Kristin has resurfaced… and wants to meet. 5/10

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      I just received a phone call from Kristin. She was more nervous than before, started right off by apologizing for her last call and said she wasn’t feeling quite right at that time..
      She asked me how my iConfidant contact was going and I said good, they’re starting to open up a little more, but that’s not important right now, how was Kristen doing? She said she’s doing okay but wants to see me, on Friday. o_____O

      I forgot to tell her I am out at a show that night, but Kristen seems a daytime coffee sort of person, so it should be fine. Unless it’s a trap. Which it certainly isn’t, Kristen wouldn’t do that, surely. Probably. Hopefully.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      There’s absolutely certainly no way that she’s been threatened into making another attempt at getting what they were looking for. No way at all. Nuh uh.

      Shall I start digging a grave for your heart now or…

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      This isn’t any problem. @111error has never fallen under the spell of a “damsel in distress” type that may or may not be working with a nefarious organization that intends to data mine us for questionable reasons.

      He’ll be fine.

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      @meghanmayhem Oh you evil fucker..

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      @thegilded I see what you did there. I’ll be fine.. right? Right??

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      @thegilded You just made me laugh out loud!
      Oh, wait… I guess that statement could be made about me, too… dammit.

      I hate to say I told you so… and I cannot say it, yet.
      However, my friend, please proceed with caution.

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      How exciting, @111error! I know you’ve been wondering if she’s well, so this call must have been a relief. I can’t wait to hear how it goes! Will you ask her if she knows Macy? I’m itching to find out (although, the answer if probably a resounding “no”).

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      Seems like we’ve begun Chapter 1!!!

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       Brad Ruwe

      Very cool! So the question is, is iConfidant part of the Sinclair storyline, or the Investors? Is the company, and what’s going on with Kristin real, or just part of the thing The Investors are creating?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Everything will be just fine, Bryan 111.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Hm. Perhaps not coincidentally, this seems to tie in perfectly to the latest FB post as well:

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        @bcbishop, omg, hahahahahaha!!!! I saw this before the real Facebook page and I was like…no way, they did not!!!! This is so funny!

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      @russell Fuck. I will.

      Yes, she’s been on my mind.. I’ll try and ask about Macy.

      Fuck. I don’t know.



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       Brad Ruwe

      Paging @theladyj

      I think we need a “Fuck” poster.

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       Max Z

      I wonder if she’ll look/act different now that The Investors did all that R&D.

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      Good luck dude. I’m still catching up on everything, but did you ever get a follow up to the “they didn’t find what they were looking for” thing? Maybe they hope whatever they’re looking for will come out this time around?

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      @111error – maybe stop by Amoeba beforehand and get her a gift

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      @addisonborn Welcome back from your honeymoon! No, there were no further clues as to what that could have been.. but I’m sure it’s nothing, Friday is just another wonderful meeting with a beautiful friend, tra-la-laaa.. ::skips::

      You hilarious fucker.

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       Lauren Bello

      Preview of Friday:

      (btw, if she isn’t too distracted by her impending inevitable betrayal, could you ask her once and for all how she spells her name?)

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      @daela Are you trying to summon Buz with Buffy gifs? And yes, I will try to seek clarification of her name before I get thrown in the trunk of a car.

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      @theladyj It’s not my most erudite quote, but very appropriate..

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      @theladyj I compliment your choice of imagery for that quote. Well done.

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      @111error if she hurts you I will kill her ?

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      @pandace88 You’re sweet, but don’t unleash your bloodlust just yet, for even if something awful does happen, it’s only the opening salvo in the larger war.

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      @pandace88 I’ll fly over and give you a hand… ?

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