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      Some people asked for the flyer link so here ya go do with then what you will.

      –good seeing you! 🙂

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Fuckface 5’10”-6’0″?!


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      Good to see you, @mkarrett
      Glad I could help with that whole low battery situation, haha!

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      Seconded with @meghanmayhem, I’m 5’11” and that dude comes up to maybe my shoulder. ?

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      – My husband had a few words to say this morning about Mason being 5’10-5’11 that I will not repeat. But I will say I am 5’6 and you have a photo of him standing next to me.
      – His email address has “1972” in it which…doesn’t that usually signify something like a birthdate or graduation date? I would assume birthdate, which would put him at 4 years older than me – 44.
      – Make sure you hang these right next to the flyers of Bryan the Nice Guy. 🙂

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      I thought you were taller more importantly..

      Good to see you here! 🙂

      Re: Mason’s height–flyer edited but eh, I’ve never been a good guesser when people are sitting down. As for age if the dude is approximately 45 then baby face is throwing me off. ?

      Hopefully the underlining message of remaining United as The One/strength in numbers wasn’t completely lost. 🙂 Many yesterday spoke out against Mason and while we can’t do much we can certainly grow our numbers and place Mason and Michelle in the public eye.

      As a side note I totally forgotten about @bcbishop flyer but not a bad idea. Jk 😉

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      Yeah I mean, he doesn’t look 44-45 to me either, but…I’ve never looked my age and never been a good judge of these things. The date in the email could mean nothing.

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       Bryan Bishop

      @mkarrett @coryphella I’ll grab the Noah Sinclair Truth flyer as well and we can put together a set of commemorative postcards.

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