• Look, I know I haven’t been active in Lust the way I was in Tension. Hell, I wouldn’t even consider myself one of the most active in the original Tension. But I’d just really like to know something.
    Why the fuck is this fun? Why is it fun to tear people down or pick a new person to hate every week within the game? Why is it fun to make people feel…[Read more]

  • I too have spoken with Erika about this, and Mason knew personal details about our upcoming plans together that I have shared with only my closest friends. I don’t know where exactly he’s getting this information or how deep this goes, but I know she’s confused about this contact and not encouraging this communication at all.

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  • So for those of you that don’t know me, I was an original Tension participant. I haven’t been too active on the Lust forums, but I found this particular activity to be very inspiring and thought-provoking. I would like to get to know more of you, so I typed up some responses to the posts today. Please don’t take offense to any variations in length…[Read more]

  • This is the link:

    I really appreciated this task. I very much enjoyed learning more about everyone. I’ll share more detailed responses shortly. Thank you for giving us this opportunity Noah, and more importantly thank you to The Powers That Be for everything you do.

  • I did complete this task about thirty minutes ago but Youtube is struggling to upload it. Will post the link momentarily. Apologies for the delay.

  • And my absolutely disgusting food to eat was…drum roll please…Costco hot dogs! It’s been so long since I’ve had one, it was wrapped in a PRICE CLUB LABEL. That’s right kids, 1993. I think all hot dogs are disgusting, but I have also dated someone who worked in the Costco cafeteria in the past, so I find anything made there particularly gross…[Read more]

  • True respect to @thebuz for pulling that off so well. While it was less emotionally stimulating than some of the other tasks (which I can appreciate for their rarity) I think it’s challenging to find something that’s this nerve-racking for you 😛

  • Okay, so here’s my thing. Sometimes I feel like people get so caught up in the excitement of immersive theater and this experience that these situations go too far.
    This is a game.
    This is not a war.
    This is not a court.
    This is a game.
    Both sides have changed their positions on certain things throughout Tension and Lust. Both sides have had…[Read more]

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    But isn’t that the point of an ARG/ARX/WhateverthefuckLustisbecauseIthinkit’ssouniqueithasearneditsowncategory @winstonsmith? As AB said, isn’t that exactly why we’re here? If I wanted to watch something predictable, I’d turn on Friends.

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    So four days ago they posted “If you want to make enemies try to change something” and everyone in the community is nodding along, liking it, agreeing with it. Then they actually try to change something and everyone flips the fuck out and starts turning on each other. Anyone else find this ironic?

  • You guys are fucking hilarious. Seriously. God you must be laughing so damn hard over there..

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    While I may not have many constructive points to add to this, I’d like to say that if ever there were an event or “happening” to draw some of the older players back into the game, THIS WAS IT. Awesome hunt, exciting clues, and overall very entertaining to follow. Thank you for this, whoever organized it. I know I definitely feel even more…[Read more]

  • Apologies for the delayed response, I was on vacation with Sean as he stated previously and didn’t get to really catch up online until today. While I am admittedly a bit lost on the details in Lust, I’m incredibly flattered to be thought of (if those initials were in fact referring to me) and interested in jumping back in. @daela any…[Read more]

  • Fuck you guys. Why must you live so far away? I want to come play a game with you both. It’s called Pound Town. Sean taught it to me long ago, and everyone generally wins 😀

  • @111error You better have fun on your date. I expect a full report when you get home.
    Also dibs on any and all cronuts left lingering in your apartment <3

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    A relationship is defined as a noun, which technically is a thing. I respect the loophole you found. But to be fair, if the task is to include you with the thing itself, shouldn’t it be a photo of you WITH/holding a representation of the two of you together (a photo, a ring)? Or is a photo within a photo too meta here?

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    I was chosen as well. I sent my response in. I considered doing a person or my dogs (since they allowed plural) but I don’t consider people things, and I don’t consider pets things, they’re family. Excited to get the ball rolling. Happy to see the rest of you moving forward too! 🙂

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    I got accepted! Her response was personalized, kind, and alluring. Probably haven’t been this excited about an acceptance letter since college. I can’t remember how to post GIFs on here, but if you can imagine Liz Lemon high-fiving a million angels, you know how I’m feeling right now 😀

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    Well, I e-mailed Stacey last night and am eagerly awaiting a reply. I am really excited about a potential direction that does not involve Noah (no offense to the followers, he’s simply not my cup of tea). I’ve been excited about Lust for months now, waiting for a window of opportunity to jump in and get involved. This feels like something I could…[Read more]

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