Where do I stand? (WWAD?)

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    I see what you did there.


    Popping in here to confirm your suspicions – the WWAD in the title DOES in fact stand for “What Would Addison Do.” I explained elsewhere I stand with The Resistance.

    @kasch – On your first point, I understand where you’re coming from 100%. But think about what would’ve happened if Morgan had opened himself up earlier. We know the OSDM was keeping tabs on him – the resistance would’ve been blow up before it had enough followers. Now he’s stepped forward, but if anything happens, the movement has already started.

    I mean, you know Morgan. He’s a stubborn shit. He’s perfect for this position – His distaste for identifying himself in social media? His loyalty to friends and causes? His certain flair for the dramatic? Sounds like a good fit for the new face of the resistance.

    You don’t need to have a side, and you’re right – we’ve experienced firsthand the dangers of fully committing to an entity or organization. But having convictions and the willingness to take the actions necessary in the name of these convictions is what matters most. Alliances such as the resistance empower and amplify these convictions.

    If saying “fuck everything” is the best course of action for you, then keep fighting the good fight the way you need to. If you discover that you’re not getting done what you need to get done, reconsider your options.

    I know these are all things you know, but there are no doubt countless others that are in this same boat that may not have considered this.

    There’s no doubt that this is a game we’ll all lose. But if death is inevitable, we might as well die for something we believe in.


    Uh Oh, I have now signed paperwork declaring my allegiance to both sides. OSDM at the Lust Registration and The Resistance last night. I’m not sure if the signatures cancel each other out.

    After participating in the Midnight Commission, I feel I found where I belong and have decided to side with The Resistance and @111error.



    The Lust Experience poster 94

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     Winston Smith 

    Yeah, I don’t like any of those options. 🙁 Do you have anything in a Burnt Sienna?


    Okay, so here’s my thing. Sometimes I feel like people get so caught up in the excitement of immersive theater and this experience that these situations go too far.
    This is a game.
    This is not a war.
    This is not a court.
    This is a game.
    Both sides have changed their positions on certain things throughout Tension and Lust. Both sides have had people meander in and out of them. Both sides will have events, provide exciting experiences, and contribute to the story line. At the end of the day, Lust is one entity and these are merely factions within it; different ways of getting to what will ultimately be the same ending (and by same I mean freakishly personalized and life scarring if Ascension was any indicator). So to me, at least as circumstances stand at this very moment, it feels more like someone is asking “Dude, you want the top hat or the thimble?” Regardless of what you choose, we’re all still playing on the same board.
    I don’t think a plot twist is worth passive-aggressively attacking someone’s character over. There are simply more important things in life, period.


    I don’t know if I like it and feeling that is alright. However, here is an interesting position in being an uncalled: No one’s asked for my loyalties. I don’t have to be premature. From the system as a Maybe, from Registration as an unsigned piece of paper, becoming aware of Midnight Commission too late, I’ve been this gray, incorporeal thing, haunting around Lust. Now I’m rattling a chain or two.

    Generally, everyone has been so welcoming, encouraging and kind. @111error is/was/am/will be, a fun, engaging guy. @meghanmayhem is down for the rabblerousing. @confuseddude dude, people felt for him. I like @bcbishop, @taysavestheday, @wanda102, @kevin, they’re real people, who I’ve met, solved puzzles with and had laughs. @coryphella reached out to me when I was posting less. (@julierei, you’re cemented stance is wild and entirely your own category <3) And I’ll say it, I didn’t hate the @hazelverse/@despoina disruption. And now, like oil and water, they’re eventually sliding away from one another towards the edges of the Petri dish.

    A war of both identity and mysticism is coming: the revived BOS is the knight to slay the OSDM dragon? The OSDM, the enlightenment to the willing BOS darkness? But -what- is the cause. To stop Anoch? To Raise Anoch in someone else’s ideal? Salt the earth? Corrupt the data? Assimilate the rebellious children? Crush Insubordinate? I feel as if Pespi and Coke have the very same cooperate messages: Annihilation of the enemy.

    Is that it? Is that what we’re picking to do? Who can kill each other with the sharpest sticks, in the best, most crisply-ironed suits, first?

    Lust is redefining Alternate Realities: Have people been elevated, were they plants, are they meta-employees from the start? I feel as if some are asking: Is any of it sincere? If so, then the product of Lust is wild, blurring the line of participant and collaborator. If not, people are going to feel wildly betrayed because some here, have very, very deep investments. People have tattoos of this. I get and understand that feeling of duplicity: but did anyone sign up to be legitimately hurt, or had they expected to be hurt only in a theatrical sense?

    We can’t kill each other, because we’ll only end up dead for all our efforts. No dead person is ever more right than the next. I’ve never heard of a two chapter book and more pieces of the puzzle are coming. I don’t know how to play any more, but I know I still want to.


    I don’t think a plot twist is worth passive-aggressively attacking someone’s character over. There are simply more important things in life, period.

    THIS. Thank you @tiffany223. May we all keep this in mind in the weeks ahead. Somehow I think we will not.

     Lukas L 

    Team Joyce, Team Resistance, Team Bishop, Team 111error, Team Noah, Team Sarah, Team Otis, Team Horace, Team Stacy, Team Mayhem, Team Investor ect ect ect. So many teams. So many alliances. I choose Team @joycecarlberg even though the only words she has sputtered to me were “Uh-Uh”, why? Because I enjoyed my time with them last year. Its because of them that I am left with this movie in my brain that is being played on a constant repeat. This endless loop of amazing what ifs. I choose @joycecarlberg to preserve this loop. I choose @joycecarlberg even though the “Tens” think they are playing us “Twos”. That its not really about your moral fiber. All that matters is which dotted lines you sign. Alliances are great because there is power in numbers, but in the end, there can be only one.

    I chose my alliance. Have you chose yours?


    Whew. This is quite a wild mix to jump back into. There appears to be alot more options than those available last year.
    I am totally not up to date and have attempted to catch up as best I can but, Im afraid I am to far behind to make any alliances at this point in time.
    I never did much like anything that is in the way of unity. Or at least things that cause segregation.

    Team FE, I remember that. Second gen fence sitters club. What was the real OG club again?
    The Wild Stallions? The Lone Anarchistos… hmm. What I do remember is that there was many popcorn flavors picked out for the observing.

    The BOS, the OSDM up to their same old tricks it appears. Is there even really a difference? Last year leaves that open for debate. It seems that some think so. They may be right, who knows.
    logic VS faith, material VS spiritual.
    Science/psychology VS religion.
    I feel that someday our scientific knowledge will reach a point where the metaphors of religions will be explained by science itself. Developments in our understanding of quantum mechanics and quantum physics is a teaser for what is to come.
    I swear no allegiances. No fucks given.

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