Mike and Russell at Disneyland – 11/7

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      @nothenrygale and I are at Disneyland right now. We were standing in line to get coffee, and I saw a couple of familiar faces walk by the window. After a “Wait what” moment followed by an “oh shit”, I left Brad in line to go say hi to Mike and Russell.

      I walked up behind Mike and said hello. He stared at me blankly. I tried to remember if he was speaking to me or not at the moment. He motioned to Russell, who looked at me and walked away. When I turned back to Mike, I saw him walking quickly to where Brad was. I walked into the coffee shop just in time to see them shake hands, and then Mike walked right back out and ignored me. Mike had slipped Brad a note.

      Brad and I giggled and smiled and called some people fuckers. As we were waiting for our coffees, Russell came over. He said hello, and gave us both huge hugs. He apologized, I assume for the weird interaction from the moment before. He took my hand, and left me with a balled up piece of paper. Then he walked away. I’m not sure what to think anymore.

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      This is EXACTLY like @confuseddude ‘s notes to me.

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      Holy cow is Russell being held captive?? Can we trust this??

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      Well, dang… that’s disturbing.

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      Huh. I don’t even know what context this puts Mike’s instructions for Brad and I to set those meets in. The fuck is happening. And if Russ, and Mike for that matter, need help, how do we provide it?

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         Unseen Presence

        Maybe we should start using their own tactics against them. Snatch people away. Hide them. Offer sanctuary in non-obvious places. Use codes. Get our own burner phones. Etc.

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       Nicole Mae

      There’s nowhere they can’t reach us.

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         Unseen Presence

        Not -necessarily- true. Like any good safe house, if they don’t know WHERE you are and you’re off the grid, you -can- still disappear.

        It just doesn’t allow you to do anything else once you go that route.

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      This makes me very sad. I’m trying to make sense of this encounter in light of the FB video earlier today. What game is @mike playing? Has he joined Them like Morgan has? The clock keeps ticking closer to 4pm.

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      Always listening/watching was a phrase used ostensibly by supposed OSDM agents early on correct? That day that started with someone outside of Lia’s work and led to a slew of social media posting…

      And wow. Being held captive and being dragged to Disneyland? How horrifying… (I joke. I don’t want Russell to be in peril obvs…)

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      Dang, what a series of events to wake up to. I know never silent and all, but I’m hoping you didn’t just endanger Russell more by posting that.

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      Another possible chapter in the saga of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. We saw Joyce bloodied and crying— Chelsea saw her in a trunk. @russell was tied up hanging from a pipe, now he pleads for help in a secret note. We’re all predisposed to have sympathy for Russell, but how many reversals will we fall for before seeing the pattern? Of course, recognizing the pattern and ignoring the warnings is how TBWCW reaches its tragic end. Does Russell really need help, or is he just another act conditioning us to ignore the real danger when it comes? Can we afford to wait and see?

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      I just had another thought. Their notes were on lined paper. I don’t think you can just find lined paper lying around Disneyland, so that means both Mike and Russell prepared their notes beforehand, and went to Disneyland with the intention on passing them on.

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        @izryn They are written on different paper with different utensils. Mike did not have time to write this in between bumping into me and going to shake hands with Brad. Russell, on the other hand, did. He was left alone. Mike’s note was probably planned all along. I see Russell’s as him taking an opportunity.

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      Well.. did @nothenrygale or @chelsea help @russell today at Disneyland?

      So was this a complete coincidence that @mike and @russell were at Disneyland today as well??

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       Brad Ruwe

      Alright gang, I’m home, trying to process the day’s events. The best part of running into them was it happened WHEN WE WERE FUCKING GOING TO GET COFFEE. No joke, in line for the Starbucks on Main Street when we spotted them. More fucking coffee.

      After the first video @chelsea is at the highest of highs. So many “I told you so!”s in regards to @111error and the BOS. She’s so happy she’s literally dancing in the line for Haunted Mansion. On the flip side, I feel like I just had a huge fucking middle finger in my face. The end of the part 1 video with Mason shaving seemed like it was a specific reference to me. Just yesterday I texted Morgan a picture of myself, freshly shaven, hair cut, telling him I felt like a new man already. So now here’s Mason, who’s been growing facial hair similar to the one I had for Samuel the Savage, shaving it off and also going clean shaven.

      Needless to say, I was not happy with Morgan. Still would kindly like to know what the fuck his game is.

      So then the Morgan live video drops with more Morgan references to coffee. Again, feeling like he’s specifically calling me and my coffee comments out. This is when shit gets really intense. The part 2 video goes up, and while it’s not my story to tell, there was a specific line in that video directed to Chelsea. And it hits her, hard. You guys want to know what watching someone have a mental breakdown at Disneyland is like? Cause I can describe it to you in full detail now. If any of you know about the Roger Rabbit Toontown Spin ride, you know it’s like the tea cups in that there’s a big fucking wheel you can turn to spin the car. I’ve never seen someone spin that ride with as much fervor as Chelsea did, taking it out on that ride.

      Here’s the thing though. As much as I felt bad for missing out on all the stuff going on today, being unable to join in the discussion with my then dead phone, I felt like it was a blessing. I got to see Chelsea today at both her super highs and super lows. I got to learn things about her and really see someone for who they are, even if it was just a glimpse. I still don’t know everything about what caused her to have such a strong reaction, but this was quite a day for her once that second video dropped.

      So here’s where things get REALLY SUPER FUCKING weird. We get back to my car at the end of the night, I plug my phone into the car charger I brought, and turn it back on. Earlier in the Slack, when the second video was about to drop, I’m following along as my phone is about to die. I post that we had found a quiet spot in Toon Town to watch the part 2 video. Well, when I turn my phone back on I see I missed a FB message from a friend NOT INVOLVED IN LUST.

      “Your quiet spot in Toon Town is threatened.”

      Jaw, meet floor. I ask him how the fuck he knew I was in Toon Town, because the only place I posted about that location was in the Slack. He doesn’t fucking know what I’m talking about. I send him the screenshot of the message, and he’s even more confused. He sends me the screenshots of our convo on his end AND THAT MESSAGE DOESN’T EXIST. He says he thinks he know what happened and when I ask about it later he responds “Yeah, it’s nothing to worry about. Ignore it, basically. That’s all I’ll say, but yeah, just ignore it. A very funny goof and a spoof.”

      WHAT. THE. FUCK.

      So when @mike’s note talks about “They’re everywhere. They’re always listening. Trust no one.” how fucking deep are we talking here if friends from outside of Lust are having mysterious ghost messages being sent from their account?

      Just another day at #Disneyland? @thelustexperience #TheLustExperience

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      @nothenrygale ok I got chills reading about the fake FB message. Your friend must be compromised though because if he actually didn’t know about or send that message he wouldn’t be telling you to just ignore it right?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      They are everywhere. And they are watching.

      If any of you know about the Roger Rabbit Toontown Spin ride, you know it’s like the tea cups in that there’s a big fucking wheel you can turn to spin the car. I’ve never seen someone spin that ride with as much fervor as Chelsea did, taking it out on that ride.

      This image will remain forever in my mind, and I will laugh hysterically whenever I think of it. THANK YOU.

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       Unseen Presence

      I’m more than a little confused about your friend blowing the conversation off that way. If he knows what it was about, why not just tell you? Because right now, all it’s doing is making you suspicious.

      And wow, it really does make one begin to contemplate every random thing that happens over the course of a day as potentially something that has to be paid attention to.

      Then again, maybe that’s part of the point. All of this is really about waking us up so we’re alive and ready for what’s to come.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      “The first thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere”.

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      Wow, that facebook message to Brad at Disneyland is one of the wildest things yet!!

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      I sent Russell a text yesterday after the note exchange. I didn’t want to put him in more danger at the time. Considering they are probably not still at Disneyland, I think it’s more safe to share this now.

      Me: Can you meet me? Near a restroom, corner, somewhere?
      Russell: No. He’s too close.
      Me: How can I help? What can I do?
      Russell: Uh thks I would suggest you stay clear for now. Trying to keep it under control.
      Me: Ok. You know I’m here. Call/text if or when you can talk.

      I’m wondering if the “He’s too close” is talking about Mike. This happened BEFORE we had the revelation that Mason is part of the rest of the gang. I’m worried that Mike is on the verge of getting very angry that he doesn’t get to be BFF (yes I hate myself a little right now) with the villain and has gone rogue. Is Russell actually in danger?

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      @chelsea I wonder about that myself re: Mike…

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      @mike is (was?) one of my closest friends here. I was really hoping to see him this upcoming weekend. Normal Mike though, not Weird Mike. @russell too. He said he had tickets to a show Saturday night though. I wonder if they are always together.

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      They might always be together now that he is held captive.. thanks Mason/Noah!

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