Noah, Morgan, and The BOS

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       Meghan Mayhem

      So @chelsea and I have been talking. Rarely does good come of this, but stick with me for a second.
      We’ve been discussing our feelings on BOS/System/Morgan/Noah.
      Nothing in this world is black and white. There are no clear sides. There are no obvious choices and consequences. But it’s all connected somehow.

      The somehow. That’s the big question.
      Our favorite saying…”I follow ideas, not people.”

      Lately Noah has been mentioning “his people”.
      Who are “his people”?

      So let’s entertain for just a minute this theory.
      What if it turns out that all along, @111error was along for the ride with Noah? That maybe during the workshop tomorrow, we find out that Noah’s Bryan/Melissa call wasn’t a call for Morgan so much as a show for us and that Morgan was planning on being there from the start.
      As @Chelsea so eloquently put to me tonight, “An enemy of an enemy is my…additional resource toward the end goal”

      The fact of the matter is that Horace and the OSDM suck. They need to be contained and they need to be stopped. That’s not even a question for us.

      Noah has made it clear that he does not see eye-to-eye with his father, who is pure darkness.
      Perhaps Noah and Morgan share a common goal. They both want to see an end to the tyranny of Horace and the OSDM. In their own ways.
      Perhaps we end up joining forces and teams then deal with each other after the REAL threat is out of the way.

      Whether we like it or not, Noah is Resistance whether or not he knows it yet. They need each other. I think that we have an opportunity to join forces if we agree to it.

      I have made no secret of the fact that even after officially joining BOS, I refused to give up on Noah. I may not believe in The System, as I think that is a tool of Horace’s, but I believe in Noah.
      Noah can be a little fuckshit sometimes, and as many of you are painfully aware, so can @chelsea and I. So we can relate. We all have our issues. Maybe it’s confidence, maybe it’s insecurities, maybe it’s a small part of ourselves that we feel we can control when everything else goes to shit. But I will say this…Noah has always been kind to me. As far as I am aware, Noah has also always been kind to @lilmsfancpants. But every phone call I had with him, and in person during the break in, he was kind to me. Sarcastic and snippy, but never cruel. He was encouraging. When I asked him if I should fear iConfidant, he moved in close, looked me in the eyes and told me “You don’t have to be afraid of fucking anything.” At the end of it all, he whispered to me “You did great tonight” as he walked me to the uber to take me away from the warehouse. He may have ghosted me at the end of all this, but maybe there were reasons I’m not yet aware of.

      This may be my undoing, but I believe he has both a darkness and a light in him and I intend to do what I can to help him not let the dark side overtake him.

      and I are very much BOS and believe in the message Morgan and the BOS are spreading.
      Whether that means working alongside him, and maybe even alongside him AND Noah, so be it.
      What matters in the end is that the OSDM fucking burns.

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      My experiences with Noah have been nothing but kind and encouraging as well. I started working on this theory the night we met in the bar when he dropped in after the Undecided Meetup. I do not believe he was mocking us that night when we toasted to the Resistance. We’ve seen Noah mock, and that was not mocking.

      I think we have been given hints along the way. I’m working on finding them all or anything that could have been pointing us in this direction. The latest possible flashing arrow happened just the other day. After Brad’s refusal to play, @maddyxxx came onto the forum and said “…. you would have realized what you want is closer than you realize.”

      Yea, @meghanmayhem and I are total shit heads, but we can smell our own when we are presented with someone who is a genuine piece of shit vs. our own brand of asshole. I think we should be looking at separating Noah from The System, and look at how to band together BOS and Noah to take down the OSDM and Horace. I think that Noah and BOS are going to end up working together until they are not. It probably won’t be a life long love story, but I think they are smart enough to see that they have a common goal and can benefit from each other’s strengths. We could all be their greatest asset if we learn how to fight for the same thing.

      I think whatever happens tomorrow is going to point us in a direction. Either this starts playing out and we see more hints, subtle or not-so-subtle, or we are proven dead wrong. But I’m holding onto this theory pretty hard.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Sometimes the theories we hold onto the tightest are the ones that keep us from having to face any uncomfortable truths.

      Something tells me The Lust Experience is going to be full of uncomfortable truths.

      Eager to hear what those attending tomorrow experience.

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       Lauren Bello

      I am 100% on board with this view of things.

      That said, I’ll be honest, I don’t have the deep affinity for Noah that you two have…and any alliance we formed would probably be temporary. He’s unstable and untrustworthy and he brags about using people. It would be foolish to believe everything he says.

      Looking back at Noah’s interview with Taylor, he had some interesting comments on who he views as part of his team.

      Noah: I know that people are not used to someone saying and doing what they want at all times. That’s not really our problem is it?

      Interviewer: Our?

      Noah: Well you, me and my army.

      Interviewer: Did you just say “army”? I am in your army?

      Noah: People get tied down to semantics but yes, you are now in my so called, “army”, my militia, my sewing circle, I don’t care what you call it but I showed you something, you responded and now I like you a little more than I did two minutes ago because you are of value to me.

      The Resistance has value to him…for now.

      We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Whether Noah reveals himself to be Resistance or OSDM, I’ll hold on to my skepticism.

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      @meghanmayhem @chelsea this is perfect.

      Even through Noah is a shithead, there are a lot of shitheads with their hearts in the right place that can get things done. And if what he’s getting done is taking down the OSDM, then here we fucking go.

      Only thing – what if he’s going after the OSDM only to take their place?

      I hate the personality Noah displays as the face of The System. The bravado and endless dick wagging is grating.

      But Noah as a person, when he opens up and he’s not trying to promote this macho man #1 boy attitude, seems alright. Still a bit of a shithead. But alright. But this might also be pure manipulation to disarm us..

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I appreciate the sentiments expressed. I’ve expressed appreciation for Noah’s “Trickster” approach. There’s nothing better than a high functioning, boorish, hilarious, rebellious alcoholic who tasers us to get past ourselves. I’m always down for a good tasering, bro.


      “The fact of the matter is that Horace and the OSDM suck. They need to be contained and they need to be stopped. That’s not even a question for us.”

      I’m not so sure about this. I don’t think we have all the information to know for certain, only what has happened thus far, and I think there are more revelations to come. Unless, of course, your _path is such that this is your end goal. In which case, I can’t think of two more qualified individuals to send the people home happy.

      I guess I view this entire situation as, well, like a life-size game of Frogger.

      I’m obviously the Frog.

      My own agenda, i.e. the idea and/or person/people I follow, is on the other side of the street.

      All the cars and trucks are Horace and Noah and Joyce and OSDM and OOA and BoS and blah blah blah. Sometimes I wait. Sometimes I jump forward. Something I jump to the side. Sometimes I jump back. Eventually I hope to make it to the other side.

      However, having actually been struck by a motor vehicle at age 19, which landed me in the hospital for two months, I can say that not only did I not die, but I came to realizations that totally changed my path in life. So even if there is an impact of steel upon flesh, some good will come of it.

      Of course, being The Experiences, when struck, I will probably WISH I was dead.

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       Andrew Kasch

      I can only speak from experience, but I’ve hated Horace ever since the very first Tension consultation when he lashed out and called me “a piece of shit.” And the things we’ve heard from the grapevine paint him as an even bigger monster than we initially thought. Noah, who clearly is trying to break free from this tyrannical father, has looked out for myself and many others here. Contrary to his persona, he’s performed some pretty selfless acts. He’s like an anti-hero: a dude who will spit in your face as he’s saving your life.

      I’m totally on board with this. This is how you manage a Resistance. Rather than become the “Brotherhood of Smugness,” give yourself over to The System, and maybe even the OSDM itself. Because you can’t dismantle any system if you’re sitting outside it.

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      @kasch I never thought of it that way so is Noah our new Addison who needs saving??

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         Andrew Kasch

        I never thought of it that way so is Noah our new Addison who needs saving??






        No one saves the anti-hero.
        The anti-hero survives the storm by being the storm.

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      Funny, this is exactly the line of thinking that wound up having BOS aligning with GKIII.

      In this case though, I think Noah is quite fucking effective. He’d be a tremendous asset to bringing everything down.

      I’ve never really thought about following people vs ideas. Sometimes groups of people who share your ideas suck ass. So I tend to follow individuals (not groups) that share my ideals. Noah shares mine. I like his anarchist attitude.

      As far as I can tell he’s the third party candidate, there to draw votes from one of the two major parties.

      Noah the Bull fucking Moose Sinclair.

      Whichever side he chooses is most certainly going to be a side that gets a ton of recruits.

      That being said, remember the biggest character they have yet to introduce; devestation.

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      @meghanmayhem we’ve talked a lot about Noah. (Maybe too much.) But every time we learn more about him, there’s more to unpack.

      I’ve been thinking about his ant hill example from the Hobo-Noah Extravaganza. At first, he wanted me to think that he was drowning the ants with the remnants of that can of soda as he was talking about how inconsequential their lives were. But he didn’t want to hurt those ants at all. He wanted to rile them up and piss them off a bit, but ultimately he was more interested in helping them than annihilating them. He’s obvsiouly not gonna win some humanitarian award. Noah is most interested in power and respect above everything else. But he’s not going to drown us in soda to get it. He wants to mobilize us.

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       Taylor Winters

      No matter how mean or annoying Noah gets, him calling someone a “Goofball” always eases the tension.

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       Hannah Schenck

      The more I read this, the more I am becoming warm to accepting that Noah may team up with BOS, and that might be for the best. I agree, the OSDM is evil and has done awful things and will continue to do them in order to get what they want. I agree that Noah is not like his father. I still firmly believe that he has his own plan and part of that will be focused on destroying and/or taking down his father. That will be driven by resentment and justice, finally making the wrongs forced down onto him right. I’m eager to see what he has in store for us tomorrow, and see whether this alliance will be formed or not.

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       Hannah Schenck

      SOOOOOOOOO….. we should focus this right now… This theory seems to have been proven true today after Morgan showed up outside the event and said that Noah called him and they are “chatting”. Morgan showed up and provided the bagged lunches aka “the tools” for us to utilize as we see fit per The System’s request. We should be talking about the similiarities behind Morgan, BOS and Noah: what are the shared ideals that are bringing them together right now?

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      Agreed, @shankfx22. Morgan admitted to talking to Noah, still not entirely trusting him, but believing there could be a way for them to work together. Work together on WHAT? What aspect of all this is Noah not aligned with that he sees @111error as a potential ally? I also found it strange that Morgan was operating in the dark today. He didn’t know what he was doing there, didn’t know who he was meeting, and he apparently had two other stops to make after he left us. What has been happening behind the scenes that has brought the System and the Midnight Commission together?

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       Lauren Bello

      Is The System still invoicing the Investors for this event?

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      @chelsea and @meghanmayhem I think you guys are right about Noah and the BOS eventually teaming up. Good job calling that prior to today when Morgan showed up and confirmed that he and Noah have been in cahoots.

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      @cass We will see what happens! There are definitely a couple more pointing arrows after today, but if we have learned anything over the last year it’s that the second we think we have any idea of what’s to come, the rug is pulled out and waved in our faces! Things are still brewing, that’s for sure.

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       Lauren Bello

      For real, I’m dying to know what the Investors thought of all of this. Are they paying the invoice for today? Has word reached them of the Resistance and The System’s possible alliance?

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      Based on what everyone paid to attend The System, this money could have come out of that pool and probably had some left over. It isn’t optimizing what they received but I would guess they made something.

      On that note, we’ve seen implications that they care about cost, but is having us invested in them and winding the clock more valuable than actual cash?

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      This feels like the perfect time for one of @joycecarlberg’s classic witticisms/information dumps. Where have you been, @joycecarlberg? Do Betelgeuse rules apply to you? @joycecarlberg?

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       Lauren Bello

      Based on what everyone paid to attend The System, this money could have come out of that pool and probably had some left over.

      I doubt it…in addition to the cash distribution there were rental costs for the space, and anything Andy may have been paid. Gordon told Remy that The System was going to be sending him invoices, so they’re not making a profit yet. They’re still counting on OSDM $.

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