Focus Group/My Impressions of Noah & The System


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       Andrew K

      Hey everyone!

      Sorry for posting this so late, but I only just got back after going out with @shankfx22 @thebuz @hazelverse @nothenrygale @russell @julierei and @wanda102 after the Focus Group.

      I know pretty much everything that happened at the focus group was covered in another post by Brad, but here’s what happened in bullet points:

      -Got brought to a location in KTOWN for the Focus Group meeting.
      -The main room was being monitored by several cameras and had 10 chairs in the middle in a circle with clipboards on each of them.
      -After a few minutes of sitting down, Sarah came in and circled us all and made @mike leave the group, leaving 9 of us
      -Sarah selected certain members to stand up and rad various parts of the release agreement- which stated we gave THE NOAH SYSTEM the right(s) to use our images/video or likeness in pretty much any way they desire- for manipulative purposes or not, etc.
      -She then presented us with 8 scenarios in which we filled in multiple choice answers to as to how we would respond- many of which were regarding moral choices (how we would tell a spouse we were cheating on them, etc etc.)
      -We then had to convince others in the group of various things- including convincing other members that their moral convictions were wrong and why, and also attempt to convince someone else out shirt(s) were different colors than they really were. (I failed at this, as I got paired with a Security Guard, ugh)
      -Finally, Sarah told us that she KNEW we had all lied to her at some point, and that we each needed to convince her why she should trust us.

      **This is where, for me, it got really interesting. Each of us (besides Buz for the most part) told her that we were sorry we had lied to her and told her that we’d pretty much do anything to make it up to her and would never lie to her again.

      OBVIOUSLY, based on their IG post- they have footage of all of this, and I guarantee they will edit it/ release it to create a false perception of all of us to the community.

      Remember: “The moment they stop believing you is when the game begins” **

      -We then sat down and Sarah made us all tell her our thoughts on a photo of Noah- at which point Noah came out drunk as hell, and Sarah started calling him out in front of the group. IE- “Who here thinks Noah has a drinking problem?” “Who here thinks his drinking problem is affecting his sexual relations with his wife?” “Who here thinks he puts his personal success before his promised martial devotions?” (I’m paraphrasing, by the way)

      And, the we left and followed Noah and he got arrested (which you all know.)

      FINALLY- Once we got to the bar, Brad received a call from a woman who said “Don’t believe their distractions, you’re better than what they’re selling you.” – which to me seems like a warning to the WHOLE community. Perhaps using the videos of us they have, Noah/Sarah/the OSDM etc will attempt to create a false narrative about the Focus Group Attendees, I’m not sure….

      My thoughts on the situation/Noah/The System:

      It is VERY clear to me now that Sarah is clearly in charge of THE NOAH SYSTEM. She is the one who wears the pants in the relationship, without a doubt.

      Upon actually SEEING Noah for the first time and seeing how he acted, etc. I confirmed my beliefs that I would absolutely hate him. He’s cocky, arrogant, clearly misguided, alcoholic, etc.

      That being said, I can’t help but feel kind of bad for him. He clearly has a serious drinking problem, which was obviously onset by something.

      Here are my thoughts on his and Sarah’s relationship:

      I think that Sarah is the one who initially came up with the concept/idea FOR the Noah System. However, being that she is female, she knew that she could never garner the amount of attendees/paying customers as the figure head of such a company as a man could. So, she convinced Noah to BECOME that figure head. Maybe he wanted to, maybe he didn’t. Maybe the prospect of money allured him, who knows? But he did it, with Sarah in constant control and he went along with it- slowly diminishing his pride and sense of self-worth.

      What I can tell is this- he is NOT HAPPY with his current situation. Sarah emasculated him in front of our entire group- not only making his whole Program look like a joke, but him as well.

      He is a man who’s identity has been overcome by this “business”/System. He constantly has to look like a big, powerful, successful person and hide behind this veil of arrogance when a woman is really in charge of him, his company, his identity, etc. and I am SURE that he resents her for it.

      Buz noticed that he did not have a wedding ring on, but Sarah did. Another sign that he resents his current situation and his life/marriage. That along with calling his own son “a fucking retard” makes that even clearer.

      Now that Noah has been arrested, it wouldn’t surprise me if Sarah took over the entire company or did something different with it and in turn, Noah will retaliate in some way….

      We’ll see.

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      To add: Myself and I believe @pandace88 apologized to Sarah for lying to her in that exercise but did not say we would do anything to make it up to her, nor that we would guarantee it wouldn’t happen again. I am pretty sure I said something like “I apologize for having hurt you with a lie, and it might happen again, and you might lie to me, but anything I have and will lie about it to protect you, protect us, and protect what we can do in the future together.” They probably know better than me at this point, what with the tapes and all. ✌️

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       Hannah Schenck

      Hey yooouuuu guuuyyysssss,

      Today was my first experience in this crazy world, aside from my one experience with Ascension. Everyone has already done an awesome job of recapping for the community what happened. I am chiming in now that I am finally home! They will definitely be using those videos of us apologizing and expressing our dedication to earning her trust back as blackmail. I think they will want the community, who is already so solid and supportive of each other, to turn on us and start a divide. We have already seen this happen recently with the Losers meet up. Yet once things settled down, we saw what it was really for and everyone united together again. Today’s focus was to see how manipulative we could be. Every exercise they had us participate in was focused on changing someone’s mind of something they believe in very strongly. For example, I had to try and convince @wanda102 that my beige blouse was red, and the objective was to trick her into believing me. We were studied and logged with every move made and word spoken.

      Sarah was very confident, assertive and an alpha female. I got the impression that she carries the Sinclair name and business and pretty much tolerates Noah. She hinted towards obvious marriage issues involving sex and possibly erectile dysfunction! They both discussed showing us one of their “rooms” they’ve been working on, but they got into an argument, he stormed out and she told us to leave right away.

      Noah seems very laissez faire and like a spoiled rich kid who seems to think he has no consequence to his actions. He was actually very charming and hilarious, which plays perfectly into a theory of him being narcissistic. He truly does not care if you like him or not on the surface, but deep down I think he is very insecure and lonely. I can’t assume that he has a drinking problem since I don’t know him and only saw him finishing one beer, however, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. It would be pretty expected with how much unhappiness he seems to be suppressing from his unsuccessful marriage and perhaps a poor self image.

      I had a pretty awesome first experience and I’m excited to see what we all discuss tomorrow. Goodnight family!

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      Thanks everyone!! These are great recaps! Really appreciate the details…I almost have no questions!

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      Andrew pretty much summed up most of the experience so I’ll add my own little observations.

      -The room was void of any and all “clues” besides the most pitiful craft service I’ve ever seen. It consisted of a bag of chips, two packs of Tic Tacs, 10 bottles of water, and about 6 crackers.

      -There was also a ladder, and a fake staircase, and a full length mirror. @wanda102 and I used this mirror for continued self reflection and flexing. The staircase had two old VHS cameras sitting on top of it. No clue if these were relevant or not.

      -During the argue morality portion @hazelverse was arguing about taking a life or something and I had my eyes shut and Sarah snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear “Are we boring you?” to which I said “No… just thinking of better ways to say what she’s saying.” She seemed satisfied with that answer and she continued circling us.

      -I was asked to convince @russell that his moral hard line of no cheating was incorrect. I some how succeeded (the photo that Lust posted on facebook has this moment captured in the very center square).
      -When partnered up again (again with Russell) we had to convince our partner that the shirt we were wearing was a different color. I decided to lie within the truth. I was wearing a blue suit so I said my suit was Cyan, and that I was actually color blind so my personal truth is that the suit is indeed Cyan. I was again successful with Russell. Sadly he never had the opportunity to convince me that his shirt was maroon.

      -When tasked with regaining Sarah’s trust I flipped the tables on her. Didn’t apologize for betraying her trust (this is all hypothetical by the way… she was just creating scenarios) but instead said I recognize that she felt betrayed and that that was wrong but that in order for her and I to continue our relationship and regain trust in each other we must first establish what she did that would cause me to feel it was okay to betray her. Once we establish that, then we can move forward together…

      -Then came Noah storming out in aggressive boredom. He threw a bottle behind him (it was green and square like… honestly if I didn’t know he was a bourbon drinker I’d say it was Jaguar but Noah isn’t a 23 year old girl in college so I don’t know what it was).
      -He called the group some names being confrontational because @nothenrygale had said he didn’t look successful blah blah… then he saw me and got really close and said “BuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZ” then he put me in a headlock and whispered in my ear “They get in your head yet?” to which I responded “No.. not yet.” Then he released and went to the front of the room with Sarah.

      I’ll say this… Noah is charming and loose. He has a real Rhet Butler thing going on… he’s me if I drank a little too much and didn’t have compassion.

      Then came the wandering outside following Noah. He obeyed all cross lights as did I following him (I would find out later that people ran into traffic… GUYS COME ON?!).

      Then the cops rolled up and you all saw that.

      Random observations:

      -The cops were definitely fake as they didn’t have LAPD patches, the car didn’t have the City logo, and they didn’t read him his miranda rights. Hired actors or OSDM impersonating cops? All I can say is I’m bummed I didn’t end up at a bar with Noah. Would have been a hell of an evening.

      -I noticed during the entire event that Sarah had a script on her clipboard that she was reading from. I’m not sure if I was meant to see this or not but it certainly reminded me of when the script leaked of DLB and CS’ interview on My Haunt Life. Wouldn’t be the first time we were shown the theatrics of OSDM controlling the entire situation with a script.

      -I personally like Noah. Seems like a fun dude. Waiting for the call to go bail him out of jail. #freenoah

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         Sean Decker

        The #freenoah made my night (and while I’m entirely fascinated by this encounter, I’m also entirely jealous that I missed it. Thank you Buz and all for your dissection, speculation and exhaustive reporting of all things great and those which are seemingly minutia… because after all, the devil is in the details, yes?)

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      @thebuz Can confirm the flex.

      I also really liked Noah, strangely enough. It’s as if Sarah was deliberately making us feel under pressure (what “focus group” feels like an audition?) and Noah’s antics really broke the tense mood. Buz thought Noah would head to a bar afterwards and I was kinda stoked at the thought of knocking one back with the dude and figuring him out a bit. A bit disappointed he got picked up by the Faux-Po.

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      @thebuz so, you think it could have been somewhat setup so that noah has an alibi? 9 people saw him arrested, so if weird stuff goes down today I will be surprised if at least one person doesn’t back him up (possibly a female hes charmed?).

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       Brad Ruwe

      @wanda102 Pretty sure “faux-po” is my new favorite word.

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       Andrew K

      I think Noah’s arrest will give Sarah the in she needs to potentially completely take over the company, or do something different with it. Not sure exactly what though.

      You can tell she’s in charge and for the time being has had to endure him due to him being the face of The Noah System.

      I can’t help feel bad for them both though. Sarah’s calling Noah out in front of the group regarding their broken relationship tells me that there is something in her that wants to fix it- to fix Noah and have a functional relationship.

      And Noah has clearly been beaten down by all of this. His wife emasculating him like that can’t have felt good. Both he and his system look like a complete joke now- how is this drunk, sloppy man with marital issues (and potentially sexual incompetence issues,) supposed to show anyone how to be strong, successful, etc?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah did something drastic with the company, cutting Noah completely out and leaving him more alone than he ever was, causing him to retaliate in some way or try to get back at her- and hence upon doing so we may perhaps learn/find out the true nature of he and Sarah’s relationship and past.

      Perhaps he will reach out to members of the community for help against Sarah, and Sarah will attempt to manipulate those of us who were in the focus group into helping her by using the footage of us against us?

      All speculation now, but we’ll see!

      @thebuz @shankfx22 @russell @nothenrygale – thoughts?

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       Brad Ruwe

      @anakindrew Totally agree. I get the feeling we won’t be “winners” and “losers”, but rather those siding with Noah and those siding with Sarah. Which would tick me off, since the thing I hate most about friend’s relationships going south is when people try to get mutual friends to “pick a side” after the breakup. That mentality that people can’t still be friends with both. There’s no quicker way to lose my respect than trying to get me to cut ties with an ex purely because of the breakup. I’m not afraid to cut ties, but there needs to be reason more than just “I’m not dating this person and it ended badly so you can’t be friends with them anymore.”

      Regarding the video footage, I’m SURE this will be edited and used against us. I know in my scenario with Sarah I flat out said “I’ll do anything for you, if you need me to do anything I’ll do it”. So there’s video of me promising to do anything for Sarah. Taken out of context, this could look bad.

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      @anakindrew – I share your theory, but personally subscribe to a slightly different version of it. From moment one, Noah’s approach has been heavy handed, crass, and over the top. Every interaction that we’ve seen from him lacks subtlety, from going hard in blackmailing @bcbishop to bro’ing out with @mike and his milkshake.

      The OSDM has had a history of the mislead. They used big, flashy, showy things to distract us from the real machinations behind the scenes. Last time we had a whole cult to focus on. Now we have a self help guru that seems to medicate with bourbon to get through the day. He’s the dancing puppet that we need to focus on while we ignore what’s happening behind the curtain.

      Sarah feels more like OSDM material. She’s ordered. She deals with the administration. She was literally gathering information from the Focus Group when Noah didn’t give a shit. Look at the history of The Experience so far: we had a cult to focus on, which worked until we started asking questions. Then we had a Hollywood writer and director to focus on, which worked until the next chapter started. Now, with DLB and CS fading away from our focus, we need a new puppet to keep our attention while Sarah gets what They need.

      I don’t think Noah was ever in charge of The System. He is, and always has been, the shiny sign that we focus on while Sarah and the OSDM picks our pockets.

      At least, that’s my thoughts.

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       Hannah Schenck

      @anakindrew I think you are on the right track with Sarah. I could see her becoming more manipulative than we could anticipate with just our first impression of her. I personally think that she is over saving the marriage and knows that she is stuck with him. She wants to make it “seem” like she wants things to work out between them, however I wouldn’t be surprised if she does that as a cover and secretly does what she has to do to have him killed or go missing. For all we know, she could have been the one who sent the cops to arrest him. I love murder mysteries so I’m probably over speculating with this one haha

      Maybe she has always manipulated him. She saw a wealthy successful man and did what she had to do to become his wife. Now, she is over his bullshit and has taken the company reigns to keep it afloat, while she allows him to crash and burn with his own self destruction. I could see your retaliation theory playing out with Noah, which would possibly create a divide in the community with Team Sarah and Team Noah lol

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       Andrew K

      @thegilded – can definitely see where you’re coming from with Noah being a big distraction, while Sarah works her magic behind the scenes to manipulate us and the situation.

      Remember the call that Brad got – “Don’t believe their distractions, you’re better than what they’re selling you.”

      This also could ALL BE Noah and Sarah selling a false narrative of him being a drunk, his system is broken, he and Sarah’s relationship is broken, she controls the company etc. in order to make us believe what they want about them so as to manipulate us how they want….

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       Brad Ruwe

      @thegilded 100% agree. This falls in line perfectly with the phone call I received shortly after the focus group. “Don’t believe the distraction.”

      Noah is not the one in charge.

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      Working with what we have, who we know is around….where does Michelle (OSDM) fit in all of this? Could she have been the caller? Somehow trying to get us away from the Sinclairs so they truly have nothing? I mean, without clients, a company like that is meaningless.

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       Brad Ruwe

      @mike It absolutely could’ve been Michelle! I wasn’t even thinking of that when the call came in. I was so focused on hearing the message correctly (thanks bar music!) that I didn’t even think to ask who it was or ask any other questions.

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      @mike So are you thinking the Sinclairs aren’t backed by the OSDM? Or there was some kind of falling out and they’re no longer backed by them?

      Did we ever figure out what Noah was doing inside the OOA and how he made the jump from that to this consulting business?

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      @kevin – That’s what I’m not sure about. I mean, OSDM is all about data, so what if they “hired” the Sinclairs, wined and dined them, got Noah to be a part of Ascension, all this buttering up to get their trust…only to steal all of the data they’ve collected from their focus groups? We know that OSDM is ruthless…so why not be the ultimate villain and pull a double cross

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       Brad Ruwe

      @julierei may have something to add here. Noah made her process Addison / Sabrina in Tension.

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      @nothenrygale “Womp Womp” – That’s the sound of Faux-Police.

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       Brad Ruwe

      @wanda102 Aaaaaaand now that song is stuck in my head. Way to go. You monster.

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      Yeah, that could be. Wondering if there’s not another level to it now too in seeing how everyone reacts to both Noah and Sarah as their business crumbles. In Noah they’ve got someone who, by multiple accounts, is fairly charming but is having some marital issues while dealing with what appears to be alcoholism. In Sarah they’ve got a woman dealing with her drunk husband and running a business that she doesn’t look to get much credit for. It fits in with how they used Addison and could give them more data based on if/how people choose to support.

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       Hannah Schenck

      Are you Team Sarah or are you Team Noah? Dun Dun Duuunnnnnn

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       Julie R Goldstein

      The Noah we met yesterday was a full 180 from the Noah I met during Ascension. On my 3rd trip to the OOA, Noah forced me to process Sabrina. He was powerful. He was in control. People (including Samson) feared him and rightfully so. IMHO, he WAS the Noah that’s described on his website.

      Here’s my full account of that night. The section with Noah begins arounf the 18 minute mark:
      Account of my 3rd night at the OOA

      The Noah we met yesterday was (to me) relatable and very human because of how broken he seemed. Something had to have happened to him to make him this way, especially knowing what he was like before.

      My theory is that he’s being blamed (and blames himself) for his failure to control Sabrina and the entire OOA experiment. I wouldn’t think the OSDM / Omega Council / Clockmakers look kindly on failure. Maybe Sarah is trying desperately to save and secure their position within the OSDM but Noah’s just given up. He knows he’s on the way out and is simply resigned himself to it.

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      @julierei it sounds like your Noah was very similar to @lilmsfancpants’s Noah – so, we have a guy who is in control *some of the time* but not all of the time… or manages to perform being in control at least sometimes when it matters. He can be convincing, but not always. I wonder if it was Sarah’s presence that unraveled him?

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       Andrew K

      Noah seems like a prick, but I also feel bad for him. That asshole persona might not be who he really is deep down. But he did call his son a fucking retard….

      In Sarah, I see a smart, powerful woman who is confident and knows what she’s doing, but obviously has some hidden issues of her own, and hidden agendas…

      Out of sheer logic, id have to choose Sarah right now. But I’d have to be weary of her true intentions and be cautious of her manipulation tactics.

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       Andrew K

      The true question @shankfx22 is – team Jacob, or team Edward? The world needs to know.

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       Hannah Schenck

      @anakindrew Honestly, I think the ODSM would WANT us to choose Sarah. Maybe Noah is much more intelligent than we interpreted from yesterday’s interaction, but because he has allowed himself to fall into this hole, the OSDM is basically allowing him to self sabotage. Which makes Sarah look really great compared to Noah. I don’t think she is so innocent. I’m skeptical of both, but I have a feeling Noah is harmless compared to Sarah

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       Hannah Schenck

      @anakindrew Team I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT TWILIGHT should be everyone’s answer haha

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      Team Neither, as both presumably work for OSDM.

      Both are worthy of my empathy, but not my allegiance.

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      @julierei that goes hand in hand with what Sarah said on the phone to me concerning Noah Sinclair being at the compound and responsible for the deaths at the end.

      She said sometimes we see someone who we think is someone whom we know. But they are not the person we know, but they look exactly alike.

      Interesting account!

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      @anakindrew – Team My Vampires Were Better Than Your Vampires.

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       Andrew K

      The fact that Noah was extremely powerful/fear-invoking during Ascension and was in control of things (the person he perpetuates to be on his website,) and he now seems like a complete 180 of that (harmless, not in control, etc.) would definitely fall in line with people having “shadow” personas….

      We saw split personalities with Sabrina/Addison in Ascension, what if Noah’s time there also caused some type of trauma or the OSDM has broken him so much that this other, weaker side of him is being reveled and he’s using drinking as a coping mechanism because he no longer feels he’s in control of himself?

      (kind of rambling here, but just trying to get my thoughts out.)

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       Mustafa Said

      Lots of interesting ideas.

      I wonder about the cops that took Noah away. If what @thebuz said is true and the cops are fake, what if the cops were working with Noah? I mean, we’re led to believe this guy somehow has influence and power and stuff, right? I don’t find it too hard to believe that someone like Noah, who claims to have made “the system” his bitch has connections in various facets of the world, such as law enforcement.

      Meanwhile, I agree 100% with what @thegilded said: we’re all being distracted one way or another while the OSDM works their magic in the background. Thing is, unlike Tension where we had no idea what OSDM was until the end, we have that awareness now. I’m not all that surprised that many of us are trying to find cracks in Lust, trying to see where and how the group moves.

      On that note…am I the only one who finds it rather odd that an organization that is centered around the harvesting of mass user data seemingly has next to no information available about them? I mean…we’ve given up quite a bit about ourselves to participate in Tension and we’re probably going to do so again in Lust and yet we know not a single thing about the group that we’re giving all this data to?

    • #5589

      @anakindrew I think that all tracks. Especially so if the OSDM broke him to see how we would react. Addison they shaped through brainwashing, Noah could have been shaped through trying to ruin his life.

    • #5591

      Something I think might be worth noting… I didn’t smell any alcohol on Noah when he was super closed to me.

      But I have an awful sense of smell so I don’t know how much credence you can put into this.

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         Hannah Schenck

        I have a super insane sense of smell and I also did not smell ANY hint of alcohol. If he was as drunk as he was acting, he would have stunk up that tiny room! Good point @thebuz

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       Alejandra Acosta

      Maybe this was already answered but, did anyone hear the exchange between the police and Noah?

    • #5603

      @thebuz Drunk with power?

    • #5607

      I’ve been thinking about the Noah problem a lot.

      Because he really seems awful. Not just the occasional overtly racist comment or other off brand things he would apparently shrug off as just “not PC,” but the way he seems to vibe as almost in line with the alt right and otherwise chan culture — right down to making a specific reference on his site to cuckolding, which those types are honestly obsessed with. (Unsurprising to see him claim such sexual prowess, while his actual partner expresses dissatisfaction. Isn’t that always the way?)

      He’s almost too repulsive and too perfectly aligned with the Now and the things that are particularly corrupt inside our current society. The fact that his presence largely exists on the internet and is designed around conflict in social spaces does not feel like a coincidence. I’ve seen the comparisons to Trump, obviously, but I think he seems much more suited as a member of the largely anonymous movement that targets susceptible people, usually through the angle of sex, given higher rank (for as long as he remains useful). He’s Milo, and probably just as paper thin and insecure, wholly disposable. He’s almost exactly the figure you might create in 2017 if you wanted to make a focal point worthy of hatred.

      If that’s all Sarah’s doing, it’s honestly pretty genius. Find someone with enough charisma that those who can look past those flaws will still be charmed but make him just vile enough that the rest of us will enjoy watching him be embarrassed. If you can create a conflict of both those emotions at once within a given person, all the better. We can see that it’s a setup, but he’s such a familiar car crash that it’s hard to look away. If you know you’re being manipulated and played for a chump, but you still take some satisfaction from it, does the process work despite you? Do you still give them exactly what they want?

      Even though she seems to be totally unworthy of trust, I have to admit that I like Sarah, even from what little I know.

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      Sorry for my silence, I had to take a mental break after everything. My anxiety was fucking with me pretty bad on Sunday before the meetup and after the meetup I was exhausted. Anxiety attacks are draining. But I want to say that I had so much fun. Like @shankfx22 this was also my very first opportunity to participate in person besides Ascension and the book release. I want so badly to offer something of value to community in return for having been sent by all of you but with 9 other people attending the same event I feel like everything has been said! They have given beautifully detailed accounts and very quickly at that. I was going to write my perspective of the event but it would just be redundant at this point. So what I will say is that I understand now how @lilmsfancpants could find an asshole like Noah charming enough to give a “team Noah?” At the end of her periscope. From the second we began the focus group meeting with the guards and Sarah I held a very serious straight faced composure. This was serious. I didn’t feel it a place for smiling. Sarah did not smile. She observed. She judged with her eyes. She looked us up and down. This wasn’t a time for fun and games, this was business. Then Noah burst into the room and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was smiling and laughing and I couldn’t take my eye off him. I watched him mock @nothenrygale and grab him to make him uncomfortable, I watched him rub the arms of @wanda102 and @shankfx22 as he walked by them in a flirtatious manner and then “bzzzzzz” at @thebuz as he held him in a headlock right behind me and the whole time I was hoping that he would touch me next! I wanted him to see me. He has a magnetic quality and he is NOT EVEN MY TYPE AT ALL!! but I was drawn to him immediately. And yea, him and Buz are definitely doppelgangers! Lol

      The only thing I noticed in the room that had any significance besides the cameras and mirror were the orange tic tacs on the snack table.

      -We never signed those disclaimers.
      -Sarah is as BEAUTIFUL as she is powerful (clearly wears the pants in the relationship) I definitely admire a woman who knows how to take charge. As for emasculating him in front of everyone I have to say I don’t blame her. He clearly isn’t treating her with respect and isn’t keeping up with his side of whatever deal they made so he gets what he gets. She definitely shut him up by the end of their interaction. He came in pretty mouthy and she put him in his place. That’s how I took it. They clearly have a fucked up relationship but hey, who doesnt?! All relationships have problems. I’ve been there many times so I can’t really judge either of them.

      And @wanda102 thank you, that is correct I didn’t offer Sarah the moon as others did in their apologies. I basically said I know I hurt you and I’m sorry for that but I am not going to stand here and lie to you again and make a promise I may not be able to keep. We just have to work on building trust together. Something like that.

    • #5644

      @pandace88 I continue to be angry with myself that my inner teenage girl monologue went all like, “I MUST FIX HIM” after meeting Noah. Some things never change, lol.

      I’m still wondering why he was in such a pitiful, drunken state for you guys yesterday. The weight of slaughtering 50 people didn’t seem to be on his shoulders at all when I saw him. His relationship with Sarah seemed a little frosty, like they were divorced, but fairly amicable.

      Whatever the OSDM did to him must have been a doozy. I hope it wasn’t something with his kid. That would be pure evil.

      • This reply was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by Lia.
    • #5647
       Twan Intarathuch


      The good thing is that you’re aware that they played you on your instinct to help/nature a broken person.

      I’m wondering how much we can believe/trust in Noah’s drunkenness and Sarah and Noah’s failing relationship.

      It’s all a distraction right? It’s just the beginning of the mindfucks… I’m just wary of taking any of it at face value.

    • #5650

      Karaoke King

      captured an epic moment with @thebuz last night that must not be overlooked!

    • #5651
       Brad Ruwe

      @pandace88 Oh god… what is Noah gonna think of this? When he gets out of jail of course. @thebuz

    • #5653

      @pandace88 I didn’t realize that was captured on camera! I’d like to see Noah Sinclair have moves like that.

    • #5663

      @pandace88 as a longboard term anxiety sufferer who is on her way to her regular therapy for said anxiety as she writes this: if you are ever having the nervous shakes before during or after an event you come and find me and we can nerve together ok? I gotchu.

    • #5670

      @wanda102 thank you! I really appreciate you saying that. It’s nice to know I am not alone and have safe spaces to go to.I definitely felt more comfortable when I was with everyone in KONY. I’m so glad we met up before and went together. Thank you again @julierei for letting me jump in your car!

      • This reply was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by Candace.
    • #5690

      @thebuz I would like to clarify that your “success” with me in each case had to rely on you presenting justification to YOUR reality rather than an overall case. (More so with the color exercise than the infidelity question. You offered a stronger case on the cheating issue, but still I was able to set the loophole of a mutual compromise in a couple’s commitment on the definition of cheating.) That being said, my guess is I would lose most debates with you, my friend.

      I have been thinking about some of the thoughts you posted about Sarah. The ring thing… that could also point toward what you and a few others have theorized – Sarah is committed to the “brand” and is doing a job while Noah derails. It’s a simple symbol of commitment to her relationship to Noah and whatever deal has been struck. (Especially if SHE is the brains here, this might make sense.) His lack of ring is a small act of defiance, perhaps?

      Maybe their entire marriage is a business arrangement for the OSDM.

    • #5705

      Noah may very well be a distraction from Sarah’s real goals, but I’d like to take it one step further. I think both Noah and Sarah (and the entire Noah System schtick) are the distraction. From what, I don’t know, but we’ve had several hints now to suggest that The Noah System is a load of bull. First, the website popped up out of nowhere. There is no way someone as purportedly successful as Noah gets away with his success without some sort of track record. Second, the OSDM-tampered Tension book does not redact the name of the actor who plays Noah. Noah wasn’t actually drunk, and he was picked up by fake police. If Noah is really just a made-up “character” within the OSDM’s narrative, then Sarah can’t possibly be his wife (just as Tom really couldn’t be Addison’s dad once it was revealed she was actually Sabrina).

      If Noah, Sarah, and the whole system are fake, the possibility of them being independent contractors tapped to assist the OSDM with data collection doesn’t add up. “Don’t believe the distraction.” Just as the OOA and the Ascension ceremonies were fabricated, so too is the Noah System and everyone supposedly working for it.

    • #5708
       Twan Intarathuch


      This is how I feel at the moment. It’s all a farce to see how we react. They are just collecting more data.

    • #5722
       Nicole Mae

      I’m LOVING reading everyone’s individual accounts from last night. THANK YOU all for sharing. I wasn’t a part of the Tension community but I was lurking and fascinated from the moment I learned about the OOA.

    • #5772
       Julie R Goldstein

      Sarah does smile at times. She was very pleased with how I handled the “Shirt is the wrong color” scenario. I was paired with @nothenrygale and I played him like a fiddle. She came in close to my ear and whispered “That was excellent”. I also noticed a slight smile.

      She also smiled at me a few times during our encounter at The Last Bookstore.

      She’s not as stone cold as some people are making her seem. She’s determined, but she’s still human.

    • #5777
       Brad Ruwe

      It’s true. When she dropped the “I trust you but I don’t believe you” line I was pretty shook, didn’t know how to respond. @julierei was one of my first friends when I moved to LA and I trust her a fair amount. Hell she’s one of the people who got me into this whole immersive theater game in the first place. It’s why when she told me her shirt color was different I trusted her and agreed with her. When she flipped the script on me, I was at a loss for how to respond. Usually it takes a LOT to shut me up (as Noah probably saw with my opinions on his little photo) but she effectively did.

      And yes, Sarah ate it up.

      • This reply was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by Brad Ruwe.
    • #5854
       Martha Acevedo

      Excited when I heard about the focus group. Elated to be able to theorize woth everyone once I what the hell is going on, we’ll as much as they want us to know I guess (or figure out). Lol.
      I definitely need to get lost in everyone’s words on these forums to give my full two cents, but so far I think Sarah puts on a strong exterior and belittles Noah because she’s actually the weak one. Noah took up drinking, why? Or maybe Sarah feeds into his weaknesses to keep him from some kind of potential. Ahh who knows but I’m thoroughly enjoying reading everyone’s posts!

      **side note: “faux-po” is definitely top new favorite words of 2017, I know it’s barely April but it’s up there. Come on, “faux-po”

    • #5858
       Martha Acevedo

      On the Team Jacob or Team Edward question, it’s all about team Bella!

    • #5863
       Brad Ruwe

      Team Buffy all the way.

    • #5875

      hmmm, I’m really into the idea that Noah was faking his drunkenness. You have to be somewhat of an actor to convince people to do some of the things it sounds like he’s convinced them to do. and honestly, acting drunk is not that hard.

      Or perhaps it was Shadow Noah! Just kidding, but really tho, while I’m leaning toward the theory that he wasn’t actually drunk, I can’t think of any reason for him to convince us that he was. Maybe so that we will be forced to alter our perception of him and feel badly for Sarah, causing her to have more power over us to manipulate out emotions and thoughts? Maybe making it easier for her to get some of us to do get bidding? I know that sounds super paranoid, but they sound like they enjoy the extreme.

      I went through sales training as part of orientation for a job I had once and some of the things they taught us were little tricks to use that were proven to have an affect in manipulating people to do what you wanted. For example, asking someone for a small favor will open them up to helping you with a larger favor. Serving someone food or drink triggers the pleasure center of the brain and will make them more open and susceptible to believing what you are telling them, thus making it easier to sell. I have to wonder if Noah and Sarah are using techniques like this, but on a larger scale, to get us where they want us.

    • #29950

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