Who is Timothy Granik?

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      Yesterday morning, I started a project of combing through the forums looking for everything we knew about Granik. I was going to wait until there was a clear theory to go along with this info, but changed my mind after his name popped up on the emails shared by Just Lurking last night. Please add things if I’ve missed them.

      I think the first thing we have from a Tim is this letter from last year.

      On April 13th, Macy leaked the emails between Sarah and Granik in a dead drop. Sarah emailing Granik from the System email is interesting. This actually suggests that Sarah, not Horace, has been orchestrating the System all along. Also, “Now please spin this to your superiors in a way that shows I’m on top of it and in control as always.” Granik has superiors.

      April 18th was the OC meetup that Sarah and Noah crashed. This note fell out of Sarah’s bag. TG sent her to the meetup. “If I can’t move heaven, I will raise hell.”

      The next thing we saw from Granik was on Oct. 2. Sabrina sent this to Addison during the closing of the OSDM divisions.

      On Oct 2, 2017, 3:24 PM -0700, Sabrina Kern, wrote:
      Addison, every action has a consequence. Even for those who just push papers, and enter numbers.
      ———- Forwarded message ———-
      From: Timothy Granik
      Date: Mon, Oct 1, 2017 at 3:03 PM
      Subject: FWD: Recovered: Disolved division 8b-16c
      Pulled this from RI, 19 – D5.
      As we understand NY, KS, FL, already cleared.
      Files purged from 18a – d.
      Estimated completion 10/4/17
      Partial audio recovered, please add to employee 1687a file

      On September 1, we saw Mason with a badly beaten Joyce (oops) on a Facebook video. At the very end of this video, he says a couple of very interesting things. “A little truth. All you need is access and the right friends. Maybe soon, we’ll all get a little more truth. No. Not yet. Stay tuned. Oh! Funny thing. I found, in Joyce’s notes, an email to Tim. ‘The event is moving along as planned. Tickets will go on sale soon.’ I would advise you all not to attend, but I think we know that’s not going to stop you.”

      And that’s it. Until last night (11/3). Here are the emails again that Just Lurking posted in Slack for the sake of having everything in one spot.

      Has a theory that Mason is Granik. We had wondered if Sabrina gave Mason the names of the 91. What if he already had them? Granik being Mason could explain the connection to Joyce. It could explain a whole lot of things. What I don’t understand yet, and this seems to be a reoccurring issue, is the why? Why would Granik be leaking his own emails?

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      Does completely closing out her file and leaving all her assets and final note of goodbye to her cats imply that they are planning to kill her??

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        Oh, most definitely. RIP Tina. I hope her cats are taken care of.

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      It’s not concrete, but when Otis reactivated for a moment on September 19th, that longwinded and fairly graphic status was also addressed to a Tim.

      Tim and Otis 1
      Tim and Otis 2

      …and then the next day you got a baby faced puckered ass kid in a suit telling you that you must have had a bad dream again and you need another spa treatment. Pay me and I’ll keep on keepin on Tim…

      When he references the kid in the suit, that could have been an offhand remark to just another OSDM acolyte like Andy, or even a swipe at Noah, but the way one sentence follows the other it COULD read like he was speaking specifically about Tim, suggesting he could be on the younger side. I doubt Otis would refer to someone of Papa Sinclair or even Tom Barrow’s age as a kid. Whether that remark was about Tim or not, this status continues to paint the picture of Tim’s stature within the organization.

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        @macbethinabathtub Oh yea!!! Thank you so much. I had completely forgotten about this.

        Yea, maybe. That could be a possible age indicator. Interesting.

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      If Tim *is* Mason (or not!Mason) then the “stop asking about… you and the family” could be referring to Joyce and their kid.

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       Bryan Bishop

      I hadn’t planned on sharing this, but in the interest of collecting information…

      In October I reached out to The Experience / OSDM regarding an issue. Below is part of that email exchange, including information from Mr. Granik (received due to what I believe was an accidental cc from A).

      The nature of my request and the response to it are neither relevant nor a matter for public discussion, so I’ve redacted those sections.

      The email seems to suggests a heirarchy where Granik sits atop A, and Sabrina interacts with the community at the request of A.

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        The Tim stuff is interesting here, but this email is more revealing about A than just about anything else we’ve seen (still not very much, but gotta take what we can get).

        A appears to run The Lust Experience email address.
        A does not appear to be Sabrina, but we have seen different personalities for A on Slack, so doesn’t totally rule that out.
        A appears to be above Sabrina in the org chart.
        A uses different ways to sign off on emails (A and ~a), which could point to different people.

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         Bryan Bishop

        @kevin. Yep. It also could infer that A created Slack as another data collection tool – this one focusing on the way in which we speak.

        And for the record: 2267 is my iConfidant number. 7796 is @coryphella, I believe.

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        @bcbishop This looks like Granik thought A was doing an inadequate job. *If* Mason is Granik, and *if* Granik has taken back over A, that could be the reason. I still think that “Mason” at the computers after the exchange between A and JustLurking and then MyChild is “Mason” running all three on three different log ins. Him taking over after Granik’s complaint could be exactly what this is about.

        What else was happening on/around the 22nd? Was A being “weird” or “different” around that time? Any indication of a shift?

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        The 21st was the last phone call I received from Mason. That was also the day that A decided to harass me about an item in their possession and us having to have a meeting. I think Kortney also had a call from Mason that same day.

        The 22nd was the day Mike posted his video.

        The 23rd Brad got a call from Mike. Also that was the day that Bryan and I fought briefly on slack, A went into #random and declared it a “good day” during said fight. Mason also came into slack and said it wasn’t yet sunset.

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         Robert Fuller

        What is that first paragraph about? What is Chapter 8aC? And why were you keeping this correspondence secret?

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        “Joyce confronted 7796” refers to when Joyce came to @bcbishop’s house the night of the Midnight Commission reveal to talk to me (I’m 7796). Bryan and I periscoped about this right after it happened. I actually posted about it just the other day. Joyce asked to speak to me privately and we went into Bryan’s home office. “Send me the audio of the past 36 days” seems to suggest that the room was bugged, and Granik wants to hear what else has been taking place in that room or what has been said, presumably by Bryan, in that room, in the 36 days prior to October 22.

        No idea what Chapter 8aC is.

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         Bryan Bishop


        And why were you keeping this correspondence secret?

        It was a private exchange, and at no point did I receive a Never Silent or other message urging me to share. When there was a community discussion where some of the info seemed to be of potential use, I shared the relevant portions.

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      And for the record: 2267 is my iConfidant number. 7796 is @coryphella, I believe.

      Also I think we can probably say that they aren’t just iConfidant numbers at this point. This is how they refer to their assets.

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        Was there a noteable difference in A around that time? I feel like we always thought that Just Lurking was “Mason”. Mason seemingly having access to A as well could be a tick in the “Could Be Granik” column now that we see Granik being displeased with the way A was handing things. “Mason” seems like the kind of person to believe in doing things yourself if you want them done right. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another example of that.

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        Around July when this visit took place, or around the end of October?

        I’ll say that when I saw this the connection that I made (and others can disagree with this) is that the good day that A was referring to, in #random, was because we were fighting. Whether that was specific to Bryan & me or just because two participants were fighting, I don’t know. But that happened the day after this email which seemed to insinuate that A was supposed to be monitoring Bryan’s communications. So, A gets in trouble one day, and then is having a good day the next?

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Yikes. Thank you for sharing this now @bcbishop, I do appreciate that. Though I definitely think this is something that should have been shared the moment you received it (not the personal subject matter stuff, that is for you alone), but the A/Tim G/Sabrina stuff. It’s relevant as soon as it exposed to one of us, not “when we get around to bringing up the topic”.
      I think that unless we are specifically told NOT to share something (which has happened several times), we should always go with the assumption of never silent. We shouldn’t have to be told to share something, since this entire thing survives by our sharing and consuming of all the information we can get our hands on.

      That being said, this does not make “who the fuck is A” any more clear, which is maddening. However, this confirmation that Tim G is above A, above Sabrina…very interesting stuff.

      And to think that if Sarah is cheating on Noah with Tim G, who is the one at the top of the food chain it seems, even Noah’s get-out-of-jail-free card from his daddy wouldn’t be able to allow him to do anything about it or even really react to it. Ouch.

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        At this point in this thing we all have secrets. There have been times I’ve been told it’s up to me whether I want to share and I’ve chosen to share. And last year people were given the choice (specifically I remember @sovereignskies was given the choice) to share or not to share major pieces of information with the rest of the community. It’s all a judgement call, there is no one way this thing “survives,” and at this point we are left more and more on our own and have to make choices. We are alone in this and have to follow our own paths.

        There is another thing in this email that, to me, is more frightening than the org chart of this whole thing. Who is the “they” that A is supposed to ensure continues to talk? Why bug Bryan’s office? What did Granik want with voice samples? They are specifically after Bryan for a reason, that scares me a lot more than the rest.

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       Unseen Presence

      : At this point in this thing we all have secrets.

      There are some of us who don’t, at least not yet. Or at least, not regarding the Lust experience, OSDM or anything else of the kind. I don’t know if that helps or hurts, but it means we’re at least currently unsullied/uncorrupted.

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        @unseenpresence – fine. A lot of us have secrets. I also don’t think of “having secrets” as being corrupted.

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         Unseen Presence

        I don’t think of corrupted as being “ruined” in this case either.

        I meant only that there are people, like me, who are only now learning what’s been going on and have not yet been “influenced” by all of the various people/organizations involved. Corrupted in this case meant only that the interactions/events you all have been part of put you in a different space than those of us who haven’t had that happen to them. “Corrupted” by experience rather than “pure” of any touch of those behind this (at least as far as I know, in my case anyway).

        I wasn’t at all trying to reflect a positive tone on my space versus a negative one on yours or anyone else’s. I actually think that those of you who have been through all of this may well be able to see things far better than I can–I would expect it. I was more trying (maybe badly, word-wise) to comment that there is an experiential difference for some people versus others, because I keep personally coming back to the idea that right now the OSDM is actively trying to bring in new people as well as more experienced, and I feel like there might be some reason this is all happening at once. Sorry if my tone came across as anything other than contemplative.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @unseenpresence Whenever “why?” comes up, I always retreat to the themes set up at the start.

      1)Plato’s Cave — We’re constantly distracted by the show on the wall. Are we learning anything in the process that will allow us to escape the cave, and return with enlightenment for others?

      2) Ouroboros — The constant cycle of rebirth, which can only be accomplished via self-awareness. We should be asking ourselves why we behaved a certain way when presented with stimuli.

      3) LUST — what do we lust after and why?

      Why will our hearts be broken? Perhaps because we’re finding out that we are not the people we like to think we are. And that may be hurtful to ourselves and others.

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       Lauren Bello

      For context, here’s the timeline of Timothy Granik’s activity where it overlaps with “Mason” activity.

      September 12-13 – Mason “takes over” the Facebook and @a accounts

      September 19 – Timothy Granik instructs Otis to reactivate his Facebook account; it is also suggested in the post that Granik has been having Otis deliver messages to “Mr Tattoo” and a “blonde” who’s been asking too many questions.

      October 1 – Timothy emails someone (unknown who) a professional status update regarding the OSDM shutdowns, which we currently presume involved the execution of OSDM employees.

      October 5 – Mason informs Megan that he has a list of names and addresses to work through.

      October 6 – Mason tells Kevin that he’s killing the Los Angeles branch OSDM employees.

      October 9 – Remy instructs Granik to “close out Tina’s file,” using language that suggests Granik will be doing it personally
      – Mike gets a call from an OSDM employee fleeing Mason
      – Mason posts on Slack about receiving Mike’s resume, suggests he should have a “house party”
      – Mason posts videos of himself doing shots next to dead bodies

      October 10 – Briarberg employees claim Sabrina gave Mason the list of names and addresses, and link the killings to participants’ “liberation”

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