7.26 Noah meeting at Seven Grand

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       Bryan Bishop

      First things first: @mkarrett and I Periscoped after tonight’s meeting. You can watch that here.

      Quick backstory: I’ve had long-standing issues with Noah Sinclair’s lack of follow through, and declined to buy a ticket to his seminar as a result. Over the weekend @addisonborn was told to find somebody that hated Noah, and convince them to go. Addison hit me up, I agreed, and then Noah acted like Noah and I peaced out. Noah then reached out to meet in person, so he could convince me if The System might have something I’d be interested in. It happened tonight, 10pm, at Seven Grand in downtown LA.

      When I walked into the bar it was LOUD, with a live band playing. Noah was sitting on a stool, three gift bags on the ground beside him, an empty glass in hand. I came up, said it was good to finally meet him, and tried to shake his hand. He’s Noah, so he didn’t respond. I then said I’d get us some drinks, and asked what he’d like. “Whatever you think it is a man would drink.”

      I’ve never found Noah particularly funny, but for whatever reason his sense of humor was clicking with me tonight. You know how sometimes the way somebody talks or acts reminds you of somebody else you know, and that brings a little instant comfort to the dynamic? It was a little like that.

      I got two glasses of bourbon — the bartender was very excited to tell me about how great it was — and brought the glasses back. I raised my glass, and Noah and I drank — and with eyes locked right at me he kept drinking… and drinking… until it’s all gone. It’s a dominance game, as most things are with Noah, so I matched him and we set down our empty glasses. (A few minutes later the bartender walked up to us, horrified, saying, “I didn’t know you were going to shoot it!” It was a funny night.)

      So Noah launched into some brief rhetoric about me being a pain in his ass, and then appeared to get a phone call. He rolled his eyes — I swear there were times were I could’ve sworn he and @joycecarlberg were related; their senses of humor and outlooks feel almost identical — and then he left. After a while I was wondering if he just ghosted (it’s a thing Noah’s done to me several times), so I walked downstairs. I’m about to leave the bar when he comes back in, all pissed off that I didn’t do as he instructed, and then we head back up to bar.

      A guy had taken his stool, and Noah told him to get the fuck out of the chair. Did I mention it was a funny evening?

      We sat back down, and I noticed Noah only had two gift bags now. He told me to take out my phone and dial a number. I punched in the digits and my phone pulled up @mkarrett’s name. “Why do you want me to call Melissa, Noah?”

      “Do I look like a guy who answers fucking questions?”

      We called Melissa, and I relayed Noah’s question: could she meet with him this coming weekend? Melissa said she couldn’t unless she has a specific time or date. Noah didn’t like this, informed her that she WILL meeting with him, and then had me hang up.

      Noah then started asking about how things were with me and my wife. (She’s the one he threatened with the blackmail incident.) I believe the quote was “Is everything good in Miranda Bishop world?” I said we’re good. We chatted about where we live, whether we rent or own our home, whether we have insurance.

      Then it was time for another phone call. I typed in the numbers… and discovered it was @111error’s phone. Morgan picked up, and could barely hear anything. Noah asked me to relay that Morgan will be available to meet with him next weekend. Noah was not asking. I couldn’t tell whether he was giving an order to Morgan because he had some sort of authority over Morgan, or simply because he was doing the domineering Noah schtick. Normally I’d say the latter, but we live in interesting times.

      Frankly, it was really good to hear Morgan’s voice, no matter what sides anybody has taking with regard to BOS, OSDM, The System, or anything else. I tried to tell him I hoped we’d get a chance to talk soon, but I’m not sure he heard me. It was seriously loud in that joint.

      Then it came time for Noah and I to have some real talk. I asked him about OSDM, The System, his dad. I tried to bait him to get some info; he didn’t give up anything. But he continued to return to this idea of insurance. What insurance did I have to know that things wouldn’t go sideways in my life? The System, he told me me, could help provide that kind of insurance. A way to know I would be good no matter what went down.

      Then we get existential: no matter who is in our lives, who can we really – truly – rely on and trust? I admitted that when the chips are down, we’re all ultimately on our own. “You’re selling it for me!” he said.

      Then Noah grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me in close. The cologne was indeed strong as hell. And then he made the same pitch he did to me on the phone the other day: He didn’t buy that I was a nice guy. “I think you’re petty, and vindictive as the rest of us,” he said. And Noah wanted to help me embrace that.

      Now here’s the interesting part. I don’t really think of myself as a “nice guy,” and it’s definitely not something I front. Like many of us, I’m sure, I have a tendency to only see the worst parts of myself. So the whole ‘nice guy’ thing is weird to me, outside of just (hopefully) not being a huge asshole most of the time.

      But this entire time I’ve been supporting The OSDM, it’s because I have found The Experience to be something enlightening. Something that can let us explore different facets of our personalities that we wouldn’t in our normal lives. It’s a path towards self-realization.

      The blackmail incident revealed anger in me I didn’t know I had, and a protectiveness I didn’t comprehend. It is something I’m glad I know about. And I have no doubt that there are other aspects of my personality — other aspects of my shadow, to borrow @larry’s take — that exist, and I recognize that embracing and understanding them will lead to further enlightenment.

      Essentially, Noah was describing The System as something that served the same purpose as The OSDM and The Experience. I’ve always sided with The Experience because of what it can give us, the participants – and in that sense, becoming open to The System seemed like a logical next step.

      With that in mind, I told Noah I was down. Let’s dive deep. I went to grab another round.

      While at the bar, I turned around to see… @mkarrett. At this point I was really wondering what the fuck was going on — was she in on the whole thing? What the hell?

      She told me she was here to get a package – and I told her to turn around. There was Noah, with the final gift bag resting on the table he was siting at. He told her to give me the bag.

      Melissa grabbed it, passed it over to me. Then Noah grabbed it roughly, and looked right at me. “Bryan,” he says. “I always follow through.”

      With that he violently shook the bag downward, and it exploded across the floor. Inside was a can of LaCroix that busted the whole thing open… and DOZENS of flyers with the photo from the blackmail incident, warning people with a “Nice Guy” alert of a “sex worker enthusiast”.

      And like that… Noah was gone.

      I’ve obviously had my differences with Noah, but as I said at the top, the sense of humor was clicking with me tonight, and the flyers were just straight-up hilarious. I also found the fact that he made them intriguing: apparently Noah was so bothered by my calling him out that he felt the need to respond by lashing out.

      But I will totally admit that he gave me a lot to think about. I didn’t get any answers from him about The System or its connection to anything else — he only said he works for himself, and does what the fuck he wants when he gets up in the morning. But when we were talking about the blackmail incident he did say one thing that has been sticking with me: “You had fun, didn’t you?”

      That’s an odd thing to come from a guy like Noah, given how we’ve tended to view him. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that @joycecarlberg has posted on the forums before about The Experience, and it really does make me wonder if Noah is either aligned with Joyce/OSDM, or if they both serve similar roles: both OSDM and The System as instruments under Horace’s control, and both responsible for experiences that push and prod us participants emotionally.

      But if Noah’s intent was to sell me on The System enough to come to his seminar… well, mission accomplished. I’ll see everyone there on the 13th.

      Let’s get weird.

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      Also I’m real glad I’m not in LA.

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      Holy moly what a tale! I admit that what Noah said about having no one else to rely on at the end of the day holds some truth, but I don’t think that automatically makes someone petty. At the end of the day our approach to life is what we make of it, petty or dignified or however else. Call me naive if you want to.

      The flyer is hilarious. And I can’t stop laughing at how “innacturate” is spelled incorrectly.

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      Wow what in the fuck!
      This is fantastic. I think you’re a nice guy AND an enthusiast. Wear many hats. Live your life.
      Yay! August 13th buddies!

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      wow! That flyer!! But what was in the other two gift bags?!?!?

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      Can’t stop laughing at “possible ginger!!”

      The “You had fun, didn’t you?” line also strikes me as really interesting. Is it really “fun” to find out the things about ourselves we keep hidden? Maybe cathartic, but I’m not sure about fun.


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      The flyer is the funniest and most chilling thing yet!

      and @joycecarlberg definitely give off a similar vibe. It would be interesting to see them as allies (or foes actually).

      Like @sfire8 asked what about the other gift bags? Is it implied that the same flyer was given to a couple of other people to post though LA?

      And who was the mole/plant and what did they do/tell Noah after the meet up at the bar?

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      Thanks for posting @bcbishop. I have to add here beyond I say in your Periscope.

      So one thing that sticks out to me are the callers that I personally got before seeing you. First I had the deep voice caller (which BTW I totally butchered the chemical compound in the video–I meant to sulfur hexafloride…look, I was tired), the female caller, and some guy’s voice*. Either caller indicating of “meeting us” when in reality I met with Bryan and Noah. So it makes me wonder, who the hell is “us” and why did they choose me when my roll in all of this was relatively insignificant?

      Are Bryan and Noah part of Us? I personally don’t subscribe to that but I want to throw it out there for conspiracy fun.

      Or more likely, is Us really just The System putting my ass in place after making the “Noah has a hand up his butt” comment?

      I personally think Noah was definitely sending me a message that he is in control. My handing me a package to simply hand off to Bryan who was inches away from me kinda send the signal of “look who’s the puppet now, Melissa”? Touché, Noah. :/

      *I don’t think that caller was intentional but there were so many reception issues I think he had to step in.

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         Lauren Bello

        First I had the deep voice caller (which BTW I totally butchered the chemical compound in the video–I meant to sulfur hexafloride…look, I was tired), the female caller, and some guy’s voice*. Either caller indicating of “meeting us” when in reality I met with Bryan and Noah. So it makes me wonder, who the hell is “us” and why did they choose me when my roll in all of this was relatively insignificant?

        This is interesting to me too. Especially given Kyle’s call yesterday, in which Noah said that he had some people who could show Kyle a good time.

        Who’s Noah involved with?

        did the voices sound like Sarah Sinclair or Horace, representing The System?

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      @mkarrett did the voice sound like this at all from this post?

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       Bryan Bishop

      @shaun I think that that was definitely the message intended with the flyers. One by one they disappeared, leaving me wondering what was in them. Then I discover with the last bag that it was the flyers… and am left to wonder who else out there might have more, and what they intend to do with them.

      (Judging from the call to @thebuz, it sounds like there may be at least one person currently working for Noah on the DL, so… to be continued.)

      I’ve also been wondering if “us” meant The Lust Experience itself: “You’ve been busy lately, but please come join The Experience again tonight.”

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      @shaun yes Deep Voice sound a lot like that voice.

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      @bcbishop that is entirely possible, I definitely won’t rule that out.

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      So if the deep voice was the same then @goldtongue’s phone call was probably from The System?

      What is deep voice? AI? IT? Andy (@confuseddude) now that he’s converted?

      It’s definitely not Noah right? He was busy with @bcbishop during those calls I assume.

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      @shaun, @mkarrett, validation!

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      @shaun I’m fairly certain that was not Noah. Sounds like Noah was busy.

      As I mentioned in the Periscope Deep Voice called either through PRIVATE NUMBER or “Andy’s Adult World” which I’m fairly certain is spoofed call. Coincidence though?

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      So, Any’s Adult World is an actual place… I figured that was a joke. Do you think we’re supposed to go there? You know… “for Lust”?

      Also, @bcbishop – do you live on Ellsmere Ave? I’m assuming that’s the reason that’s on the flyer?

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       Bryan Bishop

      @kortneydarling I do. #alwayswatching

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      @kortneydarling it is, I have an address and phone number BUT speaking from ex-mod experience I heavily stress don’t harass the poor clerk who works there. Use common sense. We’re possibly in the Sex chapter so spoofing a call as Adult store doesn’t surprise me. For the sake of “never silent” here you go…

      Store information:
      Andy’s Adult World
      4624 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022, USA


      The store itself is in a sketch area so I’m not going.

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      So, Any’s Adult World is an actual place… I figured that was a joke. Do you think we’re supposed to go there? You know… “for Lust”?

      Haha, either way, entendre or not, it’s an appropriate reason to go.

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      Also, Called Andy’s.

      Sounds normal. Normal person answered: “Thanks for calling Andy’s”. Did not have back up plan. hung up abruptly.

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      Every part of this sounds awesome… although the idea of chugging good bourbon, even if for posturing purposes, makes me sad all over

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       Andrew Kasch

      This is incredible, @bcbishop! All these Noah interactions are crazy and fascinating!

      Noah strikes me as the kind of person who, despite all his talk, is under the control of the OSDM and his father. I think he’s secretly a prisoner, but is slyly using his influence and public voice to turn the tables on them. He cares about us…and I think he wants us to be his shadow army against what’s coming.

      That’s my hot take anyway.

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      Guys be very careful about going to a random Sex shop. Just saying that…. could end up bad and might just be a coincidence of sorts.

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      @daela Horace didn’t seem to call me unless he’s Deep Voice.

      It’s possible that was Sarah but to be honest I thought it was Macy. From my “story line”/_path she did say long ago that we’d meet/talk soon. That never happened.

      So, with that bias I thought that was her. That would make zero sense for Macy de la Resistance to call me and meet up with “us” and lolz not really, I get Noah instead.

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      I think we know exactly who Deep Voice is… Your old pal Otis Fletcher

      @mkarrett remember when Otis had that crazy-deep voice on his FB live video? The one where he was talking about 10’s and 2’s and kings?

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      I think we know exactly who Deep Voice is… Your old pal Otis Fletcher

      HOLY SHIT.

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      Did you hear @goldtongue’s recorded message of the voice? It sounds synthesized or disguised. I thought maybe it could be Andy? Since he’s working for The System now.

      And did Melissa’s call actually come from the real number at Andy’s adult world??

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      @sfire8 yes ma’am, several times

      View post on imgur.com

      like this was a DEEP voice, unnaturally deep.

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      @mkarrett, wow that is crazy! I mean did that happen last year (unblocked number with location?) and it was a clue. I mean it has to be right??? The place has great Yelp reviews!

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