Noah is the new face of OSDM and Horace is part of it

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      Not sure if this was speculated before but I was going through the Noah Sinclair website today and re-read this:

      At 22, I convinced my father’s board to remove him as CEO and instate me. When he was removed from the building, he stopped, shook my hand and told me he was proud of me.

      Noah is a much more likable guy than Horace. He’s also a lot more resourceful and sly after what we saw today. Isn’t it possible that this statement could actually be in reference to the OSDM and Noah has been CEO ever since he was 22?

      Don’t cults, religions, and businesses eventually inject new blood into the equation to stay relevant?

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       Kyle Bown

      I don’t know about this. I know the idea has kind of been there in the background. But Noah, even today, said his father doesn’t care what he does with The System, as long as Horace gets his data. That sounds to me like Horace allows Noah to do what he does, not the other way around.

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