• Dearest Morgan, I shall see where I stand after your followers present their evidence.

    So far, I’ve seen @nothenrygale complain about stuff he brought upon himself when he signed up for Lust, and @daela condemning the OSDM for Tension stuff that was later revealed to be theater. If this is their evidence, I’m not impressed.

    If this isn’t a game,…[Read more]

  • Morgan called me after he called Sam (I was part of the Slack discussion, along with @silvitni, who also received a call but missed it). He told me he was happy I enjoyed his little puzzles. On Slack, I had told Sam that the puzzles technically weren’t really meant for us (i.e. non-BOS). On the phone, Morgan said, “Technically, the puzzles were for…[Read more]

  • Morgan was very charming, I must say. I can see now why people love him. Up until now I had only seen his brusque and/or sarcastic side, but he was extremely affable on the phone and he talked to me like I was an old friend. We spent half the conversation talking about candy, because I had made a joke on Slack about British candies that he’d found…[Read more]

  • I find this whole thing very strange. The puzzle was very simple. If it was OSDM who created it, why are they suddenly using recruiting tactics pulled from Highlights for Children, just to get something from us that they already have or can acquire very easily? If it was BOS, well, same question. A word scramble? Adorable, but weird.

  • If we’re going down that road, @kingkill33 throwing the sack lunch in the street would be #4.

    “I guarantee it will piss some people off” could be taken two ways. I originally interpreted the “it” as being a reference to whatever it was that Darren and Clint were planning, but now I can see that it could also be taken to mean the event itself. In…[Read more]

  • Thanks for doing all this, Larry. It really helped put it all into focus for me. The part I’m struggling with (most) is the MSE. If it was a Briarberg event, that would validate the theory that Cecilia was an actress who has now gone rogue. I’m not sure I buy that, unless the OSDM got to her and started paying her to continue the role. I could…[Read more]

  • So here’s the big question: what started during the System Sack Lunch event that really pissed people off? It wasn’t Morgan’s appearance, as the Midnight Commission reveal had already come and gone at that point, so I feel like that’s off the table.

    I took it to mean that it would piss Them off, not us. So if Darren and Clint arranged for Mor…[Read more]

  • This has echoes from the time Darren accused @bcbishop of fucking with him over the phone call he received in Austin, which occurred at the very beginning of Lust … just like this is occurring at the very beginning of the second part of Lust. I feel like Darren is just fucking with us.

  • Well, fuck. You make a very convincing argument, @larry. I was originally going to ask if Lia had an acting background, but I didn’t want to cause offense.

    The only other report of this experience is from Jenna: an actress.

  • Has anyone else had this same experience, other than Jenna waaaaay back at the beginning of Tension?

  • I want a lot of things. I want an adventure. I want to be controlled. I want to be a part of a narrative that my actions and ideology affect. I want to be seen and known, and stop being afraid of being seen and known, or of expressing myself (just writing this post scares me). I want to be challenged and shaken up and made to reexamine myself. I…[Read more]

  • Robert Fuller replied to the topic Feelings in the forum JUST FRIENDS 5 years, 5 months ago

    Yeah, I was disappointed that the answers I gave weren’t utilized, and that my experience wasn’t personalized. That was my fear going in, first when I got the e-mail about the masks, and secondly after Morgan’s opening speech. The one thing I didn’t want was anonymity, but that’s what I got.

    We need to make sure you end up in a room with Cecilia…[Read more]

  • Robert Fuller replied to the topic Feelings in the forum JUST FRIENDS 5 years, 5 months ago

    @unseenpresence I feel the same way about being pushed. And that brings up an interesting point about Rico, because that was my impression as well, that the circle-jerk request was just a funny, casual suggestion. And yet, some guys apparently did get naked for him. So I’m wondering if, with other groups, he broached the removal of pants and…[Read more]

  • I like this theory. It explains why Noah kept making the same speech ten times a night. It explains why nobody there questioned why busloads of people kept arriving. It doesn’t explain the glitches that some people encountered, however. I don’t know what Morgan’s role in this was, but his story doesn’t add up. There’s definitely a lot to think…[Read more]

  • @bcbishop

    keep your eyes open.

    Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to say at the end of my post, but forgot. That’s really the plan: keeping my eyes and ears open and preparing for anything and everything.

  • @unseenpresence Haha, I love it, you already have your “Character.” Now if only I can find mine. Maybe Zane. I really found him interesting to watch.

  • I’m not sure where to put this post. It’s sort of about the MSE but also about my entire Lust experience, so I’ll just stick it here. Maybe other people will add their own musings and views on the future.

    Anyway, now that I’ve had a few days to process, I find myself at a crossroads. My MSE experience was not a positive one, for a number of…[Read more]

  • So here’s my story. I’ll try to keep it short and limit it to information not already addressed above.

    So, swinging married couple (Woman: “Do you want to fuck me?” Me: “No.” Woman: “Do you want to suck my husband’s dick?” Me: “Okay.” So, outing myself right off the bat). They give me a pill. I swallow it without water, which is difficult.

    Sat…[Read more]

  • Bingo. This is what we should all be aspiring to. Only the weak worry about weakness.

    No, this is what we should all avoid turning into.

  • As for Cecilia, I already hate her. I hate the bitchy condescending type, especially when they’re not even particularly clever about it. I’m not impressed with her abilities as a wordsmith. She also missed a few commas, so she has no reason to talk down to anyone.

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