7.25 Call from… Noah? UPDATE

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      I mentioned in my first post about the caller’s distorted/masked voice and the fact that the number was a 555.555.5555. Two things that are inconsistent with calls from Noah Sinclair (or anyone from Lust/Tension for that matter).

      However, the content of the conversation could not have been more relevant to The System. We talked about visualizing my dreams and going for them no matter what.

      Fortunately, the caller left a voicemail before reaching me the second time. Here is the VOICEMAIL

      Weird right?

      At the time, I had an OOG explanation in my head for the voice: Perhaps the actor was unavailable, so someone else called pretending to be Noah using a voice disguiser.

      But after talking to @buz, we have decided that this is 100% NOT Noah Sinclair.

      I am not signed up for any other ARG’s.

      The only explanation at this point, I think, is that it’s The Midnight Commission. I was very active in TMC, even receiving a special shout out along with @daela for solving multiple puzzles. But I keep going back to what the caller and I discussed which did not feel like TMC.

      mentioned he thinks it could be IT. That certainly seems possible.


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       Brad Ruwe

      Yeah, ABSOLUTELY not Noah. Not sure what to think. Def not the usual TMC voice either.

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       Scott Simon

      @goldtongue the content of your phone call sounds a lot like how I imagine The System would work in practice. I have faith. I believe it was someone working for Noah Sinclair calling on his behalf.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @goldtongue That actually sounds more like a voice disguising technology, but it also sounds like whatever voice you were using in “Master of the Game”.

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      If it’s TMC it’s certainly not Morgan’s voice, at least I would bet money on that. That’s just not how he talks with the infliction- as well as I don’t think he’d be that demanding.

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      All of that is really peculiar. The call and message don’t fit the MO of TMC, but they’ve been the only ones to use voice maskers. Pulling a Noah move doesn’t really get them anything either. The message does fit Noah, but weird to disguise his voice and it wouldn’t really serve his purpose.

      If it is IT, there are some big questions as to who is controlling it then. Say The Resistance is in control, then we go back to why they/TMC would do it. If it’s controlled by OSDM, they don’t really gain anything (and even less so if they’re running The System) by using a fake version of Noah to encourage behavior consistent with The System.

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      If it’s TMC why do something that shows the system working?

      If it’s Noah, why disguise yourself when showing the system working?

      This straight up makes no fucking sense.

      Could it be a friend who has been trying to get you to follow a dream and decided to use Lust as a way to get to you?

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      @thebuz so you think this is OOG entirely?

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      Aw, @larry-meyers, you watched my video! For the record, I did not use a voice modulator for that. It was a song from this incredible record by a band called silica-gel. Anyone who likes weird music, do yourself a favor and check this out. “Master of the Game” is track 2.

      , it sure could be! Whoever it was made an impact and got me do something IRL that could potentially change the course of my career. As ridiculous as that sounds.

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      I’m at work so I can’t listen to the voicemail, but the number of strange things, from the phone number to the not-Noah voice and existence of a voicemail in the first place, is really fishy to me. Who would have the motive to make that call in the first place? I think you’re being trolled, but by whom I don’t know.

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      @buz, there is always the chance that this an OOG prank. But I don’t know who would do that — and definitely not in such a severe way… Blocking the number, etc.

      I will be very very sad if this is just someone OOG screwing with me.

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      @goldtongue If it is OOG, who knows, you might get an actual call from Noah and then follow him into a warehouse to watch a ritual and be subsequently brainwashed!

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      If it’s TMC it’s certainly not Morgan’s voice, at least I would bet money on that. That’s just not how he talks with the infliction- as well as I don’t think he’d be that demanding.

      That’s funny I was literally thinking the exact opposite..I thought that sounded exactly like Morgan when he’s being demanding (like at the end of TMC reveal periscope).

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      What has been the running resistance theme so far? Using the same methods as their counterparts to educate folks about the tactics used against them.
      Perhaps this distorted phone call was just the resistance giving an example of using motivational speech to inspire someone to make a decision they would not have otherwise made perhaps?

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      It would make sence. If they could create a success story it would go a long way in showing that the system isont as special as it’s dressed up to be.

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      @sovereignskies that’s what I was thinking! What Clay was asked to do didn’t sound at all like the system to me. The system doesn’t actually care about helping people. The person on the other end of the call actually walked @goldtongue through a scenario that was helpful for him. When has the system ever done that for anyone? When have they shown that much care? I think it could be the resistance showing methods that actually work because they cared about Clay during TMC and they still care about him now.

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      @goldtongue, I hope this is IG and not a prank! The phone number seems very suspicious however…seems to be common for spam calls. If this is OOG it’s on the level of The Red Door prank, way thought out and effective. And I don’t know if Andy’s prank story was real or not?! Head spinning…

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      Just for recap purposes, did TMC call from blocked numbers or visible ones. I took in way to many posts in much to short a time to remember.
      If it was unblocked maybe that’s a clue?

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      To be honest @goldtongue I’m not sure I’d be into taking advice from a creeper life that! Noah is convincing and enthusiastic this guy sounds scary AF.

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