The Reduction Has Begun – Sabrina Phone Call 10/2 1:08pm

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      Sooo I just got a call from Sabrina, though she just said “it’s me.”

      She asked if I could help her, I said “of course. what’s up?”

      She wanted me to amplify her message, and make sure you hear this:

      “The reduction has begun. This is the start of their consequence.”

      She also asked me to check my email within the hour – I’ll follow up in this thread as things progress.

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      I’m having trouble thinking of a single way that “The Reduction” is anything other than straight horrible bad

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      “This is the start of their consequences.”

      I’m wondering if this is gonna be the beginning of the end for BOS.

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      We’re fucked.

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      “The reduction has begun”? What the fuck does that mean?

      Keep us posted on that email, @addisonborn.

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      Welp, here come those consequences we were talking about, I guess. I think we’re definitely fucked…there’s pretty much no way that “The Reduction” can be any sorta happy good times.

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      @thegilded Maybe it’s a balsamic one? Fingers crossed? RIGHT GUYS?!

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       Kyle Bown

      The Reduction… Maybe she’s cooking and making a nice white wine reduction? And she’ll email @addisonborn the recipe in an hour?

      Ok, fine. We’re all fucked.

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      The email will probably clarify things (at least a little bit), but my first guess about this was that it was referring to BOS. I’m not totally sold on that though. While there are a good number of BOS supporters, the group isn’t particularly large. “The Reduction” makes it seem like it’s something on a much larger scale.

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      The wai-ai-ting is the hardest part..

      This may be the most nervous I’ve been throughout this entire experience.

      No email yet, but I’m expecting the worst.

      I shot Morgan a text, because when I hear The Reduction, and Consequence.. I’m worried for him. No response. We’ve had a little bit of a falling out after the past couple weeks, our views aren’t exactly aligned at the moment.. but he’s still a close friend. I’m hopeful but worried for his safety.

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      Nice Tom Petty reference @addisonborn 🙂

      I’m nervous as fuck…and I’m not even the one getting the email!

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       Bryan Bishop

      This will probably get clarified when the email comes in, but could this not also be Sabrina talking about reductions within the OSDM, rather than the BOS or the community?

      In her call to @nothenrygale, Sabrina seemed to reprimand him for voting without worrying about the people it would actually impact. Perhaps that’s who is the target of The Reduction.

      Anybody talked to any Tension actors lately?

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       Michael Rizzo

      I reached out to Morgan as well in hopes that what happens isn’t the worst. But reductions sounds a lot like pieces being removed from the chess board. They’re pushing harder even harder now.

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        @rizzzoooooo – what does this mean?

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         Michael Rizzo

        I just figure after the data corruption, they may be pushing us even harder by taking a piece off the board

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      And all I could think is, what are we going to do when a bunch of *us* are kicked out?

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