Lia’s Story from MSE 12/22/17

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      Hey team. So we have this handy: I’m reposting this from Slack with permission from @lilmsfancpants, who is still a bit shaken from today’s retelling, understandably. @kevin was kind enough to do the leg work to extract this all from Lia’s posts. Thanks KevBot.

      Hi. Straight up REELING over here. Hold the fuck on.

      I’m so fucking confused. This is not what happened to me.


      I really didn’t want to make such a big deal about all this

      I don’t know what Noah saw, I didn’t even know that he was going to the show.

      When I heard that he went up there and came down similarly pissed, I was, like… somehow comforted by that?

      but I guess I have no choice but to come clean about some things

      also none of this is sinclair. all nelson.

      I was called out by name at the dinner table. I followed the man in the skull mask and Cecelia upstairs.

      as soon as i got up the stairs there was a small, red room with two people inside

      I had never seen these people before. They were old, but definitely not any of the old people that I had seen before.

      They looked ancient.

      (definitely the skull mask, Kort.)

      I felt really uncomfortable up there. Those people, they did’t belong.

      The woman handed me a pair of headphones, like fancy noise cancelling ones and told me to close my eyes, so I did.

      And here’s where… Jesus I don’t know.

      I was listening to myself breathing and trying to stay calm and I felt this huge surge of energy

      I couldn’t tell if it was coming from the headphones or what

      but something shocked me

      really hard. enough to make me open my eyes

      and in front of me, like inches away was this thing

      yeah Nicole

      and I assumed it was a prop, like a really good one.

      It scared the living daylights out of me

      I could barely see it, it was so dark in that room. I flipped out and tried to back away it just felt like I needed to get out of there.

      and I know it was an overreaction, but I was just so scared and left and just tried to remove myself from everything for a couple days

      My memory of this thing keeps changing.

      It was not a person. It was scaly, like some sort of snake-like thing.

      I can’t remember details, i just opened my eyes and saw a torso with scales.

      and it _moved_ a little, which is when i bailed

      I haven’t told anyone this, but i got a call from Darren on Monday.

      He asked if I was ok, which was nice. I’ve never really interacted with him before, so I was blindsided by the call.

      But the call was weird. He was apologizing for upsetting meand trying to calm me down, but he kept on asking about what was in there.

      he was like fishing for info, or trying to get some sort of confirmation of what i saw out of me

      no he didn’t stay in there

      he and cecilia just waited outside

      That was the last part of Lia’s story, a little while later TheCreators account chimed in:
      Only one thing happened here, was that Noah Nelson was asked to participate in a gag. That’s it. The rest is fiction. Hope everyone has a great Holiday!

      A little while later again, Lia posted an email she received from Gordon asking her to stop talking about this and that Darren was trying to call her.

      Lia jumped back on to Slack:
      I really can’t deal with this today, guys.

      So, I’m just trying to piece this together. Why would Noah Nelson lie about all this?

      I don’t think he was brainwashed. I think he was following instructions

      TheCreators account jumped in again and said (before it was later deleted):
      Lia, please stop this. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED. This is a form of game jacking. Please answer your phone, it’s ringing


      Alright. I obviously have to deal with this.

      Thank you all for having my back

      Happy Holidays, bitches.


      So, what the actual fuck. I know Kasch was making a good point that something VERY similar happened to Jenna last year. But this…this is one of our own.

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      Has anyone heard from Lia since she was on Slack?

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       Robert Fuller

      Has anyone else had this same experience, other than Jenna waaaaay back at the beginning of Tension?

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        Not as reported in the last 2 years, unless others come forward from the MSE.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I’m coming to this w/o having read much on Slack the past day or so. And I am loathe not to believe Lia.


      Three things.

      Lia was seated next to me at the table and was called out almost immediately. She was replaced by Skye.

      After a little bit, I was taken from the table along with one or two others, and I don’t remember who took us because, as you know, I was on a mission, and so intensely focused on it that I had memory gaps in a few places (as @pandace88 and @bcbishop can attest). We were led into a bathroom. However, it was occupied by Lia, who was very very upset, put her hands to her face crying and saying, “I want to leave”. We then exited the bathroom.

      I am NOT accusing @lilmsfancpants of anything. However, food for thought, I am suddenly reminded of her “innocent” recounting of her drink with Noah Sinclair under the painting from the Tension Comfort Room.

      And Lia is also an accomplished actress.

      And the writer in me is looking at what she posted on Slack…and it feels written.

      This doesn’t mean she didn’t experience anything up there. I also don’t believe she is game-jacking. Perhaps she is a plant after all. Perhaps she is an unwilling participant in some ways. Perhaps she was set up and is transcribing from a script. Perhaps that wasn’t Lia at all.

      This doesn’t mean she didn’t experience anything up there. But I am highly suspicious.

      As for Noah Nelson, I just now recall (again, memory gap due to intense focus) that while naked (which is how I establish my timeline on Sunday. Heh), I walked past him at the Truth or Dare table and HE also seemed angry and upset and wanted to leave. However, something about what I saw just felt wrong. I don’t know Noah that well, but it seemed….wrong.

      Now I have heard his podcast, and the “gag” seems designed to discredit Lia.

      My conclusion — and this is not to accuse Lia or Noah of anything — is that nothing was up there but that we are made to believe Lia saw something. To not believe is to discredit her. We are being set up t not believe her…and yet nothing was there.

      Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf — the story told from the start…

      by Noah. To Lia.

      I also don’t believe the meeting in the park with the “robots”, where he was dragged to the car, ever happened.

      If you want to interpret this as Lia being a plant, do so.

      But we were told someone among us is on the “inside”.

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        My conclusion — and this is not to accuse Lia or Noah of anything — is that nothing was up there but that we are made to believe Lia saw something. To not believe is to discredit her. We are being set up t not believe her…and yet nothing was there.

        For my two cents: Lia’s character has never given me a reason to doubt her account of anything, and I don’t doubt her now. If she says she saw something, if you ask me, she did. Or she thinks she did. If something else is behind this, or I’m being duped, then well played, assholes. But I just can’t jump to distrust a friend so easily, naive as that may make me.

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         Lawrence Meyers

        @wanda102 I agree. Lia is not of the character to lie.

        But with so much deception at play, it’s matter of
        “Trust but verify”.

        For example, I don’t believe in robots
        prancing around a park. I also know the difficulty and cost of staging a large group of people in a park to all stop and turn at someone at the same moment.

        Impossible? No. Improbable? Yes.

        Did anyone actually see Noah that night with Lia?

        Do you believe in man-sized scaly snake demons? I don’t.

        We were TOLD by Noah one of us is a plant.

        It is entirely possible, and likely, that Lia is that plant.

        What worries me is whether she is doing so willingly.

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      Not trying to be rude or discredit her in any way but it is very sketchy. When she went in that room and came out… she was not frightened. She sounded incredibly pissed off… not startled or scared. She was livid. What caused that? Blackmail?

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       Robert Fuller

      Well, fuck. You make a very convincing argument, @larry. I was originally going to ask if Lia had an acting background, but I didn’t want to cause offense.

      The only other report of this experience is from Jenna: an actress.

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      I feel like an asshole for even suggesting it, but this sort of feels in line with people getting what they want. People have been looking for a way to stop the OSDM and at Anointment, there are pages conveniently scattered all over. Pages that some people are told can help stop things through a ritual involving a red candle somewhere on the premises (it would be a bit strange for the OSDM to leave the tools for their own destruction laying around what now looks like a temporary location for a party).

      More of the pages start to show up and they’re discovered to be from a another text, but they’ve been modified to include mentions of Anoch. A little weird, a little convenient. I imagine they’d have their own actual text, but that’s not what was found (were meant to find?).

      Some of those pages have snakes on them and references to Anoch. As those start to show up, we hear Lia’s story about the scaled thing she saw. And this is where I start to feel like an asshole again, this strikes me as a little too convenient, a little too neat.

      If it’s all fake, I’m not really sure what the point in leaning into the snake thing is. Maybe it keeps everyone away from a real way to stop them. Maybe it’s to see who wants to try to stop them through some kind of arcane ritual. Maybe it’s to see if people stop trusting Lia.

      After all, when they stop believing in you, you’ll know it’s begun.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Wow. Kevin, I forgot about that line.

      I’ll throw out a meta-concept. Art is a reflection of society. Clint and I have had correspondence in the past about how everything is fake news today. You cannot
      trust what you read because there is so much noise, everybody jockeying for our attention, seducing is with what we want to hear.

      So what can we rely on? Noah’s boy/wolf story is about sticking to your emotional truth.

      Did anyone see CAUGHT at Think Tank? Same theme. And the conclusion was that all we can rely on is emotional honesty with the person standing in front of you.

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      Very interesting… What struck me was that they reported said the exact same thing after coming down…”what the fuck was that?” I mean unless someone told Noah to say that in order to mirror Lia’s reaction?

      But also if they are plants, then what about the other two people who supposedly went up there? And didn’t have that reaction… Someone said it was her boyfriends favorite part of the night? They couldn’t also be plants, right?

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