Where does everyone fit in the equation? What does this equal to?

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      So after the end of Chapter 6 I personally think it’s evident that Horace is OSDM and Noah/Mason/Morgan/Joyce/Michelle are….. something else (maybe IT?).

      This however opens up a slew of questions. Where does @mike and @russell fit in all of this? What about Otis? What about the entire “Briarberg” intervention crew? This list of all other players goes on and on and on…

      And what was the point thus far in all of this? Seems to me that Noah is getting us ready for Horace’s/OSDM event in December. But why? I reserve (at the moment) that Noah doesn’t want us to break when the time comes in December. But why? Does he care or is it for his own gain like over-throwing his Dad?

      Thoughts here please…

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      We never did find out what Russell’s “very good authority” was, did we? Could it have been Noah? If “Briarberg” was simply the next step in The System, who better to relay that info than Noah Sinclair himself?

      care to comment?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I’d say it all adds up to zero, @mkarrett

      It’s all a fraud. All of it. It’s distraction. I’d suggest forgetting about the trees and seeing the forest.

      This is about relying on ourselves, to face the MSE, and life, and everything to come.

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       Lauren Bello

      Open questions –

      – Is The Lust Experience something that is run by The System, or is it run by the OSDM as originally thought? Are these OSDM forums? System forums? I’m inclined to think the Experience is still largely run by the OSDM, since Investors have posted on the forums. But if that’s the case, why have they allowed rebels to take up essentially all of the limelight?

      – Was Joyce always a rebel/part of The System? Or did she legitimately work at one point for OSDM? Was Mason and Michelle’s pretense of killing her intended to actually smuggle her out of the OSDM?

      – Is Slack part of The System or part of OSDM?

      – Does this shed any light on who A is?

      – Did MyChild really delete all our data from OSDM servers?

      – Is MyChild real?

      – Did OSDM really execute all those people from international branches?

      – The 91 Los Angeles employees weren’t actually murdered, then, right?

      – So when Noah appeared to flee Andy, and then Andy ended up walking in on a ritual…what exactly happened to Andy then? He appeared rather brainwashed at The System, and later slipped a note to Kortney asking for her help. Did he really need help? Is he in the hands of the OSDM?

      – Does Russell really need help?

      – What were all the references to “IT” today about?

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       Lauren Bello

      Thinking about it, and there are a few more –

      – Is Otis in trouble? He was with Joyce, calling himself “John” and talking about his fear of the coming darkness. If he was with Joyce, I’d hope that would mean he was on her team – the System team that was acting, that was putting on a show. But I fear it may not be as simple as that. Especially if Granik is real, and genuinely OSDM. Otis could be a victim.

      – Were Stacey, Jenna, and Macy in on it? (Is Jenna alive? Presumably Joyce didn’t have her killed after all.)

      – Why did Noah mock the idea of a secret cabal trying to keep people submissive in this thread?

      – Did DLB and CS truly not know who Mason was? If the whole Lust Experience essentially has been run by rebels, why was it only Mason who set off alarm bells for them?

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       Lauren Bello

      A few more questions –

      – A few days ago, someone posted an image on Lust’s FB that was immediately deleted. A then told us, “Today’s message was not for you. You no longer matter. He lets this charade continue as long as you do not threaten him. Keep it this way and continue to spin your tales that mean nothing.” Who was running the A account at that time? “He lets this charade continue as long as you do not threaten him” presumably references Horace. Was this someone from OSDM, warning us not to look too closely into a System hack? If that deleted image was from The System, what was it that OSDM didn’t want us to see?

      – “It is being terminated. They will never know. By the time it’s made public all traces will be wiped.” – A posted this on Slack on October 11. At the time, the tickets hadn’t gone on sale. Was that what was being “made public”? Was it The System’s revelations today that were being “made public”? What’s something that’s gone public recently that’s gone through some whitewashing? What was terminated?

      – Why was JustLurking snickering and meowing while leaking the Remy emails? Was JustLurking part of The System? Mason, as we believed? Hadn’t the Mason persona been discarded?

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         Lauren Bello

        “It is being terminated. They will never know. By the time it’s made public all traces will be wiped.” – Updating as this question may have been answered. I think this means that the original OSDM ceremony, the one we were trying to infiltrate, had been cancelled. By the time it was made public, all that we saw was an act.

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       Lauren Bello

      Another question – when we FIRST met Noah, was he still under his father’s thumb? Was he genuinely spiraling? @lilmsfancpants recalled their meeting in the park in another thread. Was this an actual stage of escaping his father?

      Noah said to us, “I know that I can’t keep you from my father. I had trouble getting out myself. At least alive, anyway. The good thing about being somewhat of a fuckup…is that after a while people kinda stop paying attention. They lower their expectations. And Daddy Dearest, he didn’t really give a shit what I did with his System. He had bigger fish to fry.” So he really was a fuckup. He really did get Horace to stop paying attention to him or taking him seriously. Then he pretended to “recover” and quietly took over The System and used it for good. Did we see that happening in real time?

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      Tinfoil hat question:

      Is Noah actually our God? (yes… I’m sorta kinda actually IG serious, here). If so, who completes the trinity? Horace = the Father, Noah = the Son,… Who’s our Holy Ghost? Noah has mentioned his board of “weak-minded but loyal subjects”… the apostles?

      If he is our God, then perhaps The System, looking at the big picture, is LIFE. All of the shit life throws at us that either makes us stronger, or kills us (“You will love, and hate, it more than anything else”). We can choose to float along and enjoy the HFCS and TV, or we can grab life by the soft and squishies and embrace it for all it’s worth. Of course, sadly, we are all ultimately “losers” in LIFE because (to quote Larry) “We all gonna die” in the end, anyway. So, sometimes the best we can do is the best we can do.

      Oh, yeah, also… does Timmy actually exist, and has anyone heard from “super concerned about her sister” Tammy lately?

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       Robert Fuller

      I’ve been thinking about this (and forgive me if I discuss ideas that have already been covered; I’m sort of formulating my thoughts as I go). It’s always been a general assumption that everything is OSDM: every action, every fabrication, everything that may or may not be a fabrication, the OSDM is behind somehow. But what if the OSDM is not the truth behind the lies? What if it’s the lie in front of the System? The OSDM created the OOA to give us The Tension Experience. Maybe The System created the OSDM to give us The Lust Experience. Russian dolls within Russian dolls. It’s right there on Noah’s web site, and has been this whole time: “Everything is The System.” Maybe we should have been taking it literally. The Lust Experience started with the appearance of Noah’s web site. Could everything that’s happened since — iConfidant, MyChild, The Midnight Commission, etc. — simply be the System process at work? That wasn’t my assumption after watching the videos from yesterday — I took them to mean merely that Noah took over the narrative in the wake of the System seminar, but that everything up until then was real — but I think it’s time to abandon all assumptions.

      In any case, I need to reevaluate the System seminar. I took it as Noah rejecting the System, but that’s clearly not the case. He is the System. And if my theory is correct, then fuck it, I’m ready to commit to the System. I just … need to figure out how. And what precisely it is I want.

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       Kyle Bown

      I agree with the general idea that Horace was not part of Noah’s game. I think. Horace is doing his own thing, leaving Noah to run The System.

      That leaves me with more than a few questions.
      1. Did Horace think Briarburg and Mason and Joyce and all of that were real?
      2. Was Horace surprised by the reveal that Noah, Mason, Joyce, Michelle and Morgan were working together?
      3. Does Horace care?
      4. Was Horace’s response to Joyce’s beating (not giving two fucks) genuine? Did he think it was real?
      5. Was the warning I got from Molly real?
      6. Was A warning me against reaching out to Molly real?
      7. Was 4-6 all part of the System? If so, why was Horace doing these things for Noah/The System?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @superstar and @bruinbown

      I am getting tingles.

      The System is the Holy Ghost? That’s awesome. The spirit of the Lord alive in man? Self actualization, the key in the fire.

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       Lauren Bello

      This may be a dumb question, but –

      Is the MSE an OSDM event, or is it a System event designed to prepare us for the year-long OSDM event to come?

      Reasons I ask:
      – Noah said, “the things I am going to expose, the truth about us that you are going to see…” Not them. Us. At the MSE?
      – Noah said, “designed this event to prepare you for…” What event did he design? The MSE?
      – Noah and his XXX buddies had a lot to say about “meeting”. “I’m waiting for you. We’re all waiting for you.” “I hope you’re ready to applaud my good looks now that we can meet!” “They don’t want us to meet. We’re definitely going to meet.” “Find out how getting in front of your computer can get you in front of me tonight…” Maybe they were just imitating spambots and there was no meaning behind it. But some of those quotes seemed rather specific. Are we going to be meeting the System Five at the MSE?

      (I could just be completely misinterpreting. Did Noah’s video raise this question for anyone else?)

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      It definitely crossed my mind that Noah was actually putting on the MSE based on the “designed this event to prepare you for…” quote (likely taken out of context). It’s why I started to seriously speculate that Noah was in control and not Horace.

      He did follow up that line with “blackmail you into their dark allegiance” which made it seem like he is NOT putting on the MSE since why would he say “their”. But I almost interpret that line as being the ‘official’ line about the MSE since he was quickly wrapping up his spiel.

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       Lauren Bello
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      Sorry if this is a repeat:

      The whole email leak/string of phone calls from Macy to me–was that just a fabrication? If so, why? It seems to be a bit counter-intuitive to say “hey this System thing is lead by sh*tty people” only to be….actually in on it the entire time???

      Where does Sabrina fit in all of this?

      What about the people missing their loved ones (thank you @daela for remembering Tammy/Sarah) are they in on it too?

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       Lauren Bello

      My current theory is that everything from the Prologue through Chapter 3 was real. Genuinely part of the OSDM’s Lust Experience, OR genuinely people going off the rails.

      – Noah really was spiraling.
      – iConfidant really was a ploy by the OSDM to collect our data.
      – The Midnight Commission really was an independent rebellion against the OSDM, at the time.
      – Joyce really was working for the OSDM, at the time.

      Then, at the end of Chapter 3, Noah pulled himself together. Publicly challenged Horace. And the System rebellion began.

      Everything from Chapter 4 onward was The System. Noah and Morgan formed an alliance. Joyce, who had really gone to a retreat and been badly treated, joined their alliance and they staged a killing to get her out of the OSDM. Mason said it himself on Slack – they had been passive until the System event; then they were activated. I think Mason was playing a character, but it took its toll and he was breaking down from the stress, hence his honest vent to Kasch. Morgan’s role was also genuinely taking its toll, hence his videos.

      What I’m not entirely sure of is why OSDM allowed there to be Briarberg chapters…why they allowed so much time to pass with the rebels in the spotlight.

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       Kyle Bown

      Because Horace was still getting his readings. no one was running away from Lust, and Horace didn’t give two fucks. Or did give two fucks. Or gave his last two fucks. The joke is still a little grammatically unclear to me.

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      I’m trying to piece together some things related to @mike here. Maybe this is the right thread for it? It’s the holiday weekend, it’s super slow, some of this stuff could mean nothing at all – with all of that out of the way, this is the timeline of events as I remember it, please correct if I’m missing anything:

      1. 10/20 – Mike gets a call from someone – possibly Tom Barrow – who warns him that with what’s coming, he shouldn’t stand in the way. He tells Mike he’ll be in touch.
      2. 10/22 – Mike gets a call from Mason about his resume, and posts a video showing him abducting Russell.
      3. 10/24 – @nothenrygale meets Mike for coffee – Mike is “normal” (sort of) not talking about Russell and seemingly just collecting data.
      4. I call Mike. He actually answers but isn’t talkative – just says hello, then tells me he’s in the middle of something, and hangs up.
      5. On FB Mike messages me. He apparently has no memory of the whole abducting @russell thing, up to and including talking to me on the phone.
      6. Russell periscopes that Briarberg doesn’t exist.
      7. 10/28 – @larry meets with Brad and Mike.
      8. 10/30 – Mike posts something on Instagram – did anyone get a screenshot of this? It said something about “if I was replaced would you know it wasn’t me?”
      9. Mike’s FB and Instagram accounts disappear.
      10. 11/2 & 11/3 – Mason FB live videos.
      11. 11/7 – The Part 1 & 2 videos drop
      12. Brad & @chelsea run into Mike & Russell at Disneyland. Mike gives Brad a note that says “THEY are always watching.”
      13. 11/15 – @mkarrett gets a text from Mike: “THEY know too much Melissa…they know.”
      14. 11/17 – I get a text from Mike: “THEY are really upping the ante this time.”
      15. 11/21 – After sending Mike a random text telling him I’m applying for a job at Fullerton, he replies “WE know. We all know.”

      So, a couple of things.

      The reason why I’m thinking about this is because my husband saw Mike’s texts on 11/17 to me and said something about them being very AI. He could be just remembering earlier conversations in Lust about AI and linking it back to that, however, it made me remember the Sushi Bros emails, and how one of those guys was “replaced,” or changed in some way. Which made me remember that Instagram post Mike made, right before his accounts disappeared.

      Someone must be messing with his head – otherwise he wouldn’t have lost his memory of the Russell abduction. Whether that’s via helmet or whatever Tom Barrow is doing – whatever Tina said back at the 5/1 event that she would just put directly into our brains if it was up to her – has Mike been changed, or “replaced?”

      Something had to happen to him in the two days between Mike abducting Russell and my phone call to him. I can’t believe that Russell’s pleas for help are simply that Mike has gone rogue because Mason isn’t the bad guy he thought he was. Furthermore it happens in one day, because he goes from being Mason’s data collecting lackey to not remembering anything.

      The person who was developing the tech behind the helmet was Tom Barrow, who (may have) contacted Mike just a couple of days prior to all of this, and told him he’d be in touch again. Did he step in on 10/24?

      Did Otis ever have his second meeting with Mike, that he talked about with Granik in that FB post? Was that done secretly?

      And that last text – which TOTALLY could have been Mike being a dick to me. Except if it’s not – what’s with the shift from “THEY” to “WE?”

      So my crazy theory…admittedly I think we are naïve if we believe what those 5 said in the part 2 video, that they’ve been trying to help us, prepare us for the MSE or whatever. I don’t believe that at all, and so I am biased. I know that others do believe them and do believe that Noah has been on our side this whole time. It complicates things to say they are working at cross purposes to Horace (and I’m assuming Tom Barrow here) because then someone has to intercept Mike on 10/24. And another explanation has to be made for Joyce’s connection to Otis on her visit to Russell’s house, and the interest in Bryan which was clear in Granik’s emails as well and that has been ongoing since February – that didn’t start with chapter 4, when we assume The System events began, and thus can’t simply be explained by The System. It makes a lot more sense if this whole preparing us thing is a lie (The System is designed for you to lose – and we are going to lose); if Mike walked into a trap, they handed him over to Tom/Horace, and the past couple of months were designed for THEIR benefit, not ours.

      I’ve said it before but I do think it’s worth considering that the “test” Joyce spoke of to Bryan was a test created by Horace, and that we were ALL being tested to see how we were going to react when offered what we wanted. Which means some of us are truly fucked. Did Mike pass or fail this test? Larry talks about The Maze from Westworld and Noah spoke of the maze – we are the mice, and we’ve been running through a maze, so Larry, you got what you wanted. Sort of. And we’re facing a bigger, possibly deadlier maze. No one is coming to save us.

      And @bruinbown – The purpose of your Horace Doesn’t Give Two Fucks encounter wasn’t to demonstrate that Horace didn’t give two fucks. It was a show of power, I think, to demonstrate the reach he had – that’s where you bumped into Molly, isn’t it? I think THAT was the true intention of that interaction, not the two fucks.

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      • This reply was modified 6 years, 7 months ago by Megan.
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       Lauren Bello

      Adding more questions:
      – Cecilia referenced not allowing Horace to participate in Honorings, as if she were in charge. Do we really buy that she’s in charge?
      – If she’s been secretly in charge the whole time, why tip her hand and reveal that she’s at the top of the food chain NOW?
      – Why was she hiding in the first place?
      – Why did Noah always act as if protecting us from HORACE was his main goal, if he knew that Cecilia was the real power? Was he lying to us?

      Also, cross-linking to Megan’s excellent thread of MSE-specific questions here: https://thelustexperience.com/forums/topic/what-is-missing/

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       Lauren Bello

      Another question that we forgot about for a while:

      Who is Katniss?

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       Lauren Bello

      Updating this post of questions with some of my most burning questions at the moment:

      – What happened at the System workshop that Darren referenced in his letter? What “began” there?

      – What was the ceremony Andy walked in on? I had thought that maybe the MSE would shed light on this, but I didn’t see anything of the sort going on there.

      – What about the New Moon ritual? We heard a recording of it, and it didn’t sound like anything we saw at MSE either. What was it, exactly?

      – Are Darren and Clint on board with this BOS rebranding, and if so, why are their puppetmasters allowing them to be?

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        – Are Darren and Clint on board with this BOS rebranding, and if so, why are their puppetmasters allowing them to be?

        I’ve always had the feeling that Darren is more BOS while Clint is more OSDM… recent events only add to that… if Darren is off-script then he could most certainly be in cahoots with Morgan… and would also make sense in terms of Darren potentially still having access to slack as one of the people behind “a”…

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