Encounter with DLB 3/25

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       Julie R Goldstein

      While I write this up, please watch my periscope describing the incident:


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      Thank you for the Periscope @julierei You had quite the odd encounter, for sure! Thank you for sharing it. (Glad to hear you enjoyed the show!)

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       Sean Decker

      Interesting. Thank you for the Periscope @julierei

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      Thank you for sharing Julie. As I indicated on your Periscope this smells of the OSDM removing Darren and Clint from all of this as they seem to be annoyed by the “lies and propaganda” that Darren/Clint spread. I’m just glad he was fired and not LIT ON FIRE.

      Speaking of fire…

      OSDM elderly suit guy (I’m assuming he’s OSDM) said out of this burned building will rise a phoenix “of what we’re not”. That building was Darren and Clint’s (artistic) baby…So now that Darren and Clint is out…What will come of Lust?? If OSDM truly fired Darren and Clint it would make a lot of sense of “OSDM presents….”.


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      As much as we know Darren is a fan of the art form, we can’t assume anything is a coincidence, right? @julierei, had you shared your plans to go to C(ovell) on any type of social media leading up to the event? I don’t want to believe he would be so defeatist and wash his hands of Lust entirely. If he cares about this community, he’d care where it’s going. Could this be a cry for aid as he firmly situates himself against the OSDM? And how does this kind of talk link up with the last time he had a quiet drink with a participant, @bcbishop?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Thanks for the report Julie!!!

      There are 3 possibilities re: DLB/Clint:

      1) They are unable to participate.
      2) They are unwilling to participate.
      3) They are lying.
      A) For our own good
      B) For their own good
      C) Because they are being forced to.

      Let’s remember a verse from a certain song:

      “Your story’s so touching, but it sounds just like a lie”

      We learned two rules from TENSION:
      Rule #1: Everything was a lie.
      Rule #2: Changing the name of the game doesn’t change Rule #1.

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      True @macbethinabathtub I don’t see Darren as the type that would go down easily and leave Lust but idk if someone REALLY compelled me to leave a job (oh say, with the threat of being lit on fire as an example) then at some point I have to save myself. Maybe Darren was really compelled to back down if you catch my drift. Idk guys, obviously I’m speculating here but what recently transpired at the Compound left a personal mark.

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      @larry you think Darren would lie to us about being no longer involved with Lust? But why?

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      Darren and Clint are Tension/Lust. Getting kicked off seems… absurd. I have to imagine that this was planned. Darren may have been expecting Julie or he may have just known that the chances were extremely high that, due to many of our exposure to immersive theater, he figured that SOMEONE was going to be there that he could talk to after.

      Or maybe this was a plot point that he wanted to talk about later that he pushed up. (C)ovell is a heavy drinking event, and maybe after some wines he got excited. I know how I was after (C)ovell and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to hold back if I were in his position

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      Ya I can definitely understand the whole not holding back thing @thegilded

      **Remembering the hangover after (C)ovell**

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       Bryan Bishop

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Julie. (And I hoped you enjoyed Covell!)

      This seems to put a cap on the storyline that started in Austin. I received calls that Darren didn’t know about — according to today’s revelations, they were being made by “The Investors™”. When everything went down on Wednesday, it was very clear that other parties were harassing Darren and that the project was not totally in his control. All of which, yes, could have culminated in he and Clint getting kicked off the project — and now we’re all part of this thing called LUST and we have no idea who the mysterious Panamanian investors running it are.

      But that all seems awfully clean and tidy, doesn’t it? Three beats and out; let’s move on?

      The Darren Bousman I saw last week was terrified and panicked — not somebody that was ready to have some wine and kick back at an immersive theater show. Clint Sears, who we’ve been told is fine, is still totally MIA — why? And while we’ve been told Lust was being presented by the OSDM, Bousman also told me that both OSDM and The OOA were “bullshit.”

      We have to accept the fact that we’re dealing with organizations that have been able to program people with fake names and fake personalities. That we’ve already seen evidence that people other than Darren Bousman are monitoring his Facebook page. We all saw evidence last year that Darren and Clint performed scripted interviews with members of this very community in order to propagate the idea that they were the creators of this project, when in fact they had just been the hired faces. Just because they’ve changed cover stories — that this was all a dreamed up project because Darren saw Sleep No More one time — doesn’t mean those earlier revelations have any less value.

      Darren telling us that he and Clint have been kicked off means only one thing: somebody wants us to believe they have been kicked off. Whether that’s Darren, Clint, or somebody else entirely, I don’t know. And we certainly don’t know why. But I do not think we’ve heard the last of this.

      One other thought… this is the second time Darren has made a claim like this. Could he be the boy that cried wolf?

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       Brad Ruwe

      All I know is I just sent our good “friend” Noah Sinclair an email regarding this bit of news. Basically telling him to pass along a message to his superiors that Darren & Clint are Tension / Lust. That they’ll have a revolt on their hands without these men.

      Let’s hope I haven’t made a huge mistake with this email.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @mkarrett To clarify: that’s just one of 3 possibilities.
      Let’s postulate that this is the case.

      Why lie?

      It’s a test of faith.

      Recall the Book of Job.


      Satan (OSDM) makes a bet with God (DLB/Clint).
      Your man Job (The One) is only faithful because you (DLB/C) blessed him.

      Job is really about whether faith is real and held onto when times are bad. We’ve put faith in DLB/C, but what if they were no longer in control, what if there is anarchy? Does our attachment remain, asks OSDM.

      Job is a man of faith, slammed so badly by bad fortune, yet he never rebels against God.
      Do we, like Job, hear God’s voice in the storm?
      So perhaps OSDM sends in a Trickster — Noah — to tempt us away from DLB/C.
      With whom do we cast our lot?

      But what is usually missed about the conclusion of the story is this (thanks for the late Rabbi Harold Schulweis):
      At the beginning of the story, we have a split — God and Satan. Yet at the end, we have a unity of opposites (!) where only God speaks, and speaks about how a unity contains contrasting forces. That is the nature of existence.

      ….Or maybe he’s just fucking with us cuz it’s fun.

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      I just finished work and finally got to watch Julie’s periscope. One thing I don’t think anyone’s mentioned yet is where Gordon, the producer of Tension, stands in all of this. When Darren and Clint were contracted by “the investors” to make Tension, was Gordon also part of the that deal? Darren said only he and Clint were kicked off. Does that mean Gordon is still working on Lust?

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       Taylor Winters

      Thank you for sharing, Julie.

      I’m getting a weird vibe about these investors. If they can fire DLB and Clint then they have a majority holding in Lust. They must be OSDM, or stakeholders in OSDM. But whoever they are. We now know who has the power.

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      Thank you, @julierei for sharing all of this. What you experienced must have left you with so many questions; and, once again, leave it to DLB to blow your mind.

      … It is a possibility that DLB could be lying. I wouldn’t put anything past the creators in regards to mindfucking us. But, like @mkarrett has asked, why would he lie to us. Could it be that DLB and Clint are actually part of the OSDM and they don’t want us to know it? This is their baby, or so we’ve been told, I don’t believe that either one of them would walk away quietly. For DLB to simply state they were kicked out of Lust to Julie, it’s odd. I also wonder where Gordon is in all of this @izryn. Why not kick him out as well? And, I do believe he went to Panama with DLB to meet investors. Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      Who knows @mkarrett, maybe “OSDM presents Lust” is also synonymous with “A DLB production.”

      Come on, Michelle… we know you have info. We know you are able to bring some clarity to what is going on due to your involvement with the OSDM. What do you have on DLB and Clint? What do you know?

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       Brian E

      @julierei Thanks so much for posting this Periscope video and great meeting you randomly at Firelight 🙂

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      Thanks for sharing @julierei

      Not to be to simplistic about this but I think that the overall intent of this message could possibly be one of two things.
      1. Darren and Clint’s removal is vital to the story and we must focus on it and figure out who, how, why, etc.
      2. Darren and Clint aren’t involved any more, yeah it sucks ?. Well, please move on, it’s really about you and not us anymore. You guys have fun. We’re just going to step behind this curtain over here . . .

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      Just woke up and got to watch your periscope @julierei – what a bizarre encounter. Also that’s twice now that Darren has shown his tattoo. Are we going to see a Darren with no tattoo?

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      This all ties in with the idea that Tension/Lust began as a story, a game, but because we believed in it, the creation has taken on a life of its own. The characters dreamt up by Darren and Clint now have free will and have decided they don’t need their creators anymore… In fact, it seems that they see Darren and Clint as a hindrance, which adds to the concern over their safety.
      Since Noah first appeared during Ascension, there has been the idea that he was an Investor – rather than OSDM. He was present to check on Samson’s work, and it’s fair to say he wasn’t impressed which may have directly led to Samson’s removal at the hands of Michelle. The Investors will remove anyone that gets in the way of their ultimate goal, whatever that may be…
      Talking of Michelle, at The End, didn’t she imply that this went a lot higher than the OSDM – that OSDM were data-collecting on behalf of a higher power? The fact that Samson told several of us that they had the power to sway the Presidential election certainly supports this. The OSDM is merely a rung in the ladder. Let’s not forget that while they may be pulling OUR strings, they may not be pulling THE strings.

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       Julie R Goldstein

      Just to confirm two points:

      – At no time did DLB mention Gordon to me. His current relationship to Lust/The Investors/The Organization is unknown.
      – It was real DLB, not a Shadow Person. He made a point to lift up his sleeve and show me his Tension tattoo. It was real.

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       Julie R Goldstein

      I’ve also been meaning to point out this tidbit I noticed in the copyright section of the Tension book. Maybe it’s a clue as to the investors and/or organization that took over Lust.

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      I’m guessing someone will have an encounter with tattoo free DLB. Whomever that happens to, that will be an interesting conversation/moment to say the least.

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      Nitpicky detail: given the timeline and the size of the tattoo, it would still be healing and in the puffy, flakey stage. Did you happen to notice if the tattoo seemed completely healed or not?

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         Julie R Goldstein

        @monkeymuffin333 – I’m not a tattoo expert, but it looked mostly healed. I’m pretty sure he said it was still a little itchy. It’s hard to remember specific details. It was the end of the night and I’d probably gone through 2 whole bottles of white wine over the course of (C)ovell. I do remember it was very colorful and bright. It really is a beautiful tattoo.

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       Maxwell R

      Thank you for posting this @julierei !! The Investor theory confirmed!

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      Wait, @julierei wrote for Tension book, @bcbishop is a reporter, does @lilmsfancpants have ties with the media/promotion?

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       Kyle Bown

      This may be my ignorance showing, but what is the Omega Council?

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      @bruinbown – A name that popped up during Tension. It was implied that it was sort of the security/wet work/bruiser arm of the OSDM. When someone was sent to go see the Omega Council it meant they were getting promoted something fierce or they were getting “dealt with”.

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      Exactly @thegilded

      Here is their logo

      It used to have a phone number where we could report “Betrayers of Truth”. So if anyone was going against the OOA, they’d get reported to the Omega Council

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      Something about this makes me thing it’s not the OSDM.

      He told Julie that everyone thinks he’s talking in game, but he’s talking out of game.

      That leads me to believe that this is a “real” entity, separate from the presented narrative. Maybe an entity Gordon is affiliated with.

      DLB/C are obsessed with pushing the lines of reality. It would make sense that they would add another layer in to the story. The “real” corp is starting to treat DLB/C as instruments of the narrative, rather than creators. They are no longer at arms length, or behind the curtain.

      By making themselves accessible to the “community” (and by that I mean the handful of participants that have personal lines of communication or means of gathering intel), they became participants. Their engagement was their ultimate undoing (as it has led them to being puppets, rather than masters).

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      Catching up here, but after watching Julie’s periscope two things stand out to me.

      1. DLB mentioned Panama City AGAIN. (This is like the 3rd or 4th time he’s specifically brought attention to this…must be important, but not sure why???)
      2. If he’s worried about the “Investors” making phone calls behind his back, then the investors are Noah and Sarah, right? Or some faction supporting Noah and Sarah and The System since they have been making the calls.

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