Just Lurking in Slack – 11/3

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      Just Lurking showed up in Slack. He got sent to Random from General, and then posted the following photos.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      “This message may be an attorney-client communication”

      Oh really now.

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       Lauren Bello

      “…it raised a few red flags with the noise complaints, parking disruption, property damage and something about a bleach smell.” WTF has Remy been up to.

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       Lauren Bello

      “You have taken every ounce of abuse that I and everyone we have ever met has thrown at you and didn’t even have the decency to show us your pain…”

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      Remy is mostly screwing around in his answers for what the event space will be used for, but this part stands out as maybe not a joke:

      “The event will systematically incorporate targeted assets in to our fold by creating a paradox of identity and maximizing the hunger of their flesh.”

      Also, if Tina was really trying to secure an event space for Anointment, that would suggest it isn’t actually OSDM HQ. Or at least not their permanent location.

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         Lauren Bello

        “The event will systematically incorporate targeted assets in to our fold by creating a paradox of identity and maximizing the hunger of their flesh.”

        I wonder if the “paradox of identity” is linked to Joyce weeping that she’s “not a whore” and Andy telling his dad that the pictures didn’t represent who he was. They will have us do things that we previously believed didn’t represent who we are.

        Things that will be photographed. As the waiver, in fact, explicitly stated.

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         Unseen Presence

        I would be stunned if this did not reference the upcoming event.

        It’s also worth noting that in many ways, they have already begun ‘creating a paradox of identity’, as we’re now debating exactly who is who, who is real, who is in charge.

        I suspect that by the time we get to the actual event, it may all be completely unspooled, leaving us with no guide or person we can trust or even now to be ‘real’ even if/when we meet them inside.

        Completely separately, I am now contemplating which ‘dress to impress’ clothes ‘that make me feel attractive’ are equally able to be thrown away depending on what happens there.

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        “Targeted assets” = @mike, @nothenrygale, @wanda102, @larry?

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        @daela, I think your point may be the opening door we are looking for.

        They will have us do things that we previously believed didn’t represent who we are.

        Aren’t some leopards in this jungle constantly changing their spots already?

        Your sentence made me reflect back to one of the earliest traces of your interpretation of the “paradox” – the Focus Group Meeting. If you recall, there was a moment where people in that room were videotaped in a role-play scenario making statements that could be easily taken out of context, or at least create the appearance of each person behaving “out of character” or taking a stance not truly representing who they are or what they actually believe in.

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      The most interesting interesting parts of this for me are that 1. Granik is high enough up the food chain to hire Tina. And 2. That Sabrina is involved in the social media. How involved? Does that include all of the posts? Every song, painting, etc.?

      The interest in Granik might just be how I spent my entire day, which has been a download of everything we know and have heard about Granik to try to figure out who he is. But Sabrina and the social media access is definitely interesting.

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         Lauren Bello

        @chelsea My interpretation was that Remy was referring to all of Sabrina’s Tension/Lust/St. Agatha posts on her personal social media. That’s why he’s complaining about her “playing the part” of a rising actress.

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       Lauren Bello

      These emails were sent early October. I wonder if they’ve gotten to Tina yet.

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         Unseen Presence

        I personally expect to see evidence they have appear very soon.

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       Lauren Bello

      On Slack, we’re speculating on whether Granik = Mason, and whether Granik/Mason = JustLurking.

      Just before the leak, JustLurking posted:

      Are we awake?
      meow meow meow
      meow meow meow

      (At this point, Mike G told him to take his cat noises to Random.)

      it most certainly is not
      A durpah durpah songs up! meow meow meow
      i’ll move to random
      meow meow meow

      The gleeful meowing seemed to imply that JustLurking was someone who found the email references to Tina’s cats funny. Possibly JustLurking is Remy, or Timothy Granik. Or just someone else with a hatred for Tina and a juvenile sense of humor.

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        Or justlurking had a few too many beverages…or smokes!

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I think these Email leaks may (Who the fuck knows) have given us a big insight into the MSE and the endgame for…The Boss…whomever that may be.

      Regarding the “Paradox of Identity”:

      As I understand it, the Paradox of Identity is exemplified by Theseus’ Paradox: “A thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.”

      [Plenty more here:

      Distilled to its relevance for LUST: if we are changed in some way – any way at all – thoughts, motives, morals, literal body parts, lusts, are we the “same” person? It sure sounds like the goal of the MSE is for “targeted assets” to be altered in some manner, something that makes us different…yet the same. Changed. “Evolved”. “Self-actualized”, perhaps? Something that makes those targeted assets into greater assets to be used.

      “hunger of the flesh” is, strangely, a term mentioned by a Christian friend recently. It refers not to sin, but as a longing for God. The more we study Scripture, he said, the more we will hunger for it. “My soul thirsts for Thee, my flesh yearns for Thee, in a dry and weary land where there is not water.” (Psalm 63:1). Also, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)

      But this isn’t the Bible. It’s LUST. And we aren’t being coaxed towards “sinless perfection” a la Christ, but to “sin WITH perfection”.

      And we aren’t being told to wait for morning, to wait for the Second Coming, and for the Kingdom of Heaven to arrive here on Earth, but to wait for dusk. To wait for Him when “we will release this earth of every false virtue and restraint”.

      The “Encroaching Dark” notice is not unicorns and glitter. Not with the tagline “Power is the Only Law”. I don’t think the reference to “false virtue” is what Socrates refers to:


      Nuh-uh. I think what The Boss sees as “false virtue” is the opposite of what Socrates was talking about.

      I think The Community’s original notion that this all leads back to some form of devilry – perhaps in the form of Anoch, perhaps another entity – is correct. Perhaps Noah Sinclair IS the Devil. Perhaps the Sinclair family is NOT descended from Jesus but rather Noah Sinclair’s “sin is clear”.

      delivered a message last Saturday morning to me. “In order to have shadow, you have to have light. Some of us like being in the darkness”.

      We were told by TPTB after the Red Door Incident to “let us lead you into the darkness”.

      And Ouroboros? One may suppose that while it is supposed to represent wholeness, or an eternal cycle of renewal, but also the harmony of opposites – light and darkness.

      With the constant images of doubles, duality, Shadows, particularly in recent art, we all know that we are being asked over and over again to step into the darkness.

      There are rewards to doing so. It’s required at many points in life.

      But it does not come without a price. Sure, you can just give in and eat the Fluffernutter. But it’s mighty addicting. And there’s a reason Darth Vader ended up the way he did.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Going to echo Larry here (just shorter): the “paradox of identity” will be targeting us.

      We all have a sense of who we think we are. Maybe it’s “sane”; maybe it’s “edgy”; maybe it’s “nice.”

      These are the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day and sleep through the night.

      The event will show us what we are willing to do to get the things we truly want. It will reveal our true selves.

      For some, this will lead to an irreconcilable paradox.

      For others: liberation.

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         Lawrence Meyers

        Going to echo Larry here (just shorter)

        “Shorter”. That’s usually a pretty good idea. And also easy to do.

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       Robert Fuller

      Now I just want to save Tina. She likes cats and Guy Fieri, that’s good enough for me. Tina, if you’re still alive, let me help you!

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      I think @larry & @bcbishop have hit on some good points here. Everyone sees themselves a certain way, maybe the way that we feel is most acceptable to society, or how we think we should be. But when it comes to getting what we truly want, are we willing to dig down & embrace the dark, possibly ugly truths about ourselves & who we really are? Are we willing to embrace those parts, take them on in the presence of others, to achieve what it is we are seeking? How far are we willing to go? And yes, I think this will mean liberation for some, and devastation for others. Hell, likely some combination of both. The only way out is through.

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      Wow Remy really HATES Tina.

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       Virginia Barton

      Remember the good old times when we were collectively worried about whether Hayley is too rough on David and all such? Now we are reading someone’s emails. Tomorrow someone will be rating them on Edusson.com, and then we will complain about the lack of privacy online. Great.

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      i am so confused

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