Call from Noah – 3/12

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       Brad Ruwe

      I’m out at a restaurant with coworkers wrapping up lunch when my phone rings. It’s Noah, specifically tells me it’s him and everything. We both say “it’s been awhile” at the same time. Asks if I’d be available to meet with him Friday night, which I confirm I am able to. He tells me the meeting will be after the sun goes down and that he’ll be in touch.

      “After the sun goes down” was my key takeaway. Whatever this meeting is, it’s happening Friday night after sunset. @wanda102 pointed out on the Slack that Friday night / Saturday morning is a new moon sooooo who knows. @silvitni brought up the “Encroaching Dusk” email as it could potentially tie in with this meeting.

      “Perhaps you feel your shadow’s desire growing
      with the encroaching storm that so
      many pretend not to see.
      A warning, if you still have any hesitation,
      Wait for dusk.
      Wait for him.
      No interpretations.
      His darkness, will unshackle us from
      man’s misguided morality.
      We will roam free,
      we will do his bidding,
      and we will release this earth of every false
      virtue and restraint.

      Always remember,

      Def feeling those nerves I had asked @bruinbown about on the Slack.

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      This is exciting. Noah has been gone a long time. Why now? What sparked his return? I’m looking forward to hearing about this meeting!

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       Brad Ruwe

      Got a call from Noah earlier today, we’ll be meeting at 11:30 tonight. He seemed much more his normal self. I have a specific location but as always, no clue what’s in store.

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