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       Michael Rizzo

      All factions seemingly coming together. Mason, Joyce, Michelle, Morgan, and Noah Sinclair taking turns reciting the OG Noah ads. What’s the deal?!?

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      Initial signs point to Noah as the Ace. No Horace, no BOS, just the One God pulling the strings.

      Why though? That’s probably a decent question.

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       Michael Rizzo

      For the record:
      The FB video was prefaced with chatter on the forums (found here, https://thelustexperience.com/forums/topic/xxxxxxx/), Noah posting ALOT about it and to be near a computer.

      Video can be found here-

      PART 1

      Posted by The Lust Experience on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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      Factions coming together, but some notable absences. Might be that there would’ve just been too many people for one speech, it might be a part 2 situation, but still something to consider here.

      Key players missing –
      The System
      Generally sus people we know
      anyone I’m missing?

      If Noah and Morgan are working together, then why was he so hype that @kortneydarling led him to Sarah? @meghanmayhem You were with Morgan in that periscope, what are we missing?

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       Michael Rizzo

      Yea Noah’s being top dog was my big takeaway… A lot of pieces are making sense rn. Michelle’s bursting out last year against the osdm during the end/book event, Noah outting papa Sinclair, Morgan’s entire “war”.

      Who do we not see? Sabrina and Horace.

      Was that video showing the real faces of the resistance? Are we looking at a potential coup?

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      Morgan commented on the Facebook video, screen grab below:

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       Michael Rizzo

      Something else as a take away, there has always been only two sides in this “war”. OSDM or not OSDM. Getting closer to MidSeason, seems this is something that’s being pushed.

      It’s curious though, some of the people we viewed in that video seem to have somewhat different views, after taking over/down OSDM, what’s the end goal? Destory everything for Morgan? Create a new organization for Mason? Or just help people grow with the system?

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      So…. is everyone going to 91601?

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       Bryan Bishop

      There was a very early theory that each of the “tracks” we saw in the beginning — The System, iConfidant, etc. — were different ways to onboard people with different personality types. If you responded to alpha dominance? Team System will get you involved with LUST. If you were more feelsy? Team iConfidant. And so on, and so forth.

      With today’s video we’ve seen what appears to be evidence that Noah, Mason, Michelle, Joyce, and Morgan have all been working together – executing on a shared “script.” If we take that same onboarding theory, it can easily be applied to these different individuals:

      Team System
      Team Joyce
      Team Morgan
      Team Arms

      On top of THAT, in August we were warned by The Hostess In Black that we would each be assigned to various performers, in groups of 10-15 people. Those performers would be given our personal files, and tasked with herding us. (The participants exempt from this were @mkarrett, @mike, Sarah, @nothenrygale, and @kasch; contract page is below.)

      Are these all pieces of the same puzzle? Are the people in today’s video the performers the contracts were meant for — and if so, has all this division and so-called rebellion just been orchestrated by TrPTB to keep us divided?


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        So looking back at this now – has Exhibit C been enacted? Could that have been a couple weeks ago when Mike had Russell locked up, Brad was meeting with everyone, etc?

        brought up on Slack that Morgan was the one that tasked him with meeting someone from the community, and he is listed as the Exhibit C group. But he also seemed to be pretty heavily Team Morgan, especially since he was selected for 805.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @addisonborn Perhaps also missing are “The Briarberg 5” — Jaime, and the actors who showed up at that meeting.

      Good catch! I wonder if people went back and reviewed their acceptance/maybe/rejections from The System Emails if that’s what we might find.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Copy pasting from Slack.

      I feel both sick to my stomach and also strangely…calm? I knew nothing of this and it’s clear there were many lies. And you are all free to call me a fool, but I am not knee-jerk reacting to this news by immediately assuming Morgan is nefarious. I still believe in him and I believe in what we stood for, as a group. I have said on many occasions that if Morgan falls, we continue because I may stick up for people, but I stand for ideas. I will wait for a reaction until i know more facts. Until then, I stay open minded that the man I chose to stand beside has good intentions in his heart.

      And now I wait in a zip code for clarity.

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      “I’m not your mentor, your teacher, or your life coach…”

      How many of us said it with him? “I’m your fucking god.”

      Love the ‘mind blown’ at the end too.

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