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    It’s probably even possible to make the external more internal, something within your control, by focusing on the ways you can grow into a better person more deserving of faith and trust. If you want to be the kind of person who can offer protection, you have to be willing to focus on and improve yourself first. Consider how you would do that.…[Read more]

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    One of the job requirements being “extended experience with email etiquette” also doesn’t sound so great for Macy.

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    Although what they tried to use to exploit @bcbishop was taking advantage of his empathy and concern for others, which is only an actual weakness if you buy into the Sinclair System’s constructed ideas about power and strength. They aren’t necessarily targeting an actual weakness that needs to be embraced with everyone, but anything that could be…[Read more]

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    When the information appears organically along the way, that’s just good foreshadowing. For the gun going off in the third act to mean anything, you had to have noticed it in the first act.

  • @theladyj, what’s funny is I think my tone with the woman in the mask was so terse that as soon as she left the room, my girl actually checked on me, asking if I was doing okay. But she seemed so shaken up by everything that I noticed myself actually shift into pretending to be incredibly calm and collected, just to try help her calm down. “Yeah,…[Read more]

  • I went fairly late in the run, but without any second timers present. They simply told me when they led me in there that I would not be leaving again, that I had been chosen, and I was to say goodbye. When I refused, saying that this isn’t how mourning works at all, the woman in the mask kept repeating the instructions with increasing firmness. I…[Read more]

  • I’ve been thinking about the Noah problem a lot.

    Because he really seems awful. Not just the occasional overtly racist comment or other off brand things he would apparently shrug off as just “not PC,” but the way he seems to vibe as almost in line with the alt right and otherwise chan culture — right down to making a specific reference on his…[Read more]

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    @electrichippo, yes! Jack. That was it, thank you.

    Do we know any more about him except for that moment? Is it possible he’s the new suit guy who showed up at the book release alongside Michelle?

    Thanks for all the references. I feel like there is still so much of a paper trail that I haven’t managed to fully delve into.

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    It often seems the rest of OSDM has been all about secrecy and ritualization to maintain power while Michelle seems to believe that the true path to power is information dissemination and raw data. They’re opposite approaches but with a similar goal. And perhaps just so long as that proves true, her system leads to greater power, she is still…[Read more]

  • Fantastically written as always, @larry.

    It’s interesting actually to think more about the Creature, since his time backstage was only the beginning of his arc. With time he began to remember more of the person he once was and the ways in which he was complicit in people being hurt gravely. Once he’d realized that terrible things were going to…[Read more]

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    You’ll see quite a lot of it in one go. If you’re fond of the source material, definitely try to get there. It’s fantastic but not really designed around the idea of repeatability in quite the same way some other shows are, so I don’t feel like you’d be missing out to only see it once and that might help retain some of the magic since there is…[Read more]

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    I had a bit of a similar experience, @mistere. I’m a far too frequent visitor to that particular New York hotel and I’d been planning a visit out to LA in October for a while. My friend who is also an immersive fan said, “There’s this new thing everyone is raving about. We should see it.” My response upon glancing at the website was, “This looks…[Read more]

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    Yeah, calling it a rumor is a bit strange since it came from DLB himself (via @julierei). I can’t help but feel that the word choice is possibly deliberate given the concerns about sowing mistrust.

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    @lilmsfancpants, it feels like the primary lesson from the end of Tension (according to Michelle) might have been, “Be careful who you trust.” And then here comes Noah, the very face of untrustworthy, to decide who is and isn’t worthy. To be chosen, you have to work directly against the very rational sense that he is not someone you should offer…[Read more]

  • Just a thought on imitation or reflection: it was Bryan I believe that had the conversation on the phone (with possibly Michelle?) about how believing in something brings it into existence. If enough people then chose to believe in a shadow self instead of the real person, does that make the real person innately less him or herself?

    If so much of…[Read more]

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