Strange Message from Mike Fontaine

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      I haven’t heard from @mike in a long time. So I shot him over a message this morning via text just so see how his job is going/how’s life. Wasn’t really expecting this:

      Mike: “They know too much Melissa…they know”
      Me: Who is “they”, Mike?
      (no response for a while)
      Me: …shall I tell others about this
      Mike: your path is your own. I’ve already said too much
      Me: Well Mike, I hope you’re okay. If “they” know then certainly posting to the forum probably won’t put you in any further jeopardy than you already are in. Stay safe and hopefully we can do an escape room together soon.
      Mike: I need more than just a room to escape from at this point
      Me: Anything I can do to help?
      Mike: You’ve already done enough, but thank you

      Just who exactly is Mike trying to escape from?
      Who is “THEY”
      What exactly do “THEY” know?

      He went from trying to win over Mason, confident with the knife and camera….to this.

      In the spirit of honesty: in light of recent report from @chelsea and @nothenrygale I can’t help but wonder who to believe here….Russell or Mike?

      Or none of the above? :/

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      Answer D sounds about right.

      Are we seeing the consequences of him trying to get the OSDM’s attention? I have this gross feeling like we’re being played.

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        I have this gross feeling like we’re being played.

        Yep. I wonder if Mike fell for a trap and now he’s in as much doo doo as we probably are.

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       Nicole Mae

      Are we going to have to escape from whatever they have planned at the MSE?

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      You’ve already done enough, but thank you.

      Well, that seriously sent chills down my spine.

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      Popping back in here briefly to say this, since I heard yesterday about this message from Bryan.

      I tried texting Mike while I was out in LA, didn’t receive a response. I didn’t want to be the asshole that didn’t even try. He’s one of my closest friends in this and I’ve honestly been for real heartbroken since the day that he didn’t seem to remember talking to me/the whole kidnapping Russell thing, and I told Slack about it, and he responded by saying something about me not keeping our conversations private. I haven’t heard from him once since. I feel like I’ve lost a friend.

      This message that Melissa received seems like the most anyone has heard from him, yeah? It’s frightening. And, to me, it casts serious doubt on the altruistic intentions of the five people in that video, or at least on Mason possibly. Mike got involved in something deeper than he intended to, whether he underestimated what Mason was up to, or somehow got into something else entirely. I wonder if any one of those five knows anything about Mike’s situation that they could tell us.

      (Mike, if you’re reading this – we recently spoke about jobs and careers and life paths and happiness and stuff regarding you…I really could use that same talk right now.)

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      I tried to talk to @mike a bit more via text. Just trying to get some answer about the identity of They.

      Two things stand out:
      “You know. We all know, but never want to admit it.”

      After pushing a bit more he indicated what everyone’s next move will be.

      “They do…they know based on the algorithm of my data.”

      Seems to point that the identity of They seems to love data. Gee, I wonder who They are? The real burning questions: can we believe Mike? And who exactly makes up “They”.

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        The only people I know who fit that description are Darren, Clint, and Gordon. We are in denial because we want to maintain the fiction they’ve created.

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        They told us from the very beginning that they’re always watching…

        Are we in denial because They are someone we would never want to think would manipulate us in such a way? Time for some out-of-box thinking maybe? Or facing our worst fears?

        I’d love to see my algorithm… I’m erratic at the best of times, ha ha. As I said on Slack, “I don’t even know my next step”

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      @mkarrett I think it’s interesting that Mike is focusing on the “They”, when my text from Russell last week after the note for help was talking about “he”. I had a theory involving Mike that was essentially Mike wanted to be team villain, the villain didn’t end up really being a villain, and then Mike went rogue to actually be a villain. Russell asked for help but couldn’t meet because “he” was too close. I thought “he” was referring to Mike, but it could have been suggesting that someone else was in the park with them that day. These texts between you and Mike make it sound like maybe that’s not the case, unless Mike is trying to get our attention back on “They” and away from him?

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      We all know, but never want to admit it

      If They know what we’ll do next based on the algorithm, then what’s the point of putting us through all this if we’re that predictable? Who would we not want to admit to ourselves is really in control of all of this??

      I had a similar thought for a while @chelsea and I’m wondering if, like you say, this is an attempt to get our attention back on whoever They are. Or do Mike & Russell really need our help, maybe for different reasons?

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         Unseen Presence

        I have to assume that it’s an ongoing process. They -can’t- know everything about all of us, as some of us are only now involved.

        Unless they’re suggesting that they could predict that I would only now start talking/typing/interacting.

        If that’s their claim, I want proof. Because I don’t think they have enough info on me at all, yet. Maybe after the MSE.

        For some of the rest of you, I think they probably can predict fairly carefully. But from my vantage, “they” can only mean OSDM or “everyone” (which would again suggest that even the reveal of the lie is, itself, a lie. And that would be too far to swallow.)

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       Mustafa Said

      “They do…they know based on the algorithm of my data.”

      This…can’t be a thing or at least it’s not as good as it was before.

      Remember MyChild and “The One” decision? There shouldn’t be any data on us anymore from the start of this. Meaning that they’ve may have begun the arduous process of regaining all of it by resubjecting us to new stimuli.

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        Meaning that they’ve may have begun the arduous process of regaining all of it by resubjecting us to new stimuli.

        Interesting @mumumusings – which would explain those “interviews” @mike was undertaking? Has he somehow become a “company man”???

        But then MyChild wasn’t real was it? So the data was never deleted…

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         Mustafa Said

        @blondie Was it fake? I feel like I may have missed that memo. I thought it was real, that our data really was dumped down the drain.

        Then again, in the wake of Noah’s revelations maybe you’re right. Maybe it was all a stunt, a lie. But if that’s the case what does that mean for the BOS,that their leader was really working for Noah the whole time?

        And if it was a lie, why did the OSDM go along with it thanks to what Sabrina did with the 91 remaining employees? Was she fueling the fire? Was it real?

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        @mumumusings Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought the reveal of the five working together was also the reveal that everything that has gone on so far has been a show… Sabrina may have given the list to Mason, but it doesn’t appear like he killed anyone… As I always said, ha ha.

        And as for BOS, ever since Tension it has been its own master – leaders have always turned out to not be entirely what they have claimed to be and it has still continued thanks to the community… But if Noah is trying to derail the OSDM (or take it over?), then it’s not too much of a betrayal right? Same aims and all that. I don’t think BOS in general was ever opposed to The System?

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      Just to add in case it’s relevant, I did get a text back from Mike today. I sort of word vomited on him about my job shit in a text last night not expecting to hear back. He and I had talked when he changed jobs awhile back and he’s one of the most supportive people I know in terms of work/life/path/art/happiness and man, I’m just short on that right now so…anyway.

      This morning:

      Mike: “I’m sorry that’s happening. They really are upping the ante this time around.”

      Me: “The school?” (meaning where I teach)

      Mike: “I wish it were that easy of an answer”

      Me: “I was feeling like you weren’t able to talk to me”

      Mike: “We should all be weary of who we talk to”

      Me: “You can talk to me”


      Hopefully he doesn’t get pissed at me for sharing our conversation this time.

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         Robert Fuller

        I assume he meant “wary,” but I kind of like it better as “weary.” It adds a melancholy sort of philosophy to the whole thing.

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