a sweet normal seeming couple/woman who had to flash. I was totally absorbed their secrets and confessions and watching them, but maybe I should have been a little more aware of my surroundings and the storyline.

      I felt at ease mostly the whole time, I was concerned for the girls and for Zane and Stephanie, but I never really spoke up, which makes me sad and makes me think about compliance and how people can just go along with a situation in the moment without thinking about it. I don’t feel drawn to join the BOS or anything, mostly because I’m not really one to join groups and I’m kind of a loner. But I was very excited to hear from one participant that there might be a way to stop this by making a “seal” with a red candle and the pages from the Anoch book. This is the first real tangible thing I’ve heard about that could help these people and stop the OSDM! Even Stephanie said they weren’t supposed to talk about it, so I believe it means something. Since I am, at this moment, keeping the mindset that this is real, I vow to do my best to try and help these trapped people and find a way to make that seal, either alone or with the help of others.

    • #28052
       Andrew Kasch

      OK, so here it goes…

      I’ve been out of this story for awhile. This has been a colossally tough year for me on so many levels, so after the Briarberg meeting, when the Tension cast told us to “get out” while we still could, I actually took their advice. I walked away from all of this after over two years of playing with you amazing people.

      But I couldn’t resist buying a ticket… Just to see.

      My girlfriend, @wrathofhearts came with me (fitting, since Bousman accidentally crashed our first date together) and boy, was she dropped into the deep end of the immersive theatre pool. Christ.

      After Morgan’s “previously on the Lust Experience” recap (and a few digs at me over the last year for not joining BOS), we got to the compound and @wrathofhearts and I were instantly separated… of course.

      I was instantly confronted by the couple at the top of the stairs, who I found quite hilarious cause the guy was laughing nervously and making excuses as his girlfriend was getting very angry with me that I wasn’t peeling off my clothes and getting down right then and there. A beautiful tall, bald woman sat down and started hitting on me, while my eyes kept darting to the door, waiting for my girlfriend, which really frustrated the woman. The night went on and we all mingled – and yikes – remember, how we all thought LUST wasn’t about sex? They sure made up for that.

      One lone woman, who we all suspected as being a plant from the get go, was taken into the back room for sex and we heard her screaming loudly before she emerged naked. Sabrina made a dude randomly call his mother, but when he refused to play ball, she spun around and screamed “KASCH! Give me your phone!” (thankfully, she called one of my best friends and not any relatives).

      The dinner table sequence went on like I’m sure it did for everyone. Then Sabrina selected me as being “chosen” and I was blindfolded. Wound up in a bathroom with two guys in masks (hello, creators) and a bug eyed dude who gave me the world’s shittiest razor and told that I had 10 minutes to shave off all my pubic hair. Easier said then done. Everyone left after a few minutes, but then the bald woman from earlier came in and watched me, and seemed to be really getting off on it. I made conversation, saying whatever I could to distract from the situation.

      As someone with major body issues (going through Ascension in my boxers was torture), I spent the rest of the evening barely holding it together. My girlfriend and several other ladies from our group came in with Sabrina and they rubbed oils on me. Sabrina instructed them to compliment me and tried to give @wrathofhearts some reassuring words about what was about to happen. I was honestly scared to death at this point and it took every ounce of energy just to stand on my two feet.

      Then I was led into the hair studio with Anna and the female plant. Like with some of the handlers at Ascension, Anna was telling us how she was an actress and was talking like this was all a show. Then she looked me in the eyes and read me like a fucking book (I cannot stress how incredible she was at this). She said she was in this because all she wanted to do to was be remembered, and asked me if I would remember her past tonight. I answered with an affirmative “YES” and she broke down crying, saying something along the lines of “I can tell you’re a very good person…which makes what happens next so hard.” And at that point I was bagged and taken to the bed.

      I was full on shaking and frozen in terror, since everyone was gathered around staring at me (you know that dream when you’re on stage in your underwear in front of everyone? That shit’s nothing). And seeing my girlfriend witness all this and wondering what was going through her head was a thousand times worse. I can’t stress this enough – this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

      Then something truly odd happened: In the middle of the ceremony, Tom Barrow stopped everything and I was asked to stand up in front of everyone and turn around. I have a giant OOA tattoo on my back, so when everyone saw the sigil, a giant hush fell over the room and he said “He has the symbol of our former order!” and made everyone bow their heads to me in a moment of silence. That’s when Cecilia completely freaked…

      “Mr Kasch, is that you?”
      “Why didn’t you identify yourself earlier?!?!”
      “Because nobody asked.”

      She seemed unbelievably pissed, as if me being up there screwed up all their plans. I have no idea why.

      I was ordered to lay back on the bed and the ceremony continued…until Noah crashed it. I have never been happier to see Noah Sinclair in my life. Jesus.

      Afterwards the room cleared and I tried my best to get my legs moving. That’s when Stephanie came out of nowhere and pulled me out, and seeing the kind face of a friend was probably the only thing that got me standing.

      Afterwards, I held my girlfriend on the sidewalk and cried. It’s taken the last two days to process all this.

      The next day, we both received a message from Morgan. And I realized I couldn’t just sit on the fence anymore. I couldn’t just walk away from the game. I needed some sort of revenge…some sort of closure… not just because of what they put @wrathofhearts and I through, but what they did to Stephanie and so many other women. That obviously didn’t happen on the final night, when The Resistance left with its tail between its legs, but I hope there will be a day when we can deal a crippling blow to the OSDM.

      Many people also reported meeting a “Jenna” at the ceremony. I did not see her that night, so I don’t know if it was THE Jenna…but if the OSDM found her and brainwashed her, then that’s the final fucking straw. I’ve been scared of this happening for two years, and I’m sure as fuck not going to sit idly by anymore. Team Ronin was nice, but after that night, it’s time to stop being Switzerland.

      So I’m back. And BOS.

      Missed you all.

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       Michael Rizzo

      It def seems the majority of the MSE has been mapped out here so I’m going to try to keep only with the details I haven’t quite seen on here yet:

      -Rolled in and along with @addisonborn and @russell were hugged by Sabrina. Then chosen by Sabrina as the “example” for the group, said fuck it and took my top half of clothing off.
      -Spoke to the woman wearing only the robe in the 1st lounge area, she mentioned she was hired to be there and fucking hates it. But also said we had to be quiet as they’re always listening. She dipped.
      -Spoke to sabs a bit about nothing in particular and then we’re moved on.
      -While in the “have you cheated” group moment, Sky grabbed me and we ran back to the lounge area to tell the bald woman that the chancellor was abusing a handler.
      -Ran to the bathroom with the bald woman and got that boi in some trouble, he then was forced to sing Roxanne to us. f u Chancellor.
      -Was taken to Rico’s little porn room, once he left Mason and Sabrina busted in like wtf we got shit to do people to see. A filter of urgency was quickly thrown over the group. Sabrina said she had to find Noah and needed a witnes to his shenanigans, grabbed me and thus started the big hunt.
      -We ran hand in hand through the compound, running pet various scenes of crazy shit. We finally found Noah who was just “trying to take a shit in peace”. Sabs dipped and Noah brought me in. Knew I wasn’t supposed to be there but obviously wasn’t going to do anything. Told me how he was a drunk shoes taking over the family business, a brewery. Then I dipped out and into the ceremony/red room.
      -Spoke to Jenna, while speaking to Jenna had a full on stare down with mason. Good shit Mason. Then acted out a clown for Jenna and put my legs over my head (because idk a special talent??). Was tons of fun up until she wanted to get out but couldn’t. Then said I had to be careful, they’re on to me.
      -Ceremony happened, was stopped by Noah.

      -In the parking lot after Morgan gave us his whole speech, the rest of the BOS could be seen arriving in the back. @addisonborn and I both got the same email so we had an idea of what wasn’t happening. Morgan pulled the BOS who had tickets from the 11:30 group and talked to us a bit more on the night and to be ready. He then pulled Addison and I for a quick chat. He told us to be careful and keeps our eyes open for certain things. Then told us when it happens, we can either choose to stand with him or not. He would not force us to do anything because that’s what “they” do. We departed to the compound.
      -The madam gave us an intro speech and let us loose.
      -Everyone quickly found someone to talk to, before I Knew it Sabrina came from behind me and talked to me for a good minute. We went to the side and I asked her, “Do you really think Anoch is out there, are are you here solely for that limelight as you suggested at the Iconfidant meet. “How could you say that” she said, she noted that of course she believes in Anoch and all that, we talked about beliefs which led into talking about love for quite a bit. How love and belief in a higher power is the same thing. I said sure, but if anoch is so great, why can no one give me a straight answer as to why? What will he do when he does show up? Why should I care and believe in this guy. She said that she hopes I stick around and will hopefully see for myself. Smh
      -After quick chats with Joyce and Cecilia, I was moving in for Andy when a hand grabbed me to sit. I looked over to find Karlie Blair sitting with a glass of wine. Another long conversation about love and how you know if it’s real, temporary, or just not. Now, the first thing she’s mentioned to me was how goodness it was to see me again. We never introduced ourselves as I had known who she was, karlie Blair. But after speaking to other that night, they told me she was going by Tabitha? I have never met a “tabitha”, which is why I was confused on who exactly I was speaking to? The woman knew who I was and had met me before, so it was Karlie? But She was going by tabitha to others, someone they never met? As we kept talking she mentioned how cold she was Andy how she really wanted to go into the dining room (as it was warmer), however she didn’t think they did let her in. I convinced her that we would sneak her in and arm in arm, we walked on in. Almost immediately Sabrina grabbed me as well as Addison who had also just entered the room, declaring that we wanted to play Truth or Dare (I was not down. After a round I got up and went back to the lounge area.
      -I spotted Andy, I greeted him with a “the man who fucks, in the flesh”. I asked him as someone who was such a proud sponser of The system, how didn’t he feel about this organization (OSDM). He told me he has never been there prior, mainly due to Sarah and Noah bringing him along. I asked how Sarah hasn’t been doing since the last time I saw her she was scared for her life. Just then Sabrina popped back up behind me. I told her I was just speaking to Andy when she said “oh do you want me to fuck off? It seems like you want me to fuck off?”. Of course not and I told her to bring up a chair. She did, but unfortunately that also meant Andy’s answers got shorter and not as detailed. He loves both Noah and Sarah, and always findable a middle ground. That’s when Sabrina took my hand and walked me to Rico’s Room.
      -It was just me and Rico, when @bcbishop and @wanda102 joined us. The dude was a fucking mess. After the doors closed, he threw a towel over the camera and proceeded to tell us he murdered his pregnant wife. He said that the OSDM was holding his green card Andy wouldn’t allow him to keep it unless the wife wasn’t killed. Dude was sobbing with Bryan comforting him. I can’t reme the country he was from, but husband reasoning of having to leave was because he wasn’t catholic and had to disavow his religion… I don’t know about you guys but I guess religious freedom is worth killing your pregnant wife?? I had little sympathy for the dude. And that’s when karlie walked by Andre he said, “THEYRE GOIG TO KILL HER NEXT. YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING”, in which @wanda102 said cool and then dipped to karlie (as one should). Julie Ray then stab down with Rico, whispering that he did the right thing (smfh Julie). Cecilia Andy Sabrina both walked in and talked with me about love once again. Asked Cecilia how her old man wasn’t doing (she said that separate bedrooms isn’t always bad thing) and we chatted about my profession and the last time I loved and all that. We finished up and I moved into the Red Room.
      -It was clear the moment Addison and I had been anxiously waiting for was soon. Addison mentioned he wasn’t sure mason would be with us when the time came. I found Jenna and talked to her again, asking shy she hasn’t left yet. Hit the open road and be a clown again lmao. “No money she says”. Then pulls me to the side, says we need to laugh because of how much fun we’re having (but mainly because security is watching). She can’t give a straight answer on why she can’t leave, when Steph comes up to us and teases us when we’re called to the bed. We walk over to together when Jenna grabs much hand with a fucking death grip, until Clint in his mask pushes us apart and closer to the bed.
      -I hear the back door and notice a group closing in. The moment has come. I look at Addison and we slowly move back Andy start to undo our Mask ties. I see mason backing up with us, now standing with the two of arc the back of the group. “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and they’re in the room. Masks come off and the three of us are now with the rest of the BOS in the room. A bald woman (not a participant) also joins us, she was just one of the end deep undercover members Morgan had inside.
      -Steph is taken by @larry and Sabs is pregnant. I walk out with everyone else. Mason and Morgan walk with Jan to the lot and kick back.

      • #28115

        I’ll follow up on this @rizzzoooooo. I got up and went to find Karlie after Rico told us she was next to die (she was going by Tatiana btw, if I recall.) I had a brief encounter with Steph in the hallway where she pinned me to the wall with a hand around my throat and greeted me. Love you too, girl. I followed her back out into the dining room and found Karlie against the wall, staring around like a frightened thing. We chatted for a while, and she mentioned that @chelsea and Rizzo were being so nice to her, but Chelsea had told her they met Thursday and she had a different name, but she doesn’t remember any of that and she didn’t even know today was Sunday. I tell her I know her by that name too and she looks upset. And then I tell her what Rico said, that she’s the next to die. And she started to panic and kept saying “but…why? I didn’t do anything.”

        They started to usher us back to the Honoring room and I walked with Karlie on my arm. Inside the Honoring room what happened has been described by many guests, but my particular experience was clutching Karlie to me and her tucking her head under my chin while Cecilia spoke. When Cecilia pointed at Stephanie, Steph turned and started screaming. “No! DARREN! HELP ME!” And I just kept saying “no no no no” under my breath and pushing closer to @larry who was stood front and center. I started to cry silently as the group chanted louder and louder, and put a hand on Larry’s shoulder while I shook. The whole time Karlie was behind me, crying while she repeated the chants because she had no choice, and holding my right hand while my left was on Larry. Having to leave Karlie there after everything was a second blow I wasn’t expecting that night.

    • #28094

      Here’s my experience:

      My time slot was Sunday 11:30pm but I was moved to 11pm (Steph called me Sunday midday asking if I could move)

      I arrive at 10:45p at the parking lot. Things were running a little behind so our 11p group had time to chit-chat. I’m not sure when but Morgan started to give our entire group a very quick briefing of why we’re here: to collect intel on the actual operations of the OSDM. Since his e-mail about the hand signals was intercepted, we had to get a very quick lesson on how to blend in with the OSDM. Shortly thereafter the driver picked us up and drove us to the OSDM hideout. When we got out of the van and line up I noticed some in our group were getting something whispered in their ear but I personally didn’t get any whispered messages. One thing I noticed straight away is that the driver and the security detail had a bit of a power dynamic. As the security detail was talking to us the driver interrupted, which completely undermind the security detail. To add, when I was waiting for my turn to step inside the security guy and I somehow got onto the topic of Full House and Perfect Strangers but midway though our small talk the driver was like “while you were dicking around, I was actually working”. Touches of Lust for Power here? Coincidence?

      I step inside and I immediately see a woman and a man who immediately ask if I wanted to f*ck them both. Whoa now. I think I said something l like “a bit direct aren’t we?!” I was told to swallow a pill and I reluctantly took it but not without trying to get something to wash it down. The woman was like “use your saliva and swallow it” so I did–dry mouth and all. She instructed me to take a seat and I did. Several of my 11p crew were sitting on couches while listening to a woman with a VERY good voice signing “Fever”. Shortly there after a very attractive woman (rocking a bald head) came over and felt up my leg–giving me very suggestive looks like she was horny or something (((blush))). She had to go though as our host (The Voice from Ascension) came in and gave a monologue about how tonight They were gonna make us cum and release our bindings/set us free. She walked around the room and pointed to me to come up with her to the stage. Meanwhile a person wearing a skull mask was looking in my direction which was…unnerving…..considering at that point our Host told me to show her my titties. Keep in mind that we were told by Morgan to do everything as we’re told or we’re gonna get kicked out. I was speechless AND my dress is zipped up in the back so I couldn’t exactly just bust them out on the spot. Moreso–I didn’t WANT to so I just stood there looking at everyone like a deer in headlights. I was completely prepared at the point to be kicked out–I wasn’t about to do this especially in front of people that I know.

      There are just some things I’m not willing to do even if it means looking like a sissy and you know what? I’m fucking fine with this.

      Fortunately she moved on and just asked for my underwear instead. I saw this is as a compromise so I gave them up and handed them over. Honestly I felt quite grossed out because now her hands are on my underwear but I’m taking in good faith that she washed them? Anoch I hope so.

      She goes around to everybody asking for clothing that excites us so little by little people were losing their shirts, bras, pants. Honestly I was relieved that I had most of my clothing still on me as we were directed to have a drink and socialize.

      As I got my champagne I turned around and saw a slender lady who was taller than me so I decided to talk to her. Her name was Tatiana and she HAD a boyfriend who introduced her to this organization but “he couldn’t handle it” and so they’re broken up. At that point she asks if we can talk privately. Then whispers “we’re in grave danger”. We head into a utility closet and she asks if I can keep my hands to myself. After putting my drink down and putting my hand behind my back she turns towards away (so her backside is facing me) and starting moaning/slamming her hands against the wall. She then turns around and points to a security cam “their eyes are on us at all times”. Now–if this is a REAL OSDM event wouldn’t that immediately compromise her as an informant? It just didn’t seem like a discreet move at all.

      We walk out and go our separate ways. At a table near a dancing stage is a man slouched over. He’s wearing a plague mask. I start up conversation and he asks me why I am here. This was actually the most meaningful convo in the entire evening as this man kinda pointed out an observation that I think I keep on denying IRL and it directly tied in with a question that was asked when I bought my Anointment ticket. Later, I find out he’s infatuated with a dancer but she doesn’t seem to reciprocate. He is also a supplier of drugs at these events, mostly MDMA and Ketamine. Somewhere in this conversation a very confused or crazed naked guy streaks in the building. 0_o Perhaps he was “trippin’ bawlz”? The conversation makes a quick turn about Anoch and I ask “what is the mechanism to bring him back”. He then says “all this astrology shit has to mean something” (he’s pointing to a page from a book about New Dusk or New Dawn). At this point a bell rings and all of the 11p crew had to come to the bell ringer.

      Near the bell ringer is Mason and a man who is wearing a large buffalo mask. Mason is annoyed as hell as this whole night has been not on schedule. Hm. Not on schedule? Wouldn’t a person that is at an event really care about schedules? Parties are usually fluid and not dictated by time. Idk, it was an odd thing for him to say and leads me to believe we’re at the OSDM show, not the actual….whatever this was. Mason then asks for everyone to hand over their cell phone. Micah and Jackie had to make phone calls about how much they love the caller.

      We’re lead into a very warm dining room–listened to Mason lecturing about how monogamy is a lie. He orders Skye to remove her clothing–talks about how moaning is really just a cry for nearby males (basically talking about the biology of sex from a very primal view point). Then we’re ordered to stand in line and imagine our greatest desires: sexually, an object, and a title. All of us tell Mason our greatest desire is and at that point I see Sabrina real quickly but she goes into another room. Then this super douche blonde man comes out and he looks like he’s either high on cocaine or he’s just an asshole. Who knows. He comes over to Mason and just bosses him around. An young woman (later identified as Jennifer) in white dress comes out. This blond guy proceeds to grab her and points to me and Micah to follow him into a restroom. The blond guy CLEARLY is trying to make unwanted advances on Jennifer. I felt really disappointed in myself that I didn’t say anything to stop this guy’s nonsense. Thankfully the woman who was rubbing my knee at the lounge stepped the fuck in and confronted blond boy. Not only did she slap him on the face, she slapped is dick and called it a “little tiny thing”. At that point Skye is comforting Jennifer while Knee Rubber is dominating Blond Boy. Her parting words before taking him to the Dungeon was “I’m going to put holes in his dick with my 6 inch stilettos”

      RIP Blond boy’s dick, nobody wants it around anyway.

      At this point I’m taken out of the bathroom and personally escorted around from room to room but everytime my escort opened a door, it was either occupied or not ready? I couldn’t tell. Eventually I was placed in a bathroom where a participant from my group was in the process of being Anointed. Most of the women that were in that bathroom were then escorted to a shower room where a male participant was ready to be Anointed. We Anointed the participant and led into a room where I believe Rico (?) was supposed to be but Rico was MIA. This room had porn but it switched over to security cam feeds and at this point Mason was kinda losing it a bit about how things were not running the way it should have. The group was in there for about a minute or so until we were lead into the Ritual Room. We were told to line up as the man in a robe inspected us one-by-one, asking if we were ready. In the Ritual bed was some guy with shoulder length hair but he didn’t say anything. Then we were released to roam around the room to prepare ourselves for the ritual. I happen to immediately make eye contact with a shorter woman with short hair (she had an accent maybe from S. America?). She took us into a room that had a small bed, table with knife/white powder as well as some bondage gear (?) There was also a swing and in the rear of the room, many candles if I recall correctly but I didn’t get the chance to check that part out. The short woman asked me if I knew what this room is for. Like the naive person I am I said “uhhhh bondage”. She was like nope. She asked if I knew what Adrenochrome is and at first I said no but then I remembered Fear and Loathing and immediately knew what she was referring to. At that point she proceeds to tell me that Adrenochrome is harvested from the blood of unsuspecting people who think this is nothing more than a sex party. I was bond up to the wall (softly) and blindfolded while another participant layed on the bed. Only thing I heard at this point is a door opening and footsteps. When she took off my blindfold Noah was on the swing looking depressed AF. We were being led out and I didn’t say anything because I’m an idiot and again, scared of causing kinks in the chains by not following instructions.

      We were led back to the ceremony bed where two people, totally naked (except for a very small towel draped over the male participant) and hooded. An older woman in a pant suit came in and basically was hustling to get this show on the road. She was very mechanical and mentioned Horace being too tired and sleeping. I assume this is Cecilia. What a piece of work. 😛

      Steph was there too and looked….bewildered. We were asked to line up while Stephanie inspects each and everyone of us to see if she recognizes anybody. We looked at me and mouthed something. I could have sworn it was “I’m sorry”. She denies knowing anybody in our line-up. At this point she’s looks like she’s having a massive migraine. Cecilia then has us go around the Ceremony Bed and basically tells the naked participants to go at it. She even had us count down to 3 to get them rallied up. WTF lady XD Fortunately Noah charged in and was like “omg y’all are doing it wrong” and goes into a very cute speech about how real sacrifice is being with a person you have to work for and BOOM in comes Sarah all teary-eyed. Noah and Sarah embrace and walk away.

      Cecilia as a closer says “I HAVE A PLAN……”

      Then we were led out, told to dress, and sent on our way.

      Fortunately right around the time I was heading out the 11:30p crew was getting out from their Experience as well. Morgan invited me over to hang and hear first-hand about what exactly happened. Morgan informs me that Mason has been working with him the entire time but before he could go further, Mason comes to the parking lot and they give each other a big hug. I talk to others to get the scoop. Sabrina is pregnant eh….?

    • #28095

      My initial visit on Friday was a mixture of what @rizzzoooooo and @kasch have described. But one thing that I’m not sure had been mentioned: Sabrina was our guide, but when she was giving the initial briefing, she said “My name is.. well, not important.” or something to that effect. She never identified herself as Sabrina Kern.

      I was chosen to participate in the Honoring ritual – my path deviated a little bit in that after the removal of body hair and making a loincloth from a damp towel, both Sabrina and Mason accompanied the two women in our group as I was oiled. Sabrina circled me as she gave me the a little context and a slight hint at the purpose of the ritual, though I can’t for the life of me remember her exact words. Mason was giving instructions to the two women, and requested they leave my chest to him. He rubbed oil onto me, took a step back and looked me up and down, kissed his index and middle fingers and put them to my lips, saying “you have been anointed.”

      Sunday night was different, and I realized throughout the night that I was exposing vulnerabilities I was not previously fully aware of.

      In the parking lot, after the briefing Morgan had told @rizzzoooooo and I to push for answers, don’t worry about coming off as interrogatory, that we should push to get any information that’d be useful for the resistance. Instead of breaking down every interaction, the below is what made me feel:

      On Friday, I had a very brief run in with Madame in which she told me she had been an active member in the ritual and the preparation of other ritual “participants” and seemed to know quite a bit about the OSDM, so she was the first person I spoke to, and I asked her straight up how she got there. She offered that we take this discussion in her office as it was quieter, but when she led me to the door, it was stuck shut. She asked my name and said she’d find me a little later in the night. Spoiler: she never came back for me.

      I then went to the man we have all but confirmed was Gordon, in the white mask. I played dumb, introduced myself, said I had seen him around but we never officially met. He looked at me for a moment, and I got the cold shoulder.

      I sat down with the young woman on the ground in the middle of the bar area. She was sobbing, she had lost her boyfriend Trevor somewhere inside. She was equally heartbroken and missing him, and furious at him. I offered a shoulder to cry on and to help her find him, but she wouldn’t. I said it was probably just best for her to leave and attempted to walk her out, but Pat was standing by the door and wouldn’t let us out.

      As I said elsewhere, I spoke to Andy who Fucks, and he seemed really confused and wasn’t fully aware of where Noah is, and hadn’t seen him in a while. I think this is SUPER sus.

      Harry (who was completely wasted) and I had a conversation about what it means to love someone, and what it means when you irreparably destroy your chance at that love. He was holding onto repressed feeling from when he was a teenager (at least from what I could understand, as he was slurring quite a bit) – I tried to convince him that this place is hell on earth and that his suffering will continue for as long as he’s there. He said leaving will only make it worse because he can’t dull the feelings out there like he can in here.

      At this point, I ran into Sabrina. We exchanged words. I told her she wasn’t acting herself, that this was a mistake, that she can make things right and walk away. Every time, she kept saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” or “what do you mean?” I asked “why are we here, what do you want from us? You know our cover is blown and still, we’re here drinking your booze and hanging out with your people.” to which she only responded “This is a celebration! We’re celebrating.” When I asked what, I was only told that we’d all soon know and celebrate together.

      She then took Rizzo and I into the dining room/kitchen where we played Truth or Dare.. until i realized that really only participants were playing while They took softballs, and it was just being used as encouragement to abuse each other for their enjoyment. Once I learned that @chelsea had had her clothes taken from her after a dare, I raised my voice at a member of the OSDM sitting across form me (Jean I believe), asking why the fuck we were sitting playing this game.

      I got up and walked away, where I began talking to Alexis, picking up a conversation we had been having earlier in the night about her past. I had heard from other members that she was there against her will, and she began to corroborate that, but began choking on something, asking if I saw her put her drink down. She was immediately distraught, asking if I saw someone put something in her drink. I told her to dump it down the drain and get a glass of water.. she took a drink from the faucet and then sat down at the table.

      Deacon came to me and said “what did you put in her drink? she says you put something in her drink.” I explained the situation and it was all resolved.

      Then I noticed Chelsea was still without clothes. I told her “Chelsea, put your fucking clothes on.” I gave her my jacket after she said They took them away. Harry came up to me and complimented me for doing that, and asked “You were questioning me on why I was here, but I want to know what YOU’RE doing here.” I asked Chelsea to reach into the inner jacket pocket and take out what was inside. She handed the box of matches I had stashed inside, and I showed it to Harry: “I’m here because I plan on burning this place and this organization to the ground.”

      I spotted Mason and made a joke about brushing my hair and thinking of him. He joked about how his hair is getting so greasy because of all the oil. We talked about shampoo regimens for a minute, and then @coryphella swung by and said something to him, he fed her a strawberry. I made another joke about “oh shit, I don’t mean to interrupt, let’s catch up later,” and walked away, but he followed and continued the conversation. So I figured at this point he’s distracted and went for it and kinda raised my voice at him – “Why are you here, Mason? Not three weeks ago you were in a video supporting the resistance, and yet here you are, anointing people, offering people up to the OSDM. Who are you with?”

      “Remember our last phone conversation? What did we talk about?”

      “We talked about manipulation, and how everything is manipulation, and about using the truth as a way to create doubt.”

      He winked and walked away.

      After that, I had a brief and heartbreaking attempt at a conversation with a very broken Stephanie. She held my face in the same way she did in my second round of Ascension when she pleaded with me to get her out of there, but kept tripping over and forcing out her words when she, “I’m here because I want to be here. No. No that’s not it. I’m here because I want to be, I’m helping them with the event. No.. That’s not what I want to say. I can’t say what I want to say. There’s something wrong with me, why can’t I say it?”

      Shortly thereafter, we’re being moved into the bed room. I spot Anna in the crowd, we catch up, she says she’s heard rumors about her and wants to know if I’ve been talking about her. “Only good things,” I said, “you are really talented in judging people’s personalities and have a great way of connecting with people.”

      “-no. Someone took my nickname. Who’s calling themselves The Beast??”

      “…Brock Lesnar.”

      She walked away as Timothy Granick, the man formerly known as Tom Barrow, began the ritual. Later, just before Stephanie was called up, Anna came back over to me. “I know a secret that nobody else knows.”

      “Can you tell me the secret?”

      “One person is going to be hurt tonight, but it’ll affect everyone.”

      And then the rest of the night played out.

      Afterwards, as we were leaving and walking back to the parking lot, caught up with Mason. I apologized for putting the pins to him, and he just expressed frustration that I almost burned him.

      Throughout the night, Skull Mask/DLB seemed to be following me everywhere, despite never interacting with me. But everywhere I turned, nearly every single conversation I had, he seemed to be there, either right behind me or next to whoever I was talking to. It seemed as though he was trying to intimidate either me or my conversation partner. Every time I tried to make eye contact with the man behind the mask, he walked away.

      So these are all things that happened, but to me, the most important thing is how I felt and what I learned about myself – after all, why put yourself through this if you’re not going to confront a new part of you?

      On Friday, a fuse was lit within me. I felt a deep burning anger that I had not felt in a while. Seeing this abuse and knowing that there was nothing I could do in the moment to stop it set something off, which I know I was unable to hide. I’m not sure how long this fuse is, but Sunday night

      When the questionnaire asked what I needed, I said I needed self-actualization. I’m not good at sitting down and thinking about myself without some sort of lens. I think this took me closer to this goal. I realized I have some self destructive tendencies, and that I’m terrible at hiding my emotions when in the heat of the moment. I found myself gravitating towards damaged individuals and attempting to help them despite later realizing that my actions may have actually positioned me further from my end goal of dismantling the OSDM. People like Anna gave me things to work on, but also things to be proud of. It’s so cliche to say “I like it because I learned something about myself,” but in all honesty.. For me, shock and awe wears off quick. Once you’re shorn and lubricated and only held together by a glorified washcloth, there’s not much else to be afraid of or uncomfortable about.

      The fear didn’t come until later, laying in bed waiting for the sun to come up so I attempt to be a functioning human again. Realizing that no matter what, this experience would be a part of me forever, and the cognitive dissonance of both being thankful for the time I spent in front of the fucked up mirror called Anointment, and wanting nothing but to remove the entity that continues to hurt and ruin and destroy people. And knowing that because of this, and because of the fact that I was being observed all night by the people seemingly calling the shots, things were only going to get more difficult from there.

    • #28102
       Unseen Presence

      ….okay. Time to chat about my emotions. Or maybe lack thereof. I don’t know if or how people will respond to this, but I finally needed to say it.

      One of the questions of this entire experience is about what we want, right? I’ve already talked about how at least PART of what I want out of this is for something to get through my emotional walls, or my desensitization of ARG/LARP/Immersive whatever. Or something like that. I really want this experience to make me FEEL something. Anything–good, bad, wanted, hated. Something.

      And then I get to the event and there is immediately JUST enough of a question about what I was seeing that I began debating things in my head. I was already looking at things from my ‘director brain’. My director brain is that part of my head that dissects events as they happen, trying (as I’ve recently said here) to find the narrative in whatever happens around me. It’s how I spot when two friends of mine are going to end up sleeping together within 2 minutes of meeting…AND how doing so will be a terrible decision (that’s happened to me. More than once.) It’s how I meet someone and IMMEDIATELY know that I’m going to end up having a relationship with them in the future (so far, never wrong–even though some have taken years before they happen.) When I talk about living too much in my head, THIS is what I’m talking about.

      Here I was, doing it again, while I was trying SO hard to be present. The internal conflict going on is why I missed that I was talking to Sarah Sinclair until it was too late, why I misunderstood a command from Mason that could have gotten me ejected (and then immediately drove me even further into my head when it didn’t). It’s why I was -intellectually- invested in what happened to Skye and to Rico’s servant, but not -emotionally- so. I kept pushing myself to reach past it.

      I finally did–but only with one individual there. The same one whose smug email triggered a strong response from me earlier in the week. The moment Cecilia entered the dining room, I knew EXACTLY who she was–and I was suddenly present. Excited to see what happened. A little breathless about it, to be honest.

      I had the same reaction when she entered Rico’s room. It’s why I burst out with “I like Cecilia already” (and why my punishment for speaking her name seemed a small price to pay). It’s why I was the only one to laugh at her dreadfully obvious “fucking odds” joke.

      So when thinking about what I -felt- during this event, there’s really only one response I can give:

      I want the OSDM to be real, because I want Cecilia to be so. Is that petty? Is that selfish? It has to be, right? But I legitimately want her to be a real individual. If the entire scenario turns out to be fiction, I will be saddened–because Cecilia was real for me in a way that trumped everything else going on there. I’m neither shocked nor titillated by nudity, although I can appreciate attractive males or females. Displays of perversion mean little. The only thing that -can- make me uncomfortable wasn’t present, at least in my version (and not being talked about today.) I was suspicious of the “infiltration” so wasn’t emotionally tied to it–and I don’t have the history (yet) many of you do (even though I really, really wished I did that night).

      But Cecilia was real for me. I found myself wanting to know more about her. Her relationship with Horace. With Noah. But not from THEIR perspectives–from hers. SHE is the narrative that I was drawn to out of everything being offered. Maybe it’s because I felt like she was the new piece that hadn’t been explored yet. Maybe it was simply that I prefer smart, intelligent women in any form of connection to me (as family, lover, friend, boss, whatever). And here Cecila was, presented as someone clearly in charge (and yet still able to whip someone with ease, grace and aplomb).

      I don’t know if I found her sexy. I don’t know if I -wanted- her. I don’t know either way, frankly. But I definitely wanted to be AROUND her. To get to know her. To understand her story and help her if I could.

      I’ll even admit I emailed her within moments of getting home and offered to try and help bridge the relationship between her and Noah. I don’t know how I’d even accomplish that, yet–but if she responds, I’ll give it my best. If you read this, Noah, don’t be surprised if I reach out to you. You’ll already know what I want–and why.

      So that’s how I felt. I was present when Cecilia was around. And I have to say–if she asked, I’d help her with any goal she had. If that makes me pro-OSDM, then so be it–consider me declared. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m pro-Cecilia. Whatever her goals are, that’s where I’m inclined to align.

      If she’s an actress, maybe that helps her get a continued role in what’s to come, because it’ll connect me like an arrow to everything. And if she’s real–I just hope my email gets through.

      • #28116
         Robert Fuller

        @unseenpresence Haha, I love it, you already have your “Character.” Now if only I can find mine. Maybe Zane. I really found him interesting to watch.

    • #28110
       Unseen Presence

      You know, that might explain why when I talked to Sarah in the lounge, she was asking me why her husband (who I didn’t realize was Noah until later) had asked her to meet him there and seemed really upset that he’d done so. If Noah was doing something that was an act–but forced–he might well have wanted her there to keep an eye on her.

      Or, for that matter, maybe he didn’t actually ask her there at all. Maybe someone else did–and that was what was forcing Noah to keep repeating his part. Maybe he knew that something would happen to Sarah if he failed to sell the ‘fiction’.

      It could also explain the complete and utter fatalism that my roommate experienced when she spoke to Noah. He apparently went on and on to her about how much he no longer cared about what could/would/was going to happen.

    • #28124
       Lawrence Meyers

      Before Steph was involved, I told her that if the game came to her, that she was under my protection. When I the FB photo of her, I feared the worst – a blood sacrifice. I had intended to go in with one mission – find a single truth in all the lies. Then it became a second mission – find her.

      Little did I know they would be one and the same.

      Upon entering, the extraordinary Nigerian Queen sat beside me. What grace. What presence. Intoxicating. She rocked my world. “Take off your jacket”. NO PROBLEM. Anything else?

      Then COCKBLOCKER SABRINA appeared and took over. My Queen floated away, and I removed my shirt per Sabrina’s instruction.

      At the bar, Madame approached, and in her husky voice demanded to know how I’d want to fuck the two handmaidens beside me. So I told her, and she got increasingly excited, moaning, rubbing her hands up and down my bare chest and fogging my glasses.

      “You know what turns me on? Having a third party tell me what turns them on.” And she walked away. Perhaps the phone sex lines are hiring?

      I almost fainted because Karlie Blair was standing next to me. My heart sank. They got her. Damn it. Now, I’d been practicing the fireman’s carry on my kids all week, but I could only carry so many people. The words of “astranger” floated back. “You can’t save them all, Larry”.

      She whispered that I was in grave danger, took me by the hand, but before she could say anything, eyes were on us and she aborted. We convened in the dining room. You know what happened the rest of the way.

      I finally saw Steph in the ritual bedroom. She took my hand, interlocked fingers, and led me to the bed on the floor on the far end of the room. A wave of relief. It had been ages since we communicated. I was worried sick and instantly everything was all right.

      For about ten seconds.

      She was not herself. As you know, she shifted between 5 different personalities. I fought back my tears as I tried to deal with every shift amidst growing, crushing despair that Stephanie was not Stephanie.

      I tried everything to bring her back. Moments we had shared. The tag line for our play. I frantically recounted her personalized version of Aesop’s fable, “The Scorpion and the Turtle” that she had written for me. I pulled her close and even whispered in a shaking voice, “Morior Invictus”. Nothing worked.

      I had become vaguely aware of The Triumvirate (Apparently Clint, Darren, and Gordon, but I didn’t know this) standing over us.

      Then Sabrina rang her stupid little bell for the ritual. Following its failure, as I turned to leave, Mr. Bison Head held up a finger. Wait. Tom Barrow strode up to me and said:

      “I own Stephanie”.

      I brushed past him. Defeated. Crushed. All I could do once we’d returned to the parking lot was chase after the security man and tell him angrily, “You pass this along to Tom Barrow. ‘Over my dead fucking body’”.


      For Sunday night, I had only one objective. GET HER OUT.

      Nothing else mattered. Not because I needed to win. Not because I had to feed the hero complex. Because someone I loved was in danger. And I went to bed with no idea how to do it, hoping my dreams would show me the way. Which they did.

      I was in a new apartment, with a sliding glass door that was open, looking onto a very small pool. But I couldn’t swim in it because there was a jungle behind it and tigers would leap into the pool and maul me. I started to close the sliding glass door to make sure they couldn’t get in…only to hear a growl behind me…and find two tigers already standing behind me.

      I had the answer. Or, rather, one answer. And it scared the shit out of me.

      Inside me, shut away in the Pandorica, is a beast. Or according to my dream, a tiger. Some of it is archetypal male energy. Some is the protectiveness of a father. And some part of it is a pure ball of rage. Not at anyone or anything in particular. But for things unspoken, things undone, failures, the child left wanting. It is primal and undeveloped. And it has never been released. Nor will it, except to protect myself in a life or death situation, to protect my children, or to protect someone I love.

      So it sits there in the Pandorica. Held in stasis. Waiting. And it terrifies me. Because if it gets out…there will be blood. That would be a last resort.

      I couldn’t go in there raging, but I could go in there with another kind of darkness. The Larry you know would have to step aside, and Shadow Larry would have to emerge.

      Shadow Larry. Ugh. I hate him. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Pre-destined? Aristotle says a good story has a conclusion that is both surprising and inevitable. Guess he was right.

      Shadow Larry would have to seduce, cajole, lie, cheat, betray, manipulate, tease, deny, flatter, scold — everything – to GET HER OUT. I hate these things about myself, because they exist solely to feed the ugliest parts of me. Yet the only way to get Steph out was to treat every person in there as a tool to be used. And that meant everything about me would be a weapon – eyes, body, mind, voice, and words. I was never so thankful to be a writer.

      I drove down, with a playlist designed to put me in that dark place and keep me there. I stayed out of my head. While we were facing the wall outside, I closed my eyes and meditated, staying in my body. The door opened.

      GET HER OUT.

      We mingled. I knocked back two glasses of wine. Madame was at the bar. She told her tale of woe, cast aside as the unwanted child of a South African couple, trolled the NYC drugs n’ sex scene of the 1970’s, and fell into the OSDM. There she found freedom and power. She was obviously a sadistic dominatrix. I played into it. Flirted. Turned her on. Moved in close. Found my moment, told her I wanted a woman who was here. The one with green eyes. Stephanie. Yes, Madame said, she knew her. I wanted her? Yes. I wanted her. And I wanted to take her with me.

      “You cannot take her”.

      I jerked my hand away from hers and took a step back. “That is very disappointing”.

      Madame clearly was unaccustomed to rejection. She was shocked, indignant, and made her want me more. Okay. This was working. We struck a deal. She would take me to Stephanie if she could take me to her dungeon – “because I want to cut you. Cut your nipple”.

      I agreed, knowing that there wasn’t a dungeon within thirty miles of…

      “It’s right through here.”

      WHAAAAAATTT??? Fuck fuck fuck oh shit oh shit. If I end up in there, I am not getting out and I am not down for having sliced nipples, no thank you. By the grace of Anoch God, the room was not available.

      Truth or Dare ensued and thanks to FUCKING DAREDEVIL @Chelsea I lost my clothes. I had to take the dare to keep Madame hot for me, to wheedle her into getting me to Stephanie. I have no recollection of the next few minutes until the Queen took me into her room to tell her story. But first she wanted a drink.

      So back to the bar I went.

      Some have asked how could I walk around so confidently? Because I was in my body and not my head. Because I was laser-focused on my goal. Because I remember some voice once telling me to OWN THE ROOM. Because my anti-anxiety meds make me borderline reckless. Because I had the foresight to drink at the bar.

      But mostly…because I could not have felt safer. You are my friends. Exposing myself emotionally on Periscope was 100x harder. You cheered me on. I was surrounded by who I knew, in the back of my mind, were actors who expose themselves every day. And because when those clothes came off, I sensed the room was crowded with more people than seemed right. I saw but didn’t really register Sabrina, and other figures that felt like the Creators, other actors, staff…all watching out for me (and @chelsea).

      I sat naked at the Queen’s feet [@bcbishop covered her monologue]. My opening came when she said how great it was to have the power over who stays and who goes.

      We reached an understanding. I would pledge myself to Anoch, and she would release Stephanie. I can’t remember how I made it to the ritual room. I found Stephanie. She saw me, she recognized me, I was so glad she did, and said —

      “Larry, put some clothes on”.

      Okay, maybe not the response I was hoping for but I couldn’t blame her.

      At least she remembered me and didn’t seem worried. I said I was not leaving without her, returned to the hall and ran into Bison Head. He asked what I was doing, and I said I’d been told to get my clothes. They retrieved them, I just threw on the basics, leaving the rest behind.

      I made it back to the ritual room as Stephanie was putting on her cloak and told her again, as I grabbed her wrist, “I am not leaving here without you”. She shot me an annoyed glance, and said, “Okay!”

      Seconds later she screamed.

      You saw what happened next, but you probably didn’t hear unless you were very close. As Stephanie was being undressed, I could feel the anger rise. The tiger within began pawing at its cage. I felt the Queen’s hand on my arm. I turned and stared daggers.

      “You promised,” I growled

      “Be patient,” she said.

      More undressing. More talking. Steph crying. The tiger slammed its paw on the cage floor, rattling it. I looked back at the Queen.

      “Trust me”, she said.

      More undressing. More talking. Repeating the words of Anoch. Stephanie sobbing now. My heart was cracking into pieces.

      I became vaguely aware of a hand interlocking its fingers with mine. I didn’t know until later it was @chelsea. A hand on my shoulder. @Cristen. Other hands on me. Holding me back. @bcbishop. Your touch gave me power.

      The tiger slammed its paw against the cage door.

      The Queen whispered, “Love, or glory?”

      Stephanie sobbing. Hands holding me. Chanting.

      The tiger threw its weight against the cage.

      “Love, or glory?”

      Chanting. Louder. The cage’s bars creak and whine as they are slammed again.

      “Love, or glory?”

      The chanting reached its crescendo.

      The bars shattered and the beast thundered.

      “LET HER GO”.

      That was not my voice. I don’t know where it came from. Someplace very deep inside me.

      Every muscle was coiled and ready to spring. As Anoch as my witness, had BoS not disrupted the event, had someone – anyone – touched Stephanie, I would either have been at the bottom of a pile of OSDM security or ripping the face off the person nearest to her. Blood sacrifice indeed.

      I heard Stephanie weakly call my name, and to take her home. We gathered her things. I did not hear a goddamn thing that happened after. We walked up the street. I was barefoot. I held her bag. She held a brown ornate box, with what I think were raised interlocking squiggles. I tried to carry it for her but she wouldn’t let me. I put her stuff in the back seat but she clutched that box close the whole ride home.

      We held hands most of the way back. We looked at each other from time to time. Halfway through I just looked to her and said, “You’re safe.” Then I looked back to the road and repeated quietly, “You’re safe”, as if to reassure myself.

      I pulled up to her building, walked her to the gate. We hugged each other for a bit. She opened the gate, gave me a weak smile, and a wave. And she disappeared inside.

      Now, prepare for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

      That night, I had another dream. A tiger sleeping with one eye open, his human soul-sister fast asleep by his side, snuggled warmly, held gently between a paw and his chest. A ray of sunlight appeared on his forehead, and a woman’s hand touching his third eye.

      “Maahes”, she says.

      I have never, to my recollection, heard or seen that word before in my life.

      Look it up and try not to shit, because I sure as hell did. [C(ovell) fans take note.]

      Now, listen well, OSDM.

      I know who you are.

      “You are the autumn people. Where do you come from? The dust. Where do you go? The grave. Does blood stir in your veins? No, only the night wind. What ticks in your head? The worm. What speaks from your mouth? The toad. What sees from your eyes? The snake. You sift the human storm for souls, eat flesh of reason, and fill tombs with sinners.”

      But as you frenzy forth and scurry to avoid the light, look to the concrete jungle surrounding you at every turn. There are dark green eyes upon you. The growl you hear is not the hum of the city. It is a hunger for you that will never be satisfied.

      I guard the cave where she sleeps.

      I shield the stream where she bathes.

      I escort her in silence, invisible to you.

      You will not have her.

    • #28128

      (Disclaimer: This was a lot easier than periscoping and I wasn’t sure if any of what happened possessed pertinent information for you all. So, I’m here to recap in case it is useful in any way, shape, or form. Some of the dialogue exchanged may be tweaked due to the massive head cold I presently have. I also realize that my tenses will be all over the place. The cold meds are kicking in.)

      We are all waiting in a parking lot when a suavely dressed man smoking a cigarette breezes through our group with a duffle bag. The premise is pretty much what all has been described. We are here to figure out information surrounding the event that has been orchestrated by the OSDM tonight. Morgan teaches us the tools we need in order to survive because it appears we did not receive an email from him teaching us these things in advance. This made me question what kind of fresh hell we were getting ourselves into.

      Our van driver arrives. We all get into said van. We all quietly sit in said van until we reach our destination. One by one, we exit the van and are made to stand in a line. We get pat down and then have to use the not-so-secret signals with the van driver to prove we belong. Of course, I get the fucking eye contact one. We then line up against the side of the studio building. When it comes to my turn, the bouncer comments on my mask. Asks me if I made it myself. I say that I borrowed it. Enough time passes and he signals to let the occupants of the building know that I am about to come in. I enter.

      I step into what seems like a club. Music is playing in the background and I’m allowing my ears to readjust to the new bombardment of sounds and sensory overload. I ascend up the stairs to be met by a couple. The woman asks me if I want to fuck. I decline. She then points to her male partner’s crotch and insinuates that maybe I should blow him. I laugh and decline again, saying that it isn’t my thing. The male asks me for my name. I respond, “Sarah.” The woman starts to freak out and asks me who put me up to this. The male is alternating between calming her down and pointing me over to where a singer is performing. I obediently walk over and find a spot.

      I watch as several figures wander around the seated participants, watch as they interact and, arguably, toy with them. No one was really coming to sit by me, which I was absolutely fine with. I like my space and I was still taking time to adjust to the auditory changes happening behind us in the bar area. There were moments where the music would be “normal”, but change to demonic sounding ritualistic chants. At least, that’s what it sounds like to me. I haven’t verified this with anyone else. I spend most of the time alternating between watching the blonde singer, trying to see if anyone was going to sit down next to me, and trying to see if anything was happening in the bar. Eventually, the music stops and the singer is rudely dismissed off the stage.

      This is when Mason enters into the space. I have vague recollections of Mason and hadn’t quite seen him outside of the one picture shown on Instagram. However, there was a recognition. He welcomes us and starts walking us through an exercise, having us open our minds to access our true selves. I know my true self, the dualistic nature of what resides within, and try to follow along. A life worth of training fights against this exercise, so I mentally stop. I’m not sure if my face reflected this mental stoppage, but I must have done something to draw Mason’s focus: “You, the nervous one, come here.”

      I walk up to the stage. He instructs me to remove my jacket and I did.

      “Now, in the most efficient way possible—show us your breasts.”

      I pause, contemplating what would be the easiest way since my dress is not efficient for disrobing. I pull my dress up, pull my bra down, and flash my breasts. He tells me to do it longer. I do it. At this point, I’m getting the idea of what will happen throughout the remainder of my time here. Mason talks for a little while longer after using me as a demonstration for the striptastic adventures we were to have throughout the night. Then he rings the bell and we move to the bar.

      I don’t particularly like bars nor do I enjoy socializing. I never quite know how to respond with small talk. I grab water and am approached by an older woman in sunglasses. I think you guys may already know the conversation that ensued. Rada rada, you’re different, rada rada. She tries to have me describe how a woman would be fucked and I wasn’t sure. I can’t just look at the person and go, “Your sex preferences are reflective in your face.” I bored the older woman and she left. The girl that I was asked to analyze told me that she was just paid to be here, but warned me that they are always watching. Welp. I try to find a table to be alone, but I don’t get to be alone. A woman named Tatiana approached me. We move over to a table and she wants to hear a story from me. She wants me to tell the tale of how I lost my virginity. I’m sparing you guys the details of that story. It’s…lame. Eventually, Mason’s bell rings and I skedaddle on over to the group.

      Fast forwarding to dining room table sequence, we are told to take a seat and choose our partners carefully. We derp and scramble to sit down before Mason rearranges people around. Unfortunately, I was the odd one out and was then partnered up with Mason. This could only get awkward. I took hands with myself while Mason instructed the others to hold hands with one another and look into each other’s eyes. I look awkwardly at my hands. Mason then instructs us to tell a secret. I didn’t realize he would be the one to become my partner until that moment and he comes up behind me. I didn’t know what to say, what to share, and felt my heart panic. I was at a loss for words and he prompted me to say his name. I admitted to him that because of spending parts of my childhood in facilities, I didn’t really understand how to socialize with people. What Mason admitted to me, I have found myself questioning the validity of it. His secret was that he found me intoxicating, which shocked and confused me. Given his proficiency with data mining, I rationalized it as something to say to see how I would respond.

      Fast forwarding a little bit more to the strawberry exchange. I am allergic to strawberries and have gone into anaphylactic shock after ingestion, so when I saw strawberries were being placed before people I started to panic. I informed the poor woman about the allergy and they replaced the strawberries with tangerines for me and my new partner. I would like to thank TPTB and Mason for accommodating my allergy. I didn’t think there would be food involved or I would have disclosed sooner. My apologies. Mason instructed us to feed our partners, but I misheard the information. I just stared at the tangerines. He noted that I hadn’t peeled them and asked me if I was having trouble peeling. I grew flustered and started peeling before I popped an orange into my reluctant partner’s mouth. She did not reciprocate. The bell rings and we are shuffled away.

      We enter an adjacent room next to the dining room. This is the new car smell sequence (if this hasn’t been discussed, please let me know.) Speeding past the new car smell sequence, Mason has us close our eyes and picture our heart’s desire in three ways: status, the person we want to have sex with, and a material object we want. I immediately think PhD., @nothenrygale, and a book that contained all the world’s knowledge. Mason then instructed us to toss two of those three things in the fire. Sorry, Brad. I tossed you in the fire. He then wants us to share what we want most. I tell him and he appears to smile. “Wisdom.” he states. Mason moves further down the line before coming to his decision. He points to me and @taysavestheday. We are blindfolded and sent to prepare for the anointment shenanigans.

      The girl handler leads me to a bathroom. We awkwardly run into a drunken counselor and he sniffs my hair. She shoos him away before leading me into the bathroom. I’m a bit overwhelmed at this point while she tries to ready me. I start to take off my clothes as she instructs me on what shampoo I’ll be using. We need to strip me of scent. I’m almost undressed when we hear a knocking on the door. She has me cover up my breasts with a towel before the other female participants are led in with Mason to prepare me for the Anointment. I honestly don’t remember what all was said at this juncture. Mason instructed me to repeat after him. The women were made to draw from my strength and massage oils into my skin. I don’t remember what else happened, except that I got really frustrated by my towel and took it off. Oh, we gave each other compliments and eventually the girls were led away with Mason. I was made to get dressed and was led to a new room.

      The room reminds me of a green room backstage. It was bright and quiet, blessedly quiet. I was left alone for a bit before Anna (The Beast) showed up. We start chatting. Again, I don’t remember too much because my mind was racing at this point. We start to discuss authenticity and whether or not she was improving everything or if everything she was saying was scripted. This is when Taylor enters the room naked. Anna instructs us to stare into each other’s eyes. Taylor’s eyes are easier for me to stare into. His are brown. Brown eyes hurt less from a sensory standpoint. We stare for what feels like a good minute before Anna remarks on how authentic that exchange felt before introducing herself as the beast. She has the power of perception. This is when she asked to read us and we both agreed to let her. Anna starts with me and is very accurate. As she laid out the description of me, it was hard not to feel a tad bit emotional. She then moves onto Taylor before standing up. Anna asks if we are disease-free. We are free of diseases. This is when we put on our hoods and are led out of the room.

      I am led down a hallway and eventually feel a furry rug underneath my feet. Anna lets me know where the end of the bed is and I eventually lay down it. She apologizes to me before walking away. Eventually, a hood is taken off and I can see in front of me. There are several female figures standing in front of the bed, staring at me and Taylor. A woman who kind of looked like Sharon Osbourne walks over and asks me if I am comfortable. I said yes. The woman makes a speech and a male that I vaguely recognize is standing next to her. He makes a comment about Taylor and then suggests that I undress. So I did. We just stare at each awkwardly, not really knowing how we should proceed. Thank God that Noah chose this awkward time to barge in and disrupt everything. Eventually, we are all escorted out and made to put on our clothes. This concluded the evening.

    • #28129

      Personal Experience | Sunday 10PM, originally was 11:30PM

      First off, I was already hugely disappointed the night of MSE because I was excited to be doing the last show with a bunch of my friends and when I was moved to 10PM and the only person in the group I knew was @kevin – the rest were a group of people who knew each other. When Stef called to move me she promised me she’d make it up to me- spoiler- that didn’t happen.

      Anyways, I’m going to try and leave out the fluff and hit main points that seemed to be unique to me or things I noted.

      • I might have technically fucked up when walking into the doors. The wife of the man who greeted me told me to go into the other room and get a drink – and I went into the part where all the other members were and sat with them (I didn’t think about it until I sat down) because that seemed like the obvious thing to do. I don’t know if I was actually supposed to go instantly get a drink.
      • We had the Spanish woman as our guide, and I noticed a tattoo on her wrist. I got to get a closer look at it and it didn’t seem like a real tattoo, but the design was in the same light as the OSDM logo.
      • After getting a water I walked down the room, waiting for someone to seek me out instead of seeing who I wanted to talk to. Old woman in sunglasses (bitch we’re inside, you don’t need those) had me explain what sexual things I would do to this young tall girl who was stroking my arm next to her. Explained I’d essentially just do whatever she wanted, and she had me go into detail and at the end just said that she gets off to strangers talking about what they’d do during sex.
      • I looked at the papers that were in between the candles on the table and they were pretty much the same? Nothing super interesting. While looking at one a man in only a open robe came up to me and started whispering and I told him he had to speak up cause I couldn’t hear him at all. He told me he had a bet with his wife to see if I’d fuck her. He asked me to go over and tell her I would since I said yes. I immediately went over and confronted her about it and she told me I should go get myself a drink, and walked away.
      • Then I had a woman tell me to go with her, and then brought me to a table with another participant and an actress. She told us to makeout, so I just went for it. The other participant was OBVIOUSLY not into it and I felt super fucking terrible. We were told to stop after a few seconds though.
      • I saw that Sarah had come into the room at that point and I kept looking at her, and she noticed me. I think she pulled me aside and then asked me if I had seen Noah, and that he asked to meet her there hours ago. I said I hadn’t and she went onto this speil about how she hates this place and it’s filthy and she doesn’t know why Noah thought it would “help their marriage” and then was like “Are you going to fuck him?!” and I immediately yelled NO and she was heated and said how they’re a family and that they have a child and I said “Yeah, Timothy- I know. I would never do that to you.” and she calmed down, and said how special Timothy was. Near the end she said she just had to see my face and lifted up my mask to look at me, and put it back down. She asked me what my name was (I had stuck to saying “no one” throughout the experience because in ascension we were told that we were no one so I wanted to keep that going.) and when I said “No One” she said to not give her that- but at that point the bell was ringing and I was needing to leave. I told her she knew who I was (because we had met. We had a one-on-one meeting. She DOES know who I am. I was honestly sad and upset that they didn’t address me as myself at all through the night.) – but she looked intrigued and confused when I walked away telling her that.
      • When the bell rang and we went over to the door, where they weren’t actually ready for us. They did the phone thing with people, but I specifically left my phone in my car cause I know better. I noted the solved rubrik’s cube under a chair in the corner.
      • That’s when Kevin asked me if I had talked to @confuseddude (Andy) and I was shocked, cause I didn’t see him at all. I became upset, and our handler saw us talking and asked us who we were talking about. Asked who Andy was, and I told her he used to be a participant but is now part of The System. *NOTE* Our handler didn’t know who Andy was. SUS?
      • Dinner, whatever. Confessions, whatever. At that point we all had taken 2 items of clothing off. NOTE. Our group was all dudes except us 3 girls. So when the girl was chosen to be anointed, that only left us other girls to be the ones to help anoint her and what ended up being Kevin. I’m assuming all of the girls who helped anoint got the same treatment with helping putting the oils on them and stuff. Doing weird ass “touch them but don’t touch them” movements with our hands. COOL….
      • At one point it was obvious that the bed fucking room wasn’t ready for us and the other group was still in there, so they had us two go into the camera room with a bunch of the guys. Apparently Rico was just in their and was watching porn with them, but they changed the TV to be the security cameras where we saw some of the other rooms. I noted Noah waiting by a mirror in a corner. Also saw that there was a giant ass book under the TV and looked into it. I thought it could have been the book of Anoch, but I don’t even know what that was supposed to look like. The text wasn’t in english and I’m not sure what language it was. Also got in trouble for picking up Rico’s cell phone.
      • Then we went into the bed-fuck room and I was the one chosen to go find Noah. We went through the entire warehouse (Where I saw @mkarrett for a brief moment) and was eventually brought into the hallway where I had a one-on-one with Noah. He told her to get him a drink and asked if I wanted anything, I said a whiskey neat – and then Noah kind of fucked it up? He couldn’t remember what I had asked for? Come on… it’s your drink.
      • I told Noah that Sarah was looking for him. Noah didn’t address me at all, just went on a speech about the place and his responsibilities and how he doesn’t partake in what happens here but is kind of into it in a matter of power and like kink way. Didn’t actually get much of anything from that conversation.
      • Noah left, I was brought back into the bed fuck room where I went to the corner bed in the back where another male participant was on the bed and two women were messing with him. One asked if I wanted to join him on the bed and I said “No, but I will if you want me to”. But then she asked if I’d rather clown. Which I agreed to, and she had me put on a clown nose and told me the rules. I can’t speak and that I can only nod yes. They had me take off my skirt, and then had me dance for them. They asked me to hip-hop dance but I honestly blanked and couldn’t even do it, so they just messed with me more and had me fake juggle and sing. At some point they told the guy on the bed to take off his underwear, so I saw my first uncircumcised dick. Great.
      • And then the other girl told me to take off my bra. And that’s the point where I became incredibly uncomfortable. I can deal with sexual questions, other people’s nudity, sexual harassment and situations- but I’m not okay with my body being public. I haven’t even worn a two piece bathing suit since elementary school. Only like 5 people have ever seen me topless. There were like 20 people in the room, none of who I was comfortable with seeing me topless. Also noted very quickly that I was the only girl they had do this.
      • Then there was the anointing with Celia, who wasn’t anything special. She saw I was covering myself and moved my arms down. Our Anointed were Kevin and the other chick participant. Kevin was in a towel, and she had her underwear and bra on. Kevin was uncomfortable, the girl was laughing.
      • When Noah came and save them, he did his speech and Sarah came near the end of it. They embraced but never kissed, Sarah kept smiling and maintained eye contact with me for a good chunk of it. They left and I don’t think Celia ever made a fuss about it.
      • I noted that she said they tried this a while ago, 3 girls got pregnant by Horace and only 1 came to term and it wasn’t Anoch.

      At the end I was so distressed I actually forgot my skirt and only noticed when we were almost at the parking lot. So the guy went back with me and I got it on and walked back with him… But that’s when I saw the BOS group and it was obvious that they saw how distressed I was cause they all looked super concerned. @shankfx22 was there and she helped me out.

      In the end… I didn’t like this at all. I love LUST and I love the community but I didn’t enjoy any part of that night, and I don’t feel brave or like a bigger person for doing something that made me uncomfortable. I just feel gross. And I’m really upset I didn’t get to talk to Andy…

    • #28139

      @larry, that was an amazing recap. I have chills. The Egyptian word you dreamed about…what?!?!

    • #28144
       Lawrence Meyers

      @sfire8 Right? I still have chills.

    • #28218
       Lauren Bello

      Here’s my full account of my first Anointment visit. (This might be a bit long for anyone who attended, but it’s written more for anyone who couldn’t attend. Shoutout to @bruinbown, @chloe, @blondie, and @mumumusings <3)

      Event Preparation

      The day of the event, I received two emails. One, from the official Lust Experience “info” email, read,


      We are thrilled that you have decided to join tonight’s celebration of life and love. We hope that you will not only walk away from this evening with a better understanding of our organization’s true philanthropic nature but as a honorary member of the OSDM family.

      Please join us at xxxxxxxxx (parking lot address) and wait for the shuttle that will usher you to our new era of truth, understanding and clarity.

      We can only begin to make a better tomorrow by embracing the best that we can be today.


      Timothy Granik

      The other email, from The Midnight Commission, read,

      You must know two very important things for tonight.

      1. The OSDM is lying to you.

      They are so good that they have somehow managed to turn their propaganda into an evening you have willingly signed up and paid for. Unbelievable.

      2. We are not going to let that stand.

      Bring a masquerade mask. I recommend you wear layers. Pay attention at all times.

      “The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.”

      The Parking Lot

      I arrived at the parking lot, mask in hand, and met the rest of my group (all strangers to me). A woman with a shaved head was in our group, and knew who I was. She said she’d seen me in in @kasch’s Tension documentary, and told the others, “She was in a video talking about how it changed her life.” I assumed she was a plant.

      Eventually, Morgan came walking up, dressed smartly in a suit, smoking a cigarette, and carrying a black bag. He gathered us around and asked to see our Eventbrite tickets. He glanced at them, gave one fellow a hard time for not being able to find his, then informed us that it didn’t matter. We weren’t going to the ticketed theatrical OSDM event. We were going to the real deal.

      Nobody else in the group was on the forums or Slack, so they had no idea what this meant. He backed up a bit to help out the newbies.

      He told us that he had intercepted OSDM emails and figured out that we were being sent to a theatrical distraction. A decoy. Not an actual OSDM event. So instead, he had us routed to the pickup point for the *real* OSDM event. The original driver who was supposed to pick us up from the decoy pickup point? That driver was in the trunk of his car. With that business out of the way, it was time to prepare us to enter the lion’s den.

      He had some “visual aids” printed out so that everyone could identify
      – Sabrina
      – Mason
      – Noah

      Interestingly, he did NOT identify Sabrina by name. Instead he had me name her.

      He also showed us some images from the Tension website, and the BOS tattoo on his wrist.

      The final sheet of paper showed someone with an important role to play: “YOU”. He asked us to keep our eyes out for anything that could help them understand what the OSDM was doing, why here, why now.

      He then asked us if we had received his email about the “hand signals”. None of us had. He remarked that we weren’t the first who hadn’t gotten it. He showed us the hand signals the OSDM used to identify one another, and the situations that called for them.

      Finally, he told us to keep our masks on at all times. We were going in undercover. We could bring our phones, but don’t hold them out taking pictures, that would be too conspicuous. Be subtle. Blend in. Follow instructions.

      With that, he was off. We waited for the shuttle and practiced hand signals.

      The Shuttle

      Our shuttle arrived: the driver was Pat, the driver from Ascension. We piled in, and were allowed to watch where we were going, no hoods or blindfolds. Soon we pulled up to the side door of a brick building.

      Pat and another gentleman had us line up outside the door and enter one at a time, with a minute or two between each entry. Pat had a walkie and was announcing us as we entered. He made a bit of small talk, asked me if I was excited. He seemed a bit more talkative this year. More involved.

      The Lounge

      Inside, I climbed a few stairs, and entered a purple-lit room divided into two halves. On the right, there was a lounge area, with a blonde in a red dress onstage singing “Fever”. On the left, there was a bar, and some scattered high tables where unmasked OSDM members were seated. They were all perfectly still and silent, not talking to one another, just watching us. It was eerie.

      In the center, there was a screen that simply showed the LUST logo.

      At the top stair, I was greeted by a couple, giggling and pawing each other. They offered me a pill. There was a table nearby with more pills scattered across it, and powder.

      Someone gestured toward the lounge area, so I went over and sank into a seat. Before long, the man in the buffalo mask came over and began massaging my shoulders. He gripped my hair in his hand and pulled it. Eventually he left and Harry, the dark-haired Englishman, came over and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and rubbed my knee, leaned in to my neck and inhaled. Several times he just pulled my chin so that I was looking at him, and stared into my eyes. I learned how much I hate eye contact with strangers.

      In my peripheral vision, I could see similar attentions being paid to my fellow guests.

      At one point, a completely naked man burst out of an adjoining candlelit room. He stared at us in shock, then ran out.

      Once all of us had entered and been seated, the singer stopped singing and our host came out. Sabrina. Dressed all in black, with dark eyeshadow. She began to introduce herself, but stopped. “My name is – it doesn’t matter.” She told us that our names here didn’t matter either. I can’t remember everything she said, but it was essentially a “welcome, now set aside your inhibitions” speech. And she introduced the bell – when she rang it, we were to gather around her.

      At one point, she called the shaven-headed woman up to the front. (I can’t remember what name the shaven-headed woman was using that night, but I ultimately learned that her name was “Carrie,” so let’s just go with that.) She told Carrie to take off an article of clothing. Not just anything, but something that would excite Sabrina. Carrie promptly took her top off, exposing her breasts. (Plaaaaaaant.) Sabrina told the rest of us to do the same, leaving our clothing on the couch to be collected. Most people took off jackets or shawls.

      She then dismissed us to the bar to mingle.

      The Bar

      As I approached the bar, I was immediately pulled aside by Harry again. He was seated at one of the tables. He told me he intended for me to leave my husband and be with him. I said I wasn’t interested, so he asked me what he could buy me that would make me interested. He said he’d buy me anything. Did I like travel? I told him I did. Excellent, he said, he was going to buy me a yacht. Or, better yet, a yacht with a plane on it. Did they make those? He didn’t care. He announced loudly to the room, “Everyone, I’m going to buy Lauren a yacht with a plane on it.” A few people looked over but most ignored him.

      He went on to brag that he would support my dreams. But only as long as they were realistic. He didn’t believe in supporting dreams that weren’t realistic. For example, his wife’s dreams. She fancied herself a writer. A novelist. She wrote fantasy. Ridiculous. I told him it sounded like his wife and I would get along. He scoffed.

      He told me to look him up on Twitter, “I’m part of a band, we’re very famous”. I think the username was “Kirov Assassination”. I looked it up once I got home, but I didn’t find anything.

      At this point he moved on, and I was approached by an older gentleman. I don’t *think* this was the Christopher that others spoke to? At least, the content of our conversation was much tamer. He asked if I would like to whip someone, be whipped, or neither. And he asked if I liked girls, and when I described myself as 85% straight, said he loved that women felt more willing to be open about liking other women these days. It was really an almost formal chat, all things considered.

      The Phone Calls

      Around this time, Sabrina rang the bell, and we all gathered around. I noticed Mason in the corner, but it was too late to try to speak with him. Sabrina took phones from two people and told them that she was going to call someone from their phones. They would then have to share a sexual secret with that person. She scrolled through the Contacts on their phone and eventually selected one guy’s assistant, and another guy’s mother. She placed the first call, putting it on speakerphone. Everyone else in the room gathered round, putting their arms around us and, crowding forward. Staring, waiting. The audience member was clearly hoping it would go to voicemail, and when they heard “Hello?” began stuttering and stumbling. Sabrina was berating him, telling him not to stall. He began laughing out of stress and she told him not to laugh. Eventually he made it through, and she went through the same exercise with his friend.

      The Dining Room

      Sabrina then led us into the dining room and told us to sit. She moved me from my original seat to make sure that we were seated in pairs – man-woman, man-woman, man-woman. (This was the first time she called me “Lauren,” which put me on guard. She shouldn’t have known who I was.) She then instructed us to look deeply into each others’ eyes, and not look away. We were to tell each other our names, and use those names as often as possible in order to create intimacy. She described the primal nature of humankind, and the way that female moaning is really a mating call for nearby males. She summoned a woman in a white dress named Skye, and had her undress and moan in demonstration. It felt like her point was that feelings of intimacy didn’t have to be connected to personal closeness: that we could make and break these connections at will. And right now, she wanted us to make them.

      (I was torn about this: in some ways, it felt like a repudiation of the bonds we’d forged in Ascension. “See? It’s just a few tricks. Gotcha.” It felt like she was ordering you to play along while priming you not to want to be manipulated, and the result was that I felt my walls go up. A desire to play along temporarily but not feel like I had been a sucker.)

      She told half of us to disclose a secret to our partner. We whispered our secrets – then she called me out by name and told me to stand up and share my secret with the group. I did. She was polite about my secret. She then had one of the guys share his secret with everyone. She acted more disgusted with his secret.

      At one point, we saw a man chasing a crying Asian woman in a white dress. He was laughing. Sabrina ignored it.

      She had all the female participants stand up and stand behind the men’s chairs. Still making unflinching eye contact. I can’t remember, but I think at this point the women were told to instruct the men to remove an item of clothing of our choice. Sabrina emphasized how close we now felt with our partner, the trust that we had built up. Then, she told the women to move one position to the left. Now, we lost the comfort of the trust we’d built up: we had to make eye contact with someone new, use a new name. The guys now had to pick an item of clothing for the women to take off. Sabrina watched us suspiciously: “No accessories or shoes”. (The guy I was paired with was extremely embarrassed and conducted a whispered negotiation with me about all this.)

      We then sat down next to our new partners, and were each served a single strawberry. We were instructed to feed this strawberry to our partner. She was describing it as a sensual experience, but this was possibly the least sensual moment of the night for me, trying to figure out who went first and how much of the strawberry to bite. I’m bad at this, guys.

      I think it was at this point that Sabrina walked into the next room and rang the bell.


      As we followed her into the next room, we were interrupted once again by Manuel, the grinning dick we’d glimpsed earlier, and the distressed woman he had been pursuing. Sabrina addressed him sharply as “Manuel,” but he quickly told her to observe protocol. She corrected herself: “Councillor”. I don’t fully remember, but I think at this point “Councillor” pulled a participant into an adjoining room with him.

      Sabrina lined the rest of us up in front of her. She asked us questions. Whether we had ever cheated on anyone. Whether we had ever been cheated on. Whether the person who had cheated in either scenario had confessed directly to their partner, or had been caught. She was pleased when the cheaters confessed and angry when they waited to be found out instead.

      Then she had us put on blindfolds and hold out our hands. She held a candle under our hands, one by one, and told us to picture the one thing we desired with a fire hotter than that of the candle. Our burning wants. She had us picture our desires in three categories – physical things, sexual desires, and titles/statuses. Then she told us to discard two of those desires, picturing only the desire we wanted most. She walked down the line and had each of us share our most burning desire. (The plant wanted “a sexual slave”.) Again, when she got to me, she was strangely kind.

      At the time I thought perhaps I looked uncomfortable, and that was why she spoke to me so gently. But the truth is, I have a complicated relationship with kindness. It pierces me in a way that nothing else can. Scorn and hostility are easy to smile through; someone unexpectedly asking if I’m ok can bring me to tears. In retrospect, I think she knew exactly what she was doing.

      She selected me and someone else and sent us on our way with “handlers”. We were to be anointed.

      Anointment Preparations

      Still blindfolded, I followed my handler’s lead. We seemed to go down a hallway, pausing once or twice to let someone move ahead of us. Eventually she maneuvered me into a large full bathroom with a shower, and I was permitted to take the blindfold off. My handler turned on the shower, testing the temperature carefully. She removed my mask, and I wondered for a moment if this meant the jig was up. But no. She merely indicated that I should remove the rest of my clothes. I would have ten minutes to shower – rinsing all scent out of my hair and body was important – and shave off all body hair.

      As I removed my boots, my handler chatted with me. She asked me if I’d ever made love, and I said yes. She said she hadn’t, and asked me to describe what it was like. I wasn’t sure if this meant she was a virgin (for some ritualistic purpose?) or simply meant that all her sex had been proscribed, with someone who was not a partner.

      I had some difficulty unzipping the dress, so she helped me out of it. Just as I got down to my underwear, she heard voices outside the door, and quickly grabbed a towel and threw it toward me. “Pretend you’ve showered.” My hair wasn’t wet at all, so I don’t think I was fooling anyone.

      Sabrina came in, leading Carrie and the female participant inside. They had brought a bottle of oil with them. (They had clearly been on what we later referred to as the “handmaiden” track.) Rather than instructing them directly, Sabrina gave me instructions to relay to them. “Tell them to take out the oil,” etc. And occasionally she also told them what to say to me. It felt a bit like a re-enactment at times. Through me, she instructed them to virtually anoint me, hovering their hands over my body without actually touching me. Meanwhile she rubbed the oil into my back, massaging me.

      She also told me to compliment them, which I did very unimaginatively. The female participant complimented me back, and Sabrina quickly said “What?” and had her repeat it. She seemed concerned for a moment.

      I can’t remember exactly how this bit concluded, but eventually I was all oiled up, and led to the dressing room and told to wait there.

      The Dressing Room / Anna

      It seemed to be a pretty standard dressing room, full of lighted mirrors, with a couch behind us. Nothing out of the ordinary, aside from some pills and powder and a bottle of whiskey. There was a notebook sitting out, and I looked through it, but it appeared to be completely empty. I sort of paced the room for a bit, uncertain.

      At last Anna came bursting in. She was wearing a white dress, had tattoos on her wrist and back, and reminded me a bit of Eliza Dushku. She was a glorious whirlwind.

      She sat down and chatted with me comfortably. She was an actress; she was annoyed that “they” made all the girls wear these little white dresses. She had curves, after all. She hated the music they played all the time (it was music from the 40s, I believe, similar to the music from the retirement room in Ascension). It made her feel like she was going crazy. It was difficult for her to concentrate. Sometimes in the middle of the sentence she’d break off, look at the ceiling, and groan.

      At one point, the man in the skull mask burst in, held the door open, and stared at us for a moment or two. We paused in confusion. At last he backed away, closing the door behind him. “He does that,” Anna said.

      She asked me if I was comfortable with nudity. “Mine or other people’s?” She looked at me skeptically, as if I was joking, but I wasn’t – it was a real question. “Other people’s,” she clarified. I told her I was fine with it.

      She was putting on her makeup, powdering her nose, and I squinted at her tattoos, trying to see them better. I almost asked her about them but I didn’t – I didn’t want to throw her off track. Which she sensed.

      “You think these are just lines,” she said. “Hm?” I said, mostly because I was startled. “You think I’m acting right now,” she said. I shrugged. “Yeah.” She told me that she would prove her authenticity to me presently.

      At one point, Cecilia came in. She paced the room, irritated. She’d heard that her son Noah was here. She popped a mint, offered us both one. It reminded me of Noah’s TicTac habit. She drifted out again.

      I know others have said that they barely remember what happened in this room, because what happened at the end overshadowed the rest. I feel the same way. I think more people might have popped in. I think Anna and I might have spoken more. But the ending drove the rest of it out of my mind.

      The male anointed came in, in his underwear, unmasked. Clearly he’d been through a similar “anointing” process. She had us sit on the couch. She told him that I thought she was acting. That I thought she was just delivering lines. “You’re telling him all the same things you told me,” I pointed out.

      She smiled, a bit devilishly. Came over to us and knelt on the floor in front of us. Told us to look at each other, and move closer to one another. “Closer. Closer. …Closer.” We leaned forward until we could feel each others’ breath on our faces. We looked into each others’ eyes for what felt like a full minute or longer. At last she had us stop.

      “Didn’t that feel authentic?” she said. She said that our moment of intimate connection had tapped into something primal. That we had accessed the beast within. Her secret? “I’m always the beast.”

      We both instinctively smiled. I’m not sure why. There was something powerful about the way she said it, and I think we admired her in that moment.

      Then she “read” us. I think she probably began everyone’s reading in the same way – in a way that acknowledged the part of their brain that was watching and judging and withholding, not surrendering fully. I don’t want to betray someone else’s reading, but I don’t think it’s a betrayal of confidence to say that she began by observing that the male anointed was “critical”, a word she also used for me. But her reading of him after that became a bit more specific. She described things about the male anointed that I did not see in him, as a stranger. Later on, in the parking lot, I asked him if he agreed with her assessment: he did. Those characteristics she described that I couldn’t see…he recognized himself in them.

      After him, she read me. I was prepared for her to use similar words or express similar sentiments: a one-size-fits-all reading. And at first, she did use a few repeated terms. But at a certain point, her expression changed. She had narrowed her eyes, searching. And then suddenly she widened them. It was as if she had found something. She told me why I withhold things, and why I fear explaining the things that matter to me to the people I love. I could feel my expression changing.

      “Did I get it?” she said, or something like that, and I heard my voice say very quietly, “Yeah.”

      She asked us if we would remember her. We told her that we would.

      And then it was time. We were given black hoods to put over our heads. And we were led to the final ceremony.

      The Ceremony

      I think it was Cecilia who led me to the bed in the other room. She helped me find my way, lie down. She was speaking in a gentle crooning voice, which was unsettling. I could feel the male anointed lying down next to me.

      The hoods were removed, and red lights shone in my face. Because of the lights I couldn’t make out my surroundings very well, but I saw hooded figures standing around the bed. Cecilia asked someone if they had seen Horace, and said that she didn’t want him participating in the ritual anymore. He had been unsuccessful in the past. Using him would be foolish; bad fucking odds. Someone must have pointed out the pun…”fucking odds”…because she laughed and acknowledged it.

      I think the other participants must have been standing in the back; she had them gather around the bed and look down at us.

      Sabrina came forward and gave a speech about what was about to happen. The ritual that would hopefully result in the conception of Anoch made flesh. I don’t really remember what she said, but she took my hand and put it in the male anointed’s hand. Then she stepped back and watched.

      Cecilia and Tom Barrow/Timothy Granik were seated at my left. They urged us to mate. They seemed perplexed at our unwillingness, and suggested that those standing around help us out.

      Their coaching was interrupted when Noah burst in. He gave a speech about what bullshit all of this was, how ridiculous it was for them to expect that two random strangers having sex would create Anoch. At one point he stepped up onto the bed and continued his speech, pausing to inform us that we were lying in a bed full of cum. Ultimately he successfully disrupted the ceremony, and we were all dismissed to go home. Tom Barrow offered his hand to help me down from the bed, and I took it before it registered who it was. I wish I hadn’t.


      In a little room by the highway, our clothes were brought to us in a plastic bin. We dressed and someone from security walked us back to the parking lot. The plant walked with us, which was odd; I felt like the show was continuing, in a way. The tone was sort of…jovial? I think the others experienced it almost more like a bachelorette party, or a game.

      Afterwards, I thought a lot about what the OSDM had wanted me to feel. Had they wanted me to feel intimidated? Aroused? Frightened into compliance? Had they truly wanted me to be utterly uninhibited? I hadn’t felt any of those things: neither, though, had I felt the revulsion that BOS seemed to expect me to feel. Sabrina had emphasized good communication with partners; our consent was never violated. The crying woman had evoked some uneasiness, but in the same way that witnessing arguments in restaurants and parents screaming at children in stores evoked uneasiness: I didn’t have enough details to know how to respond. All in all, it felt like an evening designed to push me out of my comfort zone and make me more confident.

      (That said, I fully believe everyone who reported women pleading for help escaping, and am no less committed to the cause.)

      So there you have it. That was Anointment.

    • #28220
       Meghan Mayhem

      Finally getting around to adding my experience to the ocean.
      I had a similar path to @daela, but there were surprising differences in the interactions alone. Funny how little things can change the whole vibe.
      There are certain parts I won’t go into too much detail over because…well, we all know and don’t need it explained again.

      Parking lot
      It started with a meeting from the one I trust the most. We all gathered in the parking lot and the smartly dressed English shit talker I know and love wanders over with purpose and a cigarette to fill us in on the details of the evening. Names, intentions, the real event, the van drivers. All there. We know what we have to do. He hugs me tightly and tells me to be careful. He leaves us with our mission. The van arrives and we take our exit.

      We file in, I shimmy to the very back as would be expected us me. Our driver Pat is the same driver from Tension, only his demeanor is vastly different. When once he shouted at me to keep the hood on and keep quiet as he blasted music and sharply navigated turns on the way to the OOA warehouse, this time he asked about our comfort, requested a piece of gum, and softly played Xmas music (which our group unanimously requested he change).

      Entrance Door
      We were met by another man, Fernando, who served as our driver and guide in Tension and much the same his demeanor has gone from aggressive and stern to warm and respectful. We tested for code moves and were frisked before being lined up. Pat the driver very clearly noticed all our cell phones in our purses, stuffed in jackets, etc, and said nothing. Almost like he pretended to be checking but knew to allow us in with them regardless. One by one we are let into the building. I notice immediately that Pat and Nando are often leaning into one another and whispering. I am placed at the end of the line so I am far from them and cannot hear. As I inch closer, I try to eavesdrop on their conversation, but unfortunately cannot make anything out and by the time I am the only one left outside and am standing next to the two of them, they have stopped speaking with each other and engaged me in chats. They comment on how strangely calm I appear. We discuss the usefulness of nervousness. Or lack there of. They bang on the door and I enter.

      I step in the building and almost immediately I am intercepted by a very enthusiastic couple. The husband grabs me first. He speaks of having a good time and how much they love this place. He asks me if I want drugs and I say yes. He shoves a gel capsule in my mouth and comments about how attractive I am. His wife aggressively shoves her way in front of him and grabs me and agrees that I am very attractive. She loudly asserts to me “I WANT TO FUCK YOU.” I laugh. She seems unnerved by my reaction and becomes more aggressive and almost confrontational. Repeating her intentions. “DO YOU WANT TO FUCK US?” I reply “Let’s see how the night goes”. She nearly starts pouting and shouts “BUT I WANT TO FUCK YOU RIGHT NOW.” The husband steps forward and playfully apologizes for his wife, claiming they “got started early”. The wife asks my name. I tell them and suddenly everything changes. Both the husband and wife get very still. Scared. Their eyes wide. They softly repeat my name to each other. The wife turns to the husband and asks “Does she know what happened to him?” She turns to me “Do you know what happened to my dad? Where is he?!” I am confused. Both the husband and wife are backing away from me and fearfully announce that they have to go and run off. Hmm.

      A guard ushers me over to the couches where everyone else in my group is already seated. A beautiful woman in red has just finished singing and is exiting the stage. The guard asks if I have a cell phone, which I say I do not. I turn and look at the group of people collected by the bar and am shouted at to look forward. Mason enters. He gives us the speech. Tells us he doesn’t recognize us and asks if we belong there. He moves thoughtfully and methodically throughout us, sizing us up. He makes Carrie, our plant, take the stage and instructs her to expose her breasts. He instructs us to also remove an article of clothing and as with most of the other groups, we remove our jackets or shoes. We are encouraged to make our way to the bar to drink and mingle.

      In a move that shocks literally no one, I beeline it for the bar. I grab a drink from the incredibly friendly bartender and size up the room. Mason stands off to the side, barely looking at us and fiddling with a rubiks cube. I begin talking to a tall and fairly conservatively dressed woman who identifies herself as Tatiana. She is eager to talk. We make pleasantries and says she thinks the best way to get to know a person is to get to the more interesting questions. She asks me to describe in detail about how I lost my virginity. How old was I? What was the sex like? What was his cock like? Did I come? How long did it last? She seems amused and entertained with my answers. After a few minutes she thanks me and says she’d like to mingle further. I look around. Mason is still playing with his goddamn cube.
      At this point I’ve finished my drink and go to the bar for another. A man with his hair in a bun of a colorful robe open to expose his naked body is at the bar. As soon as I near and try to say hello, he runs off. I order a drink and lean against the bar, admiring a beautiful woman stoically sitting on a stool near me wearing an ornate white horned mask and an open white silk robe. The woman we call “The Voice” approaches me from behind and begins rubbing my back and whispering in my ear. She gives me a similar speech we’ve heard her give others. How she’s different from the others and so am I. That she’s sucked and fucked her way through everyone. She asks me to look at the white masked woman in front of me and describe to her how I think she likes to get off. I oblige her in explicit detail. As I’m speaking, The Voice continues to rub my back and ask “and what else?” The white masked woman is staring and smirking at me as she listens to my reply. Both she and The Voice seem pleased with what I am describing. The Voice leaves me to find others and I wander towards the center of the room.
      Everyone seems to be engaged in conversations already, so I lean near an empty table and watch the sheeted dancer. Carrie is standing alone and mentions that the naked man won’t stop to talk to anyone and runs off whenever she tries to speak with him. Suddenly a man hurdles himself towards me in a drunken manner and throws himself into the stool at the table I’m at. He asks me how I am. “Very well” I say. “You look drunk.” He introduces himself as Harry and we speak briefly. He tells me that he comes here every night to watch the dancer but has never had the guts to speak to her. That he feels like he needs to do something soon because he can’t afford to keep coming here every night. I give him advice about how taking action is better than sitting in fear because fear ensues failure while taking a chance at least gives him a shot. He remarks at the truth in my advice and seems genuinely appreciative.
      It’s around this point in the conversation when a very enthusiastic woman approaches us from the side. She is nude except for a mask and a strap on dildo. She starts to aggressively rub her rubber dick all over me. Allllllll over me. She describes with a lot of gusto all the things she would like to do to me with her toy. She moves back and forth to either side of me telling me all the ways she’s going to pleasure me and I remark that her hip thrust techniques look like quite the work out (seriously, her abs must ache after a night of that).
      I look to the side during this display and notice Mr. Boneface is nearby and watching closely for the entire duration. I nod and smile at him.

      It’s about this time that Mason who has moved to the back of the room has started ringing a bell, which he had told us earlier in his schpeel at the couches was the notice that we needed to pay attention and follow him. I take my drink and walk over to him, along with one other male participant.
      Mason mentions “At least some of you know how to listen. And now I know something about the 2 of you” with a wink.
      We wait for the others to line up and we are led out of the room.

      Dining Room
      We file in and Mason tells us to be very thoughtful about who we choose to sit next to, because our choices will matter.
      I sit at the head of the table because I’m that kind of prick. Mason rubs my shoulders a bit and tugs at my hair as he waits for the others to take their seats. You all know what happens here. Secrets, secrets. Several of us were made to stand and I was told to say my secret out loud, which I did. Mason prodded further and asked me to give him more information about my particular secret. I paused for a moment and then told him “No.”
      Mason was VERY displeased by my doing so and insisted that I was to tell him or I would be ejected. Again, I said no while staring straight forward. At this point, the security guard came to the side of me and sneered into my ear “I’m going to be eye fucking you for the rest of the night.”
      Cecilia entered the room in a huff. She stormed over to Mason and shouted “Did I hear someone say NO in MY HO– USE?!” Mason mutters that he’s taking care of it. Cecilia says “I better hope so.” and stomps out. Mason comes to me again, his face right at my ear, and he says “You have 3 seconds to tell me. To SHOUT it. 1….2…..”
      I shout my answer.
      Mason is satiated and moves away from me.
      When we got to the point when we had switched partners and were instructed to either tell the person sitting down to remove clothes, or to remove clothes ourselves, I chose the latter as my partner seemed a bit…well, the look in her eyes seemed like she was still working through the moment and being the more confident one in that scenario, I figured I’d help her out a little bit. She asked me to take off my shoes (“do better”) I told her. She then told me to take off my dress, however I wasn’t wearing much more than that and had my phone stashed in the side so I veered her towards my bra instead. I removed my bra and left my dress on and Mason moved next to my ear again and said “Well now I know what your bra size is, but you know better than that. Dress down.” I pulled my dress down to expose my tits and we moved on. The rest of that scene was the same as everyone else’s experience.

      There was nothing atypical about this scene. Carrie said some highly sexual shit. Someone in our group said his greatest desire was a swing. Answers varied wildly. The Chancellor came in chasing the Asian handler and was scolded for his behavior. I see Sabrina move through the kitchen momentarily but we don’t so much as make eye contact. I was singled out and taken away by another pretty blonde handler and taken down the hall (“Move quickly, don’t make eye contact whatever you do” she told me) and we moved to the bathroom.

      This was a beautiful bathroom. I liked this bathroom. The girl in the room asked me if i’d ever made love. If I’d ever been in love. What is was like. She went through the shower routine. Wash the scent out of your hair, shave your pubes “smooth like a cancer patient”. I tell her “no need” and she high fives me and giggles “Niiiiiice!!”
      I strip naked and begin showering. Wet my hair and my body, and that’s about all I had time to do before there was a knock at the door and she threw a towel at me and told me to quickly dry off and pretend I’d fully showered and was done. Mason barges in with Carrie and another female participant holding oil in their open palms. Mason moves behind me and whispers into my ear things I am to say to the women, to instruct them to do to me. They massage my hands and arms while Mason strokes my back and traces symbols into it with oil. We all leave and I ask if I can keep the towel. I’m not shy, but it was freakin’ cold.

      Dressing Room
      My experience here is pretty exact to @daela’s. I walk in and another female participant had been left alone in there. She’s told to leave and I am left alone. I immediate go into room escape mode, going through every drawer and cushion and curtain I can find. Nothing out of the ordinary. Makeup, magazines, empty notebooks. Anna enters and we have a chat. I really really like her. I am sitting at one of the makeup chairs next to her when Cecilia enters and begins speaking with Anna about Noah while she touches up her makeup. She offers me a mint, which I take. When she leaves, Anna remarks that she’s never even met Noah so she doesn’t know why Cecilia is asking her about him. I mention that I know Noah and Anna laughs. “Oh, you’re one of THOSE.”
      The male participant is brought in and sits on the couch. Anna moves to over to sit beside him, we are made to stare at each other, Anna gives us our cold readings (did I really like Anna? I REALLY like Anna. Her skills at reading people are haunting.)
      After the reading she steps back and tells us “I like you two, which is why I am so SO sorry.” She pulls up her phone, speaks into it “Yes. Everything is on schedule.” She hands us hoods and makes us put them on.
      As she moves us out of the room, she asks me “What is my name?”
      “Anna.” I reply.
      “Good. Don’t forget me.”
      Like I fucking could, Anna.

      Honoring Bed
      I’m led to a room where I am gently guided to the bed. I feel silk and am made to lay down and feel for the edge. When the hood is removed, I am laying in bed next to the male participant, with everyone in my group, along with several people I’d seen moving throughout the building, in various states of undress and staring at me in a red light. Tom Barrow in in a dark cloak sitting at the end of the bed facing the group. He goes into his speech about yada yada bring forth yada. Idiot. Cecilia is sitting beside me in a gleeful state. She compliments my hair and tells me how pretty I am and how excited for me she is. At one point she took my hand and stroked it gently. As Tom turns to the man in the bed and I, he and Cecilia prod us to “begin”. The man is teased for not being hard and I hear Mason playfully shout from the crowd “Pull her hair, she likes that.”
      I settled in with a smirk. Place my hands across my stomach and wait. At that point, Noah makes his grand entrance, jumping all over the bed shouting about love and idiocy. That man has quite the flair. I regularly have to move my feet to avoid being jumped on.
      We are taken from the bed and instructed to get out.
      As we move out of that room and towards the exit I see Stephanie in a terrible state standing against a bar table with tears in her eyes, looking like the embodiment of a heavy sigh. I break away from the line of people for a moment and go to her. I take her hand, stare into her eyes, and say “love you.”
      We are moved out of the room quickly.

      They took my goddamn panties.

    • #28224

      Also am a bit late to this chat, but the majority of what I experienced is similar to things already described.

      One encounter that seems like it might have differed a bit is my encounter with Harry – aka Mr. Rock N Roll. When we were encouraged to grab a drink at the bar, Harry and I made eye contact as I crossed the room. At first, I swear he looked familiar to me for some reason… not sure why he had a familiar feel about him, but he did.

      I stepped toward the bar and immediately felt a hand pulling on my shoulder… it was Harry. He took charge of getting me a drink and led me to a nearby table. He inquired about my fetishes… what it takes to turn me on. I gave him an honest answer but I think it may have come across simply as innuendo and he took it as a chance to launch into a description of a kink scene he claimed to have witnessed earlier that night.

      Now, the thing I have not seen anyone else point specifically to is the fact that Harry insisted I realize how international the mix of people present reached. The kinky scene he described featured a “Thai” woman abusing “some Japanese guy” while “some couple, I think they might have been Swiss” watched it all play out.

      He then led me into a discussion of his last album release – a success, for sure, according to him – even though he was “high as fuck” during its production. It was not creative genius he felt but that is why he was there now… to look for creative inspiration for his next album. To him, the scenes of sensuality and sexuality amidst this international mix of flesh and fluid were hopefully going to spark some creative lightning bolt.

      He explained to me how he once had a conversation with some of the “powerful upper ups” (or something like that) before the last album was released because he was concerned if the album would make a profit. He asked them for a prediction… and apparently they gave him a very specific money figure.

      He then revealed that they later provided a check to him for that exact dollar amount. “THAT’S the kind of power I am talking about!” he stated. The “organization” knew – in advance – exactly how the sales of his record were going to go… a worldwide release. Obviously, this seems to indicate that whoever is pulling the strings way behind the scenes (at least in Harry’s mind) has the power to control supply and demand of many different types of goods and services on a worldwide scale, in multiple markets.

      (Some may recall a brief moment last year when, indeed, a leaked email seemed to predict a change in the American markets represented on Wall Street. Is this further reference to such power?)

      We then started talking careers. Since I work on kid’s entertainment programs (something he found highly amusing since I was present in this den of sensual delights), he felt we could talk ideas. We talked rhymes, we talked albums titles and I pitched a potential album cover art idea to him. He was disappointed that the only immediate rhyme we could think of for “fluids” was “druids.” (Credit to Harry for that rhyme… not me.)

      • #28265
         Lawrence Meyers

        @russell Do you think Harry was offering you some subtext — that you could also have the same power if you stuck around or made the right overtures?

      • #28266

        @larry My conversation with Harry did not seem to offer that. The way I heard him speaking I think he was just trying to stress the point of the Power… that lurked… somewhere behind the scenes. Since he was someone who created something that was a marketable product, he was just lucky enough to get a glimpse at the reach of that power and the possible influence. I don’t think he felt like he would be awarded such control and I don’t think he was indicating it was something to aspire to within the “Organization.” It was just there and he had seen proof of it.

        Later in my travels that night, I saw Stephanie “glitch” the way others did. She indicated something similar but from a different point of view. She seemed confused during one of her “glitches” as to why her hard work was not leading her to any benefit. Specifically, she pointed out how Sabrina seemed to be advancing in some way in all of this and she did not… no matter how hard she worked for “them.”

    • #28263
       Lauren Bello

      There are still some details that have been mentioned on Slack, but haven’t made it to forums yet. Highlights:

      From Erikthemasked:
      – mentioned Cecilia taking him into a room with two people in white and making him call someone?
      – “there was a naked girl in the lobby area, with a mask I had to hand a note to, once I did she took her mask off and took me back stage.
      i think that girl, and I might be wrong, you had to give her a note, which I got from that brittish guy. Once you do, she takes you outside, and then backstage”

      –Anyone else have an experience similar to this?

      From @chelsea:
      – “I had a really interesting convo with Noah. He and I ended up in a room alone watching the freeway. I’ll have all of the details ready to go for the forum, but the basics are that Horace is handing him the keys to the fuck palace. At first, he thought he might be able to go make change from the inside, but now he’s not sure he wants to. Him: ‘The power is intoxicating.'”
      – “So Sabrina led us into a room that had a tv with different camera perspectives, and then got upset that they seemed to be delayed.” <– someone else had mentioned that what they were seeing on the screens didn’t match what was happening in the room, perhaps this is an explanation

      From Drew Rausch:
      – “During the last room my handler , Michelle, asked me if I would be a witness, took my hand and walked me through the entire show, wearing nothing but pants mind you, to a side room with the big window. It was kind of neat because it was like a recap of what I saw.” <— her name was Michelle???
      – “They [Michelle and Noah] had a bit of a spat about Anoch and then she left.” <— as in Noah wasn’t a believer and the handler was?

      From @macbethinabathtub:
      – “I had a conversation with a woman who spoke about the ‘readings’ of all the different locations they were looking at. She mentioned the Clockmakers. How they looked at so many different properties that had the same readings, but the place last night that they ended up picking didn’t have a good reading in the end and was only picked for convenience, so how did they expect to fulfill the prophecy that way.”

      From Missescandy:
      – “my boyfriend who was taken upstairs was told a story about Anoch, he asked questions about it, and they showed him a bunch of photos.” — is this the third person we know of who was taken upstairs?

      From @michelle:
      – When i first walked in, there was that couple greeting us. The woman was asking me very explicit sex questions…she asked my name. I said, ‘Michelle’.
      She freaked out. Like it was the worst name in the world.
      Like it triggered her”

      From Dbit:
      – “One potentially interesting tidbit that happened to me which may mean more to someone… After the dining room the large bearded bouncer guy pulled me aside into a dressing room. He screamed at me for looking at his wife (one of the white robed slave girls) and she followed us in… she begged him not to touch me, and told him that he knows what they would do to them if he did. He then go very apologetic and explained he was on edge because his brother hadn’t contacted him and was supposed to be driving the van”
      — so, what DID happen to that van driver that Morgan kidnapped?

      From LaurenJ:
      – “I’m new to this community (never saw Tension, etc.) But some things make me think that what my group saw at MSE was supposed to be a performance and not the real event.
      1. I was dragging behind the group quite a bit and twice, ‘handlers’ scolded me about getting in place for my ‘next scene.’
      2. Some of the handmaidens I spoke with implied that they were acting. (Damn I can’t remember specifics quotes, now.)
      3. I kept my phone with me and turned on after everyone had already surrendered theirs. (Per Morgan’s instruction.) When I was caught, the guard just sort of shook his head but there were no repercussions.
      4. I also did not return the secret salutes a couple of times and there were no repercussions.
      5. The video/camera feed in Rico’s room – Sabrina (?) telling us we needed to be down there to synch up with action occurring somewhere else. But we were not being filmed, so what was happening with us didn’t “matter” for OSDM’s purposes.
      6. Noah’s speech at the end seemed very ‘Hollywood ending.’ Like, a happy ending for the play we just saw. I spoke to Noah’s wife in the bar for a bit, and it was apparent that he was the opposite of what he espoused in his speech (in her mind at least).”
      –interesting, that as long as it wasn’t being filmed it wasn’t relevant

      Also @coryphella, did you say that you heard that Cecilia had TWO sons? I know you’d said you were trying to confirm if that’s what she’d said…

      • #28264

        @daela – I thought I heard from someone that Cecilia said she had two sons, but I honestly couldn’t say who that was at this point.

    • #28270
       Brad Ruwe

      I know, I’m late. 2017 ended very busily.

      Most of the key points of my own experiences have been covered, so I’ll just throw in some of the major, individual experiences I had.

      In the main room after the stage presentation, I had a woman asking me about how I’d fuck her. When I mentioned ropes (yeah yeah, I’m apparently a “rope bunny” according to the internet) she had me remove my tie, bound my hands, and blindfolded me. She did some sensation stuff with me while I was in this predicament. Def was NOT something I was expecting to happen, but hey, I enjoyed it even if I was so confused as to how it was happening haha.

      After everyone was split up at the dining table, I was left alone with “Queen”. She talked with me about how that location was selected more for convenience rather than having the best results. I def think the field Tina called me about many months ago was the top “scoring” location. Also feel like we may hear more about this field and the energy it seems to have in the future.

      BIG QUESTION REGARDING THIS: If that location was not the best choice for whatever their plans were, do we think that could be why Horace’s plan never really worked out? Why they had so many failures? If that’s the case, it leaves me questioning where Sabrina supposedly got knocked up. Something tells me it was NOT at the location of TMSE.

      In my time with Rico, he def left an impression on me. Not the good kind either. He was making one of the other guys in there with us EXTREMELY uncomfortable and I honestly was worried he’d cause a fight given how he just kept pushing buttons. Also his taste in porn is abysmal.

      When I got to the final room where the “honoring” was to take place, this is where things got interesting. The whole night I had been trying to stay fairly incognito (even shaved my facial hair for the event). Of course, seeing Stephanie in that room made things tricky. Sabrina didn’t seem to recognize me at all, and I never saw any of the other major players who would recognize me up until this point. I start hearing them talk about how one of us shouldn’t be there. They call Stephanie to one by one remove our masks to see if she recognizes any of us, and of course I’m thinking the gig is up. She of course tells them she doesn’t recognize any of us. I’m left wondering if she was lying to protect me (which was my initial thought) or if she’d been so fucked in the head that she honestly doesn’t recognize me. I’m still not sure which was the case.

      Then of course came Victoria and Stephanie working together to get me naked. That was… again, something I wasn’t expecting to play out as it did. When I wasn’t selected for the “honoring” I figured I was safe from being made to get naked. They had other plans. Steph started glitching once I did get naked, which was when I really started wondering if she was covering for me or if she honestly didn’t recognize me.

      Best part was Noah going through busting up “the honoring”, seeing me there naked, and lifting up my mask very briefly. I’m assuming it was a “Who’s this screwball who’s naked and not in the bed?” moment. So yeah, Noah’s seen me naked. So…. that’s a thing now.

      I still have so many questions about the field, what they were testing for, and how these supposed energies can cause people to feel things. If @lilmsfancpants felt a sort of energy upstairs, and if this wasn’t their top location…. what on earth can happen in a location that actually gets higher results?

    • #28273

      Most of my experience has been covered as well, but I’ll hit the high points.

      My biggest takeaway is that our group was apparently much more willing to get naked than most others :/

      Upon entering I met the married couple with the pill and took it. Was then led to the stage and sat to watch the singer. While sitting a naked guy came out of the door to the left of the stage and, looking very frightened, walked past us back towards the dining room (well done on the foreshadowing).

      The older woman with the large glasses welcomed us, mocked us, and invited one of the women in our party to take off her top. After a bit of resistance she did (which I think set the stage for the rest of the evening). We were then taken to the bar where my conversations were similar to other’s here. By the time we left the bar all of us were shirtless.

      We were lined up near the stairs and asked who was the bravest.. My friend volunteered and was asked to unlock his cell phone and hand it to Bald Deacon. He complied but was mocked for being so slow to find his phone (his pants were back in the bar area).

      We were taken into the dining room and paired up. We had an odd number so one guy who came alone was taken out of the room by Cecelia. We were all forced to tell our secrets to the group and disrobe further. I was now down to underwear and a mask. The guy who came alone was brought back in and forced to recount what he had told Cecelia. She had asked him who in our group he wanted to fuck. He had chosen the younger girl from our group (Amber). Amber was made to stand in front of him while he recounted in exact terms what he had said he would do to her… It was VERY graphic.

      We then switched partners and did the strawberry and choose an article of clothing bit that others experienced. The other woman in our group chose my underwear so I was the first to get buck ass naked. They stood me up in front of everyone with Sky and did a bit on analyzing where your gaze naturally falls. My compliance led to everyone else in our group also getting completely naked by the time we left the dining room.

      As described by Lauren Bello above, I was then taken by Deacon into the side room where he accused me of looking at Sky’s tits. She talked him down and revealed that they would hurt him if he touched me. I angrily told him that his brother was dead when he apologized and he proceeded to calmly tell me how he was going to rape my wife and then make her watch as he raped me. Definitely the most “fun” part of the evening.

      Three of us naked dudes were then taken to meet Rico. He wouldn’t let us have any of his coke but shared his whiskey. We played drinking games, watched some terrible 70s porn, had some elephant dick, and had a nice circle jerk. We were then interrupted by Cecelia and some others who were angry the room for the ceremony wasn’t ready. Saw other rooms on the CCTV system.

      We were taken into the ceremony room. I met the clown girl and was taught to be a clown, made to do push-ups and when I wasn’t getting tired fast enough someone sat on my back, used as a table for a tea party (I think it was a tea party, they put a tray on my back). During this my friend was paraded past the stage and bar (he got to be the naked guy we saw at the beginning).

      The ceremony was pretty much what everyone else has described. Only minor interesting point is that Amber and the poor guy who had to describe his fantasies about her were chosen as the anointed… So that was fairly awkward.

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