• I’m out at a restaurant with coworkers wrapping up lunch when my phone rings. It’s Noah, specifically tells me it’s him and everything. We both say “it’s been awhile” at the same time. Asks if I’d be available to meet with him Friday night, which I confirm I am able to. He tells me the meeting will be after the sun goes down and that he’ll be in…[Read more]

  • “…it raised a few red flags with the noise complaints, parking disruption, property damage and something about a bleach smell.” WTF has Remy been up to.

  • If we are to take what Sabrina is saying at face value, the fact that she and Joyce were friends explains the earlier calls in which she guilt-tripped people over her friend’s death. When you lose someone you need an outlet for those feelings. Looks like Sabrina decided to blame the participants to get closure.

    Sabrina didn’t already know Otis…[Read more]

  • Tim Redman replied to the topic 9/9 – Mason Call in the forum SIGHTINGS 4 years, 2 months ago

    Do you need to borrow a bat?

  • Just got off the phone with Mason. I’m not gonna lie guys, I like this dude.

    Mason: It’s spelled “ks” everyone keeps spelling it with an “x”

    Chelsea: I apologize for mixing that up. Does that bother you?

    M: I can be very particular

    C: I understand that. Particular is not always bad. How’s your evening going?

    M: Not boring.

    C: It has…[Read more]