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       Michael Rizzo

      Holla everyone! So after my call with Noah this morning, I figured it’d at least a week or so until I got any news about a future meeting with them, but this is lust so of course I was wrong haha

      Phone rang at 10:52 and after a little fight between me and my radio in trying to turn it off, I was able to answer the call.

      “Hello? Michael Rizzo?”
      -This is him, who may I ask is calling?
      “It’s Sarah Sinclair, calling about our meeting tomorrow?”
      -yes of course, what time?
      “Sometime in the evening, would that work for you?”
      “Great, I just wanted to go over the remodeling of our master bedroom. If I call you tomorrow evening and work out the location, that would be ok?”

      For the record, I have absolutely no idea what she is talking about. Either the remodeling bit was a cover up about something because she’s being watched (?) or I am honest to God going to meet Sarah tomorrow to discuss the remodeling of her bedroom lmao

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       Maxwell R

      Don’t forget to bring paint color samples. Best of luck amigo!

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       Taylor Winters

      Sarah Sinclair, Michael Rizzo, and a bedroom. Things could get… complicated.

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      Oh this is exciting!

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      Pro tip @rizzzoooooo you can never have enough electrical outlets.

      Also, look to see if there’s drains set up in the master bedroom….and if she plans on using really heavy duty insulationsound proofing.

      Good luck dude!

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      50 shades of ….wtf.

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       Haley Wilde

      Damn, I’m overly excited for this.

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      That’s the twist moving into chapter one, this is all a sitcom now.

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      Sounds like, even with Noah’s assertion that she’s safe, Sarah still needs to take precautions. You may have missed out on the seminar, but it sounds like she has something much more personal and important in store for you. Stay on guard. And if Otis answers the door in a butler uniform, call the police immediately.

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      Ooooh and ch. 1 begins with @rizzzoooooo

      HAVE FUN! ?

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       Brian E

      So @rizzzoooooo what’s your periscope? Good luck!

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       Michael Rizzo

      Haha periscope is @rizzzoooooo (same as handle on here)

      I’ll head in there with as many paint swatches I can carry and be sure to recommend all the outlets lmao.
      I really have no idea what to expect from this meeting… if it will be with just Sarah or if maybe Noah will make a cameo. But I’m ready (maybe?) and excited for CH.1!

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       Meghan Mayhem

      This is excellent! I’m so excited that Sarah isn’t radio silent right now and is reaching out in some way.

      I am really looking forward to seeing what sort of weird hell you’re walking into and hey, if you need painting gear I might know someone that can hook you up with that…

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       Michael Rizzo

      Haha love it @meghanmayhem I’ll be sure to drop a line if I get in a colorful situation and need some protection

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       Max Z

      This is awesome! Though you might want to take an Emergen-C or something before you go so you don’t wind up with a case of whatever has Noah “wiping shit and mucus” all day.

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      “I just wanted to go over the remodeling of our master bedroom”

      This almost sounds as though someone walked in on the conversation and she had to make it sound like there was a legit reason why she was scheduling a meeting.

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      Perhaps she is looking to make some “enhancements” to help deter Noah’s escape in the future? Steel door? Soundproofing? Underground dungeon? So many possibilities.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Exactly my thoughts as well, @coryphella. But who was she hiding the meeting from, exactly?

      Good luck @rizzzoooooo!!

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      So this is kinda of confusing based on Noah saying “And Sarah is safe”… cause this does seem like a work around phone conversation for when you’re near someone who’s abusive.
      At least she’s safe in the literal way that she’s not dead yet.

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      I wonder if Noah’s father is keeping a closer eye on them? He “gave into” Noah’s demands but has people watching them and reporting back to him to make sure he’s not giving out any more important info? Their house might even be bugged.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Best of luck! Maybe suggest painting the room a vibrant shade of red?

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       Andrew Kasch

      Good luck, man!

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       Kimberly Stewart

      I’ve found so much absurd comedy in the lives of The Sinclairs. The image of @rizzzoooooo actually finding himself with a tool belt on, tearing out old carpet and painting walls adds to the comedy list. I’ll enjoy it now because I’m sure no one will be laughing when the real truths start to reveal themselves.

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      Just wondering if Sarah heard that @rizzzoooooo is a personal shopper and so thinks he has a good eye for style that would come in useful to her in her remodelling? Or maybe it’s just an excuse to entice a younger model into her bedroom? ?

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       Michael Rizzo

      So quick update,
      Sarah had emailed me about the remodeling project and some of the color palettes. We seem to be going with a nice dark red for the walls with black through out the room. The two colors do pair well (hell, my own room is the same shade of red). She does have prior engagements tonight and will be free around 11:30 at the latest. So I wouldn’t expect anything from me until later tonight. Once again periscope is:


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       Lawrence Meyers


      Just a few notes:

      That color scheme is disturbingly familiar, as it recalls The Black Lodge. If she begins speaking backwards, I suggest immediate evacuation from the vicinity.

      You have fine taste, so be certain she doesn’t get carried away by going too dark. A merlot or mahogany red will just get lost in the black, while blush and rose will be too much of a contrast (IMHO).

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       Max Z

      That’s interesting, Sarah doesn’t strike me as someone who would have her room laid out in reds and blacks. Those seem like much too passionate colors, almost gauche, something like you’d find in one of the higher-priced suites on the Vegas strip for couples. I picture her house being white, black, and modern/minimalist, with some tastefully low-key but clearly expensive art on the walls. She also definitely drinks her coffee out of a french press, and her countertops are granite and always pristine.

      But red, huh? Well, looks like tonight could prove to be very valuable in terms of providing new insights into Sarah. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that Sarah’s interior design motifs have been perhaps one of the most scintillating mysteries the experience has offered us so far, and I’m glad we’re finally getting some answers around here.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      @rizzzoooooo Might I suggest some 5hr energy shots? And maybe a little vodka

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       Haley Wilde

      I agree with you @maxzumstein. The red and black feels a little 50 shades of grey sex dungeon to me… be careful, Rizzo.

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       Michael Rizzo

      Lmao there was a picture attached to the email of an example of the chosen black and red color scheme (no additional info in the details of the picture), it actually looks very nice!

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       Brad Ruwe

      We’re gonna get a Periscope tonight of @rizzzoooooo painting a wall for 15 minutes.

      Or him being seduced. Either or.

      EDIT from my Sarah @birdiesrunamok “Or be seduced by a paintbrush.”

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       Andrew K

      He’s definitely getting seduced @nothenrygale hahaha

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       Julie R Goldstein

      And suddenly the night has just begun…

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      I didn’t see what happened? Did something happen? Can something please happen?

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      Bummer. I was over in Burbank earlier. Hope the memory stick has lots of good stuff on it!

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