Ominous message for the participants in Slack

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       Drew Huntley

      @a spoke up initially in Slack to poke fun at how silent it has been the past couple days.
      Just a few minutes later, switching over to the spooky @a tone, they stated this message:

      The Lust Experience-
      Today’s message was not for you. You no longer matter. He lets this charade continue as long as you do not threaten him. Keep it this way and continue to spin your tales that mean nothing.

      This obviously raises a large number of questions, but also gives us two new details not really confirmed before.

      1) we have moved away from “Them” to “Him”
      2) There is a way to threaten this Entity

      Where this now leaves The Experience is a whole other existential crisis.

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       Bryan Bishop

      One possible read on this…

      “Today’s message was not for you.” <– It was possibly meant for DLB?

      “You no longer matter.” <– The ticketed event is on its way. They do not need us to spread the word anymore. They’ve already reached beyond us.

      “He lets this charade continue as long as you do not threaten him.” <– Somebody that we’ve always assumed is on our “side” is DLB. Yet… he was the first one that started spinning tales about being monitored and the investors back at motel parking lot. And he is perpetuating the experience no matter what the impact.

      “Keep it this way and continue to spin your tales that mean nothing.” <— “Yes, go ahead participants. Keep theorizing because you don’t know shit and we like the status quo. Which is why we told DLB with that first image to not talk out of school.”

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      The insistence that we no longer matter, but the charade continues is odd.

      OSDM doesn’t seem like the type to hang on to things they don’t need, why waste resources keeping up an act for us?

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        @kevin, I think you’re right, but I don’t think They have been diverting resources in the past week or so to put on an act for us like They have been doing before. It’s been relatively quiet. Things that do happen might not be on the Their orders, but rather individual agents (characters?) acting on their own volition. Meghan’s birthday calls would be one such example.

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       Twan Intarathuch

      With today’s message being “Even the one that thinks they’re the top has people they answer to.” with the cut up ouroboros image. What can we gleam about this person that this message was for?

      Why even send this message through facebook and not some other means if to not draw the eye of the community towards it?

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      The message not being for us makes me wonder how long this has been going on. We have one message that apparently is for someone else, being delivered through us, through the patterns that we’ve come to expect and look for. Are there others? Are the other things we’ve been told lately that have seemed off that could have been for someone else entirely? Other quotes on the paintings? What if at some point when the facebook account was taken over or hacked, the person started using that as a platform to communicate with someone else knowing that we would think everything was operating as normal?

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      @chelsea This is a great point. The best, most recent example is @wanda102 delivering the quote before it showed up on Facebook. We’ve never figured out why that was. Maybe it wasn’t even meant for us.

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       Kyle Bown

      Sorry, got excited. Posted too soon. Need to rethink it because I had a date or two wrong. Proceed.

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       Lauren Bello

      Later on last night, A reappeared during a discussion on the role of the forums vs the role of Slack. We were wondering if the lack of forum activity was the reason we’ve had nightly songs go unposted, posted but without quotes, or posted with quotes taken from other sources. Mike G was in the middle of expressing the idea that the forums are no longer the only game board.

      “The forums are not the only game board. They know that, we know that. For them not to post a song because we haven’t posted to the forums is stretching a bit, considering their actions as well.”

      A normally deletes everything Mike G says, but A instead allowed his comment to stay up and said, “@kingkill33 you get to stay”. It seemed s/he was endorsing the comment.

      1) Should we be looking for ANOTHER reason why the songs have drawn from different sources, or have gone unposted? Is this a message to someone? Is the idea that there is no game board anymore? Could the person responsible for posting the messages have had something bad happen to them? Is this a sign of some sort of infrastructure breakdown?

      2) …That said, please keep posting things on the forum! This is the best way we have to record our findings in a way that will be accessible months from now.

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       Lauren Bello

      The image that was deleted, that wasn’t meant for us:

      It bears a similarity to the image Noah and Meghan overturned in the warehouse:

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        Wow, @daela, this is a good find! The images totally line up, even down to the eye on the “eye of horus” to the hole in the weird yin yang thing. Very interesting…

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         Lauren Bello

        @sfire8 Credit to you and Kevin for pointing out the similarities on Slack a while back!

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