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      Got a call from Morgan as a No Caller ID telling me they need me to post this ASAP so here it is.

      12:56PM Get a ‘No Caller ID’ call from Andy. He sounded like how he was at the beginning of The System event, timid and somewhat nervous. Definitely NOT the Andy who Fucks.

      Conversation Gist-
      A: Hi… It’s Andrew, or… Andy. How are you doing?
      K: Oh. I’m good how are you?
      A: Um, yeah I’m good how are you?
      K: I’m fine. Are you sure you’re OK? (Cause he asked twice)
      A: So… what did you think of that?
      K: ‘That’ what?
      A: You know… all of it…
      K: Um, it was entertaining.
      A: Uh, yeah… [mentions how he got really into it near the end of it. Not his words, just the idea of how he became extra.]… I know that you really reached out to me when I came to the first meeting and helped get me caught up with what was happening… But I wanted to know, if you were interested, if you wanted me to like, take you under my wing [Something along these lines].
      K: Sure that sounds fine. Sounds fun.
      A: Are you available at 6?
      K: Today?
      K: I can make myself available, yeah. Would that be in person or over the phone?
      A: It would be around 6 or 6:30- yeah in person
      K: Yeah just let me know.
      A: Great. I’m having more meetings in North Hollywood today. Are you still at Bedford (my old address)?
      K: No I’m not I just moved. It’ll take me a good hour, hour and a half to get to North Hollywood so if that’s where I need to meet you just let know enough in advance.
      A: Yeah it could push to 7 if needed. I’ll call you back and get back to you.
      K: Ok Cool.
      A: Ok well… Bye.
      K: Ok. Bye Andy.

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      More information on Morgan Call –
      3:14PM got a No Caller ID from Morgan, he was in an obvious hurry and rush.
      Said people were talking about me getting a call and that it was Andy- he seemed confused and just trying to figure it out.
      Said I needed to post it right away because they need to find out the information.

      I already had the post written for the most part, just doing a live-stream right now so I had to get someone else to do my job while I finished this.

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       Brad Ruwe

      “I’m having more meetings in North Hollywood today.”

      So uhhhhhh has anyone else been contacted by him? Cause this makes me think others will be getting phone calls shortly.

      Be safe @kortneydarling, and anyone else who may have a meeting with him today.

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       Lauren Bello

      “A: So… what did you think of that?”

      Interesting turn of phrase. Referring to a phase of Lust or The System that is now over?

      It’s also interesting that he referenced getting into it, as if he was aware that there was some sort of act that he was buying into.

      Does this mean he’s come to his senses…or does it mean he was playing a part the whole time?

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      Yes!! Go Kortney! So glad you’re game, but you’ve always been a “Noah” gal! Can’t wait to hear about your meeting!!

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      North Hollywood…like where a bunch of us, notably including Morgan, live?

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        @wanda102 Are you thinking Morgan is curious about this call because he’s meeting with Andy today?

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        Very possible, @chelsea. Andy specifically mentioning he’s going to be in NoHo doesn’t seem like an idle slip up. For what it’s worth he also said meetings, plural, if I’m reading right. How many of us live in NoHo specifically? Myself, Brad, Buz (RIP,) Max Z, and Morgan? Am I forgetting anyone?

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      So for those not in slack – @111error had a good point.

      “Doesn’t it strike any of you as odd that we haven’t heard a fucking peep from Andy since The System event, and now he’s suddenly back and wants to chat?”

      “Speaking of The System – What happened to it? I’m calling suspect on that, too.”

      Up until now, we’ve had clearly defined “chapters” – I think that’s probably why nobody thought twice about some people being low key while others were more visible. That’s kind of real life, too.. can’t always be 100% “on.” Sometimes you need to step back and get shit sorted out outside the public eye.

      But now, in this “chapter”, we’ve heard from OSDM, BOS, Briarberg, and now The System. Things are on fire all over the place, the structure we have come to expect has gone out the window.

      – please please please hit us back as soon as stuff happens tonight. There have been lots of shoes dropping, but if Morgan, who is/was supposedly maybe working with Noah and would therefore likely know what’s up with Andy (or at least Andy Who Fucks), is calling this shit sus, it’s probably preeeeetttty sus.

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      @addisonborn Yea, Morgan calling sus on this is troublesome. Everything seems to be breaking.

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      At the place now. Minimally, I will periscope afterwards so you guys get the info right after. Will write a post after that.

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      I immediately periscoped after (as Kevin pointed out) but mentioned on slack that right after I got a call from Sarah Sinclair.

      She told me about how she knew about the meeting with Andy and asked if he gave me something. I said yes, a piece of paper. She said it was very important that they get that letter back, as it would embarrass Andy. She asked if she could meet so I could give it to her.

      And I agreed to.

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      Whatever happened to all of Andy’s NoHo meetings tonight I wonder?

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      So. Multiple things happened, will post a gist now and then update with full details.

      Got an email from telling me to drop the letter off somewhere sketchy and very close to @111error ‘s place.
      After I did it I was told to go to Ralph’s in the produce section and post a photo on Instagram to confirm I was there. Did that. Got a call from Sarah during.

      Asked me about the letter, I told her I dropped it off where I was told. She was upset and confused. I told her what I had suspected in slack- that the email was faked.
      The letter I put there was a fake letter.

      Drove back to the place I put it- it was gone.

      Got another call from Sarah asking to explain what was going on. I explained and she told me to meet her to give her the real letter.

      I did. When she got it she looked at it for a few seconds, tore it into pieces and that was the end of it. She told me she likes me and I’m smarter than they give me credit for (making it seem that they think little of me, which I don’t care.)

      Then. Got a call from a distressed Andy begging me not to do anything with the letter. I told him it was ok and it was taken care of.
      I mailed a copy of it earlier today. True story.
      He asked me if I took any pictures of it. Which I replied yes, he sighed and hung up.
      Bitch. I took a photo with this god damn tiny little Sony selfie camera. Not my phone. They have no way of getting this.

      THEN. Morgan went on periscope and thanked me for helping the BOS tonight. Which I did the biggest eye roll of my life to. The only information he could have gotten was Andy’s dad’s address. Which is easily found- also I already sent the letter.

      I officially hate the BOS. This isn’t being clever. This is USING people. This isn’t trust, this is LYING.

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      Wow, still getting caught up, but that’s taking a third option if I’ve ever seen it.

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       Michael Rizzo

      Jesus Christ was a night to catch up. Fucking overload.

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       Robert Fuller

      Apparently, the “help” Morgan was referring to was leading him to Sarah. Now he knows where she is, and I guess he hopes she’ll lead him to Horace.

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      @111error and @meghanmayhem ‘s periscope is very troubling – whiskey neat is the drink of choice for BOS, but tonight, tall cans.

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      THEN. Morgan went on periscope and thanked me for helping the BOS tonight. Which I did the biggest eye roll of my life to. The only information he could have gotten was Andy’s dad’s address. Which is easily found- also I already sent the letter.

      I officially hate the BOS. This isn’t being clever. This is USING people. This isn’t trust, this is LYING.

      A lot happened last night (and that’s a fucking understatement), but this is the part that sticks out in my head.

      These are the tactics that BOS has spoken out against, yet they continue to use them. At first it was just a way to show people and recruit them to the cause, but now it’s using @kortneydarling to get to Sarah. Was that a matter of convenience? Because she isn’t BOS? Are we just using other members of the community now to serve our own ends?

      I’d really like to know why this was the case. Surely Kortney could have been asked if she wanted to help, given some more information on how getting to Sarah means getting to Horace. Try to convince her of why it’s necessary instead of trying to push her into it. As she points out, no trust was extended to her. With valuable information on the line, placing some trust on Kortney could have paid dividends. Instead she was manipulated and used.

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         Robert Fuller

        Yes. Well said, Kevin. This is why people were so pissed at Morgan, if anyone is still confused about that.

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      Walk into Idle Hour a few minutes early, I immediately notice a guy near the bar in a suit and who was alone. Obviously Lust, probably Fluffernutter considering blonde. I scoped it to not find Andy. So I sat for a few minutes, then decided to get a drink for Andy and I. Ordered two whiskey neats for us. When they were delivered Andy walked in, and I asked him where he wanted to sit. Went to the table in the middle of the section where we met Otis.

      He was nicely made up, as he always was, and in his System attire. Black pants, white button up shirt and black tie.

      A: Do you mind if I uh, take some notes?
      Andy was very nervous, talked slowly and spoke with big pauses between since he was also writing while trying to speak. What he spoke about doesn’t seem relevant as much but I’ll put some generals of what he said.
      A: Basically I uh, wanted to go over what the opportunity was for you. The Sinclairs have seen your attitude and are really excited about having you possibly be apart of the team. The idea is that you’d be recruiting people.
      [Written] They’re listening, nod if you understand.
      [Written] I need your help.
      A: I know it’s all so crazy and it sounds like brainwashing but and you know us, but it made me feel like I could do what I wanted to do with my life.
      [Written] Take this letter.
      A: Sorry, gotta take notes.
      [Written] I need you to deliver this tomorrow.
      K: Still work at Beetle House?
      A: Yeah still working there. Still workin there.
      [Written] Act like you’re getting an emergency call and make an excuse to leave.
      At this point I write down “Can I post this?” and he nods. I didn’t want to risk making it public and putting him in danger.

      Made a fake phone call, acted as if my sister was panicking about getting her place broken into.
      After I “hung up” I panicked because THE WHISKEY. I wasn’t actually sure if I was supposed to leave right away or not. I assumed if they were listening and I needed to do that I had to just friggin go do it. So I BAILED ON THE WHISKEY.

      After that I went to the only door at the time to leave, (assuming) Fluffernutter was there waiting. He asked if I was leaving already. I said yes, and as I was leaving he said “Nice seeing you, Kortney.” Oh wow big shocker that the guy in the suit was Lust.

      Went to my car. Did Periscope. Will do Next part in separate block.

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      After the periscope…. I kind of immediately opened the letter. I said on the periscope I wouldn’t, but I hadn’t actually looked at the letter to see what kind of envelope it was. It was the kind that you don’t lick, so it was easily opened and sealed back.

      The letter was addressed to his father, who lives a few hours away. The note did NOT have anything about Andy wanting to be saved or rescued. It did have a lot of regrets of actions and remorse, basic ‘I don’t want to disappoint you’ kind of talk. The only interesting part of it was near the end. Remember when everyone ignored when Mason mentioned to @coryphella that he liked the pictures she sent? And how she said she never sent pictures? Andy mentioned how “he doesn’t know how they got those pictures” but that they aren’t him, they were a version of him who was drunk on power. And says how his parents must be thinking the worst of him. It seemed like the picture was of him being violent or evil.

      Then I get a call from Sarah Sinclair.

      She tells me how she understands I met with Andy, and asked if I was given anything. I tell her yes, I was given a piece of paper. She says she needs the letter (note, I didn’t say it was a letter. She knew already. This could have been assumed by Fluff because when Andy held it up there was a clear stamp on the edge of it.) and that if the letter gets out it’ll embarrass Andy and asks if she can meet me later to get the letter. I agree, and she says she’ll call me in a few hours with a location.


      I post in Slack how I got a call from Sarah, but don’t give any details. I wait a while before I go back to Idle hour to get my debit card. When I go back I don’t see Andy or Fluff, but one of the whiskey neats are gone. The other is untouched.

      So I get the debit card because for the next few hours I decided to do this – Make a physical copy of Andy’s letter. I also write a fake letter. I keep both the real letter and fake letter in my pockets. I mail the copy of the letter with a note from me to Andy’s dad. I tell him I can’t give him details but he can call me. I also put my home address on the envelope in case.

      After I put the letter in the mailbox, that’s when I write on Slack/Forum what Sarah’s call was about. I say Sarah wants the letter and I’m giving it to her. I made it clear people won’t be able to change my mind on this, but people are stressing that I read the letter.

      A bit later, I received the email from . Following is a copy/paste of the email with specifics blocked out, subject line “Your immediate instructions from Sarah Sinclair.”

      Hello Kortney, thank you for your help this evening.
      I have been asked to immediately set up a location for you to drop the item or items you received earlier.
      Please proceed to the ***** ice cream sandwich shop on ******* ****. To the right of the store is a slightly secluded area with yellow pipes. Hide the item or items against the wall and then leave the area. Tell us when this is completed and we will be in touch very shortly after

      Two red flags to me, one is that the sender didn’t seem to know what the item was. Also, the location was very close to a certain someone’s place. While walking there, I tell Slack I’m still delivering the letter but it’s sketchy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a trick.

      I do the deed, I start walking back to my car and email them back. I get a response following,

      Thank you. Please now proceed immediately to the Ralph’s store nearby and head to the produce section. Please update your Instagram with a photo once you are there.

      Weird? But ok. I drove to Ralph’s, took and posted a photo of me with a cheese platter. Appropriate.

      I get a call from Sarah Sinclair, asking where the letter is. I explain how I put it where I was told. She was upset and confused, had no idea what I was talking about. I tell her that I got an email from what seemed to be their assistants, and she said no that wasn’t her and she was calling to pick up the letter now. I tell her the letter is fake, and that I have the real letter. She is still upset and confused. Hangs up.

      So, now Kortney is PISSED. I leave Ralph’s, go to where the letter is supposed to be, and it’s gone. I tell Slack what’s going on. A few minutes later I get another call from Sarah to clarify what just happened. I explain that I have the actual letter, and if she wants to have it we need to meet in person. She said she’ll call or email me later with instructions- I tell her it’s wiser to call, considering. She calls me smart and gets back to me a few minutes later with another phone call with a location.

      Will write next part in new post.

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        @kortneydarling You are actually the coolest cucumber. I would have made every wrong choice last night, and this series of events should make every single one of us think about where our allegiances actually lie. Crazy stuff.

        Also, Is it crazy that I can only read those emails in Morgan’s voice now? Who else says “Please proceed?”

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      I drive to the new location, I get there before her.

      She arrives, and walks up to me, introduces herself. She has her hair down, in traditional clothes we’ve seen her wear. I give her the letter, she tells me that I’m smart and they don’t give me as much credit as they should (something like that). When I hand her the letter, she looks at it for a few seconds to confirm it was the real letter. She folds it, looks me in the eyes while she rips it into pieces. I keep eye contact and I tell her “Do what you need to do.” she smiles, and tells me she likes me. She throws the pieces of paper away.

      When she comes back she tells me she likes me again, and goes to her car. I ask her if she needs anything else from me, she says no. I get in my car, talk to Slack telling them that it’s done.

      Then I get a call from a distressed Andy. He’s kind of freaking out, telling me that no matter what I think of him or anything that is in the letter that I can’t do anything with it (like in a bad way). I tell him to calm down, and that the letter has already been mailed. He stops talking. He asks if I took a photo of it, I tell him yes. He pauses, sighs (in a bad way) and hangs up.

      Write on slack again, then I see Morgan is going live on periscope.
      Cue Morgan, with Meghan in the background, thanking me for helping the BOS tonight.
      Cue Kortney, with no shits given, rolling her eyes into the back of her head.

      Later Morgan tells #thebos channel that he now knows where Sarah is because of me.


      There wasn’t enough time for Morgan/Meghan to follow me, then follow Sarah home, then go back light some candles and drink tall boys in the 13 minutes from my encounter with Sarah to his periscope. So, unless they had someone else doing it (who?) this is a hole in their story.

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       Twan Intarathuch


      Bravo! That was some quick thinking. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the play by play.

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       Brad Ruwe

      I’ve said it in the Slack already, but reposting here (game board and all that), INCREDIBLY well played! I don’t think you could’ve handled that any better.

    • #26209
       Kyle Bown

      So freaking badass. I don’t think ANYONE could have handled it better.

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      @kortneydarling you are my fucking hero. Good form!

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       Candace Van Hulle

      @kortneydarling you are amazing.

      Has this been the first time Sarah has been seen/heard from since the System Seminar? I’m going back through that thread and there are many comments on how she acted more submissive/timid at that event. Reading about this interaction with Kortney, seems like she’s back as that in-control, assertive role.

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       Brian E

      Awesome job @kortneydarling and thanks for that epic recollection of events, that’s a very well played move. Out of the box thinking for sure. It’ll be interesting o see what happens next.

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      Wow Kortney. That’s easily got to be play of the year, right there. And you are absolutely right about things not adding up with how the letter allows Morgan to find Sarah (at least, the connection is not immediately obvious). So assuming Morgan is telling the truth, and the BOS actually does have a lead on Sarah, there was something to your meeting with her that remains an ace up the BOS’s sleeve.

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        I think the idea right now is I was followed so they were able to follow Sarah after our meeting. But again, this doesn’t add up.

        If their goal was to get to Sarah, the most logical sense was telling me to go somewhere and wait for a call. When I would have gotten a call from Sarah, they could have followed me to the meeting place.

        But instead, they asked for the letter. A letter that would, in the end, be torn up by Sarah. What was the point of getting that letter? For the information? That letter was useless, and in the end I posted about the contents of it. To mail it? I mailed it.

        It just doesn’t line up.

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         Bryan Bishop

        @kortneydarling There’s always the option that it was totally a front. A group trying to desperately sell the idea of having pulled off some sort of super clever, far-reaching string-pulling in order to keep an increasingly noisy rank-and-file quiet.

        But hey, I’m just spitballing.

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      The thing that strikes me as odd here is, like you said, the timing. That, and the fact that Morgan, who’s known for holding his cards close to his chest, is making a big show of now having info on how to get to Sarah…misdirection cos BOS has something more important??

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      Got the letter I mailed out for Andy returned to me today. It was written on the envelope ‘not at this address’ and pointed to the name. Opened it, the letter was untouched along with my note I wrote.

      I fully expected this to happen. But with this context it seems like it’s another ‘Andy’s Adult World’ situation, which is disappointing.

      But yeah, Andy… wrong address, bro.

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