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       Bryan Bishop

      For a couple of days now I’ve been debating whether to post about some recent experiences I’ve had. Lust hasn’t really started yet, and nobody knows what’s what at this point. But given Michelle’s appearance last night — a strong signal that the OSDM is alive and well, and potentially gunning for Darren Bousman — I felt it was time to share.

      I was in Austin recently for the SXSW conference, where The Creators discussed Tension. A few days before I left for the trip, I received an email from Noah Sinclair, telling me that he was going to be in Austin to meet with some clients, and that perhaps we could find some time to chat. “Don’t puss out on me, Bryan” he wrote. “This could be a very big deal for you.”

      I emailed him back to set something up, and told him that I had some friends (all of you) that would be very interested in learning where he was going to be. He gave a glib response that turned me off on sharing, but he did say I should go ahead if I wanted.

      Several days later I still hadn’t heard anything, so I emailed him after the panel. A couple of hours later, I received two phone calls from No Caller ID.

      The first was from a woman. “Do we live in a post-fact society?” she asked. I said I believed we did these days, and she went on to speak about the idea that if somebody believes in something, that is what makes it exist. “Do you really exist if nobody listens to your little panel?” she asked me.

      She then said that obtaining material goods like money is easy, but that I wanted something more — and that’s why they were reaching out to me first. (I don’t want to dive into my questionnaire answers here, but suffice to say her statement was in line with what I’d emailed back in my application for The System.) She then gave me a particular room number and a time, and asked that I repeat it back to her.

      I asked for a hotel to go with that room number, but she simply repeated the same information, said that Noah would be contacting me soon, and hung up.

      Less than a half an hour later, I received another call. A man’s voice asked if I knew who it was – I assumed Noah. “I believe you heard from one of my associates. I think it’s time that we meet,” he said, before saying that his schedule was busy and that he would be in touch in the next couple of days. (This was Monday, so the next couple of days ended last night, part of why I feel it’s safe to post this now.)

      Later that day I realized that there was a meeting room at SXSW that had the same room number the first call had mentioned, and went there at the appropriate time the following day. Nobody was there. I emailed Noah asking him what was up, and he wrote back saying that he’d had to leave Austin and was going back to Los Angeles, along with making a lot of Noah-esque comments about the women he met in Austin. But again — that he would be in touch.

      All of which seems like a typical Tension tease. But there was one other important element that made me feel I had to share this. All of this happened after the panel, so I was still near various members of the group when the calls came in. Later I noticed Sabrina Kern and Darren Bousman having several intense conversations. (I took a jokey picture of one and Instagrammed it before I realized something may have been up.) Later, I learned that they were arguing because Sabrina had told Darren what happened, and he didn’t believe I had received two phone calls. In fact, he accused me of fucking with him (or Sabrina) as payback for being screwed with in Tension. He seemed very on-edge about the whole thing, and kept saying “I need to talk to Clint.” It seemed like one of the calls may have been something he was aware of. A second? Not at all.

      The whole meta-storyline of Tension was something that came up during the panel and was always one of my favorite elements of the show. But given the mystery of the twin phone calls, I could only come to one conclusion. Yes, Darren Bousman and Clint Sears may be starting work on this thing called The Lust Experience that we’ve all signed up for. But I had received at least one call from some other entity, somebody that had contacted me without Bousman’s knowledge or permission, and that fact was making him extremely uncomfortable.

      Has OSDM decided they don’t need Bousman and Sears anymore? Are they taking matters into their own hands? Is there some other operative in control now, one that we haven’t even seen?

      I don’t know, but after last night it was pretty clear that Michelle and OSDM are not happy with The Creators. And anything could happen next.

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      Hearing this makes me wonder if Noah and Michelle are working together somehow. We all assume Noah is OSDM, but he wasn’t at “The End” to have Michelle’s back and he wasn’t there last night (possibly at the clinic after his time spent in Austin perhaps).

      Did Michelle take from Noah? Is Noah trying to take from Michelle?

      OSDM has all our data, so you may be on to something with them not needing Darren and Clint, BUT, much like Tom Barrow always knew where and when to show up somewhere, how does Michelle know? Sounds like someone is gardening.

      And Bryan, you exist <3

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      Always watching.

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      Bryan, this is a long shot… but thought I would ask. You have heard Michelle speak a couple of times… any chance the female voice from the call you received in Austin was actually Michelle?

      That would support Mike’s pondering a connection between Noah and Michelle… or I wonder if you spoke with Chief Operating Officer Sarah Sinclair?

      Indeed, the OSDM has much data on many of us. I doubt they would have any qualms about sharing it with a third party organization/company who they hire or coerce into manipulating any of us for their purposes, whatever they may be.

      Also, Bryan, you make a very interesting statement…

      …she went on to speak about the idea that if somebody believes in something, that is what makes it exist.

      That gets into some very deep philosophical territory. (Although the entire Sinclair attitude is that he needs no validation from anyone, his entire The System vibe screams, “Look at me!!!” If it was Sarah who you spoke to… this is almost revealing a chink in that armor of bravado we see displayed.)

      It is interesting you were given reason to ponder this concept, “Does faith create?”

      **Edited to correctly spell Bryan’s name… oops…

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       Bryan Bishop

      @russell It was a little hard to hear in the venue, so I’m hesitant to say either way with certainty. BUT my first thought in both cases was that the first call sounded like it could be Michelle, and the second like DLB himself. That second one is funny if we’re talking about seeing behind the curtain; not so funny when the argument about the two calls comes into play.

      I really like your thematic read — does faith create — which ties into the symbology that @larry has been so adept at decoding. It also does not seem to be a coincidence that this idea has been raised both in the call and on Noah’s site (albeit there in the form of alpha-male self-manifestation).

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        @bcbishop You are right… the “Does faith create?” question, so far, has been under the guise of greed and acquiring stuff and exerting one’s will onto or over others.
        However, the same conversation can apply to good and evil. Those topics have also been brought up already in reference to emerging players.
        (For a beautiful exploration of this on film… I recommend the original Japanese film RINGU. It explores the idea of someone creating mythology simply by emotionally investing in it.)

        Is an epic battle between good and evil in or future? Is this what we are already creating?

        Also, early on in Tension, everyone who got phone calls had the same complaint… HORRIBLE phone service… dropped calls, audio cutting in and out, low volume… I hope to hell OSDM and Noah’s company can afford better phone plans!!! Haha!

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        @russell one would think Noah would have an okay cellphone–dude has a nice ass watch at least. 😉

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        @mkarrett Nice eye for detail, Melissa! 😉

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @bcbishop, re: meta

      Did anyone else have a scene with Richard (“the Orderly”) that went like this:

      I was outside the Red Room with two other people and he asked one of us, “Why are you here”?

      They answered and he got annoyed, and said, “Please, just be fucking honest with me”.

      And then…”The only reason we’re all still here is because you all keep coming back”.

      Remember, the only reason the OOA existed was because we put our faith in it, and in Sabrina.

      So it exists if we choose for it to exit.

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       Bryan Bishop

      I actually had that exact same moment as well, @larry. Several handlers also came up to me and said similar things. Our interest in the whole thing was keeping them trapped there.

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      Posting here because of @russell’s mention of the original Ring movie and the idea of manifesting something into existence via sheer will.

      With the recent inclusion of the ‘shadow people’, the plot of the games Persona 2: Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment (a demon summoning RPG) very much comes to my mind. Firstly, one can cause a rumor to become real simply by spreading it to enough people. Secondly, there are shadow selves… which are pretty much what you would expect them to be – twisted mirror images of the main characters.
      One can only hope that Nyarlathotep himself is behind all of this madness…

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      Darren, Clint, and all of us are just meat for the grinder in what OSDM has planned for us. Deceit, Manipulation, Murder, the OSDM doesn’t care how they achieve their goals, only that they achieve them and by any means necessary.

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