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    Is that a lustexperience.com email address?

    Yup, info@ thelustexperience. So yea, it’s either that there really is a power struggle, or that we are looking at even more fiction. The OSDM could be fake. The System could also be fake. We could be looking at a situation where it’s all fiction.

  • Ok more. He didn’t have to sign his name. No one needed to sign off on that. It could have been Lust, The Experiences, etc. But no, they/he wanted us to know that the waiver was coming from Granik. That’s incredibly telling. I’m not sure what it’s telling us, but that isn’t a random thing. That’s something big.

  • Mine came in this afternoon as well. The two most interesting parts for me are that, yea @bcbishop, Granik is sending them himself, and two, Granik is sending emails from the info@ gmail. That’s uh… weird.

  • @bcbishop I’m trying to figure out why Remy gives a fuck. We have this guy who is unknown steps up the food chain. Why would he bother with trying to rattle you? Directly rattle you, no less. Does he no longer have people to make these calls for him? I have a feeling he doesn’t actually care about blackmailing you or threatening you. Reminding you…[Read more]

  • @mkarrett I think it’s interesting that Mike is focusing on the “They”, when my text from Russell last week after the note for help was talking about “he”. I had a theory involving Mike that was essentially Mike wanted to be team villain, the villain didn’t end up really being a villain, and then Mike went rogue to actually be a villain. Russell…[Read more]

  • I sent Russell a text yesterday after the note exchange. I didn’t want to put him in more danger at the time. Considering they are probably not still at Disneyland, I think it’s more safe to share this now.

    Me: Can you meet me? Near a restroom, corner, somewhere?
    Russell: No. He’s too close.
    Me: How can I help? What can I do?
    Russell: Uh thks I…
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  • @izryn They are written on different paper with different utensils. Mike did not have time to write this in between bumping into me and going to shake hands with Brad. Russell, on the other hand, did. He was left alone. Mike’s note was probably planned all along. I see Russell’s as him taking an opportunity.

  • @nothenrygale and I are at Disneyland right now. We were standing in line to get coffee, and I saw a couple of familiar faces walk by the window. After a “Wait what” moment followed by an “oh shit”, I left Brad in line to go say hi to Mike and Russell.

    I walked up behind Mike and said hello. He stared at me blankly. I tried to remember if he w…[Read more]

  • It implies, as you said, that Noah, Mason, Morgan, Michelle, and Joyce have been working together the entire time, to manipulate members of the community.

    @bcbishop Yea, this isn’t a new team. We’ve been watching this gang work together for a long time. I agree that the next question is “why”, but I think we already know that. The truth in the…[Read more]

  • This might, heavy emphasis on might, be “our” Steph officially making calls for the OSDM. They are definitely gathering info early. We are still a whole month and change out.

  • I’m actually much more interested in Noah, Joyce and “Mason” all working toward a common goal, whether that’s Bryan or something much bigger (probably something much bigger and Bryan is a test subject of sorts). I’d really like to know who all three of them are answering to, but I guess that’s the million dollar question.

  • Chelsea replied to the topic FB Post – 11/6 in the forum CONJECTURE 4 years, 2 months ago

    I really like the idea of the curtain all being a part of the illusion. “Let’s show them a thing! They will think they are getting info into what’s really going on, but we all know that the other side of this curtain is still a part of the damn theater!”

  • Chelsea replied to the topic FB Post – 11/6 in the forum CONJECTURE 4 years, 2 months ago

    “…glimpses that reveal every single step on this journey has been a lie and a manipulation.”

    I would be seriously surprised if we see anything other than exactly what they want us to see. More steps, more reveals, all part of a greater plan that we don’t understand. Whatever happens tomorrow is probably going to shake a couple more pieces from…[Read more]

  • Chelsea started the topic FB Post – 11/6 in the forum CONJECTURE 4 years, 2 months ago


    Original painting:

    The Candidate, Wolfgang Lettl (1996)

    From Google (which apparently has an arts and culture section now?!): “In his speech, “Power, Beauty, and the Worm”, of April 3, 2003, Wolfgang Lettl put into words his thoughts about the painting, “The Candidate”:

    Four anonymous male figures are attempting to erect an…[Read more]

  • @bcbishop This is exactly where my thoughts are starting to lean. I think it’s time to entertain the idea that the “truth in the lies” is that this is all about emotional manipulation, and that the goal is to break each and every one of us using any tactic that will work.

  • @wanda102 Hold up. Mike set up the meeting with @bcbishop that led to the reveal that Joyce is still alive? And the instruction to dress nice came from Mike?

    So Mike joined “Mason” and has been acting as a glorified messenger service. “Mason” orchestrating Joyce’s reveal doesn’t surprise me considering the two of them were in on that together.…[Read more]

  • Was there a noteable difference in A around that time? I feel like we always thought that Just Lurking was “Mason”. Mason seemingly having access to A as well could be a tick in the “Could Be Granik” column now that we see Granik being displeased with the way A was handing things. “Mason” seems like the kind of person to believe in doing thing…[Read more]

  • @bcbishop This looks like Granik thought A was doing an inadequate job. *If* Mason is Granik, and *if* Granik has taken back over A, that could be the reason. I still think that “Mason” at the computers after the exchange between A and JustLurking and then MyChild is “Mason” running all three on three different log ins. Him taking over after G…[Read more]

  • @macbethinabathtub Oh yea!!! Thank you so much. I had completely forgotten about this.

    Yea, maybe. That could be a possible age indicator. Interesting.

  • Yesterday morning, I started a project of combing through the forums looking for everything we knew about Granik. I was going to wait until there was a clear theory to go along with this info, but changed my mind after his name popped up on the emails shared by Just Lurking last night. Please add things if I’ve missed them.

    I think the first…[Read more]

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